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  • music video update

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 29, 2011

    So Brian has contacted Rock Motel and we’re filming the last part of our music video this Saturday! Super excited about this and have NO idea how it’s going to end up but we’re looking forward to it…Brian聯絡了Rock Motel看看我們什麼時候將會拍完我們的MV. 我們這個禮拜六就拍完!十分期待給大家看。。。希望後果可以滿足你們大家!

    There actually is a “storyline” to the music video…hopefully it’ll come off quite clear in the video. We will also be launching our album release show poster this weekend as well! CRAZY excited about that! MV其實是有個故事 – 希望故事是夠清楚。。。這個禮拜六我們也會開始宣佈新專輯發佈會的海報!太期待看!

    PLEASE REMEMBER THE DATE: JAN 28, 2012!!!!!!!!! CD RELEASE SHOW IN HONG KONG!!!!! 請大家記住我們新專輯發佈會的日子: 一月二十八號在香港!

    See you all…到時見!

    Sofia rules…我的女兒太棒!今天開始她的第三個禮拜 :-)


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  • photo mad…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 25, 2011

    As any proud new parent – we’ve also amassed thousands of photos of my daughter’s mere 10 day existence :-) Here are some of my favorite ones…每個新家長肯定會拍超級多照片。。。我們的女兒今天就是十一天大但是我們一共已經拍了幾百的照片。。。下面是我其中最愛的 :-) 當然我見到十分自豪。。。

    Right now I’m sitting next to my daughter as she naps while listening to the new and INCREDIBLE record by Coldplay…every song on this album is a winner (save for the stupid Rihanna song – what were they thinking??) and I don’t actually skip songs like I have done on previous records.我現在就是我女兒旁邊 – 她一邊睡覺一邊跟我一起聽Coldplay的新,最棒的唱片。。。這個唱片他們每一首歌十分好聽 – 好小需要飛一首 – 除非他們跟Rihanna合作那首 – 幹嘛跟她合作?!?!(他們以前的唱片全部都有歌可以飛)…

    Hope you’re all having a great few days with family and friends…I’m with all I need – my beautiful wife and my beautiful daughter. 希望你們這幾天跟家庭,愛人,朋友過得開心。。。我只需要我老婆和我的女兒!


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  • Busy with All the Design Stuffs

    Posted by Joe on December 22, 2011

    These days I am so busy with the album and merch designs. Hopefully you guys will enjoy all our hard works by buying our album and merchandise. Just want you to know that everything we will release is gonna be in international standard.


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  • baby time

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 20, 2011


    Sorry – my next few messages are only going to be about Sofia…that’s just the way it’s going to be! Yesterday we finally brought her back to her OWN home…she came in and the first few hours were brutal. Crying non-stop not knowing why…thank GOD for youtube! I got on to Youtube and found an AMAZING way to take care of crying children and it has worked EVERY SINGLE time! Of course, if they’re hungry or need a diaper changed – you should do that FIRST :-) Learned the hard way last night…

    Then last night was sleep for 2 hours, feed for 1, sleep for 2 hours, feed for 1…all night…it was rough – but after making it through one night I think both Alison and I will be able to do it with no problem from now on.

    There is NOTHING like watching Sofia fall asleep as she gets comfortable…as soon as she gets comfortable and instantly goes to sleep, it’s better then playing ANY show on the planet.

    OK – back to my baby…



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  • special day

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 19, 2011


    Today’s a VERY special day for Alison and I…we’re bringing our daughter home!!! I can’t wait for her to come home…and can’t wait to film all of it…her first time in Sai Kung…her first time being in her OWN home sleeping either in our bed or in her own…haven’t decided yet!!! 今天是個十分開心的日子!我跟我老婆今天會帶我們的BB回家!太期待帶她回來 – 給她看他的家。。。給她看西貢。。。我們將會拍今天。。。已經拍了很多東西 – 到她結婚的時候將會有很多好看的東西!:-)

    Yesterday – we also announced that the opening band for our record release show on January 28, 2012 will be my old OLD friends: SMZB!!!!!!!! I love these guys and their singer Wu Wei is a dear friend of mine for many MANY years…我們昨天也宣佈了 – 我們一月二十八號將會有個新專輯發佈會 – 當時當開場樂隊就是我們的老友SMZB – 生命之餅!!我十分愛這個樂隊。。。他們的主唱Wu Wei也是我的十分老友。。。還記得00年的時候第一次去武漢表演就住了他的家幾天! :-) 現在是差不多12年我們還是朋友。。。LOVE IT!

