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Click here to check out a great article about music from Hong Kong – this is an article that was published in a Mainland China magazine…it’s so great to know that we are appreciated and respected so much on Mainland China. Whereas in Hong Kong, most people don’t give a fuck. In the “underground” we do have some respect – but in general music circles in Hong Kong, people don’t show us any respect…we have never gotten articles like this written up about us. 下面你們可以享受一個內地音樂雜誌的文章。。。這個文章是說香港搖滾音樂的情況。他們提了我們的名字。。。看到內地音樂雜誌這樣欣賞我們的努力,堅持,我們的歷史 – 真感動!在香港音樂社會裡我們好少會有人這樣寫我們。在地下的社會裡我有時候也會感動一些尊重的感覺 – 但是大音樂社會裡很少會有人這樣寫荔枝王。

Big thanks to all our supporters in China for noticing what we’ve done in the 13 years that we’ve been around…無言可說 – 還是十分謝謝我們所有內地的支持者。。。還是你們一直支持我們。謝謝謝謝謝謝。。。

68-71 香港乐队

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