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  • no turning back day here

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 14, 2011


    No Turning Back – TAKE YOUR GUILT

    No Turning Back – STRONGER

    No Turning Back – DO YOU CARE

    No Turning Back – IN YOUR MAZE

    No Turning Back – GO AWAY


    See you there!


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  • smoking population down to 11%!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 26, 2011

    Woah…yesterday’s newspaper said that in the entire Hong Kong population – only 11% of us smoke!!! That’s AMAZING! The number of smokers has gone down and the government (as are the rest of HK residents) that the number of smokers go down to SINGLE digit numbers! That’s going to be incredible for the future generations of HK people…昨天新闻有个特好消息。。。香港的吸烟者现在就是11%! 香港的吸烟者越来越少!政府希望(我们香港市民也是!)我们尽快可以去到单位数字!!!这样我们的将来会更美丽!

    Don’t know if any of you guys are No Turning Back fans – but I think their best album is “Stronger”. I’d like to know what YOU think!!! I’ve got almost all their records…but even when you compare the new album “Take Control”, it’s not as good as the album “Stronger” – even in terms of recording! “Stronger” is straight up a great hardcore record…不知道你们是不是No Turning Back的支持者 – 但是我觉得他们以前的唱片叫 Stronger是他们最棒的。如果你听他们最新的唱片Take Control,他们的录音还不是Stronger那么棒。你们觉得怎么样?我很想看到你们的意见。。。

    What do you think? Post your messages below!!!


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  • busy busy…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 23, 2011

    Our friends in No Turning Back have released a new music video for a super short song…enjoy it below! Remember that they’re playing in Hong Kong on December 4th! We haven’t confirmed any of the opening bands yet but truly hope that we can have some more hardcore bands besides us open!!! ARE THERE ANY HARDCORE BANDS IN HONG KONG BESIDES KING LY CHEE?!?!?! COME ON! 我们的好朋友No Turning Back昨天发出了他们新MV! 记住香港人 – 他们今年十二月四号将会在香港演出!我们还没决定那几个乐队当开场队。。。我很想知道 – 除非我们,香港究竟有没有其他硬核的乐队?!?!?!

    Enjoy。。。反正,希望你们可以享受No Turning Back的新MV…这首歌特短!哈哈哈。。。


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  • finished 2 Mandarin songs!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 5, 2011


    VERY excited! I finished two songs a few nights ago and I sent it to my teacher right away. He wrote back and said “it’s pretty good!” There are a couple parts that he thinks I need to redo and I will later tonight. But the confidence he gave me by replying right away by first saying “it’s good!” makes me totally ready to battle the rest of the songs! 太兴奋!前天我终于录好了两首普通话歌!一录好我发给了我的老师! 他马上回答我“真不错!” 只有几个地方可以唱的更好点所以我会再录那些位子。但是他这样说给了我很多相信!我一定可以继续录下去!

    Tonight I’m going to record one of our favorite songs on the album…it’s called Hardcore Worldwide in English and 硬核帮 in Chinese…CANNOT WAIT to release this song!!! 今天晚上我将会录我们其中一首最喜欢的歌。。。中文名字是“硬核帮”。。。太期待给你们听一听!

    Anyway…you ALL need to watch this amazing little documentary about stagediving! Really fun to watch…and it’s shot very well。。。你们要看这个纪录片 – 是关于跳水。很有趣的影片。。。:

    Here’s a great video about skateboarding in Mongolia!!! Amazing video!!! 这个影片是关于滑板。。。在内蒙里滑板!很棒!拍得非常好看。。。

    “Where do we Land?” (Full Length) Converse China trip to Mongolia from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo.

    I think I’m going to start putting up photos of some of my vinyl records!!!我想从今天开始我每天会拍一张照片给你们看一看我的黑膠唱片。。。

    This one is of No Turning Back’s brand new album called Take Control! The good thing about the label that put this out (Think Fast Records) is that inside the record they also put a free MP3 download! I don’t think I’m going to buy CD’s anymore…hahahaha…这是No Turning Back乐队的最新唱片叫Take Control. 这个唱片是一个很牛逼硬核唱片公司叫Think Fast Records发出的。里面他们也送给人一个免费下载这个唱片的所有mp3. 这个行动特好。。。我应该以后不会再买CD! hahahaha…


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  • 牛逼乐队: Devil in Me (来自葡’国) AMAZING!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 19, 2011

    Like I mentioned a few days ago with that amazing hardcore band from the Netherlands called No Turning Back…I love checking out bands that rule who are NOT from the USA. 我几天前提了 – 我很喜欢听听非美国的乐队。。。比如说荷兰的乐队No Turning Back, 加拿大的乐队Comeback Kid…还有我们完美的亚洲乐队!

