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  • Thick as Blood

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 9, 2012


    So we’ve confirmed Thick as Blood to destroy Hong Kong on Thursday, June 7! My favorite part – is that we’ve invited one of my favorite local heavy bands – PROTOSS – to open the show!!! So excited to see them again…and I like that they are going to be the ONLY opening band, so that more people can actually enjoy their music and remember how amazing these guys are…我們確定了Thick as Blood來香港的演出 – 他們的演出將會在六月七號!我最喜歡的情況就是我們邀請了我其中最愛的本地重型音樂樂隊叫PROTOSS! 太興奮再見到他們的演出。。。

    Here’s all the more info 演出資料:

    Here’s a video of one of their songs 這裡有一首Thick as Blood的歌:

    It’s a BEAUTIFUL day in Hong Kong today 今天天氣好fucking棒!!!


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