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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 28, 2011


    Painting done by: Rich Phipson of Hong Kong’s amazing tattoo shop called Star Crossed Tattoo
    Graphics done by: Our very own Joe!

    The main idea behind the cover is as follows:

    Hardcore is a culture that teaches you not to be fearful of your ideas…not to be fearful that you will look “stupid” or “different” amongst the general public…a tiger is an animal that isn’t scared of shit – it will do what it will do without being afraid of ridicule. That’s our main reason for picking a tiger to represent this chapter of King Ly Chee. The city burning under the tiger represents the city that we live in – the idea that there needs to be a sea change here in terms of ideas and thoughts. You can even take it more literally and think that the city burning is the burning of the “idea” of music in Hong Kong – it’s time that the level of music in Hong Kong needs to be raised! But in general, the burning city is like the burning of the “old way” of thinking…it’s time to come fresh with new sounds, ideas and thoughts.

    The album will be released the first week of January to start off 2012 with a fucking BANG! Dec 1 we will launch two songs from our album! CAN’T WAIT!!!!

    Download this file and spread it all over the world!!!!


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  • iphone 4s

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 28, 2011

    昨天我跟Alison买了新iphone (4S)…我们之前是用3GS所以改了用4S有超大的分别。。。Yesterday Alison and I finally bought the new Iphone…we were previously using 3GS so I think the difference between those phones is phenomenal compared to if we were using 4 previously and then switching.

    暂时最厉害的东西就是SIRI这个软件。。。太厉害 – 我以后开车的时候收到SMS (短信)的话我可以按我的耳机然后说我的回答,然后SIRI会帮我写这个短信然后问我要不要发. hahahahahaah…AWESOME!!!! For me, besides all the obvious upgrades from 3GS…the biggest selling point is this SIRI function! Especially since I’m in frickin’ car a lot and get a lot of text messages from friends, family and band members. Now I can click my headphones to turn on SIRI and she will ask me if I want to respond to someone. Then I can talk my message out, SIRI will type it and then ask me if I want to send it. This thing unbelievable…imagine the amount of car crashes this thing will help people avoid because they are not actually typing their message out. Amazing…


    我只能跟大家说 – 你们这几天终于会有机会听到我们新专辑的两首歌! :-) 我们现在跟火锅的Paul安排着这个东西 – 要看可以跟什么网站能合作。。。OK – I’d like to announce that within the next few days you guys will FINALLY have an opportunity to check out TWO songs from our upcoming record!!! We were working Hot Pot’s Paul to arrange this with some website…can’t WAIT to let you guys hear the songs and tell us what you think!

    歌名是 The names of the songs are:

    1. WWHC (意思是Worldwide Hardcore)
    2. On the Road 在路上 (这首歌有个很特别的feature人!特高兴他会帮我们录一段东西! This is the song that has a special feature vocalist! We still are so EXCITED that he agreed to do this for us…:-)




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  • shenzhen show!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 26, 2011


    We need you all to come out and support us at the Shenzhen show! We will be filming the song “Promise” (Chinese version) for our DVD! The last time we played this song in Shenzhen I busted out my acoustic guitar to play it…I had NO idea what kind of reaction you guys would’ve given us – but it was FUCKING AWESOME!!! All I remember is you guys singing it back to us crazy crazy loud! 大家深圳的兄弟姐妹 – 我们十分需要你们的帮忙!我们为了新专辑里面的DVD – 我们想拍十二月十号演“誓言”的表演!你们上次十分牛逼。。。十分热情。。。我拿木吉他出来的时候真的不知道有什么反应 – 但是你们完全给了我们看你们的热情 和爱 和支持。。。所以我们决定了要再来一个!这个影片我们将会放在我们的DVD里!!!

    So we’re going to do it again at this show…easy song – meaningful song – a great way to finish off the DVD…

    We’ll see you there!!! 到时见!

    Show info 演出的资料:

    Here’s some good news…we will be launching two songs for you all to check out Dec 1! :-) Get the fuck ready…还有很好的消息。。。我们十二月一号将会给大家听新专辑的其中两首歌!你们准备好吗?!


