Malaysian merch!

New merch for Malaysia next week!!! See you all there!!! 馬來西亞的朋友!這是我們下個禮拜賣的產品!

We’re trying to keep the prices low but the hats and shorts are expensive to make…plus they’re GREAT quality…hopefully you guys will choose to support us! :-) 我們已經盡量想放低價格 – 但是短褲和帽子的成本已經太高。。。希望大家還會選擇支持我們!

Here’s the setlist for next week’s show 我們演出的歌單:

This is Our New Beginning WWHC Don’t Turn Away This Song is Our Weapon Time Will Prove On the Road Scream for Life Overcome Unite Asia Promise CNHC


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