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  • great show…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 31, 2011

    Good times…last night was a very pleasant surprise but the main reason the show went off is because there are some DIEHARD supporters of this band…dudes and girls who come to our shows to have a GOOD time, live for the music, live in the moment…sing their hearts out and come together…it’s always a pleasant surprise getting on stage and then I look into the audience and all I see is rabid, hungry, passionate eyes staring back at me READY to tear the fucking place down! And when this happens in Hong Kong – our home, our city, our family – it means the WORLD to me. This is where I worked my ass off to build something for my band and to create some sort of world for hardcore in Hong Kong…last night is proof that after 13 years of working hard – there seems to be people who are finally TRULY here about hardcore, none of that shallow, skin-deep “I’m hardcore for today” bullshit that was going on in Hong Kong many years ago.昨天晚上的演出真好玩!为什么那么好玩?只有一个原因 – 因为我们在香港的支持者(虽然没有特多支持者) 是十分热血的!昨天来看我们的支持者都是来玩的开心,让音乐推动他们的人,享受昨天的一起的时间。。。一起唱,一起跳,一起dance…

    我最爱的情况就是刚上台的时候然后第一眼看观众就见到他们很热情的眼神,很想发泄的眼神,准备好火爆的眼神。。。这样让我知道,这一个演出的情绪一定特高 – 特适合我们的音乐和这个文化。在香港 – 我们的家,我们的城市,我们的所有 – 见到这样的眼神马上会给我们很多希望。。。我们就是这里建立这个硬核的世界 – 十三年前开始到现在还没放弃。。。

    我觉得昨天晚上就让我们明白一点东西 – 这两年我感觉到,香港终于有一班人很诚意来支持硬核这个文化。他们给我感觉就是他们不是很肤浅来支持。。。他们就是十分投入这个文化,十分来表达和表示他们对这个文化的热情。。。我觉得这是比以前喜欢听硬核的人十分不同。六七年前喜欢hardcore就是比较肤浅的。。。当时人喜欢硬核大部分都是因为当时硬核很”红“所以他们来支持。。。但是,硬核一没那么红,很多人就放弃了这个世界开始跟其他音乐。(当然大家都有权选择和改他们想听的音乐!)

    但是 – 硬核不是一个潮流。这个文化差不多三十年前开始的。。。一直到现在还没死!没停过 – 为什么?因为这是个生活方式。这不是一个衣服你今天穿明天脱的。我真希望这次,大家会支持硬核多个两三年!哈哈哈。。。在香港 – 什么东西都转的很快。。。所以我觉得如果人三年后还是喜欢同一个东西,是一个非常神奇的事情!但是 – 如果对这个文化有诚意的话。。。你肯定三年后,十年后,二十年后,都会支持hardcore!!!

    We hope this time around – people are genuinely and sincerely into hardcore…we hope they put their hearts into this movement and try to do something for it. When you do something for it, you’ll realize that being positive is the only way to be. 如果你诚意来支持 – 你第一件事就是留意诚意的支持是代表你的心态会改到很正面。。。你突然想为了这个世界的发展什么都准备好做。。。那正面的态度,主动的态度就是最有用得。。。

    If hardcore does come back in Hong Kong – we hope it comes back with sincerity…this is not a trend, this is not a passing fad, this is not a t-shirt you put on and then take off…hardcore is for LIFE.

