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  • 申请台湾签证!:-)

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 15, 2011

    I’m going today to apply for my Taiwan visa! This is the first time I’m using my HKSAR passport to go to Taiwan so the first time we have to actually a visa. But because I wasn’t born in Hong Kong I have to do it face to face, if I was born in Hong Kong I could do it online…annoying. An awesome Taiwan hardcore dude named Mike is going to be my “local representative”! :-) The worldwide hardcore family in full effect! hahahahaha…我今天要去申请台湾签证!我05年拿了香港特区护照之后没去过台湾。。。所以第一次用这个护照需要我们先申请签证,之后好像我不要再申请。但是因为我不是香港出生,我要过去面对面申请 – 特麻烦。在香港出生的可以直接上网申请。。。算啊。。。 :-) 我有个本地台湾hardcore kid当我的本地台湾代表人!哈哈哈哈。。。谢谢你啊Mike!!! 地球上的所有hardcore人随时准备好帮忙! :-)

    Anyway…the reason? 为什么要申请?

    We are finally playing in Taiwan this summer!!! We haven’t been to Taiwan since 2004! HOLY FUCK! That’s 7 years ago!!! 因为我们荔枝王这个夏天终于将会再去台湾演出!太久了。。。已经过了七年没有去过台湾演出 (上次是04年的时候)!

    The show will be August 28 at The Wall! See you there! We need to see what a Taiwan heavy show is like nowadays! We know that Chthonic is massive all over the world now – but I wonder if Taiwan’s heavy shows is full of stagedives, mosh, 2-steppers, singalongs! :-) 演出将会八月二十八号在The Wall! 我们特期待看看现代台湾中兴音乐演出的气氛是怎么样的!:-) 我知道台湾乐队闪亮全地球已经好出名!我们想看这样对台湾有没有好的影响!有没有stagedives? Mosh? 2-Step? 还有最重要 – 有没有人一起大声唱 (SINGALONGS!!!)? 太期待再去看看!!!

    还时候再谢谢台湾硬核乐队Human Brutality的帮忙!!!尽快再见兄弟!

    Can’t wait!


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  1. xMIKEx on June 15, 2011 at 10:44 am

    no problem, bro. I really wanna see KLC have concert in Taiwan again, 7 years is too long for waitting!

    I hope you guys are ready to blow the shit up!!!

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