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  • Johor Bahru – see you on Saturday Jun 30!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 28, 2012

    So this is how the worldwide hardcore family works…

    We’re sitting in our practice space and Joe our bass player says “Hey Riz, since we’re playing in Singapore on Sunday July 1, let’s try to play a show in Malaysia the Saturday before. There’s a city called Johor Bahru that is an hour away”. I respond, “Yeah, we played there in 2004!” Our own problem is that we don’t have our own drummer and have been borrowing drummers, so before booking anything I had to send a message to Mike to see if he could do that show with us. As soon as Mike answered back…I knew it was on.

    All I needed to do was reach out to my hardcore brothers in Singapore – Overthrown’s guitarist Jai and within 30 minutes, we confirmed a show in JB.

    That’s how hardcore works…NO other music genre in the world works this way. In hardcore we are always out helping each other out. You may have never actually met the people face to face,  but we go on blind trust and faith. We are quick to open our doors to people because of hardcore…and this is something that I will never forget or take for granted.

    So now – with our brother Jai’s help – we are confirming that King Ly Chee is playing in Johor Bahru on Saturday Jun 30 at Unity Fest organized by our friend Harris of TFHM Productions!

    Here’s the info…the most exciting part is that we will finally be sharing a stage with our Lion City hardcore brothers Overthrown! They’re playing too! We also go our friends from Guangzhou – Insecticide on the show.

    Can’t fucking wait!



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  • Hot Water Music new album

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 16, 2012

    Oh my god…

    Starting the morning listening to the new Hot Water Music is probably the best thing in the world…the new album is called Exister and it’s fucking AWESOME 一早可以聽新Hot Water Music的專輯太棒啊!他們新專輯叫Exister – 太好聽!下面的地址能聽到:

    Yesterday – I spent the day (wasting it really) on instagram again! TIU! I gotta stop being so addicted to things like this on the internet! :-) 昨天我浪費了我時間玩兒instagram! 操!我很容易可以addicted。。。

    Love Me Butch’s new album has been on repeat on my ipod as well…that album is so good…their singer is unbelievable! 馬來西亞樂隊Love Me Butch的新專輯好棒。。。這幾天每天聽。。。他們的主唱好厲害!

    This time next week I’ll be picking up BANE from the airport! Can’t believe BANE will be back next week…can’t believe I’ll be singing along with one of the best hardcore bands on the planet in Hong Kong! Can’t wait for an incredibly emotional night next week…下個禮拜三我將會在機場接BANE! 還不相信我們下個禮拜三可以再見到他們香港的表演! 還不相信下個禮拜能跟他們一起唱 “this is my therapy…” 和 “i’ll be here tomorrow, i’ll be here next year…just like this X on the back of my hand…i’m going nowhere!”. 下個禮拜肯定是一晚好高情緒的!!!!

    SEE YOU ALL AT THE BANE SHOW: May 23 at Hidden Agenda 下個禮拜三在Hidden Agenda見:


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  • instagram

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 15, 2012


    As if facebook doesn’t already take up all my time…yesterday I finally got into instagram! Grrrr…I wasted easily almost 2 hours on instagram last night! DAMN!!!! This internet shit is too addictive…

    Anyway…if you want to follow us/me on instagram please look up kinglychee (all one word)…

    This frickin’ photo from the Malaysian show is out-fucking-standing!!! LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!

    Our next show is next Wednesday with BANE…BANE…did I mention that our next show is with BANE? I can’t fucking wait…

    I’m out…


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  • xIt Never Happenedx

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 14, 2012

    Check out our CNHC boys in the Beijing straight edge hardcore band: xIt Never Happenedx who have just uploaded 2 brand new demos! Sounds fucking AWESOME…good songs, good feel to the music…love that CNHC bands get better and better everyday! 來享受我們CNHC同胞樂隊 x從未發生x的新歌! 太高興聽到我們CNHC樂隊的進步!

    Check out the songs here:

    Just got back from Malaysia – slept a few hours and I’m awake now on my way to work…昨天從馬來西亞回來了香港。。。請過去我們facebook頁看看我們幾張照片和日記!

    Go check our facebook page to check out photos and thoughts about the trip…


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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 11, 2012

    Here we go…

    We’re leaving tonight for one of my favorite places in Asia – Kuala Lumpur! Over the past many years, I’ve made and met and built some great relationships with people down there – people who were strangers, became friends and now I consider brothers of mine…

    Can’t wait to see all of them…

    We will be selling all this shit so come down and get wild with us!

    Some other goodies…

    See you all there!!!


