great news for minorities

This is great news for minorities in Hong Kong! The only way that minorities can stop being ignored and marginalized, is when we take matters into our own hands and create our own future. The government will not look after us, we must do it. I’m SOO proud of this guy! And this makes our useless government look even more like shit and disappointing. They can’t do anything for us because we’re not an important group for them to put any emphasis or energy on. 對我地香港的少數民族來說,這個新聞太正啊! 我們政府一直忽視我們少數民族的很嚴重的問題。。。所以我們少數民族只可以靠自己。這位人士能考上本地大學是讓我們感到自豪! 靠自己能考上! AWESOME! Fuck我們無用的政府。希望他能繼續合格和成功做中醫! :-)

We just played a show a few days ago…pretty decent show – good turnout…but the main reason the show was awesome – was because we have about 10 or so hardcore kids in Hong Kong who came out and displayed and represented hardcore the best way possible: singing along, dancing, moshing, two-stepping, it was great to see them…yes – the number sucks…10-or-so…but I’m so proud that these guys/girls are involved, and choose to BE involved not by standing in the fucking back and folding their hands…but dancing and moving around in the front regardless of how few other people are moving.

It was awesome to see them again…

Can’t wait for the next show now!


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Happy Edge Day

今天全世界的straight edge人年年會慶祝“Edge節” – 所以”Edge節“快樂! :-) Happy Edge Day to all our straight edge homies all over the world!

I’ve been “straight edge” my whole life – some people may not agree that anyone could be straight edge their “whole life” because we don’t actually know about “straight edge” when we’re born. But the reason I say that I’ve been straight edge my whole life is that, from birth until now (36 this year) I have never drank, smoked or done drugs. I am proud of this fact even though I only started calling myself straight edge in high school. I am proud of the fact that when I was in high school and all my friends were doing drugs and drinking, that something in mind said “Nope – I don’t want to do this”. At the time the 2 things that kept me FROM doing drugs or drinking was skateboarding and music. For skateboarding, I just didn’t want anything to stop me from skateboarding and I was watching all my good friends who used to be good at skateboarding start drinking and then they all started to SUCK at skateboarding. I didn’t want to do anything like that…

I have never pushed my straight edge beliefs on anyone. King Ly Chee is NOT a straight edge band. I know quite a lot of people that have seen the way I live my life, learn about straight edge, and then decided to become straight edge. But I’ve also seen many people who’ve tried being straight edge for a few months, and then give it up because drinking is such a big part of local culture.

It doesn’t matter whether you are or not – what matters is that you are proud of WHO you are…whatever that is! If you’re not proud of who you are, then fucking change. Life is too short…

Alright – I’m off…

Peace and happy edge day!!!


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Set list


Here’s our setlist for this Sunday’s show with Twisted Machine at Hidden Agenda!

See you dudes there! Cannot WAIT to be back on stage!!!!

This is Our New Beginning
On the Road
This Song is Our Weapon
Time Will Prove
Scream for Life

Unite Asia
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Unearth in HK?

Wow…just got back from the unearth show here in HK…only about 150 people turned up…what do you kids in HK listen to? i know no one gives a fuck about hardcore here…but Unearth is a metal/metalcore band – you know, the stuff that you guys all like! is it because Unearth doesn’t have any keyboards, auto-tune vocals, and they wear black shirts instead of fluorescent green or pink? 剛看完Unearth的演出。。。不是特別多人來看。我好想知道現在的年青人喜歡聽什麼類型的重型音樂? 我知道這裡沒有人喜歡hardcore, 但是Unearth是一隊metal/metalcore的樂隊 – 我以為你們年青人最喜歡就是這樣的。是不是因為Unearth沒有keyboard? 沒有auto-tune的vocal? 是不是他們穿衣服不是太型 (全黑色。。。沒有穿粉紅色的t-shirt, 等等)?

i just don’t know how anyone can continue to put on shows for bands here…we didn’t organize this show tonight, but i feel for the organizers: Hidden Agenda 加油。。。我就不知道在香港安排演出的人怎麼樣可以繼續搞show? 我地已經放棄咗這裡搞show…但是我好想Hidden Agenda班兄弟姐妹可以找辦法繼續下去…

hahaha – makes me wonder how many people will come to our show next week? 這樣的話最搞笑是我們下個禮拜的演出肯定不多人.

Fuck it – 我地玩的開心最重要! :-) 到時見 (或者不見,無所謂 :-)

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