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  • Smoking statistics…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 31, 2011

    The statistic above says it all…Hong Kong has the lowest numbers of smokers in the region which is great! 12% of our population smokes. But after these tax hikes, it’s even lower!! AWESOME! 上面的统计太明显了!香港已经是在这个地区的最少吸烟者 (我们一共有12%)! 然后加税之后我们的吸烟者更少了!太好!

    Sorry…for those people think that I might be too adamant about this – but I am. I work with children everyday so I see the future of the world in front of my eyes everyday at school, and I think it is unfair that these children have to grow up in a world with horrible air caused not by nature, but because of us adults. I can’t sit back and not do anything…对不起 – 肯定有些人不喜欢我常撑政府戒烟的活动但是你要记住我每天是对着小朋友教书。我每天就是见我们地球的将来 – 就是这些小朋友。我觉得是特不公平如果他们需要在一个特污染空气长大。特不公平 – 这个空气不是自然开始坏了。。。是因为我们人类才变的这样。我不能坐一边不理 – 什么都不做。所以我常会上我们这里写我想写的东西。。。

    Awesome news! 继续这个活动!

    Here is an article about Extreme Metal in Hong Kong 这里有个关于香港极端金属世界的文章

    Here is a list of this year’s This is Hardcore Festival!!! 这里有今年”This is Hardcore音乐节” 的乐队的单!太棒啊!Man…


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  • evocation DESTROYED last night!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 29, 2011


    Yesterday Brian and I went with our good friend Hisanari to watch the Extreme Metal  Fest in Hong Kong. We went especially to watch Evocation (our ex-drummer Man is now playing for them). When we got to the venue (Hidden Agenda) – I was surprised to see so many people ready to support this amazing music festival. My favorite part I think was that there wasn’t any “fashion-police” there – everyone there was just there because they love metal.昨天晚上我,我跟Brian和我们好朋友Hisanari去了Hidden Agenda参加我们本地香港极端金属音乐节!我们特别想看第一个乐队Evocation (我们以前的鼓手啊文就是他们现在的鼓手)! 我们一到场地就见到不少人 – 我真感动见到这班人为了他们所爱的音乐风格会特意出来支持这个活动。我也最喜欢的是看观众里面完全没有什么fashion的感觉 – 看谁都没什么特别衣服穿。很明显大家都是真正爱金属的人 – 最重要是音乐不是你穿什么!

    When Evocation got on stage – they played with a whole new fire and passion in their hearts! I’ve seen them so many times, but this was the first time they looked hungry on stage. And with that hunger they played SOOOOOOO FUCKING WELL!!! Dude – their new songs are going to kill!!! Evocation一上台我就感觉到他们变了十分多!怎么变?变了更有火!更有热情!他们一开始玩儿就是爆场!他们的眼神都是发火一样!很棒很棒!我看了他们特多次,但是昨天晚上他们真的很厉害!他们所有新歌非常经!!!我已经要求了啊文昨天晚上的第三首歌发给我!哈哈哈哈哈。。。

    While watching them I couldn’t help but think how much King Ly Chee and hardcore has in common with this group of people and the Extreme Metal group in Hong Kong. If you look at them on stage – none of them have changed! They’ve been playing this, wearing those clothes, living metal for over 10 years! It is just who they are! They didn’t change their sound or “look” and follow the heavy music trends! FUCK THAT! They continued to play what they believe in and that’s why if you took a photo of them last night, and then looked at a photo of them 10 years ago, you would see the EXACT SAME things.我看他们表演的时候都开始想 – 其实我们荔枝王和硬核的态度都特别像这班人 (Evocation都属于香港本地地下团叫 “香港极端金属会”)…如果你看他们现在这个时候上台你一定会留意他们完全没有变过!他们音乐风格,头发,印象,服装,态度,火,热情 – 完全没变过!如果你看现在的照片然后再看他们十年前的照片 – 分别,你一定看不出来!他们为了现代的潮流风格绝对没有改自己!Fuck that! 他们就坚持了他们所爱的音乐。。。

    That’s amazing…truly amazing. 我最欣赏就是这个。。。他人一找到自己,就坚持到底。。。

    Tomy of Evocation said on stage that “even though there aren’t a lot of people here tonight, at least the ones that ARE here are REAL”. Amazing words…and true words. Things that I say about hardcore ALL the time. It’s about being REAL! If this is what you love and believe in – you’ll stick to it when it’s cool, and you’ll stick to it even more when it’s NOT cool. Evocation的主唱Tomy说“虽然今天晚上没有那么多人,但是来这里的人都是”真”!” 说得特好!他说的我一样关于硬核都说过了特多次。。。硬核一样都是”真“东西。。。你的态度要够 ”真“ 你才可以100%投入这个文化,够真才会坚持这个文化到底。。。即使这个音乐风格不酷如果你够真你才会坚持下去!

    Fucking LOVE the extreme metal group in Hong Kong…love them and will support them like I have been doing forever. 我真爱上香港极端金属团!太欣赏他们!希望你们多几十到会支持和坚持你们的文化!!!

    GREAT JOB LAST NIGHT TO ALL OF THEM!!! Evocation is playing AGAIN this coming Thursday and I think I will have to go!!! :-) 昨天太好看!恭喜你们!!Evocation这礼拜四再有演出! :-)


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