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  • Pakistan lost! :-(

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 31, 2011

    Funny photo today to share with you all…so my country lost the game last night versus India! I watched it at my mom’s house with my family and Alison (who of course is family too – but you know what I mean)!特搞笑的照片。。。昨天晚上我的国家巴基斯坦有对印度玩儿我们两个国家最爱最疯狂的运动叫Cricket (板球)…我去了我妈妈的家跟家人一起看和享受昨天晚上的比赛。。。

    Since a cricket game can last for at least 6 hours…I didn’t get to watch the whole game. I woke up this morning and found out that we LOST!!! Grrrrrrrr…通常一个game是差不多六个小时!哈哈哈。。。所以我不可能看全game…我要等到今天早上才知道谁赢!就是印度。。。BOOHOO!!!

    Anyway, I wore my Pakistan jersey to school today and immediately my Indian colleagues came into my room screaming “CONGRATULATIONS INDIA! CONGRATULATIONS INDIA!” hahahahahaha…反正,我今天穿了我国家板球的t恤上班。。。我一回到教室里突然我印度的同事进来唱他们国家歌!哈哈哈哈。。。特搞笑!

    But this is why I love living in Hong Kong…all of these different people and cultures and religions can have fun with each other in true peace and harmony! 但是这就是住在一个特文明的城市的好处。。。我们那么多不同国籍的人,不同文化的人,不同宗教,还可以跟大家开玩笑,很开心聊天儿。。。真有和平的感觉。。。

    Anyway…boohoo for Pakistan! hahahahaha…


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  • 戒煙後第二個月

    Posted by Brian on March 30, 2011



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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 30, 2011

    The show is TONIGHT!!!

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  • Sick

    Posted by Joe on March 29, 2011

    I’ve been sick since last Friday and I am still not recovered yet, damn it!!! Last night I had headache so bad that I needed to take panadol. This morning finally felt better but still need to get some good rest after work.

    Share a cool photo with you guys. Traditional yacht at Victoria Park

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  • SOIA 25 year anniversary photos and video

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 29, 2011

    Oh my god…天啊!

    Look at all these amazing photos and VIDEO (!!!) of Sick of it All’s 25 year anniversary show that they played this past weekend! I woke up this morning and got a MSN message from my friend Matt Fox who plays guitar in Shai Hulud. Apparently, he was at the show too! Lucky bastard! Then he also dropped a little tidbit of news “I filled in for Merauder that night!” :-) Awesome dude…filling in for a legendary band like Merauder! He says he’s the “not tough one” on stage! hahahaha…快點過去看下面的照片和影片!這全部就是Sick of it All最近二十五週年演出的!!!太厲害! 我今天早上一起來就收到我朋友Matt Fox (Shai Hulud的吉他手)的MSN。他當晚原來也在支持Sick of it All! hahahahaha…然後太還說 “當晚我當Merauder的吉他手!”哈哈哈。。。Merauder是一隊比較tough-guy的NYHC樂隊所以他開玩笑跟我說“如果你看影片,我就是那個完全不tough guy的成員!” 哈哈哈哈哈。。。

    But look at those photos…and look at those videos (sorry China – these are all youtube videos! Sucks…someone who has proxy skills should download them and reupload them to YouKu)…但是你快點看那些照片。。。感覺特high。。。情緒很高。。。對不起內地的朋友 – 這全部還是youtube的影片。。。如果誰有電腦的skill可以下載然後再上載放了優酷!。

    Wish I was there to support the band that changed my life. There’s even video of SOIA playing one of the legendary old songs called “Shut Me Out”…如果我可以過去那邊支持這一場演出我肯定會瘋了。。。這個樂隊救了我生命。。。地址裡面還有他們其中一首最著名的舊歌叫”shut me out” (但是他們很多歌都是很著名的!哈哈哈哈)

    Yesterday I also got to enjoy an interview by the legendary Ian Mackaye – you know, the one who wrote the song “Straight Edge” singer of Minor Threat (!!!)…good interview 昨天還有找到一個採訪。。。是跟Minor Threat的主唱Ian Mackaye…好看:

    Go watch the SOIA videos 過去看那些影片啊!!!