    Thank you to all these people for making last night so fucking amazing: Eddie, Becky, Lake, Man, Ah Wo, Kimi, Hidden Agenda, Wah, Shaun, people who came down from Shenzhen (AWESOME!!!), Rich and Ross and their wives, all the kids that went crazy singing along, all the kids that went crazy dancing and representing hardcore in the pit…We had some GREAT 2-stepping going on last night!!! SICK two-stepping!!! 我特想谢谢这些朋友们: Eddie, Becky, Lake, Man, Ah Wo/Kimi/Hidden Agenda, Wah, Shaun, Rich and Ross and their wives。。。所有从深圳下来的支持者…所有十分爱我们的支持者,所有跟我们唱和玩的开心的朋友!昨天2-step跳舞的朋友很棒!!! :-)

    Please – if you’re getting into hardcore, get into it for the RIGHT reasons…please ask yourself if this is something that you care about deeply, if you do – you’ll WANT to do the research and understand where this all came from and why 30 years later, it’s STILL ALIVE TODAY!! 最后一次 – 如果你刚开始对硬核文化有兴趣的话,请用真心来支持。。。请问你自己是不是你真的有兴趣呢?或者是因为你班朋友喜欢所以你有跟他们?如果是真心的话那你自己会有兴趣研究这个文化的历史。。。这样你才会明白三十年后为什么hardcore还在!HARDCORE FOR LIFE!!!


    “You can’t stop this, this thing of ours…HOLD IT DOWN
    Hardcore is ours…this thing is ours…HOLD IT DOWN” – Madball

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 30, 2011

    Don’t even BITCH! Get off your asses and come on down to Hidden Agenda to check us out! We’re straight up ready to DESTROY Hong Kong at this show…it’s been a long time that we’re playing here and we’re STOKED! 今天就是我们香港的演出!如果你是那些人平时这样说 “荔枝王什么时候在香港演出呢???” – 如果你今天不过来支持我们,我以后不想看你这一句!哈哈哈哈。。。我们感到我们应该是很火爆所以太期待今晚的show…

    Come on out! 到时见!

    MORE INFO:!/event.php?eid=244496035563049


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  • show in 2 days

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 28, 2011

    We’ve got a show in Hong Kong in two days…we haven’t played in HK since January and it should be fun, hopefully. It all depends on your attitude really. Like I said last week – the massive difference between Hong Kong and China is the reason people come to watch shows…in China it is a genuine, sincere release of emotion – a few hundred people will come and expect to get dirty, expect to get sweaty, expect to get hurt…to mainland people – that is all part and parcel of going to a true “rock” show!我们后天在香港有演出。。。半年没有在香港演出所以我们感觉到应该是不错。但是 – 最重要是来看演出的态度和原因。我上个礼拜说过了 – 内地和香港演出最大的分别都是来看演出的观众的态度。。。在内地的演出 – 观众是真正的来发泄,诚意的来发泄他们的感觉。。。他们去看演出已有心里准备会有汗,衣服有事,可能有不故意的意外。。。对内地人来说 – 这样的结果才是个真正的“摇滚”表演。

    In Hong Kong…it works a little differently…the majority of people like to come and “watch” standing on the outskirts. They’re a little shy maybe about moshing or dancing because they might look “stupid” to other people. All of this “fear” and useless OVER-thinking, restricts people from really letting themselves go at a show. To put your full heart and soul into a show, you really don’t need to give a FUCK about what other people think about your clothes, your hair or how you move. Fuck that shit. 在香港是不同的。。。大部分人来看演出就是喜欢“看” – 站在最外面看不参加演出。。。有人害羞 – 怕他人会笑他们的动作或者衣服,等等。。。我觉得这样的恐惧是完全不需要的 – 你为何要里他人呢?你为何要给他人那么多力量? 就是他们怎么样看你,所以你不想释放自己?这样的生活太无聊啊。。。我永远不会给他人控制我 – 我想mosh, 我就mosh. 我想大声唱,我就唱。如果有人笑我, 我之可以跟他们说 FUCK OFF. 你用真心来看演出,听歌。。。就会玩的开心 – 就可以让全气氛更火爆。。。才可以像内地的气氛一样那么棒。

    Going to a show? JUST HAVE FUN. Pure and simple. 来看演出吗?最大的原因应该是 – 来玩的开心!就是那么简单。

    See you Saturday! We’re expecting to play a few songs BACK-TO-BACK WITHOUT stopping!!! :-) Lets see if you got the energy to keep up with us! 星期六见!我们尽量会不停表演!就是每首歌中间尽量不会停!看看你们的体力!可不可以陪我们啊!

