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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 30, 2011

    During the typhoon weather…I spent the entire day pretty much watching amazing hardcore videos up on our favorite hardcore-related video website: – such a great site…昨天香港大风的时候我坐在家里过时间看十分多牛逼的硬核影片。。。全部是在这个十分棒的网站:

    My favorites from the This is Hardcore Fest videos that they have are…他们最近上载了很多This is Hardcore音乐节的影片。。。我最爱看得是:

    Wisdom in Chains
    Cruel Hand

    Wisdom in Chains is NOT a tough-guy hardcore band…this band brings back the feeling of H2O, Ignite, and other more melodic hardcore…great singalongs…great lyrics…and in this video you can see the brotherhood and friendship that this band is able to create. YOU SHOULD GET INTO THEM! 这个乐队完全不是那种TOUGH GUY好重的hardcore…他们有比较melodic的感觉。。。十分好听的chorus…十分多singalong的位子。。。歌词也是非常好。。。你看他们这个影片的时候感觉到他们对硬核的爱。。。你们一定要听这个乐队!

    Madball is madball…legends in their own rights. In this video what I FULLY respect is that Madball doesn’t just play the “hits” – they don’t just play the old songs that everyone knows. They are still releasing albums today so what they do is to make sure they’re playing new songs…it’s kinda like a FUCK YOU to all those people who only want to hear old songs. RESPECT! Having said that…at the end of this video it’s so cool to see Chris of Cruel Hand and Scott of Terror coming up to sing a classic Madball song – PRIDE (TIMES ARE CHANGING)…fucking touching…我不要介绍这个乐队啦。。。你们大家都十分尊重他们。。。我最欣赏的是在这个影片你们见到Madball不是只玩他们的最红的歌!他们还每几年发出新唱片所以他们一定会完最近的歌。。。这样他们就是说FUCK那些人只想听舊歌。。。哈哈哈。。。我非常可以尊重他们这样的做法。这个影片的最后一首歌非常感动 – 因为Cruel Hand和Terror的主唱有上台跟Madball一起唱Pride…

    Madball (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.




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  • T8…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 29, 2011

    Wow…living in Sai Kung this was the first time I actually hear the power of a typhoon! I used to live in Tsim Sha Tsui which is surrounded by buildings so by the time any wind hit my window it had already slowed down significantly…我昨天晚上是我第一次在一个比较安静的地方过大风。。。我以前住在尖沙咀 – 是一个比较忙的地方 – 十分多建筑所以以前那里过大风没有什么大反应。。。但是我现在住得地方十分少建筑。。。我面前一个都没有。。。所以现在那个大风一来就是很大力撞到我们的窗口!超大力!我们天台的桌子和椅子全部都倒底下。。。我们睡觉突然听到马上醒了!非常讨厌。。。哈哈哈哈。。。

    But here in Sai Kung – I have no buildings surrounding our place…so the wind comes up and over a beautiful mountain and then just hits our windows HARD! Our chairs and tables upstairs all got knocked over and kept getting thrown around by the strong winds…it was pretty fucking annoying actually! Hahahahaha…

    Check out this CRAZY video about a reporter on a HUGE US tv station who is standing up against police brutality in NYC! I can’t believe it…usually these big television stations in the US only support government policies etc…but here’s a REAL reporter who does his best to speak the truth. AMAZING 你们快看下面这个报道。。。是在一个很大的美国媒体公司报道的。。。这个记者就是很热情说他对纽约警察的不满!很厉害!很少在美国会有这样的报道。。。因为通常这样的十分大的媒体公司,喜欢支持和撑政府的所有活动。。。但是这个记者很热情说纽约警察反对那写示威的行动太过分。。。太有暴力。。。很厉害!猜不到一个记者能站出来说真相!:

    New BIOHAZARD song is up now and KILLS it!!! Their new album will be released in January and I cannot WAIT to hear it…they’ve also mentioned that they’re going to be a huge world tour next year! :-) Hopefully that means Asia!!! 昨天Biohazard已经发了新歌的MP3!!! 他们新张唱片就是明年一月份发出的!太期待听他们全张!他们还有说明年将会做一个十分大的全球巡演!希望他们会来亚洲!

