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  • Stoked

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 28, 2012

    It’s Friday…we’re traveling to Malaysia and Singapore tomorrow and Sunday to get back on stage…

    One of the best things for me and the rest of the dudes in this band, is the traveling that we get to do, the relationships we get to make, and the music we get to watch and play. It’s always great to travel down to Southeast Asia where the LEVEL of bands and music is kept incredibly high! I love it – love going to these places and watching band after band fucking KILL it. It makes me proud and fills me up with an immense joy and happiness that Asian bands are top caliber bands. Regardless of whether the powers that be in the West ever get a clue – we’re still out here in Asia killing it for our own communities. Hopefully more people out here in these communities will start to look out for each other. I still see tons of Asian hardcore band members get on stage wearing US hardcore band t-shirts…which is cool – you can do whatever you want. But I know that I get on stage and try my best to grab as many local hardcore band’s t-shirts and rock the FUCK out of them. This is my pride…Asian hardcore.

    So this is the information you need…

    Saturday – June 30: UNITY FEST (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)
    We’ll be playing along with our great brothers in Singaporean hardcore band: OVERTHROWN! Our brothers from Guangzhou, China will also be on this festival – they’re called INSECTICIDE. Can’t wait to roll out this weekend and start here in JB!

    ALL SHOW INFO can be found at this link:

    Sunday – Jul 1: BAYBEATS (Singapore)
    We will first be doing a fun interview for FREE and all of YOU are invited to meet us at the library in Esplanade…it’s casual dude and we just have some fun :-) We’ll be giving away some free shit…so be THERE! The interview is at 4:30pm @ the library in Esplanade!

    Then – the moment we’ve all been waiting for – we’ll be taking the stage at about 10:30pm to close out Baybeats 2012! See you all there!

    All merch that will be on sale can be found in the image below:

    The whole time we’ll be on instagram, twitter and facebook through any WIFI that we find! So see you on cyberspace this weekend!



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  • Singapore Strait Times – June 18, 2012

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 26, 2012

    Mentioned in Singapore newspaper: Straits Times

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  • Fever Avenue Website – June 25, 2012

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 26, 2012

    Blurb about King Ly Chee in Singapore website regarding Baybeats performance…

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  • June 25, 2012

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 26, 2012

    King Ly Chee blurb found in Singapore website

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  • Good show

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 23, 2012

    Last night was an awesome show…wasn’t expecting to see so many people singalong to our songs! We have been singing in English in Hong Kong for a few years now – but lately it seems that people are actually getting into it and are okay with singing the words in English. Pretty amazing – Hong Kong has changed a lot. 昨天晚上的演出真棒!香港是一個很奇怪的地方。。。有些演出可以吸引好多人來看(比如說 – 昨天晚上),但是有些演出特少人會來看(比如說 – BANE)…所以香港的演出完全不是特一貫。。。他人喜歡問我“你覺得多少人會來看?”, 我每次很坦白回答他們“我真的不知道”。 反正,昨天晚上就是那些好的演出。。。很多人來看,很多人來參加,很多人十分熱情。我們玩的時候我完全猜不到有那麼多人終於認識了我們新歌的歌詞。。。那個感覺特棒。

    We’re VERY excited about next weekend! Next Saturday – June 30 – we’re flying to Singapore. Then we get on a bus and go straight to Malaysia – Johor Bahru to be exact – and play a show there that night at Unity Fest. Then after the show we’ll get back on a bus and drive back to Singapore. The next day we’re playing Baybeats in Singapore – Jul 1! 到了一個很興奮的週末!我們下個禮拜六將會飛去新加坡,然後下飛機之後要坐大巴去馬來西亞演出。演了之後再坐大巴回去新加坡。。。第二天我們就是在新加坡最大的音樂節Baybeats演出!特期待這個週末。。。

    We’re hoping to have a great time…I know one of the best ways to ENSURE that you guys also have a good time, is if you spend some time learning the words to our songs so that the show carries some emotions to the experience…can’t wait to see you all!

