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  • Funny situation

    Posted by Egas on March 8, 2011

    As the title says, yeah, me and my gf encoutered a very funny situation today at  lunch:

    As we scheduled today, we had lunch at a restaurant where her brother (his name’s Fici) works (and which he paid for it too hehe), its called Albergue 1601. The environment was totally high-class and comfortable, and the food was awesome too…

    As her brother works there, and when we were leaving, he wanted to introduce us to the owner and apparently, the owner of this restaurant is a DJ from HK… And here goes the conversation:

    Owner: Uh…Are you from here?

    Me: Yeah…What i don’t look like i’m from here? hahaha

    Owner: Haha…Nah, Just asking out of curiosity

    Fici: Actually he plays in a band in HK

    Owner: Oh really? So what kind of music do you play?

    Me: Hummm…Hardcore ( because i wasn’t sure if a DJ would know what was Hardcore)

    Owner: Oh~ So does your kind of music sound like KING LY CHEE or something like that?

    Me: ( I was already laughing)

    Fici & Natalia: He IS from KINGLYCHEE ! hahaha!

    Owner: Oh! That’s why you look so familiar! haha… So you’re friends with Riz right? Hey, come by sometime for a drink!

    Me: Hahaha…Sure

    And so it was what happened today….That’s all folks! hehe :p

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  • For My Family

    Posted by Joe on March 8, 2011

    Just listened to this song on my iTunes, want to share with you guys!  I hope one day we can proudly sing a song about our city of Hong Kong!  Let’s hope……

    For those that we’ve lost I sing
    This is a message, this is for you
    Never forget the lower east side crew

    I remember all the times we spent
    and all that we went through
    down on Avenue A
    the year was 1982

    New York City
    That’s how we live it

    We always stuck together
    We always had something to prove
    We gave birth to a movement
    This is for the old school and the new

    New York City
    That’s how we live it

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  • 受不了

    Posted by Brian on March 8, 2011

    以為自己好憤世嫉俗好有性格fuck u, 以為上街用暴力示威好型fuck u, 以為自己反政府係80後既一種潮流fuck u!! 思考後請對号入座!!

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  • Don’t Ignore the Ugly Truth

    Posted by Joe on March 8, 2011

    After reading Riz’s post I want to say something too! At work I sometimes feel so frustrated because I feel I am so different to most of my colleagues. I would often get into argument with them when we talked about political issues. They seem have no idea what’s really happening in the city. Maybe they are having good jobs and living comfortable lives so therefore they don’t need to worry about anything else but themselves.

    Of course everyone should enjoy life! People should enjoy buying stuffs, eating good food, traveling around and etc, but those aren’t the only things we only concern. I really have a tough time dealing with people who tell me I am a rebel or 憤世嫉俗. I think these people have no rights to comment because if they don’t even want to think deeper about all the issues happening in HK. How could you say I am a rebel or 憤世嫉俗? Did I do something wrong? FUCK NO! All I did was saying what I’ve seen happening in the city. If I am not happy with the way our government run, I am going to do something about it. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!

    When I have my kid I want him/her to know what’s going on in the world. I want them to travel the world not just only cities like Tokyo for shopping. People like to see pretty things and thats fine! But don’t ignore the ugly truth just because you haven’t seen them!

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  • don’t agree bringing children to protests? TIU LEI AH!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 8, 2011

    Secretary of Security Ambrose Lee had the balls to say that he didn’t “approve” of adults bringing their children to protests? Go fuck yourself. Bringing children to protests that are peaceful demonstrates a family’s commitment and responsibility to the city they live in. When I have children – I will DEFINTELY be bringing my children to protests. In Hong Kong, the children are surrounded by fucking Karaoke places, LV/Gucci shops, K-11′s – iSquares – The Ones with the mindless youth looking for the new “cool” clothes and “cool” hair-cuts. If you ask those youth members what they think about what’s going on in Hong Kong – most chances, they have nothing to say or don’t care. They will say stupid shit like “it’s none of my business”.