    Check out the new song here 新歌能这里试一试:


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  • new trapped under ice song

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 28, 2011


    Our final “guest” on our new album has sent me his recording! Psyched…can’t wait to see what Brian’s going to do with it :-) 我们新专辑有几个人来feature…昨天晚上收到最后的录音!太期待Brian能怎么用这个录音!

    For the past week – the weather has been nice and cool…then yesterday it got fucking hot again! Sucks dick…上个礼拜香港天气十分好。。。有点儿冷。。。昨天突然又日了!FUCK…

    Dude…new Trapped Under Ice song is WEIRD…新Trapped Under Ice的歌十分奇怪:

    It’s got a more rock n’ roll feel…I actually think it’s pretty cool because it’s different…not typical at all. I think this record is going to make them a LOT bigger…完全有比较摇滚的感觉。。。但是我还是觉得这样十分好听因为不是很typical. 完全有不同的感觉。。。这样比较好。我觉得他们这张新专辑应该会让他们更加红。

    I’m out…


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  • new day

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 27, 2011


    Joe’s big day was a great time! We were all laughing our assess off and having a good time…the venue was DOPE! Within the mountains of Tai Po right by a lake…beautiful…在joe的婚禮大家都玩的很開心。。。他找到的地點真好看!是在Tai Po的山上然後在個小河旁邊。。。真好看!

    Photos are all up on facebook – I don’t think I took many because I was so busy laughing and eating…hahahahaha…如果要看照片你們要上facebook看看 哈哈哈哈。。。我後來沒有拍那麼多照片因為我太忙笑。。。還有很忙吃東西!哈哈哈。。。

    We set up a Start From Scratch facebook page finally – now for all our supporters in China unfortunately, you guys are going to have to figure out how to break the damn firewall bullshit to check out that FB page. 我們由零開始 – 開了個新facebook頁!希望大家能上(或者找辦法上)然後 “like” 我們這個新開的網頁!

    Here it is anyway: Get on it and LIKE that shit! Help us spread the word too!

    I’m out…


    By the way the Sick of it All CD called XXV that is coming out soon (the one where they re-record a bunch of classic Sick of it All songs)have released the first song from it…it’s the amazing re-recorded version of the song BUILT TO LAST! LOVE this song:

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  • joe’s getting married today!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 25, 2011

    Joe is getting married today! 我们bass手今天将会结婚!

    Easily one of the best guys to ever join King Ly Chee – my brother Joe is getting married! This dude deserves all the great things he’s going to get out of being married to the love of his life! :-) He is one of the nicest guys, most genuine guys to ever join our lovely band…it is an honor to have him join us after so many years of introducing guys to this band! Hahahahaha…(He is the one that introduced me to Brian many years ago, then he was the one that suggested I contact Kent and Egas a few years ago! Finally – he joined the band! hahaha…) 我觉得这位兄弟就是其中最好进入我们乐队的人。。。他今天那么兴奋的一天!

    I’ll be posting up more photos from this beautiful event today! 等一下会上载多几张照片!他找到的地点特牛逼!很期待过去看看!

    Can’t wait to spend time with my brother on his wonderful day! 我很开心今天能陪他和他的老婆过一个那么难忘的一天!


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  • my daughter’s clothes…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 24, 2011


    Alison and I are already going crazy buying clothes for my daughter! :-) Here are some of them…I obviously I’m going for the more “hardcore” (Brian thinks I’m going for more the skateboarder look! hahaha)…我和我老婆Alison太喜欢买新衣服送给我们十二月中来的baby :-) 下面有一些。。。我当然是比较喜欢找hardcore那种style的衣服!哈哈哈哈。。。Brian觉得我很喜欢滑板的style hahahaha…

    2 of these outfits were bought by good friends of ours! :-) 下面还有两个是我们好朋友送给我们!就是我们baby的第一二的礼物!

    “Never too small to rock” – by our good and ALSO pregnant friend Peggy 这件是我们好朋友Peggy送给我们 – 她也怀孕了!

    The cute little one piece was by our good friend Li You and his wife Si Fan – 另外是我们好朋友李游和他老婆思凡在北京送给我们!

