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  • Smoking statistics…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 31, 2011

    The statistic above says it all…Hong Kong has the lowest numbers of smokers in the region which is great! 12% of our population smokes. But after these tax hikes, it’s even lower!! AWESOME! 上面的统计太明显了!香港已经是在这个地区的最少吸烟者 (我们一共有12%)! 然后加税之后我们的吸烟者更少了!太好!

    Sorry…for those people think that I might be too adamant about this – but I am. I work with children everyday so I see the future of the world in front of my eyes everyday at school, and I think it is unfair that these children have to grow up in a world with horrible air caused not by nature, but because of us adults. I can’t sit back and not do anything…对不起 – 肯定有些人不喜欢我常撑政府戒烟的活动但是你要记住我每天是对着小朋友教书。我每天就是见我们地球的将来 – 就是这些小朋友。我觉得是特不公平如果他们需要在一个特污染空气长大。特不公平 – 这个空气不是自然开始坏了。。。是因为我们人类才变的这样。我不能坐一边不理 – 什么都不做。所以我常会上我们这里写我想写的东西。。。

    Awesome news! 继续这个活动!

    Here is an article about Extreme Metal in Hong Kong 这里有个关于香港极端金属世界的文章

    Here is a list of this year’s This is Hardcore Festival!!! 这里有今年”This is Hardcore音乐节” 的乐队的单!太棒啊!Man…


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  • My Wedding Venue

    Posted by Joe on May 30, 2011

    Spent the Saturday morning in Tai Po’s Little Egret checking out the venue for my wedding. The place looks great and now just need to work out some details and stuffs. The resort has a lake view which is something hard to find in the city of Hong Kong.  The venue is in European style which I like alot.


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  • good weekend

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 30, 2011

    The weekend started weird because a lot of people were telling me that Brian posted on his facebook that the computer that we’ve been recording on was FUCKED! The last time he had backed up the files was a month ago…这个周末一开始就是很紧张。因为Brian在他的facebook写了我们录音的电脑突然坏了!他最近back-up电脑都是一个月前。。。所以我们大家很紧张。。。但是几个小时之后本地Apple公司说电脑没事应该就是我们房间电的问题!

    But a few hours later he told us that all was okay…the Apple people in HK said it would be okay – it was a power supply issue. THANK GOD!

    So if you want to know where we are in the recording process 我们可以同志大家录音进步:

    1. All music has been recorded 所有音乐部分录好了
    2. Missing vocals to 3 English songs 我只要录多三首歌英文唱歌的部分
    3. Have yet to start all Chinese vocals…还没开始录中文的部分

    But can’t wait…I’ve gotten the lyrics back from the guys for a couple of the Chinese songs and one of them that Brian sent back to met yesterday is great…但是太期待录中文!每次录中文真紧张但是开始录音之前我通常会做很多功夫。每一个字我要叫对的声调然后慢慢练习那一句 – 看我的拍子,然后留意声调。。。我对自己的要求也是很高所以肯定录中文应该是我最难做得东西。但是完全值得!

    Anyway…hardcore time…

    Watch this beautiful LIVE video of BANE at This is Hardcore Fest in 2009…amazing. I think what’s actually really amazing is that more and more people in China are getting into REAL hardcore!!! Love it!!! So great…请大家享受下面BANE的现场!我觉得最厉害就是每一天内地好像越来越多人对真正硬核有兴趣!这个发展真的超有希望。。。我们可能一天在中国也有个硬核音乐节吗?!??!hahaha…

    Bane (TIH 2009, Phase 1) from hate5six on Vimeo.

    What I love about BANE is that they are considered LEGENDS in the hardcore world…and the best part about this band is that they are down-to-earth, humble and incredibly nice people. When they came through China last year it was just so nice to meet them…it was nice to spend a few hours of our lives with these guys…and then the show – I’ll never forget it. I truly hope they’ll be back in here again soon. I talk to their singer Aaron online a lot and he says they would love to be back here next year :-) BANE在这个地球都算是一个十分著名硬核乐队。他们来中国巡演我们大家都很感动因为他们完全没有什么”明星”的态度。。。他们就是一班”硬核孩子”特爱这个文化然后想去任何地方表演跟多点“硬核孩子”交流。。。很希望他们尽快回来。我常跟Bane的主唱在网上聊天儿。。。他有说他们希望明年可以再来!FUCK YES!!!


