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  • CNHC Hardcore Fest…mini video

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 26, 2012

    Can’t WAIT for this…

    CNHC Hardcore Fest 2012
    Sept 30
    MAO Livehouse


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  • baybeats review

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 24, 2012

    Check the link for awesome photos and decent write up…請大家享受一下我們新加坡演出的review…不錯!照片好棒!

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  • Instagram

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 24, 2012

    Hit us up! We’re on instagram and have been enjoying yet another Internet trend…大家 – 我們開了instagram!請上instagram找我們了!很簡單 – 只需要打我們全名: kinglychee

    All you gotta do is look up kinglychee all one word…



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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 17, 2012

    New music video shoot and we need YOUR help! See you there!

    Date: Sunday Aug 12
    Time: 2pm
    Venue: SK8FIVE2 Skatepark

    We are shooting a video for the song OVERCOME…we will do both the English and Chinese versions! Learn the words and come have fun with us!

    See you there…


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  • CNHC Hardcore Festival 2012!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 15, 2012

    So excited to announce that Sept 30 in Beijing, China is going to have it’s very FIRST CNHC Hardcore Music Festival! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!??! For me, I started hardcore in Hong Kong through King Ly Chee and tons of hard work way back in 1999…I cannot have ever imagined that there is finally going to be a music festival dedicated to HARDCORE in China!! SUCH A GREAT FEELING AND VINDICATION OF ALL OF OUR HARD WORK!!! This could only happen because the Beijing hardcore kids have kept a positive and respectful nature with each other…they have ALWAYS worked together even if they have differing views, band members quit, bands change style, WHATEVER – they’ve always kept it together because they’re all mature dudes working for hardcore. We have so much to learn from then in Hong Kong – this city where people talk shit about each other all the time and NEVER forget things that have happened in the past. All this stupid bullshit from the past is what restricts people from coming out to support each other in order to have a good time and help this city’s underground music scene grow. 太興奮可以通知大家 – 九月三十號將會中國的首次“CNHC 中國硬核音樂節”! FUCK!!! 太期待!我九九年在香港開始hardcore和荔枝王的時候想不到一日會見到這一日!十三年的努力和辛苦,終於得到這日!但是我要講清楚 – 其實這個一日將會發現因為北京城市裡面的硬核幫的態度 – 完全是因為他們那麼多年的態度有保留正面的方向。。。無論樂隊怎麼變,成員離隊,大家看法有點不同,他們還是保留尊重和團結的方向走。。。他們才代表到真心hardcore的世界應該是怎麼樣 – 那麼多年還是用成熟的方法處理事件 – 因為他們知道硬核有團結才能可以更發展。你看 – 時間真證明到。。。團結真的是力量 – 因為他們的團結,現在全國的首次hardcore音樂節都是在北京做得!:-) 北京HARDCORE – 你們好厲害!

    So I’m incredibly excited and proud of what is going to happen on September 30 – but I’m also sad about the reality that Hong Kong will never have a “hardcore fest”. People need to fucking grow up here…forget the past, put down your PETTY CHILDISH bullshit, and see how we can start a new chapter…所以說真話 – 我一邊是非常開心和興奮參加這個活動!另外一邊還是很傷心因為我們在香港做不到一個hardcore音樂節。我希望大家可以忘記以前的事件,為香港的將來可以一起來進步。。。fucking GROW UP (快長大啊!). 還花時間說他人和樂隊的是非,就是最大的原因我們香港地下的社會是很負面的。。。

    We cannot recommend taking a trip up to Beijing enough!!! For China’s very FIRST hardcore festival! You SHOULD ALL TRY TO COME UP!!!! 反正 – 九月三十號是中國硬核最重要的日子!我們真的建議全過熱愛hardcore的朋友找辦法上去北京參加這個特有意義的活動!

    CNHC HARDCORE FESTIVAL – Sept 30, Beijing, China at MAO Livehouse! 到時見!!!