    THANK YOU GUYS!!! 谢谢所有好朋友!!!

    Can’t wait to meet my little daughter in real life in just a few months!!! 太期待几个月后见到我的女儿!!!



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  • new machine head…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 22, 2011


    Brian showed me the new Machine Head album a few days ago and I’ve been listening to it everyday since…hahahaha…I’ve never actually like Machine Head. I always thought they were some sort of nu-metal band! HAHAHA…I’ve never liked nu-metal so I didn’t know that they were actually a REAL metal band. This album has proven me wrong 100% – this album is AMAZING. You all need to check out the song called “Locust”…there’s a groove riff in there that makes me to do old school head banging all day! As soon as I get in my car at 6:45am everyday to go to work – that’s the song I play in the car! Hahahaha…几天前Brian有介绍新Machine Head的唱片给我们听。。。从那天我每天都听!老实说,我从来没有太喜欢这个乐队。。。我一直都以为他们是一队nu-metal的乐队。我非常讨厌那种音乐风格 – limp bizkit, korn, 等等 – 我非常不喜欢这样的商业文化的音乐。。。但是,我从来不知道原来Machine Head是一队十分牛逼的金属乐队!这张唱片是十分牛逼!他们有一首歌叫Locust – 这首歌里的主题吉他riff非常棒!我每天早上一开始开车去上班(差不多6:45am)我就博这首歌!一听到就像开始很old school金属的headbang! hahahaha…

    Good shit…

    So good…

    Off to work…tomorrow is our LAST song for me to record!!! :-) Saturday we’re recording all the backing vocals to 13 English songs, and 12 Chinese songs…25 fucking songs need backing vocals! Hahahahaha…nuts…好的。。。要上班。。。明天晚上录最后一首歌!然后星期六要录backing vocal – 一共是二十五首歌!十三首英文的。。。十二首中文的!FUCK!


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  • h2o…KLC CNHC dvd…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 21, 2011


    Yesterday we were allowed to see the first few minutes of our CNHC tour DVD! It’s pretty amazing that this thing will finally come out…I still remember super clearly that I purposely filmed everything when we were on tour – when we were walking around, moving gear, in and out of hotels, talking to people…I remember filming all that stuff. Yesterday our DVD director finally showed us a few minutes of it…it’s not perfect yet, but it’s nice to finally see it. I can’t wait to see the rest of it and see how he edits everything else. 昨天我们终于能见到我们CNHC巡演DVD的第一个edit. 我看的时候都觉得大家都应该会享受这个DVD…我还记得巡演中我很努力什么东西都拍。。。逛逛的时候,进入酒店,般乐器和行李,跟他人聊。。。什么都拍。昨天我们DVD的导演终于给了我们看头几分钟。很期待看完全DVD…

    But we are planning to release this DVD together WITH our  new album. We want these things to come together to encourage people BUY our album. I’m sure people will download it for free – which is fine, because we all do that – but we hope our supporters are going to want to hold this album in their hands and look through the artwork and read the lyrics. 这个DVD将会在我们新专辑一起发出的。我们很想放这个DVD在我们新专辑的包装里面。。。意思就是你买CD你将会有两个碟: CD和DVD. 我们这样决定了因为我们希望这样可以鼓励多人出去买我们的作品。当然很多人还会上网免费上载 – 我们完全明白因为我们也是经常这样做。。。但是我们很希望我们的真正支持者会想在手里有我们的作品 – 希望他们想看到我们的封面的设计,和歌词,等等。。。。

    We’re excited…太兴奋啊!

