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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 18, 2012

    Here you go…the English version was put up yesterday and we are SUPER excited with the response so far! If you feel this song and video, please help us out by putting it up everywhere. I know a lot of bands ask people to do that – but we’re just a small band from China…it would mean much more to us :-) 來吧!來享受我們最新的MV! 我們昨天在我們facebook已經開始博 – 反應特棒! 如果你喜歡這首歌和這個MV請幫我們轉發他!

    Our friends in Artist Series Guitar have also posted up the video on their FB page and mentioned that the King Ly Chee x ASG guitar is coming out soon! STOKED!!! 還有 – 我們好朋友美國吉他牌子Artist Series Guitar在他們的facebook網頁宣佈了他們盡快會發出我們新KLC x ASG吉他! 太期待!


    Chinese one is going up soon! 中文版本很快上載!


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  • “Overcome” MV Teaser!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 30, 2012

    Here’s a 15 second clip of our upcoming music video for “Overcome 克服”!

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  • interview Aug 2012

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 2, 2012


    Dope little interview that we did with out of Malaysia…



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  • CNHC Hardcore Fest…mini video

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 26, 2012

    Can’t WAIT for this…

    CNHC Hardcore Fest 2012
    Sept 30
    MAO Livehouse


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  • KLC live in beijing…entire video SO GOOD!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 10, 2012

    This shit is killer…it’s an hour long of what a typical King Ly Chee show is like – especially in a place that appreciates us, respects us and truly supports us. This was a great show from beginning to end…our brothers in Beijing hardcore bands have stood by us for many years! They’ve supported us and most importantly – encouraged us – especially since I made the decision to sing in Mandarin starting a few years ago…這個視頻太棒!這是我們12年全國巡演北京站的視頻 – 剪的特好看!你想看我們的演出是怎麼樣 – 請過來享受一下!但是我要說 – 我們可以給大家這樣的演出 – 如果那場的觀眾是這樣那麼熱血的!我們北京硬核的家庭已經這樣對我們很多年了。。。一直的支持,一直的友誼,一直的鼓勵(特別是我選擇幾年前開始唱普通話 – 他們一直都支持了我 – 沒有笑我的發音錯,等等。。。這是叫兄弟!)…沒有這些北京熱血的硬核兄弟姐妹,我們肯定不會有這樣那麼火爆的北京演出!

    We would be NOTHING in Beijing without the Beijing hardcore scenes love and support…as witnessed in this video!

    ENJOY – please spread this video far and wide letting the world know that China DOES have a hardcore scene! 希望大家可以幫我們繼續轉發這個視頻!給全地球的人知道我們中國硬核世界的存在!

    China’s first hardcore festival is taking place Sept 29! LOOK OUT FOR THAT! 全中國的首次硬核音樂節是將會在今年的九月二十九號!記住這個十分有意義的日子!


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  • Chengdu LIVE video…成都視頻

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 10, 2012

    This is a great video of us playing the Chinese version of “Don’t Turn Away”…one of my favorite songs off of Time Will Prove…this is at Chengdu’s MOST famous venue “Little Bar”…so funny how small the stage is and we’re all trying not to break things! Hahahaha…我們12年做了一個“時間證明”中國巡演 – 我們其中最受歡迎的城市肯定是成都!十分感謝所有成都人的愛和支持!每次有機會去成都演出我們大家十分興奮因為我們知道那邊的氣氛肯定讓我們更瘋狂!這是我們第一次去成都的最出名的livehouse叫小酒吧!太興奮。。。

    Touring is always one of my favorite things to do in life…playing in different cities – just playing your own music…music that people actually take the time to listen to and learn the lyrics to…unbelievable…巡演還是我其中最喜歡的活動。。。去不同的城市演自己的歌。見到當地的人已背好歌詞一起來瘋狂。。。這個感覺無言可說。。。

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  • best live video ever…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 12, 2012

    The best LIVE video we have ever seen…this was done at the Beijing stop of our recent China tour…but this video encompasses everything that we love about this show: great stagedives, lots of amazing singalongs, tons of passion, and a room FULL of hardcore kids! It was amazing…this video was shot with 4 different camera angles, audio straight from the mixing board, great editing, and was able to capture ALL the passion from the show!! Can’t wait to see videos from the rest of the show!!! ENJOY! 下面的視頻是我最愛的!那麼多年玩兒這個樂隊沒看過一個這樣那麼棒的視頻!這個視頻完全包括stagedives, mosh, 大合唱,中國最棒的硬核社會 – 就是北京!,有很多鏡頭,剪影片剪的好快,聲音就是直接從調音那邊拿出來。。。然後完全拿到這場演出的熱情!



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  • 2012 China Tour Videos

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 10, 2012

    Back home and already sad that our 10 day tour wasn’t MUCH longer…it’s nice to be home to my beautiful wife and beautiful daughter Sofia – but playing music LIVE is my heart and soul…can’t wait to be back out soon!

    Here are some videos to enjoy!

    1. LIVE in Beijing:

    2. LIVE in Shengyang:

    3. LIVE in Shanghai:


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  • Time Will Prove 時間證明 Music Video

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 25, 2012

    All 4 versions here…

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  • Sick Of It All – live – Sydney Entertainment Centre – 16 July 2011

    Posted by Joe on October 9, 2011

    It was a great show last night! Thanks everyone who came to support all the bands. Badburn was awesome and they delivered meaningful message to the crowds! Let’s hope that the world will become a better one. After all people’s lives are the most important, it should be treated with respect and love.

    Well since we are not recording, so I am staying home to have some family day. My sister’s daughter will come home today for visit so uncle Joe will have to see this little baby! But before that I am on the youtube watching some hardcore videos. Here I found this full set of SOIA from youtube. The recording is pretty good and it’s in HD too!


    1. Death Or Jail 0m50s
    2. Call To Arms 4m26s
    3. Good Lookin’ Out 6m28s
    4. Uprising Nation 9m25s
    5. The Divide 11m56s
    6. America 14m45s

    1. Built To Last
    2. Step Down 3m29s
    3. A Month Of Sundays 6m45s
    4. Busted 9m10s
    5. Take The Night Off 12m10s
    6. Scratch The Surface 14m55s
    7. Us Vs Them 19m15s

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