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  • listening to the album

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 25, 2011


    I finally put our album on my ipod last night to listen to it in the car last night…I can’t believe it…I can’t believe this is us and I can’t believe what YOUR reaction is going to be when you finally have it in your hands, in your computers, in your ipods, in your cars…昨天终于放了我们新专辑在我Ipod然后开车的时候大声博。。。真不相信这是我们。太期待听你们的反应。。。太期待你们放这些歌在你们的ipod,电脑,然后在路上听!:-)

    Cannot wait…太期待。。。


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  • rock motel

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 24, 2011

    So we have decided to work with Rock Motel to help organize and promote our upcoming record release show for this album! We met with Tim last night and it was so great to talk to someone so professional, creative and so full of ideas. It was also nice to talk to someone who was REALLY trying to understand our culture of music and what would work best for us. Rock Motel has organized shows for a variety of genres – from pop to nu-metal to emo/indie rock to everything…this is the first time that they’re going to do something super heavy like us – and of course, first time for hardcore. We’ve given them our ideas and dreams of this record release show…and they’re going to work amazing things out for us. 我们决定了跟Rock Motel安排我们新专辑的音乐会!他们也会帮我们宣传新专辑。昨天晚上很开心跟Rock Motel的Tim聊天儿。。。跟一位那么专业的人合作真的很高兴。这位兄弟十分有创意的思想但是也是想首先明白我们的乐队和我们这个硬核的文化。跟这样态度的人合作十分好。。。大家只想带给观众一个十分难忘的经验 – 所以最紧要是大家来互相了解。这次是他们第一次安排一场正式hardcore演出所以我们两边都很兴奋看看这个后果。我们已经跟Tim说了我们的梦想 – 对这场演出的期望等等。。。希望能给大家感觉到我们荔枝王乐队的目标。

    Thank you so much Tim and Rock Motel for believing in us and making this dream come true for us…谢谢Tim给我们这个机会来安排一个十分难忘的荔枝王的show! 我们这个梦想一定会成真!

    If you have time – please go ahead and “like” Rock Motel’s facebook page because they need to see how many of our supporters will probably come and take a part of this show! LOTS OF YOU I HOPE!!! 如果大家有时间的话请马上过去”like”Rock Motel的facebook页因为他们也想知道我们的支持者的能力!:-) hahahaha…

    This is an AWESOME video…a band that I don’t really like Avenged Sevenfold did something really cool at their massive show. They saw a fan with a sign that said “I want to play drums” – the singer calls this guy up on stage! And he plays a full song perfectly in front of 10,000 people!!! AWESOME!!! 下面有个很厉害的影片。Avenged Sevenfold这个乐队我自己马马虎虎喜欢。。。但是在他们最近一场演出的动作十分棒!他们演出的时候主唱留意到前面有个歌迷写了牌“我想打鼓!”。。。然后那个主唱就叫他上来跟他们打一首歌!这场有一万人来看Avenged Sevenfold! 太经。。。

    We have announced our very LAST show of 2011!!! It will be in Shenzhen!!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE ALL OUR SZ SUPPORTERS AGAIN! Last time they fucking destroyed the place! This time we’re coming back with even more songs!!! :-) CAN’T WAIT!!!我们宣布了我们今年最后一场!将会在我们其中最演出的城市 – 深圳!十二月十号见大家!我们大概十一点半才开始演出!到时玩死你们 – 有十分多歌给你们一起来火爆!:-)



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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 23, 2011

    Hahahhahaahha…found this awesome new music video this morning which is fucking funny as hell!!! Apparently, there is a hardcore kid that works pretty high up in LEGO! 今天早上找到这个十分好笑的硬核影片 – 是关于LEGO! 哈哈哈哈哈。。。他人说其实,LEGO有一位很高位子的人是一个hardcore kid :-)


    Yesterday we got the final mixes and masters of our new album! IT’S FINISHED!!! We can’t wait to let you hear it. 昨天晚上我们终于收到了最后的专辑!完全做完了!

    Now we have the following things to organize 现在到安排很多关于专辑宣传的事情:

    1. Finish cover design。。。做完专辑封面
    2. Organize our CD release shows all over China (!!!)。。。安排发出专辑音乐会 (不是只是在香港 – 将会很多中国的城市也有!)
    3. Finish all merch designs (so many! Hats, shorts, hoodies, jackets, shirts…can’t wait!) 做完所有新荔枝王产品 – 帽子,短裤,hoodies,t恤,等等)
    4. Find the date to release 2 songs online!!! 决定什么时候发出两首歌给你们听!!!
    5. Finish the DVD (already interviewed Ho, Kent and Egas – all 3 have done an awesome job so far!) 做完DVD…已经做好Ho, Kent和Egas的采访。。。他们说得非常好!

    Can’t wait to get going on all of this…太忙啊!昨天跟Joe聊天儿。。。其实我们只想尽快做完这样的东西,然后开始做我们最想做得东西 – 演出!巡演!!!


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  • hardcore

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 18, 2011

    I still constantly am thinking about the words “HARDCORE LIVES” – what does that mean? And I always think about how the ONLY reason hardcore is still alive today is because people and bands are out promoting it. We are always talking about hardcore and trying to get more people exposed to this music and this culture. We do NOT have media support. The general public will always know metal bands BEFORE they know hardcore bands. It was the same with us – when we first got into music, we got into metal before we got into hardcore. Hardcore is an underground thing – hardcore always feels like it’s a little secret…the only people that know about this special underground culture, are the lucky ones who were invited into this secret group.