    Here’s a GREAT video about the process of making vinyl 下面是個很有趣的視頻 – 關於做黑膠:


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  • Wave Magazine

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 22, 2012

    Click here to check out a great article about music from Hong Kong – this is an article that was published in a Mainland China magazine…it’s so great to know that we are appreciated and respected so much on Mainland China. Whereas in Hong Kong, most people don’t give a fuck. In the “underground” we do have some respect – but in general music circles in Hong Kong, people don’t show us any respect…we have never gotten articles like this written up about us. 下面你們可以享受一個內地音樂雜誌的文章。。。這個文章是說香港搖滾音樂的情況。他們提了我們的名字。。。看到內地音樂雜誌這樣欣賞我們的努力,堅持,我們的歷史 – 真感動!在香港音樂社會裡我們好少會有人這樣寫我們。在地下的社會裡我有時候也會感動一些尊重的感覺 – 但是大音樂社會裡很少會有人這樣寫荔枝王。

    Big thanks to all our supporters in China for noticing what we’ve done in the 13 years that we’ve been around…無言可說 – 還是十分謝謝我們所有內地的支持者。。。還是你們一直支持我們。謝謝謝謝謝謝。。。

    68-71 香港乐队

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  • next show

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 18, 2012


    Our next show is this Friday at Hidden Agenda…I think in Hong Kong – we’ve only played a handful of shows – and ALL except 1 has been at Hidden Agenda. hahahahaha…just like Warehouse used to be our stomping grounds a few years ago, it looks like Hidden Agenda has taken over as our homebase…

    Not that we have much of a “homebase” actually. I mean I posted about the fact that we’re playing this show on our FB page and got 9 “likes”. hahahahahaha…so much for home-crowd advantage for us. It’s more like home-crowd DIS-advantage! Hahahaha…

    Anyway…looking forward to playing again…wish we could do it more often. But to be able to do that we would need our own drummer. We already had to turn down Hang Out’s 10 year anniversary show because we can’t find a drummer and our friend Mike is busy that night. That’s a huge bummer because we love Hang Out and would love to support them any way we can…

    Dude…I have been watching a LOT of youtube lately…it’s mostly skateboard related videos though. I’ve seen all these great skate-documentary videos of skaters that I’ve always loved and I had NO idea that they had beef with other people…my favorite one so far is the one on Josh Kalis that’s up on that awesome youtube channel called “Vice” (LOVE the videos on that channel)…Check out Josh below:


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  • tons of videos today (not KLC)

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 13, 2012

    Damn – yesterday there was an explosion of videos online that I kept putting up on our facebook page…here are some of them:

    1. One of my favorite post-rock bands Polar Bear Club has released a new music video:

    2. Our good friends in local tattoo shop Star Crossed Tattoo – Rich and Ross – were both featured in a cool short documentary! Check it out here:

    3. One of my favorite hardcore-punk bands called IGNITE is about to release a LIVE dvd and here’s one of the songs off it…SOOOOOOOO good!!!

    4. And the Casey Jones documentary DVD is online now for download!!! I will OF COURSE pay for it…



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  • Quicksand reunion…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 12, 2012

    Quicksand reunion videos…one of my favorite post-hardcore bands ever…they only released two albums but their first album “slip” was something I listened to over and over…in this video from their reunion show last week the second song they play “dine alone” is my all-time favorite Quicksand song…so fucking good…

    It’s so funny how many people go from playing in legendary hardcore bands into more post-rock or post-hardcore bands hahahaha…you’ve got Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat who then started Fugazi, Walter of Gorilla Biscuits is who started Quicksand, Norm of Shelter started Texas is the Reason…maybe I need to go off and start my own too! Hahahahaha…

    Anyway…enjoy the videos below…

    “It’s a cinch to…pass on time with you but hard to pass on time alone can you take it…”



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  • HK Metal Alliance

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 11, 2012

    Hong Kong has always had a metal “scene” here. Tons of bands play this genre in Hong Kong in one form or another – black/metal, death-metal, doom-metal…then the more recent versions of metal – like metalcore, deathcore, etc…

    There are so many bands here that try to keep the authenticity in true “metal” and these guys often come together to help each other put on shows to push the genre and music to more people. There used to be an organization called “Hong Kong Extreme Metal Organization” that put on some GREAT metal shows in HK…

    According to this NEW group (Hong Kong Metal Alliance), HKEMO is no more…so instead of letting metal fall by the wayside, a bunch of metal enthusiasts got together and started a NEW community of metal fans! These guys promise to promote metal to HK’s masses through more and more shows…

    Sounda incredibly promising!

    Now – I wish there was something like this for hardcore in Hong Kong…but with no hardcore bands here, how is that possible? So strange…the feeling of giving and giving 13 years to hardcore in Hong Kong and hoping that there would be some sort of development of hardcore here. But 13 years later, there’s still nothing. To have 68 people come to a Bane show, and then 48 to a Thick as Blood show…but have over 400 people come for Parkway Drive. It just shows you that metal will always be big all over the world – but ESPECIALLY bigger here.

    Anyway…good luck to our extreme metal brothers in Hong Kong! We hope one day we had enough hardcore bands where we could have something like this too…


    HK Metal Alliance:

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