    This is Our New Beginning
    No Second Chances
    We Will Find a Way
    This Song is Our Weapon
    Time Will Prove
    When Will We Learn
    Scream for Life
    Unite Asia

    That’s A LOT of songs to pack into 30 minutes!!! Lets see if we can do it! 这是很唱的setlist! 所以我们要尽量玩完这些歌!


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  • 虽然

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 26, 2011


    今天报纸的头条!FUCKING GREAT! 我爱香港和爱香港的自由!

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  • shenzhen = ROCK!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 25, 2011

    What the FUCK can I possibly say about our experience in Shenzhen? I could start by talking about how unbelievably kind and sweet and caring the organizers were…BIG thank you to Mu Gua and Catherine and the rest of the Hou Qing Nian crew for taking care of us!! Such sweet people who treated us so nicely…Mu Gua has a million dollar smile! :-) If you ever meet this guy and he smiles, he’ll make you feel like a billion dollars! Keep smiling my friend!!! 我能说什么!? 深圳的演出完全没有让我们失望!但是我可以从哪儿开始跟大家说我们的感觉?应该是从这里开始 – 我们要感谢这场演出的安排者木瓜和Catherine还有其他后青年的crew! 他们真的非常照顾我们的成员!他们只用爱照顾我们的人。。。我还想用这个机会说一说 – 木瓜这位人的笑容是这个地球最棒的!:-) 如果你不相信我,你马上过去跟他聊天儿,他的人特好,你一跟他讨论的时候他会开始笑!他一笑你感觉到这位兄弟是个好人!谢谢你啊木瓜!希望你和后青年可以继续安排一样的那么棒的演出!最重要是希望你对乐队们一样好好照顾!

    Then the show…然后我可以说这场演出。。。

    WHAT THE FUCK?! CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZYY!!! Over 200 people came to see us!!! Holy shit?! We are not some big band from Hong Kong – we are just an underground hardcore band…but in Shenzhen over 200 people show up to come watch US! AMAZING! 但是WHAT THE FUCK?! 你们深圳的支持者真疯了!超过两百人有特意出来看我们演出?!?!怎么可能?!我们不是一个很大的乐队。。。我们只是一个地下香港的乐队。我们在香港都不能吸两百本地人来看我们,但是不够四十分钟远有个城市我们能有那么多人来看和支持我们!真棒。。。说不出来我的心声。。。

    And as soon as we started playing – they went CRAZY!!! Just like we knew they would!!! We busted through 15 songs last night and thank god we had all been running for the past few weeks…I thought I was going to die during the set! Hahahahaha…it was SO hot inside and the audience kept going crazy, and that made me want to keep going crazy too!!! I especially want to thank all the girls that were there going crazy too!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! There were so many and that was such a pleasant surprise!!! Thanks for proving to the world that this hardcore/heavy music culture is not just a man’s world – you women are just as important! 我们一开始玩 – 你们大家就跟我们疯狂了!演出前大家都有信心你们一定会这样疯!但是你们那晚疯狂的水平特高!哈哈哈。。。我们玩儿了十五首歌 – 你们一直都是陪我们跳,陪我们唱,陪我们跳水,陪我们照顾其他的支持者,陪我们受伤(请看下面的照片),陪我们释放自己,陪我们发泄所有心里面不开心的东西。。。即使酒吧里面十分热, 十分闷。。。但是你们还不停!我还要谢谢那些跳和唱和发泄的女孩!你们特棒!!!一直都给男人推推推 – 但是你们还在玩的很开心!一直站在这儿跟我唱!!FUCK!!! YOU ARE ALL GREAT!!! 希望你们女孩可以一直都来看和支持我们!很感谢你们的支持!你们就代表了这个重型音乐文化不只是男人的文化!你们女人也是十分重要的部分!

