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  • STOP Abusing Animals

    Posted by Joe on July 15, 2011

    These days always read news about animals being abused. Those bastards even filmed and put them on the internet. So fuck these motherfuckers. They should be put into the grave! STOP ABUSING ANIMALS!

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  • Defeater – Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

    Posted by Joe on July 15, 2011

    Having a great time listening to this album at work now! One of my favorite hardcore albums released in 2011. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t. By the way, saw an interview and found something interesting:

    According to guitarist Jay Maas, “There’s a prevalent thing in this genre where if you’re not doing what hardcore bands have been doing for the last 25 years almost verbatim, you’re fucking up.”

    BTW, Jay Maas has produced bands such as Verse, Dead Swans, Soul Control, Shipwreck A.D. and of course Defeater!

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  • 13 Steps – S. Korea’s finest!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 15, 2011

    I know I’ve written about this band before…but I don’t care – I’m writing about them again. This is my blog! Hahahahaha…我知道我之前也提过这个乐队。。。但是我不理。。。这是我的日记!哈哈哈。。。

    Yesterday I received a package from my good friend Dokyo who is the singer of my favorite Asian hardcore band – 13 Steps (from S. Korea)! I was SO psyched to finally get a t-shirt from these guys…I truly love Asian hardcore bands so I try my best to get ALL the shirts of as many Asian hardcore bands as I can think of…so far I have 昨天我收到个特牛逼的礼物!就是我最爱的亚洲硬核乐队 – 南韩国的乐队叫 13 Steps送给我的礼物 – 里面有他们的新T! 我真爱和珍惜我们亚洲的硬核乐队所以我那么多年都很努力collect很多亚洲乐队的T! 我暂时已经有这些T:

    Overthrown (Singapore)
    Restraint (Malaysia)
    Second Combat (Malaysia)
    The Geeks (Korea)
    Return the Truth (Beijing)
    Unregenerate Blood (Beijing)
    It Never Happened (Beijing)
    Born From Thailand (Thailand)
    Piledriver (Philippines)
    Queen City Crew (Philippines)
    Gardo (Philippines)

    and now my favorite Asian hardcore…13 Steps (Korea)!!!! YES!!!!!!! 我现在终于拿到我最爱亚洲乐队的T! YES!!!

    I first met this incredible band when we played in Korea in 2005! That was the last time we played in Seoul! Oh my god…such a crazy long time ago. (That was also one of the worst, darkest periods in the history of King Ly Chee – so I’m quite happy to forget about that time.) Anyway – Dokyo became good friends with us as we played in HIS city Cheong-Ju on that mini Korea tour that we did. 13 Steps LIVE is a force to be reckoned with…tight and powerful…and they were just the nicest guys…我第一次见过这个乐队就是我们05年的时候去了韩国巡演。操。。。05年就是我们最近去韩国的首都演出!(但是那时候就是荔枝王历史的最黑暗的时候所以我想尽量忘记。)反正,那个巡演的时候我们跟13 Steps的主唱(Dokyo)做特好朋友…我们一起在Seoul演出之后去了他的城市Cheong Ju演出!看13 Steps的演出真棒。。。很给力的演出!

    Thanks Dokyo for this shirt man!!! I’ll be wearing it next week when we play in China! 谢谢Dokyo! 我下个礼拜在深圳演出的时候会穿这个t恤!!!


    Enjoy 13 Steps here:

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  • joe straight edge

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 14, 2011

    Our bass player Joe has been contemplating for the past few weeks (maybe even months) whether or not straight edge is the lifestyle that is best for him…as you can see from yesterday’s post – he has decided this is what is best for him! 我们的bass手Joe这几个礼拜(可能这几个月)有考虑一下Straight Edge这个生活方式的意思。他有想是不是这个生活方式是最适合他自己。。。那,你可以见到他昨天的日记,他确定了开始他新生活的开始 – straight edge!!! :-)

    It’s not an easy decision to make especially if you are someone who are used to drinking or smoking…it’s easier for people like me who have never drank or smoked or done drugs because for people like me, we’ve never tasted any of this so have no idea what the “feeling” is. 我肯定觉得有些人可能会觉得straight edge是十分难作的东西。。。如果你以前喝过酒,吸烟,吸毒 – 对你们来说突然作straight edge的人可能更辛苦因为曾经喝过,吸过所以你们知道那个“感觉”是怎么样。但是对我这样的人 (从来没有喝过,从来没有吸烟,从来没有吸毒)作straight edge是很简单的事情。。。我出去玩儿的时候也不要怎么想喝什么因为我很自然一去酒吧就点个可乐或者说哈哈哈。。。

