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School is going really well…every year I fall in love with the children I teach…and this year it’s happening MUCH quicker :-) Here’s a photo with a little 5 year old boy called Rey…great, happy, little boy! Loves coming to school! 现在每天上班真开心。。。我每年很快爱上了我的学生,但是今年十分快!下面的照片里是我其中一个学生 – 就是一位特开心五岁的小孩儿叫Rey!他每天十分爱上学!

Here are some new music videos that came out…the Terror one is SOOOOOOO funny – except for the crazy killing parts. But it’s funny to see Scott as a janitor, Martijn and David as school chefs, Nick as a school bus driver, and Jordan as a teacher – but Jordan wins in the end! hahahaha…下面可以看到新Terror的MV! 特好小 – 除非他们开始杀人的位子。但是见到Scott做“看门人”, Martijn和David做学校厨师,Nick做学校大巴的司机,和Jordan做到老师 – 特搞笑!

Here’s another video…this is a new video by hardcore legends Agnostic Front 著名硬核乐队Agnostic Front也发出了新MV:


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Hardcore legends: CROMAGS

I don’t know about you guys…but every time I listen to certain bands that I love, I always want to find out WHERE they got their sound from. So I used to read the CD covers (and tape covers back in the day! :-) to see what bands they thanked…and then I would try to find music from those bands. Certain bands I would read interviews for them to mention the bands that inspired them. 我不知道你们对你最爱的乐队是怎么样。。。但是我一开始爱个乐队,我常想知道他么是从那里拿到他们的灵感。我小的时候常一买乐队的带子 (比如说: Sepultura, Pantera, Sick of it All, Bad Religion) 那时候我看完他们的歌词就去看他们带子里面有谢谢那几个乐队。然后我会研究那几个乐队听听他们的音乐。。。之后当然开始有CD但是我还是这样看他们谢谢谁因为我特有兴趣研究他们的灵感。当然我还喜欢看他们的采访因为乐队们一定会说那几个乐队有激发他们开始玩儿音乐,等等。。。

For most of us in Asia – when we first get into hardcore, we are interested in the more heavier sound (and less punk/hardcore sound). So when I was growing up I always wondered where that sound came from. 在亚洲我们通常一开始对硬核有兴趣我们就是喜欢比较重的硬核。。。我们一开始很少就是马上爱上比较朋克的硬核 (这种风格我们很多需要慢慢研究才可以明白这类型的力量。。。)。所以我一开始听这种我常会想Sick of it All和Madball, Biohazard,等等这样的乐队是从那里找到灵感.

The answer that we all know is that it came from a band called Cro Mags. They are the original hardcore band that started to include some thrash and metal into their music…you can say that they were the original more “tough” hardcore band. When you listen to their first album called “Age of Quarrel” that came out in 1986 – you can hear where bands like Sick of it All (and ALL NYHC hardcore bands for that matter!) got their influence from! Even the godfathers of hardcore (Agnostic Front) at the time said “Cro Mags is really doing something completely different!” 回答就是一个乐队: CROMAGS!!! 他们就是这个地球的第一个乐队开始放一些比较重的元素在他们的音乐里。他们就是第一个乐队拿了写Thrash和金属的元素在他们的音乐里。你自己想一想 – 他们是第一个乐队!TMD – 真厉害!如果你听一下他们86年的第一张专辑叫Age of Quarrel你马上就是听到Sick of it All, Madball, 所有NYHC乐队从那里拿到他们的比较重的声音!就是Cromags! 当然Cromags之前已经有几个乐队的存在: Agnostic Front和Bad Brains…当时Agnostic Front也说过 “Cromags的音乐真的特新鲜!”

You have to remember…that at the time that Cro Mags and Agnostic Front were around, there was NO hardcore before them. They had no one to learn from. They just lived hardcore everyday and created this whole thing from nothing…do you think that deserves respect? FUCK YEAH! Respect these bands for doing what they did and allowing us to have this beautiful culture hardcore TODAY. And guess what? Both these bands are still around TODAY! WHAT?! That’s incredible if you think about it…(even though Cro Mags right now doesn’t have any original members in it…it still has their most famous singer John Joseph singing). 你还有记住。。。Cromags, Agnostic Front之前没有硬核。他们就是自己开这条路 – 他们没有我们那么幸运 – 我们可以上网自己研究一下硬核的历史,硬核乐队,等等。。。他们没有这样的东西因为他们之前没有hardcore! 他们就是每一天自己学习,就出去活着这个生活方式。。。你还不觉得我们每一个硬核世界的人需要尊重他们?你病啊!哈哈哈哈。。。我一定全心全意尊重他们!你还想一想 – 这两个乐队 (Agnostic Front, Cromags, 还有Bad Brains)全部还在!我操! 真棒!三十年后他们还在!还在玩儿硬核!HARDCORE IS FOR LIFE!!!

So yes…if you love hardcore then you need to spend some time and check out these legends. Cro Mags recently played at the amazing hardcore festival called “Black N’ Blue” and there is a video of them playing classic songs from that first album “Age of Quarrel”…所以我觉得 – 如果你真心爱硬核,那你可以花一点时间听听这些著名硬核的教父。。。Cromags – 你一定要听他们第一张 Age of Quarrel…他们上个礼拜在美国参加了一个特棒的硬核音乐节叫Black N’ Blue…下面你可以享受Cromags的现场。。。玩儿的歌叫Hard Times (歌词是下面)…记住这首歌是86年发出的!

Here’s one song called “Hard Times”

Lyrics are: Hard times are comin your way You’re gonna have to rise above it some day Organize your life and figure it out Or you’ll go under without a doubt

Hard times! Hard times! Seems I’m being forced into a mold Hard times! Hard times! Forcing me and I’m growing cold

Hard times are coming through But if your hard they won’t get to you They’re gonna try to drive you into the ground But never surrender, never go down!

Hard times! Hard times! Seems I’m being forced into a mold Hard times! Hard times! Forcing me and I’m growing cold


Check out the lineup for this year’s This is Hardcore Fest!!! 还有一个硬核音乐节我要介绍!今年的This is Hardcore Fest!!! 如果我住在美国我一定会参加看看!!!


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