    For the “special” version I got an acoustic guitar out…that was a very sweet moment. The crowd had gone completely mental our ENTIRE set so I had no idea whether they would like a more mellow version of a song…but they sang the song SOOOOOOO loud…it was so touching…again, all I can do is sit back and wonder how this is happening. People singing loud and going crazy is usually for big rock bands or popstars…but these people were going crazy for US – a little underground hardcore band. These people were at our show singing back OUR lyrics…that feeling is indescribable. 我们那个晚上就演了特别版的 “誓言”。。。那一刻太感动。。。我拿木吉他出来的时候真不知道你么会有什么反应 – 我也有点怕你们会觉得 “fuck – 为什么用木吉他?”…但是我的感觉完全错了!我一开始弹吉他 – 你们唱歌比我大声。。。Kent和Egas之后跟我说那一刻他们也想哭。。。听到你们的反应,听到你们的声音。。。说不了。。。

    我唱那首歌的时候一直想  “我现在是不是发梦呢?怎么可能有那么多人在我面前唱我们的歌?这个不能是真事。。。” 我上面就说过了 – 我们只是一个地下乐队。。。什么东西就是自己做,自己安排。一直做一直做都没想过我们的歌,我们的乐队,真的有人有共鸣的。

    Now for us – the next thing is to see how our supporters in China react to our new album! When we come back to China to perform our new album will be released! 13 songs for people to singalong too! 现在我心里真再有火快录好我们的新专辑 – 我真想为了我们中国所有的支持者做好一个专辑。。。然后来你们的城市跟你们一起唱!新专辑的十三首歌都是跟你们一起表演!

    Thank you Shenzhen…thank you China…you will always be our main inspiration…you will always be our biggest encouragement to keep going! 谢谢深圳!谢谢中国!你们永远是我们最大的鼓励。。。你们的热情和爱和支持永远会鼓励我们一直玩下去。。。

    WE LOVE YOU!!! 我们非常爱你们!


    What it says in the photo is: If you want to come to one of our shows…you best be prepared – ANYTHING can happen! We do hope that these two supporters will forgive us though, this is not what we intend to have happen at our show – but it does happen and it will happen, especially people are really there to vent anger and frustration…it’s a positive release! People are there to help each other out – but once in awhile, people will get hurt. 记住打开这张照片。。。就是说我们这样的文化会有很多人来发泄,发泄的时候肯定会有写不开心的事情发生 – 但是我们要接受这样的事实,我们这样的音乐就是鼓励你们发泄 – 用个正面的方法发出来!用真心发。。。受伤 – 大家不想要发生。。。但是一定会有。。。我们真想谢谢所有照顾大家的人!希望这两位支持者现在没事!

    This is the person who got hurt’s response…在微薄你看给人受伤就是这样写:

    Someone took our King Ly Chee sticker and turned it into an IPHONE case!!! :-) 有人拿了我们的贴纸来做iphone的case!!! 牛逼!这个注意特好!我们应该要考虑做一做!!!

    King Ly Chee LIVE in Shenzhen…this song: 这是我新的开始。。。

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  • OH MY GOD!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 22, 2011

    SHENZHEN TOMORROW!!! I’m NOT going to be able to sleep tonight damn it!!! Hahahahahahaha…it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been THIS excited about playing a show! Something about China – every time we play there, we’ve NEVER been disappointed. We’ve never had to deal with “cool” people who stand around in the back just watching waiting for us to fuck up – we never have to deal with “cool” people who don’t just let themselves go and be taken over by the music. Whenever we play in China – it just seems people come to shows for the RIGHT reason – TO JUST HAVE FUN!!! 明天明天就是深圳!!!深圳市民 – 你们准备好吗?!还没准备好的话?放心 – 你们还有二十四个小时学习我们的歌和歌词!:-) 其实,说真话 – 我好久没试过对一场show有那么兴奋的感觉!但是 – 每次去内地演出就是这样。。。我还没试过在内地演出的时候让我失望!我们每次上去演出的时候我不需要面对很 “cool”得人站在最后面望着我们怎么样死, 还有没有试过面对那些人就站在一边不想释放自己。。。我们每次去内地演出,观众们就是为了一个原因来看演出 – 就是想玩的十分开心!这个是最对的原因来看演出!!!我特爱内地所有的演出!!