    But it shouldn’t be a secret group…this incredibly positive movement that talks about doing things YOURSELF, building up your confidence in order to face the world, work for a better world by making changes in yourself…all these things that are synonymous with hardcore should NOT be kept underground. We SHOULD have media support…but we don’t.

    So why do we always talk about hardcore non-stop? Every fucking day?

    Love hardcore. Live hardcore. Breathe hardcore. Talk about it – sing about it – spread it out – research about it. This is how hardcore will always exist.



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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 16, 2011

    Holy fucking shit…他妈的。。。

    We cannot believe it…yesterday Zach sent us some “rough” mixes that he has done with around 7 of our songs. When we pressed “play” to listen to them – all of us sat back and collectively said “OH MY GOD”. Egas listened to it and sms-ed us all “I can’t believe what I’m hearing”…when we played it for Joe – his reaction was incredible.我们真不相信。。。昨天我们听到第一的”rough”mix…他发了七首歌给我们听。我们大家一按play,我们完全疯了!我们大家都是说 “这是我们吗?怎么可能那么棒!” 我们给Joe听的时候你们应该看他的十分夸张的反应!哈哈哈哈。。。十分好笑。

    The crazy part is that the mixes he sent were “rough”. He still had so much more he wants to do…we just can’t believe what else he’s going to do to this thing! 最疯的东西就是他说这些mix就是很rough的!他还有很多功夫要做!HOLY SHIT!!! 我们还不知道他怎么样可以把我们这些歌mix的更好?!?!真厉害。。。

    This recording is going to be our most PROUD recording we have ever done in this band. We cannot WAIT to let you all hear it…can’t wait. 我们很相信这个录音是我们最棒最棒的。。。我们知道我们永远听这张专辑会感到十分自豪。。。现在更期待给你们听!!!希望可以尽快给你们听!!!

    We want to thank Zach so much for working his magic on our music…I also want to personally thank BRIAN – because Zach kept mentioning how things in the recording are well organized, and how the source of many of the instruments was so good that it was easier for him to work with. Brian fucking RULES!!! 我们真的要谢谢Zach的功夫。。。他真的是很厉害 – 他的人也是十分好,我们有写意见,他很欢迎我们的意见。。。太好 – 这样的合作十分完美。

    我还要说 – 我们为我们的Brian也是十分自豪!他录音的技术十分棒!Zach说了几次。。。我们的录音真的不错,因为录的那么好 – 就是更容易棒我们再改这个音改那个音!BRIAN你很棒啊!


    New mixes are supposed to be coming in today…we can’t WAIT!!! 今天我们将会听到新的mix!!!


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  • reading interviews

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 15, 2011

    For the best way to learn about hardcore – is not just by listening to the music…but also doing some work online and reading interviews. Here’s an interview by the singer of a punk/hardcore band called Outbreak (which our friend Brian – originally from Hong Kong – plays guitar for!). The singer’s name is Ryan and he also is the owner of a hardcore label called Think Fast Records! Ryan has read our blog here before and has told Brian that he is very proud that there is a band like us out here in Asia/China that is out promoting and fighting for hardcore. 其中最好方法真正了解hardcore不是只是听音乐,是看他人的采访。下面有个采访 – 是跟Outbreak乐队的主唱叫Ryan – 他也是Think Fast Records唱片公司的老板。Outbreak的吉他手就是我们好朋友 – 以前在香港长大的朋友叫Brian. Ryan也看过我们的网站 – 他花了很多时间看我每天写得东西。他跟Brian说 – 他很高兴亚洲、中国有一队我们这样的乐队就是每天为hardcore奋斗!

    Means a lot! 谢谢你的支持!

    After you read his interview…do a search online for other people who have given great interviews…look for the legends on this shit: Roger Miret, Toby Morse, Sick of it All, Madball…read interviews by differing views: Champion, Earth Crisis…just do a search and + interview at the end! 看完这个采访记住继续话点时间继续看其他的采访。。。还有著名的硬核世界的人: Ian Mackaye, Ray Cappo, Roger Miret, Toby Morse, Sick of it All, Madball…read interviews by differing views: Champion, Earth Crisis, Youth of Today, etc…

    Do it! EDUCATE YOURSELF!!! 自己教自己!


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  • no turning back day here

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 14, 2011


    No Turning Back – TAKE YOUR GUILT

    No Turning Back – STRONGER

    No Turning Back – DO YOU CARE

    No Turning Back – IN YOUR MAZE

    No Turning Back – GO AWAY


    See you there!


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