    I truly think – that by the end of June – our album recording will be finished! I TRULY THINK THAT!!! :-) 好的 – 我可以说。。。我觉得我们特有机会六月低录好我们新专辑!特有机会啊!:-)


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  • evocation DESTROYED last night!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 29, 2011


    Yesterday Brian and I went with our good friend Hisanari to watch the Extreme Metal  Fest in Hong Kong. We went especially to watch Evocation (our ex-drummer Man is now playing for them). When we got to the venue (Hidden Agenda) – I was surprised to see so many people ready to support this amazing music festival. My favorite part I think was that there wasn’t any “fashion-police” there – everyone there was just there because they love metal.昨天晚上我,我跟Brian和我们好朋友Hisanari去了Hidden Agenda参加我们本地香港极端金属音乐节!我们特别想看第一个乐队Evocation (我们以前的鼓手啊文就是他们现在的鼓手)! 我们一到场地就见到不少人 – 我真感动见到这班人为了他们所爱的音乐风格会特意出来支持这个活动。我也最喜欢的是看观众里面完全没有什么fashion的感觉 – 看谁都没什么特别衣服穿。很明显大家都是真正爱金属的人 – 最重要是音乐不是你穿什么!

    When Evocation got on stage – they played with a whole new fire and passion in their hearts! I’ve seen them so many times, but this was the first time they looked hungry on stage. And with that hunger they played SOOOOOOO FUCKING WELL!!! Dude – their new songs are going to kill!!! Evocation一上台我就感觉到他们变了十分多!怎么变?变了更有火!更有热情!他们一开始玩儿就是爆场!他们的眼神都是发火一样!很棒很棒!我看了他们特多次,但是昨天晚上他们真的很厉害!他们所有新歌非常经!!!我已经要求了啊文昨天晚上的第三首歌发给我!哈哈哈哈哈。。。

    While watching them I couldn’t help but think how much King Ly Chee and hardcore has in common with this group of people and the Extreme Metal group in Hong Kong. If you look at them on stage – none of them have changed! They’ve been playing this, wearing those clothes, living metal for over 10 years! It is just who they are! They didn’t change their sound or “look” and follow the heavy music trends! FUCK THAT! They continued to play what they believe in and that’s why if you took a photo of them last night, and then looked at a photo of them 10 years ago, you would see the EXACT SAME things.我看他们表演的时候都开始想 – 其实我们荔枝王和硬核的态度都特别像这班人 (Evocation都属于香港本地地下团叫 “香港极端金属会”)…如果你看他们现在这个时候上台你一定会留意他们完全没有变过!他们音乐风格,头发,印象,服装,态度,火,热情 – 完全没变过!如果你看现在的照片然后再看他们十年前的照片 – 分别,你一定看不出来!他们为了现代的潮流风格绝对没有改自己!Fuck that! 他们就坚持了他们所爱的音乐。。。

    That’s amazing…truly amazing. 我最欣赏就是这个。。。他人一找到自己,就坚持到底。。。

    Tomy of Evocation said on stage that “even though there aren’t a lot of people here tonight, at least the ones that ARE here are REAL”. Amazing words…and true words. Things that I say about hardcore ALL the time. It’s about being REAL! If this is what you love and believe in – you’ll stick to it when it’s cool, and you’ll stick to it even more when it’s NOT cool. Evocation的主唱Tomy说“虽然今天晚上没有那么多人,但是来这里的人都是”真”!” 说得特好!他说的我一样关于硬核都说过了特多次。。。硬核一样都是”真“东西。。。你的态度要够 ”真“ 你才可以100%投入这个文化,够真才会坚持这个文化到底。。。即使这个音乐风格不酷如果你够真你才会坚持下去!

    Fucking LOVE the extreme metal group in Hong Kong…love them and will support them like I have been doing forever. 我真爱上香港极端金属团!太欣赏他们!希望你们多几十到会支持和坚持你们的文化!!!

    GREAT JOB LAST NIGHT TO ALL OF THEM!!! Evocation is playing AGAIN this coming Thursday and I think I will have to go!!! :-) 昨天太好看!恭喜你们!!Evocation这礼拜四再有演出! :-)


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  • This is hardcore…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 27, 2011

    Those who love hardcore know that an amazing hardcore band called H2O is in the midst of recording an all “covers” album called “Don’t Forget Your Roots”! I cannot WAIT for them to release this thing! If you read on this link the singer Toby Morse (also with the amazing organization called One Life, One Chance that talks about straight edge and PMA at schools all over the USA) says that they are doing this because these are the bands that inspired H2O to start a band. He also says what I think is the most important thing 真正爱上硬核文化的人都知道有个乐队叫H2O将会发出一个很特别的新专辑叫”Don’t forget your roots 别忘记你的根 (哈哈哈。。。应该不是“根” – 意思就是别忘记你的历史)”. 这张超特别的专辑就是H2O玩儿别人的歌。主唱Toby Morse说了他们决定了发出这张因为这班乐队就是激发H2O开始他们自己的乐队。。。他下面还有一个特棒的原因:

    “With so many new kids getting into hardcore everyday, it’s important that we keep exposing them to the ROOTS of this music and getting them into some of the originators of hardcore/punk. 每一天有很多新人参加这个文化,所以我们觉得是很重要给他们机会认识这个硬核/朋克文化的原创人。”

    I think that is a VITAL point for anyone that is getting into hardcore to understand…hardcore would be NOTHING without all the bands in the 80′s who created this from nothing. They are the ones that saw something that they didn’t like within the punk rock world, and left it and started playing music within a scene that was more productive and more positive – and hardcore was born. This thing that we all love here in 2011! :-) 这是一个特紧要的重点!今天的硬核不会存在如果80年代的乐队不努力建立这个文化,努力建立这个态度。。。就是他们在朋克的世界里觉得有些信念他们不同意,所以他们跳出去开始了另外一种文化,音乐风格,态度。。。这就是硬核的开头。这个文化三十年后还在!因为这个地球上还有特多很热情硬核的信徒。。。

    Check out the bands that H2O will be covering on this incredible CD 你看他们将会cover那几个乐队:

    The Ramones
    Dag Nasty
    Circle Jerks
    Bad Brains
    The Clash
    Government Issue
    Verbal Assault
    Gorilla Biscuits
    Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    7 Seconds
    Social Distortion
    Sick of It All

    Can’t wait to hear H2O’s versions of these songs!!! Some of those bands are not hardcore – there are punk rock bands (Rancid, The Ramones, Social Distortion), post-hardcore bands (Embrace, Dag Nasty) and even ska-punk bands (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)! This is going to be AWESOME…太期待听他们的版本!肯定非常不同!有些乐队不只是硬核的!有写是朋克 (Rancid, The Ramones, Social Distortion), 后硬核 (Embrace, Dag Nasty) 还有ska-punk(The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)!

    I think that is always important…it’s always important to appreciate the history of a culture you love. To appreciate and respect a culture that you love – a culture that has had decades of history. A culture that people argue and fight to protect…我完全觉得如果你真了解任何文化,你首先需要明白那种文化的历史。。。这样你才可以欣赏以前的乐队,以前的人怎么为了这个东西努力到底。。。你才会明白为什么现在有特多人想保护这个文化 – 不想他人误会这个文化。。。

    This is hardcore…if you want to understand it, you have to do the work. What do I mean? You have to go and research, you have to go and check out bands, you have to go and read interviews, you have to go and talk to people…there’s NO other way to understand this culture. You have to be an active person to fully understand this culture. 这就是硬核。如果你真想了解,那你一定要做好多功夫。明白我的意思吗?你要自己去研究,看看乐队的音乐、歌词、信念。。。看他们的采访。。。然后要跟特多人聊天儿。。。如果你不出一点努力,你永远不会明白这个文化。这个文化完全适合好主动性格的人。

    If you’re a lazy-natured person…then I truly feel it’ll be hard for you to ever understand this music. To the lazy listener, these are probably the comments you make about hardcore “it sounds like punk rock”, “the music is not even heavy”, “the riffs are so simple”, “the singer is just shouting”…etc., etc. 如果你是比较懒的性格 – 那你看这个文化的看法一样是很懒。懒得人会这样讨论这个音乐:

    1.  “这个音乐太像朋克!”

    2. “这钟音乐不够重!”

    3. “他们的吉他riff都是很简单!”

    4. “主唱的声音很难听。。。”


    Hardcore is so MUCH MORE then any of those things…and like I said, to understand it, you have to get off your ass and do some groundwork to understand it. 硬核就是比较深的文化。。。真想了解,你要努力学习。。。

    I love hardcore with all my heart. 我爱死这个文化。


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  • Ali v. Frazier I

    Posted by Joe on May 26, 2011

    Gotta have a post like this to show my appreciation for this band! I am so glad to get to watch them in HK last year! And this one song is probably my favorite hardcore song of all.

    Bane – Ali v. Frazier I


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  • day of new music…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 26, 2011


    Lots of new music coming out lately! 突然有特多新音乐听!