    Can’t wait!!! 太期待!!!

    Also…how crazy is this…tonight we’re going to have our first FULL band practice since January 2011! OH MY GOD!!??! Hahahahahaha…so crazy…还有。。。我们今天晚上终于会排练!我们从今年的一月到现在没试过全队排练!哈哈哈哈。。。真crazy…

    Special version of Promise (Chinese version of course!) tomorrow night!!! I hope someone films it! I hope all of you are ready to singalong! :-) 记住 – 明天有特别版 “誓言”!!!希望你们可以跟我们一起唱!!!有些不同但是我觉得你们一定唱歌能比我们大声!:-)



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  • city and colour – in love with this!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 21, 2011


    The past few days have been spent getting ready for this Saturday’s show in Shenzhen!!! You KNOW this show is going to fucking go OFF!!! See you there…this show is going to be fucking INCREDIBLE!!! We can feel it…这几天都是忙准备这个礼拜六演出的十四首歌!你知道这个演出肯定是爆炸一样!到时见!别错过。。。

    Sometimes you just know…you can feel the excitement online, you can see the excitement in how people are discussing this show online…so you know this show is going to be a cathartic experience where when we’re done, we’re going to feel reborn!!! 有时候你感觉到一场演出一定会十分热情。。。你感觉到大家的兴奋。。。你看上网的人写什么都知道大家还是等着这场演出释放自己。。。大家都感觉到一玩完这场演出我们大家会更舒服 – 好像我们玩完这场show之后可以重生开始面对这个世界!还有去内地演出才真的感觉到什么叫摇滚 – 就是释放自己的音乐。。。每次去 – 真不能说 – 就想快上台开始演出。。。我们的音乐和硬核这个文化就是比较适合内地人。

    The past few days have also been spent falling in love to the music of City and Colour!!! Oh my god…this dude (Dallas Green) is such a good songwriter and such a great singer…his vocals are so soothing. 这几天还有一个东西特烦恼我。。。就是我爱上了这个乐队City and Colour!!! 我操。。。这个主唱的歌特别好听 – 他唱歌的音也是特别舒服!如果没听过的话请过去试一试!现在全天如果不是听荔枝王的歌,我就是听他的。

    LOVE IT!

    Fuck me…so good…


    Also…another one of my all-time post-hardcore band (HOT WATER MUSIC) has released a new song and it’s GREAT!!! 还有我其中最爱的后核乐队叫Hot Water Music昨天发出了一首新歌!!!十分棒!Check it out here:


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  • we have 2 shows in the next week!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 19, 2011


    Psyched!!! I canNOT wait to play this Saturday in Shenzhen!!! I’m fucking dying…can’t wait to get on stage and rip through our songs…can’t wait to get on stage and watch the crazy Shenzhen kids mosh, stagedive and singalong! Can’t wait to get on stage and see my brothers Egas, Kent, Joe and Brian go fucking crazy…太兴奋啊!这个礼拜过得太慢!!我想快到星期六因为我们将会在深圳演出!我特想看为了我们深圳的兄弟姐妹怎么样准备!哈哈哈哈。。。我想看他们跟我们一起疯狂。。。深圳mosh, 深圳跳水, 深圳一起唱!我什么都想看!我也很期待再见到我自己兄弟: egas, kent, joe和brian一起疯狂。。。

    It’s been a long time and I think we ALL need this show to absolutely go bananas to…太久没有演出过 – 我觉得我们全部成员特需要这场演出。。。我在微薄已经说过了 – 如果我表演的时候打了你们 – 首先我要说对不起!请原谅我。。。我只想發洩很多不开心的东西。。。

