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  • beautiful day

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 11, 2012

    It’s a beautiful day…you know why? The video director has sent us the first edit of the Overcome video!!! Can’t WAIT to check it out!!!



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  • Voting

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 10, 2012

    My god…it’s 6:15am the morning after the elections and they still haven’t made any announcements about winners!!! HURRY UP! Hahahahaha…yesterday, my dad and I both went to vote in the Kowloon West constituency. This is the same place I’ve been going forever because I grew up in TST. Next time, I’ll have to vote in the New Territories East constituency because I’m moving to Po Lam…

    It was a good day…busy…but it felt good to fulfill my civic duty. On the way to the polls I ran into an ex-colleague of my wife and me. I asked him if he was going to vote and he said “No man – I don’t know who to vote for”. This guy wasn’t Chinese…I also wonder how much non-Chinese are invested in HK’s future? Of course there are people like me and my dad and MANY OTHER South Asians in the TST area who do care and can ALWAYS be counted to vote. But I wonder how many other nationalities or walks of life care about these elections? Politics in Hong Kong are a mainly Chinese-language affair…it’s hard to be involved when you can’t understand what is being said. I know that one party that doesn’t use any English on their posters or banners is People Power – which I think really sucks. But they are the most extreme in pushing the views of democracy and they’re the most vocal in standing up against the government and communism.

    Anyway…yesterday was a great day. Hopefully you voted…if you didn’t, it’s hard to understand how you can “love” Hong Kong and not stand up and be involved. Your taxes go to pay for these elections and the salaries of all of these members of the government – why would you not want to be involved and take advantage?

    Anyway…I’m out…


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  • 120,000 People on the street fighting!

    Posted by Joe on September 9, 2012

    I am glad that I was involved with the siege and takeover of the Government Headquarters in Hong Kong. It’s a valuable lesson I learn in my life. It reminds me that when people unite, we can have more power to fight back. For people who don’t know about this. Our Hong Kong government is pushing the national education to primary and secondary school this year. The contents is very questionable because they want the kids to love their country – China however you don’t love your country by reading one side story, but by observing and living in it. People in Hong Kong worry that kids will be brainwashed in early age so a group of high school students, parents, teachers joined force to form a group to fight against the Government’s one sided decision. As a result, on Friday night there were over 120,000 people on the street protesting! So check out this amazing photo taken by a photographer!


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  • this is all…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 6, 2012

    This is all I care about…my wife can’t believe that I don’t talk about hardcore, king ly chee or skateboarding anymore…thank god that there truly IS something that keep me prioritized. I mean come on, this band King Ly Chee is NOT going anywhere. Every couple years we have obnoxious setbacks and then we have to regroup and yet still keep pushing on. But realistically, nothing big is happening to us now or ever. All those bands that said they would help us with tours in Europe or the States, never materialized nor did we think they would actually remember us when they went back. We’re a bit older and not as naiive (anymore at least hahaha)…

    So – I focus on the things that bring me true joy and love…my little girl…hopefully when she’s old enough to think about the passions and loves that she may have, that she has to endure less of what I had to with what I love. I do still want her to endure things because I think all that shit that I went through has most definitely made me a stronger person built with a much thicker skin – but I do want her to be able to at least feel the joy of accomplishing something huge. And if it’s some sort of art, I do hope people appreciate her art – whatever it is.

    Anyway…I’m at work – should be focusing on the day ahead.


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  • love teaching but…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 5, 2012


    I love teaching with all my  heart…it’s amazing to be around so many little kids and make them feel like a million dollars because children LOVE LOVE LOVE positive feedback – even if the feedback is focusing on something that they need to work on, if you’re a good educator, you’re able to choose the words you speak carefully. Your words are powerful enough to make a child feel that they can do anything in the world, or make them feel that they can’t do anything. So our words need to be chosen carefully…very carefully…

    What’s hard? The end of the day…teaching is a job where you give EVERY ounce of yourself. Not just physically – but emotionally and mentally…you are working with little children, it is important to make them feel loved – to do that, when you’re working with them, you give them that love with the way you talk to them, your body language, the jokes, the way you read stories, the way you listen to what they have to say…and we do this for almost 8 hours STRAIGHT everyday. After those 8 hours, we have a few hours of preparing for the following day or dreaded meetings with adults.

    I hate working with adults…the only adults I don’t mind working with – are the parents of these children because they’re the other important piece of the pie and team that supports that child.

    I’m saying this because? I’m tired already and it’s only the 15th day of school…but it’s been a GREAT start to the year.

    I’m out…


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  • so cool

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 3, 2012


    No matter what side you stand on all the political issues that are taking over Hong Kong – I think it’s SOOOOO awesome that Hong Kong has become such a politically active city! We should thank the Chinese communist government for stirring up so much trouble in Hong Kong and raising Hong Kong people’s passion for our freedoms :-) I think Hong Kong people cherish their lifestyle in Hong Kong more than EVER! I still remember when I first started KLC in ’99 no one gave a shit about politics in Hong Kong – especially the youth…but look what’s going on now? It’s the youth who are more active and extreme and it’s the older generation that are slow to react…

    Amazing…thank you Communism for being such a great inspiration! HAHAHAHA…


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  • Goes without say…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 2, 2012

    This weekend is abuzz with the news about then anti-national education rally going on in Central with 3 youngsters who were staging a hunger strike…

    It goes without say, as a teacher, I totally disagree with implementing any curriculum without thorough review of everything that is part of a curriculum: teaching points, assessments, curriculum outcomes, materials to be used, conversations that take hours and hours…how can this be implemented in a matter of weeks and then taught when school starts next week?

    It’s ridiculous…my biggest issue is still that the materials used were printed in China. How can you have materials printed in China be honest about China’s history both positive and negative? Which printing company would brave that? No way…

    Totally flawed…

    My other main issue is that the government is barreling through this, but ignoring or not even bothering with more pressing issues with HK’s education…especially the fact that there are no services for ethnic minorities whose children are enrolled in public schools with ways to support them with their Chinese in order to do well in school, and find a better life when they get out.

    Ridiculous…but then again, when has our government done ANYTHING smart or clever – or anything that resembles a first class cities government. Did you hear that we’re about to open our borders to the people of Shenzhen who could freely come in and out of our city?



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  • 不能用強權去推行國民教育

    Posted by Joe on September 2, 2012



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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 31, 2012

    Can’t wait for the CNHC Hardcore Fest!

    Here’s the setlist (of course we’re playing the Chinese versions!):

    Scream for Life (我們其中一個吉他手來不到所以需要你們的幫忙!) ,

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  • CNHC Hardcore Festival POSTER UP!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 30, 2012


    After 13 long fucking years committed and dedicated to hardcore…to finally see a hardcore festival take place in China – this is the greatest reward for all the bullshit and fucking assholes that I’ve put up with for the past 13 years of my life…

    CNHC HARDCORE FESTIVAL – Beijing – 9.30!

    FUCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!

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