    Anyway…good luck Joe! If it’s a natural fit for you – you will never ever think about “straight edge” – you’ll just be it! :-) All your friends, family members and colleagues will just know that you’re someone that doesn’t drink. It’s amazing…反正,我要祝我好朋友Joe加油!如果十个很自然的选择那你以后不要再想这个东西。。。你身边的朋友,家人,同事,等等全部会知道你是一位不喝酒的人 (希望你不会经验我经验的是事情 – 就是有人会笑你。我还记得十年前有个同事听到我不喝酒,她就对我说  “你不喝酒!你是不是男人啊?” What the fuck?)…我对自己很有相信所以我就望着她说 “对 – 我不喝酒。如果这样代表我不是男人,那我承认,我不是男人”

    Okay…this weather in HK has been ridiculous these past few weeks. Hot as hell…and now rain…

    Yesterday I was able to finally hook up my record player and started listening to some classic CLASSIC emo bands – Christie Front Drive (google them if you have no idea). It was beautiful sitting back with the rain outside listening to some beautiful mellow emo music, with the sound of the needle scratching against vinyl…昨天我终于装了黑膠机!昨天有下大雨所以我马上博很舊的emo黑膠。。。比如说,那对十分经典的emo乐队叫Christie Front Drive (没听过的话马上google他们的名字了!)。。。外面下雨,里面黑蒙蒙,只听到很和平的音乐,还有听到黑膠上的针声音。。。真棒。怪不得这几年黑膠卖的很好。。。大家听音乐的时候都想再拿到那个比较情绪高的感觉。。。听mp3没有这样的感觉。。。这样我现在更期待我昨天网上订的黑膠唱片!

    No wonder sales of vinyl records have been going up and up…people just want to listen to music in this more emotional way…can’t wait to get my HUGE order of records that I ordered online yesterday!!! :-)

    I’m out…


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  • X

    Posted by Joe on July 13, 2011

    I am officially a straight edge now! It comes very naturally and I know I will enjoy this new beginning!
    我正式成為 straight edge 了!一切都來得很自然,我想我會很喜歡這個新的開始!

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  • taiwan date changed

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 12, 2011


    Quick update…sorry but the Taiwan date has been changed to October! This is totally MY fault…I gave the Taiwan organizers the wrong date. I accidentally gave them Sunday Aug 28 and only yesterday did I realize that this was a Sunday date that I gave them. It’s impossible to play on a Sunday because we all have to work first thing Monday morning. August is the very beginning of the school year for me and so it’s the most important – there is NO way my school will allow me to take a holiday on that date. 对不起大家!我们台湾演出的日子要改到十月!这个完全是我的错。。。原来 – 八月二十八号十个星期天!我们肯定不能星期天演出因为我们大家星期一要回来工作。八月是我们学校刚开学的时候 – 我学校一定不会给我请假。。。

    So we’ve moved the date to October! This is better for MANY reasons…the biggest reason being 所以我们改了演出。。。其实十月有特多好处。。。最棒的消息是因为我们到时已经发出了我们新专辑:

    We will have our new album out by then!!! WOOHOO!!!

    Anyway…we would like to apologize to The Wall and Human Brutality who were very vital in getting this date for us and now have to scramble to find another date! At least they didn’t start printing tickets or any promotions yet…反正,我很对不起The Wall的工作人员和台湾硬核乐队Human Brutality!这两位对我们的演出很有热情。。。最好是他们还没有开始印演出费和什么海报!Thank god!

    Sorry guys! 对不起大家!但是我们肯定十月见!

    Just ordered a bunch of vinyl records online!!! SOOOOOOOO excited!!! 我刚订了很多黑膠唱片!太期待听听!!!

    I’m off…


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  • heat out of control!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 11, 2011

    Its been hot as HELL in Hong Kong these past 2 weeks…it’s easy for me to complain in my house where I can turn the air-conditioning on and hide myself from the sweltering, disgusting blanket of heat that is right outside my window…but I have to stop and think about those who are poor stuck in Hong Kong’s little “coffin homes” – that is the nickname for those cage homes that poor people rent out – that is just a bed with all their earthly possessions literally inside the bed…for those people – this must be absolute torture…

    Monday is here again…my favorite day of the week – NOT…

    Earth Crisis’ full album stream is up on the website called metalsucks (such a funny name for a website!)…here’s the direct link:

    This is one HEAVY release!!!