    H2O is a fucking GREAT hardcore band that I’ve loved for years and years…I still remember watching them in like ’96 and the singer was just an explosion on stage – Toby Morse was a great frontman then. Now he’s 41 years and he STILL is amazing! Watch the video below and fall in love with this incredible hardcore band. For those of you who think “hardcore” is “mosh parts” and “breakdowns” and “cool hair” and fucking shit like “attack attack” with stupid keyboard parts and dance beats – you guys will hate H2O. You guys will hate all REAL hardcore for that matter. H2O是一个十分牛逼的硬核乐队。我还记得读大学的时候在美国差不多96年的时候是我第一次看他们表演。。。我还记得当时我觉得他们的主唱toby morse十分给力的。很有精力。。。也是很好笑!你看下面的影片里记住这个主唱今年是四十一岁!他还有那个精力。。。太棒!如果你是觉得这些东西才是hardcore:

    1. mosh
    2. breakdown
    3. 好帅的发型
    4. attackattack那种笨蛋的弹琴的位子。。。还有跳舞的beats


    FUCK OFF…你完全不知道h2o的历史。。。Toby做Sick of it All的roadie做了几年。h2O歌词完全包括所有关于硬核文化的元素。他们还是像gorilla biscuits和7 seconds那种比较正面硬核风格的音乐。他们是硬核。

    But in this video…the part that I fully love is that Toby continuously mentions the bands that influenced him and he does this in order for new hardcore kids to remember and respect the history of hardcore. He mentions bands like Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, 7 Seconds, Sick of it All…bands that created this culture in the 80′s. 这个影片里我最欣赏的是Toby不断提及影响他的乐队: minor threat, gorilla biscuits, sick of it all, 7 seconds…

    别忘记你的roots…别忘记这个文化的roots (历史)!!! RESPECT

    Don’t forget your roots…don’t forget the struggle…it’s all about remembering the history.


    H2O (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.

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  • today is in an exciting day!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 18, 2011

    Today is an exciting day…今天是个很兴奋的一天!

    Today I plan to record the last 3 Chinese songs on our album!!! I’LL BE DONE TODAY!!! Next Saturay we’re going to record ALL the backing vocals for both the English and Chinese songs and then Brian will need time to edit the songs…then we send them to the US to get mixed and mastered…我今天打算录好我最后三首中文歌!录好之后我完成了我主音的录音!下个礼拜我们将会录好所有backing vocals…然后要给Brian一两个礼拜的时间然后要发全部歌给美国mix和master!

    THEN THE ALBUM WILL BE OUT!!! 然后 – 我们能发出这张唱片!

    Let’s see how I do today!!! 看看今天能录的怎么样!!!


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  • sick of it all day on

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 17, 2011

    Yo muthafuckas…你们怎么样?!

    Today it’s all about my favorite hardcore band on this planet: SICK OF IT ALL…got into them as a 13 year old and now I’m 35 this year and still rockin’ this fucking band and will to the grave. 今天就是我最爱硬核乐队Sick of it All大消息的blog…hahahaha…第一次听他们我是十三岁。。。今年三十五岁还在支持这个乐队,支持他们直到永远!

    Here’s an awesome article with my FAVORITE guitar player in ANY hardcore band…Pete Koller of Sick of it All. The article is about guitars…这里有个特有趣的文章跟Sick of it All的吉他手Pete Koller! 他是硬核世界里我最爱的吉他手!你看他演出的力量!我操!十分棒!十分给力的!

    Sick of it All is going to release an album of all re-recorded classic Sick of it All songs! The album is going to be called “Non-Stop” because this band has been around for 25 years and have NEVER stopped or slowed down. Here’s more info on that. 他们将会发出一个新专辑 – 这个专辑是十分有意义的。。。他们再录过十几首舊歌!这个唱片叫”Non Stop 不停”因为他们已经玩儿了二十五年。。。他们一天都没停过!:

    Photos of Sick of it All LIVE in Japan…they played there 2 weeks ago and didn’t fucking come to China or Hong Kong…DAMN…Someone talk to these dudes!!! 他们几个礼拜前去了日本演出。。。这里有写很棒的照片。。。他们为什么还没fucking来中国、香港呢?!?!?有影响力的人请跟他们说说!

    Sick of it All has some new MERCH up 他们有新产品:

    Remember these links 记住这些网站:
    Sick of it All Facebook:
    Sick of it All website:
    Sick of it All twitter:!/SOIANYC

    GET INTO THIS BAND!!! 如果你们还没爱上了这个乐队。。。马上强迫你自己听!

    One of my favorite hardcore songs…下面是我最爱硬核首歌的MV: SCRATCH THE SURFACE…


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