    Then we have just been confirmed to play a show in Hong Kong on Jul 30! Can’t wait for that too! The reason I can’t wait to play that show is because it is a super meaningful show…the show is out to fight for the preservation of the development of arts in industrial buildings in Hong Kong. A lot of us bands and artists can’t afford rents anywhere else – all we have are these old industrial areas where rent is cheap and where we can play our music nice and fucking loud. There is a fear that at some point, the government is going to drive us all out of these places. 然后 – 我们下个礼拜七月三十号终于在香港有演出!这个演出十分有意义的。。。这场演出就是反抗政府的活动 – 他们想慢慢改香港的工业区。。。我们很多香港的乐队和艺术家只能在这样的地方生存因为这里的租就是最便宜的。如果没有这个地方我们全部人不知道在那里可以再继续我们这条路。。。

    This is going to be a 2-day event in Hong Kong! This is also our FIRST show in Hong Kong since January so we hope YOU will come out to support us! 这场演出是个两日的 – 这也是从一月份在香港的第一场演出!希望可以到时见到大家!

    More info on the HK show 香港演出的资料:



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  • Stop Animal Abuse

    Posted by Joe on July 18, 2011

    Just finished watching ATV World’s Inside Story now about animal abuse in HK. It’s sad to know there are people who torture little animals because they don’t like animals. The program also talked about animal euthanasia , and our useless HK government on the issue! I feel real sad watching this.



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  • falling in love with vinyl again…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 16, 2011

    For the past few days I’ve been falling in love with my vinyl collection…listening to music I have not heard in over 10 years…Yesterday I listened to an incredible emo-rock band that was very popular in the mid-90′s…the band was called Split Lip and later changed their name to Chamberlain. The album that I have that made me fall in love with them in the first place was called “Fate’s Got a Driver”…and I have not listened to this album in over 10 years! Yesterday I played it and as soon as the song called “Street Singer” the biggest smile came on my face…it’s so weird how music has the power to do that! As soon as that song came on, I felt myself being transported to when I first heard this song and all the things that were going on in my life at that time (going to university in the USA…)…这两天我再爱上了我的黑膠唱片!因为我终于装了我的唱机。。。很多唱片我差不多十年都没有听过!比如说我昨天博了Split Lip乐队的唱片叫Fate’s Got a Driver。。。在唱片有一首歌叫Street Singer – 一开始博我差不多想哭!然后忍不住笑。。。马上开始想我第一次听这首歌的时候我作者什么。。。(当时我在美国读大学!)。。。这就是音乐的力量。。。

    Great band…这个乐队太牛逼。。。当时在emo-rock的世界里他们特出名。。。现在他们改了名字叫Chamberlain.

    I’ve ordered so much more vinyl online and can’t wait to receive them all and put them on my record player and enjoy some more great music through this beautiful format…我几天前网上买了很多唱片!太期待收到他们然后马上用这个特棒的方法听。。。


    This is the Split Lip (now the band is called Chamberlain) album I’m talking about…这就是Split Lip的唱片。。。

    Tons more music to enjoy on my record player! These are all the records I have…can’t wait to keep adding more!!! 这个是我所有唱片的照片。。。还有很多音乐可以慢慢再听!

    These are called 7 inches…because these records are indeed just 7 inches big…lots of great music in this box! 这些唱片是小很多所以他们是叫 “7 inches” 七串唱片。。。

    This is my beautiful record player…my wife Alison LOVES all the beautiful colors that records can come in…obviously they don’t just have to be boring black, they could be whatever colors and she loved looking at them yesterday…这就是我的唱机。。。关于黑膠唱片我老婆最爱的东西就是有些黑膠有很特别的颜色。。。不是全部都只是黑色的。。。比如说下面这个是全红色。。。

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