    I want my children to see another side of Hong Kong. The side where passionate and emotional people are fighting for the unprivileged. I want them to see that there are people out there who care more about their rights then they care about their clothes.

    Do I want my children to be violent? Never. I would never want my children to protest in a violent manner. Integrity and respect is most important to me and so I hope to pass this belief on to my children.

    So go fuck yourself Ambrose Lee. I absolutely support the call for him to apologize to the family of the 8 year old boy who was pepper-sprayed in the face.

    食屎啊李少光。。。他说他不批准大人带他们的小孩儿参加示威。Fuck you。如果我有小孩人我一定会带他们看另外一个香港。香港小孩儿平时见到什么东西?我们的傻逼商场,我们的傻逼名牌店,我们的傻逼唱K的地方,这样的里面都是没脑的年轻人。他们都是关心他们的衣服,发型,等等。。。如果你问问这些年轻人对社会有什么看法,通常的他们的回答就是“全都不管我事所以别问我”。

    我不想我的小孩儿只看到那些没脑的世界,我想他们见到另外的香港 – 这个香港有很多人对他们的社会,对他们的城市发生的事特热情,情绪很高因为他们已经不满。我想我小孩儿见到那么情绪高的大人大声叫什么什么人下台,就问我“为什么他们要这样说?”或者“为什么那么多人来抗议呢?”我要他们受i到灵感自己回去学校的时候开始问老师多点关于社会的东西。

    我要我小朋友开始付社会责任。。。我会希望他们可以成为消息灵通的公民。这个是我们的权利 – 我要他们明白,这是他们的权利去示威。如果对一个东西真的有那么强的反感,我要他们明白他们可以主动去解决那个事情。我當然絕對不會鼓勵我小孩用很激動的方法示威。我會給他們看在歷史上很多人就是用了和平的方法發洩然後他們國家的政府

    再说一次: 李少光食屎啊



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  • Blasted Mechanism

    Posted by Egas on March 7, 2011

    Here’s another band from Portugal

    Blasted Mechanism – Under the Sun

    Saw their performance in Macau last year and they were so great… If you’re a fan of Asian Dub Foundation you might like them too…

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  • 戒烟统计Smoking in HK statistics!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 7, 2011

    In today’s newspaper the following statistics were presented as an affect of the tobacco rise that I talked about a few weeks ago! 关于政府最近戒烟的计划今天的报纸有特好的消息!

    This is GREAT news! 几个统计是:

    • Cigarette sales at convenience stores have dropped by 50%! 在便利店卷烟销售下降了50%!
    • A typical 7-11 used to sell 400 packs a day…they now only sell around 170 a day! 以前便利店说他们每天就卖了四百包烟。。。现在他们每天就卖了170包烟!
    • The quit smoking hotline receives over 240 calls a day by people who want to quit. They are reporting that this 6 times more than the calls they used to get before the tobacco tax increase! 政府的戒烟热线电话每天受到差不多240个人打给他们!以前这个热线每天只会受到40个人的电话

    That is all amazing news!!! All of you who are trying to quit think about this other piece of statistic reported today 我觉得这个消息是特好!如果你还是不清楚为什么你们需要戒烟 – 你看这个统计:

    1 in 2 smokers die because of smoking 一出两个吸烟者因为吸烟会死.

    This is awesome…反正,看完这个消息真高兴!

