Practice with Collin

It’s been a long time haven’t posted in here KLC website. Now a day I spend a lot of times in Guangzhou with my wife. Anyway, life is good just hope that I can get more freelance projects. 已經有一段長時間沒有關在這裡留言了。現在我經常和老婆在廣州,生活還好,不過希望有多些freelance工作讓生活穩定一點。

Practice with Collin was great! This guy is an amazing musician and a great guy. On Saturday we practiced with him the very first time we were already all stoked by his great drumming. He learned 18 songs in a month with drum pad. UNBELIEVABLE!!! He is making every one of us better. We can’t wait to tour with him starting this Friday! 跟Collin練習了兩天,他真的太厲害了!而且他人也非常好。第一天跟他排練大家已經被他的鼓吸引了。實際上他在一個月時間,只用了鼓pad便學了18首歌,太勁了!他令我們每個人都更好,真的等不到這個星期五巡演開始!

Check out his hard work from last two days!


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