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  • KLC live in beijing…entire video SO GOOD!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 10, 2012

    This shit is killer…it’s an hour long of what a typical King Ly Chee show is like – especially in a place that appreciates us, respects us and truly supports us. This was a great show from beginning to end…our brothers in Beijing hardcore bands have stood by us for many years! They’ve supported us and most importantly – encouraged us – especially since I made the decision to sing in Mandarin starting a few years ago…這個視頻太棒!這是我們12年全國巡演北京站的視頻 – 剪的特好看!你想看我們的演出是怎麼樣 – 請過來享受一下!但是我要說 – 我們可以給大家這樣的演出 – 如果那場的觀眾是這樣那麼熱血的!我們北京硬核的家庭已經這樣對我們很多年了。。。一直的支持,一直的友誼,一直的鼓勵(特別是我選擇幾年前開始唱普通話 – 他們一直都支持了我 – 沒有笑我的發音錯,等等。。。這是叫兄弟!)…沒有這些北京熱血的硬核兄弟姐妹,我們肯定不會有這樣那麼火爆的北京演出!

    We would be NOTHING in Beijing without the Beijing hardcore scenes love and support…as witnessed in this video!

    ENJOY – please spread this video far and wide letting the world know that China DOES have a hardcore scene! 希望大家可以幫我們繼續轉發這個視頻!給全地球的人知道我們中國硬核世界的存在!

    China’s first hardcore festival is taking place Sept 29! LOOK OUT FOR THAT! 全中國的首次硬核音樂節是將會在今年的九月二十九號!記住這個十分有意義的日子!


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  • Welcome

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 7, 2012


    Why did I write “welcome”? Because tonight we played a show in Hong Kong that we don’t normally play. There were 5 bands I think total and all of them are VERY pop. These bands usually play to screamy girls screaming their name etc…and for some reason amongst these bands, the organizers asked US to play! Hahahahaha…very weird. But we had a good time because it gave us more to prove when we stepped on stage.

    Anyway – if this is your first time coming to our website – WELCOME – we hope you enjoy spending the next few hours of your life reading through our blogs, interviews, history, etc…come learn about this culture that we love called HARDCORE. As you read through this site you will learn one very important thing – THIS BAND IS ABOUT BEING REAL! We don’t have any bullshit – we don’t give a shit about our hair, about our clothes, about looking “cool” on stage…we play this music and are a part of this culture because this is our lives. Our lives are very simple – we go to work, have families and read about what’s going on in the world. We are the kind of people that LIKE learning about what’s going on in Hong Kong – and LIKE talking about it. We talk about it in our songs to raise awareness…歡迎來看我們的官網 – 我也想跟你們說”加油“!哈哈哈。。。因為你下幾個小時多會還在看我們的blog,看我們的採訪,看我們的歷史。。。希望你可以找到一點點的共鳴。最重要 – 希望你馬上feel到這個樂隊最緊要的信念就是BE REAL. 我們不是里髮型,衣服,上台要好”型”…這些東西全都沒意思。最重要是找到一個有意義的生活 – 有意義的音樂 – 有意義的環境。。。

    This is what hardcore’s all about.

    Enjoy reading…下場show再見!


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  • Unbelievable…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 3, 2012

    Oh my god…what a crazy weekend…please go to our Facebook page to enjoy photos and a full recap of the events that transpired! Big thanks to SO MANY people:

    1. Chris and the ENTIRE Baybeats staff for taking care of us, inviting us, supporting us, driving us around, feeding us…can’t believe a band like us would get this type of support and respect from people around the world. Means the WORLD to us…

    2. Jai of Overthrown for EVERYTHING – but above all, for his friendship and support. This is a GOOD dude who is all about hardcore and lives it through his band and his booking agency Reconstrux Booking! We love this guy…

    3. All the Singapore hardcore kids that followed us up to JB! Thank you so much for your company, friendship, your passion for us and hardcore! These dudes carried our shit, moshed like crazy, grabbed my microphone to sing their hearts out, AND even bought merch after all that! Unbelievable guys…

    4. Harris and THFHM Productions in JB for putting us on the Unity Fest show! We had a great time!

    5. All the kids in JB who came to support us and bought TONS of merch!!! We couldn’t believe how much we sold there! :-)

    6. Our brothers in Love Me Butch…these guys have quickly become our sister band Hahahahaha…

    7. Our amazing brother Henry who loves every bit of this band and is someone whose friendship we cherish with all our hearts!

    The list goes on and on…I’m sure I’m missing tons of people…but thank you for supporting us…

    Rumor has it that we’ll be back in Singapore in November! Fingers crossed that happens :-)


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