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  • Pakistani Truck Art

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 2, 2012

    Met the dude that’s going to tattoo my arm last night! Nice awesome guy…and he’s so excited to be tattooing my idea on my arm! :-) That’s always a good sign…昨天晚上約了一個特牛逼的紋身師父 – 他將會紋我手臂。。。他聽到和見到我的注意他一樣十分高興。。。

    Here’s a background of what I’m going to get done 想知道我紋什麼 – 請看下面的視頻。。。:

    And here’s a picture of what I want to get done…這就是我們巴基斯坦的貨車!哈哈哈。。。好厲害是嗎?駕這樣的車的人已經十分窮但是他們還會花很多錢改變他們的車!我覺得十分好看。。。很有意思。這就會放在我的手臂到 :-)

    Those are the trucks that roam the streets of Pakistan! They’re SOOOOOOOO incredible…

    Alright…I’m off…


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