    Here’s a band that all of KLC loves – a hardcore band called Devil in Me from Portugal!!! THIS BAND IS INCREDIBLE!!! Really gifted song writers…song structures are incredible…full of melody  and not just about being “tough” (read my blog post yesterday of that stupid band from Chile). I didn’t even realize that they had released a new album last year! The person that got me into this band is our drummer Egas who LOVES this band…he didn’t even know that Devil in Me had released a new record. 这里我想推介另外一队非美国的硬核乐队 – 他们叫Devil in Me来自葡国的乐队。。。我们全荔枝王十分爱上这个硬核乐队!他们歌的特好!有很多melody。。。还有他们很了解做一队硬核乐队不是一定需要好”tough”的印象 (你看看我昨天提的傻逼乐队 – 如果这样叫硬核那我马上放弃这个文化 hahahaha) – 音乐也不一定需要很重的。。。你一听这个乐队Devil in Me你就听到他们很有自己的style. 好棒。。。真棒。。。这个乐队就是我们鼓手Egas推介我们听。。。他也不知道原来Devil in Me去年已经发出了新专辑!你们下面可以下载这个乐队的新专辑。。。Anyway – download this great piece of wax here:

    Hong Kong is HOT AS FUCK!!! 香港他妈的太热啊!

    I dedicate this amazing tattoo of H2O lyrics to all my hardcore/metal/punk/indie-rock brothers and sisters all over the fucking world! :-) These are lyrics from the song called “5 Year Plan” that was released on H2O’s first album way back in ’95…I dedicate this to my brothers in 下面的图片我想送给我们全地球的硬核/金属/朋克/后滚的兄弟姐妹 (这个纹身就是牛逼硬核乐队H2O的歌叫5 Year Plan): Return the Truth, xItNeverHappened从未发生x, Unregenerate Blood不复之血, Loudspeaker, CUA Crew, Stand Strong, Hardplayer, Hot Pot Music 火锅, Human Brutality, The Geeks, Profound Hatred of Mankind (new band from S. Korea), SMZB, Larry’s Pizza, Tookoo, Reflector, Restraint, Overthrown, Piledriver, Queen City Crew, Gardo, Intolerant, Typecast, Love Me Butch, Born From Pain (Netherlands), Born From Pain (Thailand), No Turning Back, Shepherds the Weak, 13 Steps, Badburn, Evocation, Second Combat, BANE, Shai Hulud, Comeback Kid…

    This friendship is for LIFE…这个友情永不死。


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  • Tobacco tax increase APPROVED!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 16, 2011

    It’s been approved! Yesterday in LEGCO the tax increase for tobacco was approved! That is GREAT news and makes sure that we prove to the world that Hong Kong indeed is a developed city that cares for our health and well-being.昨天在我们的立法院加烟税终于通过!这个消息太好了!现在我们可以跟全地球说我们这个城市很支持一个比较高的生活水平!我们这里很关心健康和一个比较好的生活。。。

    AWESOME!!! 太棒了!

    The rain outside today is out of control…crazy rain. It’s so weird that we have rainstorms like this and there’s no typhoon warning. But during typhoons it barely rains sometimes. Weird how Mother Nature works…今天下雨疯了!最奇怪是大风的时候通常没有那么大雨,但是今天的雨那么大但是不是大风。。。大自然很有趣!

    Yesterday Alison and I fumigated our new place in Sai Kung. Today I’m going to go up to see what kind of hell our place is in hahahahaha…It shouldn’t be too bad, because there wasn’t anything crawling around to begin with. But you never know…then later today Pricerite will be bringing our bed up to the place…We don’t move into our new place until the end of this month at least…so still another couple of weeks to get everything ready.昨天我和Alison fumigate了我们的新家 (fumigate不知道怎么说)…就是想杀所有的昆虫。。。今天要上去不知道一开门有什么情况!哈哈哈哈。。。我们应该这个月底终于可以搬进去正式开始西贡住!YES!!!

    So we have confirmed that we are organizing No Turning Back’s Hong Kong show Dec 4th! We’re VERY excited to finally organize a show this year…SFS hasn’t organized ANY shows this year so far! No Turning Back is a great band and my favorite part is that they are NOT from the US! Hahahahaha…they’re a hardcore band from the Netherlands and have been traveling the world promoting the fact that hardcore does NOT only exist in the US – but exists all over the world. They introduced us on their facebook page yesterday. 我们昨天也开始了通告了大家:

    我们今年十二月四号终于将会安排个演出!帮那个乐队呢?NO TURNING BACK!!! 他们终于回来了再亚洲巡演!他们是一个特棒的乐队 – 我最喜欢的是,他们不是一队从美国来得硬核乐队!他们是从荷兰来得!他们常喜欢去任何地方巡演。。。让大家知道硬核不是只是一个美国的东西。。。这个文化就是属于全地球的!他们昨天在他们的facebook有介绍我们所以我们也很感谢他们。

    They’ve also started talking about bringing us to Europe in 2012! WHAT?! That’ll be fucking AWESOME! Very few bands that we organize shows for here in Hong Kong, return that favor for us! That’ll be great if No Turning Back will take care of us like that, especially when we took care of them here. That’s what hardcore should be about – looking out for each other! 他们昨天也开始说 – 明年可能有机会带我们去欧洲巡演!终于了!我们已经安排了那么多乐队在香港的演出 – 很少乐队会再帮我们在他们那边演出或者巡演。。。如果他们有诚意的话,那我们荔枝王明年将会在欧洲巡演!FUCK YEAH!!!



    I’m out…



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