    See you all there!!! 到時見!

    Sofia – you’re almost home!!! SOFIA – 你今天可以回家了!!!


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  • an insanely emotional couple of days…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 16, 2011

    So my daughter is almost 2 days old now…she has already changed so much and keeps opening and closing her eyes…I saw her smile a few times – every time my nose touches hers she’ll get a little smile…amazing.

    I’ve never been into newborn babies…I always say there’s nothing much you can do with them. But EVER SINGLE PERSON said “Just wait until you have your OWN – it’ll all change”. THEY WERE SO RIGHT!!! Oh my god…I think I sat and stared at Sofia sleep for like 15 minutes today. SLEEP dude – that’s all she was doing…was just sleeping. I watched her as she yawned, shivered, wrinkled her forehead, kept sleeping, opened her mouth for no reason, etc…and was totally NOT bored. I’m sure I just bored the hell out of all of you after writing that. :-) But this is awesome…

    Saturday is a big day for the band itself…we’re filming our first “official” music video!!! It’ll take place at Hidden Agenda at 12pm – WE NEED ALL OF YOU THERE!!! If you can spare us 30 minutes, 1 hour or more then PLEASE COME!!!

    Stagedives are welcome

    Singalongs are welcome

    Mosh moves are all welcome

    Please be there!!!!


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  • Sofia Farooqi

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 15, 2011

    My daughter:

    Sofia Farooqi
    Born today: Dec 15, 2011 at 9:49am
    Weight: 6.10lbs

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  • tomorrow is…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 14, 2011

    Tomorrow will be the biggest day of mine and Alison’s life…we are expecting the feeling to be emotional, happy, scary, exciting all at once…happy because we get to finally our little baby that we created face to face and say hello to her, instead of me talking to Alison’s tummy… :-) I will be able to look at her in the face and speak to her for the first time…

    It is a life-changing situation…I am excited and can’t wait to upload a photo so you all can meet her too!!!

    Stay tuned for tomorrow!!!


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  • new song up now!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 11, 2011


    So the title track of our upcoming album is up now! We put it up because we’re trying to get tons of people to come out to our music video shoot this Saturday! We’re hoping that if you care about this band or have cared about this band once in your life – that you will come out to be a part of this incredible occassion…

    It’s a really big deal and we’re hoping all of you will take time out of your busy lives to be a part of this music video shoot…

    Here’s the FB event page with tons of details about it:

    Here are the youtube links to both the English and Chinese versions of the songs! FORWARD THIS SHIT TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!





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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 7, 2011

    MY LIFE IS TOO FUCKING BUSY RIGHT NOW!!! 我的生活太fucking忙啊!

    Dec 8 – TONIGHT we’re playing with Parkway Drive in Sai Wan Ho! BE THERE!!! 今天晚上跟Parkway Drive有個演出

    Dec 10 – We’re playing in Shenzhen!!! 這個禮拜六在深圳有演出

    Dec 15 – MY BABY IS BEING BORN!!!!!! 我的女兒出生!!!!!!!!!

    Dec 17 – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…We are shooting our first REAL music video!!! We will need YOUR support! If you are in Hong Kong at the time please come out to support us and be a part of the video shoot! 大消息宣佈 – 我們終於會怕個認真的MV!!!! 如果你們是在香港的話我們需要你們的幫助!請過來參加我們的影片!

    The video is for our title track from our new album called TIME WILL PROVE! 首歌是我們主題歌叫”時間證明“

    If you can come, please email me: [email protected] I will then send you the song and lyrics for you to check out…如果你們能來得話請發個email給我 [email protected] 然後我會發這首歌給你們聽和享受。。。

    Here’s the info for the MV shoot 拍MV的資料:

    Date: Dec 17 (Saturday)
    Time: 12noon
    Venue: Hidden Agenda

    Be there…This music video is going to mean the WORLD to us!!!!!!!! First time in 13 years that we’re going to shoot a REAL music video!!! 這對我們來說十分有意義的!!!希望你們會來支持!!!

    See you tonight at Parkway Drive!!!


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