    What I didn’t like in the report was that there are some stupid people who go to 7-11 to buy cigarettes, and when the cashier tells them that the pack of cigarettes now costs $50HKD, those people start yelling at the 7-11 staff! How stupid can you be? Those people working at 7-11 do not OWN the shop! They are just working there…it’s not their decision. So taking out your anger on them is NOT going to change the situation? IDIOTS. 我看完这个报道只有一个点我看的不开心。现在有些人去便利店买烟的时候会发现一包烟是贵很多。他们的反应是特差 – 他们上会骂人!那么傻逼的反应!那些人就是普通工作人员!他们不是那家便利店的老板!东西的价格不是他们决定!真傻逼。

    But this is great news…hopefully even more and more people will quit. Hopefully these people have the love and support of their family and friends to help them through these tough times…反正这个是特好的消息。。。如果你是一位想戒烟的人希望你们身边有朋友和家人鼓励和支持你。。。戒烟的时候应该会过的很辛苦 – 希望你们可以强力面对这个时候!


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  • $6,000

    Posted by Joe on March 7, 2011

    對不起如果你同樣這樣評論過,不過我仍然要說我想說的,亦希望會給你們一些不同的觀點!Sorry if you also commented like the following before, but I gotta say what I want to say!  Hope it will give you an other aspect to think about the issue!

    再次感到很多香港人的自私與無知!最近聽了很多人批評無六千嘈,有六千又嘈,我覺得他們實際上沒有想到問題的根基。我覺得政府給六千元確實可以幫助一些低收入的家庭解決他們目前的問題,但是貧富懸殊,樓價高的問題政府仍然從不正視!某同事會告訴我香港是一個自由社會,莫非自由社會的政府可以不用理會他的人民?是的,我們香港政府並不是由人民挑選出來,所以他們並不能真正的代表我們!不能給我們的需要!Once again I see many selfish and stupid hong kong people!  Lately I heard many people commented on the “six thousand dollar” issue.  Those people wondered why people are still not happy even they will receive the 6K given by the government.  It’s true this six thousand dollar can give some low-income families relief.  However, these 6Ks is not going to help solve the deeper issues such as disparity between the rich and poor, high priced housing and etc.  Our government still yet find the right solution to fix these problems.  A colleauge told me that Hong Kong is a city with freedom, but does it mean our government can let all the shits happen to their people?  Right, that’s because our government is not selected by the people, so therefore they will never give our needs.

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  • Internet

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 7, 2011

    I hate waking up in the morning and my normal routine is ruined…I wake up really early because of work and my routine is very simple: turn the computer on, watch the news, make a cup of tea, surf websites…我最不喜歡就是我早上的習慣有問題。。。我是特早起來因為工作的時間要求我早起來早上班。那我每天早上的習慣是很簡單但是對我來說還是很重要:起來,開電腦,重杯奶茶,上網。。。那麼簡單。。。

    But I wake up this morning and the fucking Internet isn’t working. Pok Kai…但是我今天一起來發現我上網的工具有問題所以上不了!他媽的。。。

    So I’m using my phone…所以現在要用我電話。。。

    That protest took a turn for the worst didn’t it yesterday? I didn’t actually think that many people were going to turn out but it was over 10,000 people who came out to air their grievances. The point about how this measly 6k wasn’t going to solve HK’s many problems was key. Another one is most definitely how the government is doing nothing about the ridiculous property market and it’s sky high and out of control prices. 反正,昨天的示威變的很不同。。。開始就是很有和平特文明。然後晚上才開始變的比較衝動一下。。。


    I’d lime to see what the government has to say in response. Hopefully they won’t focus on the aggressive behavior by a small minority and instead focus on what the thousands were on the streets for.

    Off to work…


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  • backpack of my dreams!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 6, 2011


    Yesterday I hung out with my good friend Li Xin who is the guitar player of an amazing Pantera-style band in Beijing called Ordnance 军械所…this dude is SUCH a nice guy…check out his band at this link…they’re SOOOOOO good…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pantera!!! LOVE IT 昨天我和我朋友立新見面。。。他是北京特牛逼樂隊军械所的吉他手。。。內地的朋友肯定聽過了這個樂隊。。。但是如果沒聽過你們可以上他們的myspace聽聽。。。我小的時候就愛上了一個樂隊叫Pantera。。。這個北京樂隊就是中國的Pantera! 特牛逼!