    Here’s some of the stuff 比如说:

    1. Unearth – one of my all-time favorite metalcore bands…I don’t think they’ve released a single bad album…I’ve loved every album and this new song that they’ve just released has some CRAZY guitar solos…TOTALLY crazy…can’t wait for this album 我其中最爱的metalcore乐队!我觉得他们从来没有发出一张不好听的专辑。他们每一张都是特棒 – 够重,够technical, 够好听。。。然后他们现场完全不像一个普通金属乐队的现场 – 我觉得他们那样发疯就像一队硬核乐队的现场。反正这里你们可以享受一首新歌:

    2. Earth Crisis – the legendary metal/hardcore straight edge band is back with a new album this year!!! Here’s a song from their new album…sounds very different but AWESOME! 著名straight edge乐队又来了!他们今年将会出新专辑!下面可以享受新专辑的其中一首歌!非常不同但是还是特棒!

    3. Job for a Cowboy – I have always thought this band is fucking AMAZING! I don’t understand why they get so much shit from people. I think they were given the trendy label of “deathcore” but I really don’t think anything they do sounds “trendy” at all. To me their songs just sound like a very powerful and aggressive death metal band. Anyway, here’s the WHOLE new EP and it sounds GREAT! The guitars are so nice and crisp 我几年前一开始听他们的歌就爱上了他们的技术,他们的声音够重,但是完全没有什么潮流的味道。。。对我来说他们就是一队特棒的deathmetal乐队!但是我听人说很多比较传统金属的粉丝特不喜欢他们应为他们觉得Job for a Cowboy那些潮流”deathcore”风格的乐队。反正,用自己眼看 – 我完全看不到他们那方面是跟那些潮流的乐队一样 – 你听他们的音乐没有什么电子的东西,没有什么白痴“派对”的拍子 (Fuck – 我真不明那些歌开始很重但是突然加了“派对”的拍子!?干吗?哈哈哈。。。)Anyway, 他们最新的EP现已可以上这个网站听听:

    我们这个夏天将会去台北演出!!!终于了!我们上次去台北演出是04年的时候!不知道那边的硬核活动有没有什么进步但是我们还是很幸运那边还有人想看我们现场!非常谢谢那边的硬核乐队叫Human Brutality的邀请!尽快可以见面啊兄弟!Yo…this summer we’re finally going back to Taipei for a show! FINALLY! The last time we were there was 04! Holy shit…long ass time ago! I wonder what type of development hardcore has had there! Either way, we’re very honored that there are still people over there who want to see us play LIVE! We have to ESPECIALLY thank the Taiwanese hardcore band Human Brutality for reaching out to us and inviting us out! See you soon brothers! If you haven’t heard Human Brutality then remember to go check them out 如果你们还没有听过他们,记住过去听听一下:



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  • – awesome website!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 25, 2011


    A few days ago people on my facebook page started telling me about this amazing website that also has FULL live video sets of incredible bands! I went on to it yesterday at work and I almost forgot to teach my kids because I was sitting there watching all these amazing bands! hahahahaha…几天前在我facebook有些爱硬核的朋友发了给我一特牛逼的网站。这个网站有十分多硬核乐队现场的影片!我昨天上班的时候望了我的学生!哈哈哈哈。。。我就坐享受这些影片!

    Here’s the website 网站是:

    And here’s a link to one of the best hardcore bands on the planet: BANE…we were all so lucky to watch them play LIVE here in China last year. The show that I linked is about a charity show that was organized. The show starts with someone named “Joe Hardcore” (the guy who organizes the This is Hardcore Fest every year) talking about hardcore and what it means…it’s amazing the things that he says. Then of course, the singer of BANE (Aaron) is also someone who says really amazing things in between the songs. When he talks, everyone stops talking to listen…it’s amazing. It’s amazing that these types of hardcore bands prove again and again – that hardcore IS about thinking, is about a message, is about questioning the world you live, is about trying to look out for each other. Hardcore is not just about rocking out on stage for 30 minutes with all your “cool” moves on stage, and then going home. It has to be REAL – the people who play in hardcore bands play in hardcore bands because it gives them some powerful emotion that helps them through their lives. And this is the difference between hardcore and a lot of other types of heavy music – especially the more commercial ones. BANE truly represents hardcore to me – their music is straight to the point, and the singer has SO MUCH to say about the world and he’s not afraid to speak his mind, even if it makes him “uncool”. 下面我放了其中一个影片。。。就是我其中最爱的硬核乐队: BANE! 我们中国硬核世界去年很幸运看到他们的现场!我永远不会忘记那一晚。。。他们下面的影片很有意思。演出就是一个捐钱的演出。。。演出前有两位人上台说说几句 – 第一个人就是那个很出名的人叫 Joe Hardcore (他就是每年This is Hardcore节的安排者)。。。他说他自己对硬核的看法 – 特有意思。。。说得非常好。。。我看得时候特感到自豪。。。然后BANE上台,他们的主唱Aaron,也是一位特有东西说得人。他每首歌中间一个开始说话,全场就安静听听他说得东西。真厉害。。。我觉得真棒。。。我们很幸运在这个时代还有这样的硬核乐队 – 这写乐队就证明 – 硬核就要你思考,就要你想一想,就要你看意义,就要你挑战这个世界上的事情,是为了你照顾你旁边的陌生人。。。Hardcore不是上台疯半个小时玩儿你所有很酷的动作然后下台回家。硬核就是变成“真”的人。。。玩儿硬核得人玩儿这类型的音乐因为代表到他们的心,代表到他们的生命,玩儿的时候就是代表他们的思想。跟其他重型音乐的分别就是这样。。。特别是跟那些比较潮流的乐队更不同。对我来说BANE真的代表到硬核的感觉。。。很直接的音乐,然后有个主唱不怕说他的心声,即使他说的时候可能让他特不酷 – 他不怕,他就继续说他所想说的东西。

    Shit man…this website has ALL the hardcore bands you want to watch…from 100 Demons, All Out War, Betrayed, Bitter End, Blacklisted, Cro-Mags, Cruel Hand, Bane, Death Before Dishonor, Down to Nothing, SO MANY GREAT HARDCORE BANDS!!!!!!! I think I’m going to spend this entire weekend watching all of these great videos! 反正。。。希望你们可以享受这个网站的影片!有特多现代硬核乐队的影片!!100 Demons, All Out War, Betrayed, Bitter End, Blacklisted, Cro-Mags, Cruel Hand, Bane, Death Before Dishonor, Down to Nothing, SO MANY GREAT HARDCORE BANDS!!!!!!!


    Bane (Full Set) from hate5six on Vimeo.



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  • Another awesome Comeback Kid video!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 24, 2011

    Oh yeah! Our brother from Inner Mongolia (his awesome name is DIME! :-) just sent me another full LIVE video set of one of my favorite hardcore bands called Comeback Kid! This time it’s a video where Andrew was still the guitar player and Scott was still singing in the band! It’s AWESOME to watch…我们内蒙的好兄弟叫Dime (他的名字好棒是吗!:-) 刚发了新一个好棒硬核现场的影片 – 又是我最爱的现代硬核乐队Comeback Kid的影片。但是这次比较舊的 – 当时Andrew (他们现在的主唱)是CBK的吉他手,他们当时的主唱是一位人叫Scott! 这个影片好看。。。

    The show is fully hardcore…the band is not on a stage, they are playing on the floor together with the audience. 在这个影片里完全代表到硬核的味道。。。首先 – 乐队没有舞台!特DIY! 就是跟观众一起玩儿。If you watch the video在这个影片里你可以见到:

    1. 在这个影片里很多次你分不到谁是乐队成员谁是观众!特棒!There are so many instances you can’t tell who is a band member and who is the audience – AWESOME
    2. 我很爱一开始这个影片你就见到那个 “side-to-side”的动作!就是从左或者右边跑去另外那边。。。通常首歌的开头或者breakdown之前主唱会叫大家 “side-to-side!” 他们的意思就是这个动作 – 准备疯狂的意思。。。I love that in the beginning video you get to see a clear view of what “side-to-side” means in hardcore (at the start of a song or a breakdown you run from one side to another side getting ready to fuck shit up! :-)
    3. 不要说 – 最感动的每个人一起唱一起跳。。。没有这个东西,没有硬核。Everyone singing and screaming along…

    Such a good video…太好看!谢谢Dime! Thank you DIME!!!

    Keep it hardcore my family! 继续硬核!


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  • monday again?

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 23, 2011


    Weekend flew by…can’t believe it’s already Monday again. Tiu.

    Anyway…this weekend Alison and I bought curtains for our new home…that was not as expensive as I thought it was going to be. It’s going to be SUPER exciting to finally move in to this new place…it’s also going to be super exciting to have all our friends over for a BBQ later this summer…

    Can’t wait…

    Still waiting for my stupid US visa to come through…my summer course in NYC starts Jun 27 – I have NO idea if I’ll be able to go to that on time…

    I WANT TO PLAY SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

    Okay…I’m out.


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