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  • Thick as Blood

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 9, 2012


    So we’ve confirmed Thick as Blood to destroy Hong Kong on Thursday, June 7! My favorite part – is that we’ve invited one of my favorite local heavy bands – PROTOSS – to open the show!!! So excited to see them again…and I like that they are going to be the ONLY opening band, so that more people can actually enjoy their music and remember how amazing these guys are…我們確定了Thick as Blood來香港的演出 – 他們的演出將會在六月七號!我最喜歡的情況就是我們邀請了我其中最愛的本地重型音樂樂隊叫PROTOSS! 太興奮再見到他們的演出。。。

    Here’s all the more info 演出資料:

    Here’s a video of one of their songs 這裡有一首Thick as Blood的歌:

    It’s a BEAUTIFUL day in Hong Kong today 今天天氣好fucking棒!!!


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  • explosions in the sky video

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 8, 2012


    I love Explosions in the Sky…when we were touring China that was what I listened to the most when we were traveling from city to city…beautiful music…here’s a BEAUTIFUL music video for one of their songs 我真的十分愛Explosions in the Sky樂隊!我們中國巡演的時候行程的時候我只是聽他們的音樂。。。非常舒服的聲音。。。這裡有個新MV給大家看。。。很美麗一首歌和MV:

    Such a beautiful song…

    When I listen to Explosions in the Sky music – I just want to hold my daughter and stare out the window…我聽他們的音樂的時候我只想抱我的BB :-)

    Leaving for KL this Friday – arriving at 12:50am Saturday morning! hahaha…it’s going to suck but oh well. 這個禮拜五晚上去馬來西亞。。。但是我們很晚才到馬來西亞。。。

    Then Saturday it’s ROCK time! 但是,星期六將會上台跟大家瘋狂!看看馬來西亞的人對我們的熱情是怎麼樣!:-)

    We’re playing last after what it seems like a really long day of music…hopefully you guys won’t be tired – give us SOME LOVE!


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  • busy week

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 7, 2012


    This is going to be a crazy busy week at school…so much going on. What that means is that when we fly out for KL this Friday, it’s going to be even MORE exciting…

    Being back on stage in KL is going to be awesome…I don’t care how many people are going to come – I just care about being with all my Malaysian friends. All these friends that were built around hardcore – I met them all through hardcore…and some of them I’ve known for over 10 years now…one of these old-as-fuck friends is Jana who is now the drummer of Love Me Butch…

    Can’t wait to see everyone…it’s going to be a couple nights of tons of photos that I need to take…

    See you all soon…


    PS: A few more days before you sort out the lyrics to our songs!!! :-)

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  • Core in China Compilation

    Posted by Joe on May 7, 2012

    最近為《Core in China 核在中國》合輯設計了封面。封面下面是70年代的深圳,至於上面是反轉了的末日世界。這合輯有國內20隊不同的樂隊!有興趣聽的朋友可在下面網站下載。我們荔枝王也有一首歌在這合輯!
    Just helped to design the cover for “Core in China Compilation”. The bottom of the cover is the city of Shenzhen in its 70s. The top part of the cover is an up-side-down end of world image. Anyway, this compilation contains 20 bands from China. Check it out from the below website. This compilation also features a song from King Ly Chee!


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  • Best tribute ever…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 6, 2012

    Most amazing tribute I’ve heard EVER…Coldplay are just one of those amazing bands with the magical touch. Anything they create and sing tugs at your hearts strings all day…這是一個特感動的敬意。。。Coldplay的所有歌已經好棒。。。但是為了剛去世的Beastie Boys成員 他們有献唱了他們一首非常經典的歌。。。

    The end of the song “so we’re sending all our love to the beastie boys”…could easily bring tears to people’s eyes! 他們唱最後一句”so we’re sending all our love to the beastie boys”…真厲害。。。讓我都有些眼淚。。。

    My history with the Beastie Boys is long just like most people who were shocked by the news that MCA passed away. I was just a young little kid when I got the Licensed to Ill tape. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on that tape…all the songs: No Sleep til Brooklyn, Fight for Your Right, Girls, everything…so incredible and I listened to that tape over and over…我跟Beastie Boys的歷史跟很多人一摸一樣。。。我也是很小的時候第一次聽他們第一張專輯Licensed to Ill…還記得見到他們那個封面覺得很好笑 – 因為他們這樣放飛機的意思就是penis 哈哈哈。。。我覺得他們真夠膽! hahahahaha…然後這個專輯的歌全部都很好笑!很多歌的歌詞我還記得。。。

    Can’t believe there’ll never be another Beastie Boys show again…I saw them once in Long Island, New York…it was amazing…不相信以後不會再有Beastie Boys的現場。。。我第一次看他們表演就是在New York…很多年前。。。

    Listen to that Coldplay version over and over…


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