    He is also the owner of one of Beijing’s best LIVE venues called 13 Club…great guy, great venue, great band…good times hanging out! 他還是一個特棒北京的LIVEHOUSE的老闆。他的LIVEHOUSE就是叫13 Club (在五道口那邊)。。。我們荔枝王在那邊演了一次 – 聲音特好,還有因為他是負責推音 (他是一個特熱情的metalhead :-),所以台上的聲音是特棒!然後我再一次去過13 Club就是因為我收到了Painkiller雜誌的邀請做評判 – 當天就是一個金屬樂隊的比賽。。。

    這個照片就是我們一起在香港的火車站拍的…this photo was taken at the train station in Hung Hom…

    Then Alison and I walked around town and ate at a so-called “Xinjiang” restaurant in Hong Kong called Pasha. Dude – the food doesn’t taste like Xinjiang food at all…once again, it is one of those HK restaurants that changes the original taste of a region’s food to match Hong Kong people’s taste. When I was eating – I swear I could’ve found those dishes at any Cha Caan Ting in Hong Kong. Such a waste…然後昨天晚上我跟Alison去了吃香港的假新疆菜餐館。完全不像新疆菜!他媽的!浪費我時間和錢吃那麼傻逼的菜。香港的毛病是很多餐館需要改他們的味道為了香港人的口味。比方說,香港的泰國餐館很多都完全不像真正泰國裡的餐館,那昨天晚上那家餐館也是改了新疆菜的味道為了香港人的口味。所以最後 – 完全不像原裝的味道。。。我們點了幾個菜好像香港任何茶餐廳都可以找到!

    They do have some  belly dancers and they were both HOT AS HELL! So if you’re a pervert and enjoy goggling at some beautiful women while eating horrible food – then this place is for YOU! 但是他們裡面有兩個特漂亮的肚皮舞女孩人!FUCK!真漂亮。。。所以如果你是一個色鬼 – 那這個餐館的特色不是他們的菜。。。就是這兩位辣妹!哈哈哈哈。。。


    Then we went to walk around and I found the backpack of my dreams 然後我們逛逛的時候找到了心目中最棒的書包!哈哈哈哈。。。

    Agnostic Front has launched one of their new songs on their Facebook (but the smarter people online like myself – hahahaha – have already downloaded the album muahahahaha…) the song is called That’s Life and this is what the legendary singer Roger Miret had to say about the song 好的 – Agnostic Front在他們的facebook已經上栽了多一首歌 – 但是如果你是跟我一樣,你已經下載了他們全新唱片了!哈哈哈。。。下面主唱 有介紹這首歌的意思:

    “In today’s society, everyone is so busy behind their computer screens. 在這個時代,大家坐在他們電腦面前很忙。People are spreading ignorance, hate and just stupid shit behind their Internet walls. 上網的時候就是宣傳他們的無知討論,他們的仇恨,全都就是從他們電腦說。We speak about the youth getting sucked into this way of life and not dealing with real life situations the way we did as kids. 這首歌就是說現在的年輕人開始習慣了這樣的生活,所以他們現在不知道怎麼面對真實生活裡的問題。I had just finished reading some coward flexing his megabytes on his Mac notebook and just hit me how non-confrontational some of these worms can be… basically, harden the fuck up! 我剛跟一位諾夫電腦上說幾句話。。。基本上,我的意思是現在的年輕人需要強硬起來!I do realize that these cyber attacks will never go away just like the song says I won’t either and that’s life! 我有接受,這個上網的攻擊不會完。。。但是,這首歌也是說 – 我也不會放棄我的生活!”

    Check out the song on their Facebook – you should’ve already LIKED that page by now assholes! hahaha…

    Okay…enjoying what’s left of my weekend now…it’s only 10am but you know that this day will fly by as usual…好的 – 要出去享受我週末的最後幾個小時。。。


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