Bane, Guangzhou…

*If you are a Dutch hardcore kid that sent me an email a few days ago – please RE-SEND your email! I accidentally deleted it…

The BANE show has been changed to May 23! Please keep that in mind…having said that – get ready to fucking sing and scream your hearts out…we’re already listening to BANE everyday attaching some emotions and feelings to their music and lyrics and getting ready to go literally NUTS when they play. Last time they played at a venue where the sound was optimum…this time they’re playing at HIDDEN AGENDA!!! The sound there is SPECTACULAR!!! Can’t fucking wait to see and hear BANE at Hidden Agenda…著名硬核樂隊(我們其中最愛的) BANE香港演出改了日子 – May 23! 請記住這個日子。。。到時跟我們一起來唱出你的心聲!我們已經每天都聽BANE的音樂和歌詞。。。我已經開始了背他們好多歌(當然我已經認識很多了 – 但是這次我想唱所有歌! hahahaha…)…大家一起來上台搶他的mic一起唱 – 一起給他們一個好深刻的印象! 香港有沒有hardcore? 我們大家都以為沒有。。。但是有幾十個人都可以說有小小的hardcore社會!大家一起努力!

GUANGZHOU – one week away from our MASSIVE show in Guangzhou! Cannot fucking wait…if any of you from Hong Kong would like to come up with us – please let us know! 廣州 – 一個禮拜就到你們!太期待回去廣州演出!如果有香港人想跟我們上去請馬上聯絡我們!

Can’t wait for all this shit that’s going on…



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