    I’m off…


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  • Special version of “誓言” on 23/7!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 10, 2011

    What’s up everyone 大家好!

    So we decided that we’re going to play a very special version of our song 誓言 (The Chinese version of the song Promise) at our next show in Shenzhen! We have never done this before and are very excited to do it…我们几天前确定了在我们深圳的演出将会演一个很特别版本的“誓言”。。。我们从来没试过这个版本所以我们非常兴奋。。。

    Why have we decided to do this? Because there’s something very special about the SZ audience and the passion they have for when we get on stage and play…it’s just beautiful…so we’ve decided to try this special version of the song at this show…我们为什么决定了在深圳试一试?因为我们上次去深圳演出的回忆太深。。。那里的观众的热情太棒太棒所以我们很有相信在深圳演特别版本的誓言的反应肯定很爆。。。我们期待看到大家展现很高涨的情绪!:-)

    All you have to do is get your voices ready! The lyrics are simple and we need to hear your voices…we need to see your passion and emotion…只需要你们好好准备这首歌很简单的歌词!我们要听到和感觉到你们!

    说吧 – 你的谎话


    See you there!!! 到时见!记住你们可以直接去我们”discography”那页免费下载我们的歌!


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  • thank you denise!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 9, 2011

    Yesterday an article about us was forwarded to me on Chinese twitter (WeiBo)…it was written by a girl named Denise and documents some of our achievements since we started this band. 昨天在微薄有个朋友发给我一个文章的地址。。。我一打开就特高兴见到这个文章是关于我们的乐队。这个文章的作者是一位人叫Denise. 她的文章就是说我们这十几年做过的东西。。。

    For me, it was incredibly nice to read this…it’s nice to know that people care about this band and are actually aware of the things that we’ve done keeping in mind that we’re not a full-time band. It is nice to feel appreciated and respected in this way. 对我来说,当然看这个文章的时候我很开心。。。我觉得很感动有人那么留意我们的乐队。。。有人留意我们这个乐队虽然不是全职的,但是一有机会我们就不想自己工作就找办法去参加那个活动,真开心!

    Thank you Denise! 谢谢你Denise!

    The article is in Chinese and if you want to read it I’d suggest using Google Translate! 不会看中文的朋友请用Google Translate! :-)


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  • stupid

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 8, 2011

    Yesterday a stupid woman and her husband were issued a ticket by a police officer. The woman then lost control of herself and pulled out a pair of scissors! The husband also pushed the police officer. Then the police officer OF COURSE had to take control of this crazy situation with an emotional woman pulling a pair of scissors at him, so he took out his gun! Of course he should’ve done that! He’s a police officer and you just pushed him and your crazy wife pulled a pair of scissors on him! 你快看这个新闻。。。昨天一位警察见到一个车里有两位人(一个先生和他媳妇),司机没有西晋安全带所以那位警察想给他个罚单 – 突然司机的媳妇疯了然后拿了剪刀出来!然后那位司机也推了警察。警察见到情况变得那么疯所以拿了他的枪出来!我觉得这个警察一定要拿他的枪出来因为一个那么疯的女人刚拿了剪刀出来威胁他 – 我为了自己的安全一定要拿枪 出来!

    And now the city has gone crazy about this topic. 现在在香港这十个大的新闻。

    I think the police officer had FULL AUTHORITY to pull a gun on this crazy idiotic couple! This couple was JUST getting a ticket! And you pull out a pair of scissors on the police officer? ARE YOU CRAZY? 我觉得这个警察完全有权这样做。这个白痴司机和他白痴的媳妇有什么权威胁他?他是个警察!他就想给你们个罚单!没有那么严重!你们真fucking变态。

    Ridiculous…what type of lesson are you going to teach your children? That if a police officer pulls you over or questions you, that you can just yell at them and threaten them with violence? Really? In a civilized society that’s how you want people to behave? 我也想问 – 你想你的小朋友学到什么?将来如果有个警察想问你问题,或者研究一个问题,你可以用暴力威胁他们?你觉得在一个有文明的城市,这个行为是对的吗?Fuck off.



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