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  • CNHC: Return the Truth

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 28, 2011


    CNHC – exploding or what?! :-) CNHC開始爆出來了!

    Last week we talked in great detail about our friends in xIt Never Happenedx releasing their long-awaited EP and new shirts! This week we’ll bring you yet another Beijing hardcore band called Return the Truth who released their EP online a few months ago…but they will also be releasing it on CD at the show on Mar 30! 上個禮拜我有介紹一個特牛逼CNHC樂隊叫X從未發生X的好消息 – 就是他們首張EP將發出!今天我可以介紹另外一隊北京硬核樂隊叫Return the Truth也準備發出他們首張EP!他們這個EP已經幾個月前可以網上下載 – 但是他們三十號跟X從未發生X同一日也會發出他們的CD! 牛FUCKING逼!!!

    Hit them up motherfuckers!!! 過去他們這個網站聽一下他們的硬核!

    The Pakistani prime minister is going to travel to India to watch the Cricket World Cup semi-final. That’s going to be awesome! No reason these two countries can’t be friends or brothers…because we are. As a Pakistani growing up outside of Pakistan it is easy for me to say this because I have never seen any of the propaganda that both countries brainwash their own people with. I have Indian friends and have lived next to very friend Indian/Hindu people in Hong Kong my entire life.大家都知道巴基斯坦和印度的特不好的歷史。這個禮拜三巴基斯坦的總理將會去印度看巴基斯坦對印度的半球比賽!這個活動特有意思。。。因為我是在香港長大所以我從來沒有什麼不好的感覺對任何印度人。我有特多印度的朋友,還有住我旁邊的印度人對我們特好。。。希望這個兩個國家可以開始找一個和平的路走。

    But that’s great news…

    Off to work…


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  • mike vallely

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 27, 2011

    One of the most punk rock/hardcore skateboarders from my childhood is STILL destroying the world today…his name is Mike Vallely…you should all KNOW his name well because he has represented the punk rock/hardcore/metal side of skateboarding from the beginning and to this day. He also plays in a punk rock band called: Revolution Mother which rules the world…我童年的其中一個最愛的滑板人,今天還在滑板。。。太就是叫Mike Vallely!!! 你們肯定聽過這個人因為他還有一個朋克樂隊叫Revolution Mother. 這位滑板人剛開始到現在還是跟朋克/硬核世界有關的人。他滑板影片通常都有朋克的音樂等等。。。 Anyway…there is a new 3 part video documentary about his skateboarding up on his website which is great to watch 在他的網站他有三個紀錄片給你們看。。。就是關於他的背景。。。:

    Peace, Riz     MIKE VALLELY – “Revolution Mother: Ride The Sky II” (2009) from Mike Vallely on Vimeo.

    video test


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  • 我們的武器

    Posted by Brian on March 26, 2011


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  • 中國荷尔蒙电台第12期 荔枝王乐队做客(上)2011.3.21

    Posted by Brian on March 26, 2011

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  • that’s the way to do it

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 26, 2011


    xIt Never Happenedx has taken over my blogs! Hahahahaha…but that’s EXACTLY what is special about a hardcore community. We ALL come together to support each other. It’s a community – we don’t consider “hardcore” just a sound…it’s our lives. So when our family is about to do something amazing (releasing a record, about to go on tour, get married, have children, etc) we ALL come together to support them! IT’S FOR LIFE! 最近x從未發生x就是我每一個blog的題目!哈哈哈哈。。。但是這樣就是硬核。這樣就是代表我們硬核世界。我們的家人一開始新活動(巡演,發出唱片/EP/新歌, 結婚,生孩子,等等)我們都馬上來支持他們!硬核就是生命。。。這就是我們大家的生命和態度。

    So here we go with yet another xIt Never Happenedx update! NEW T-SHIRT DESIGNS!!! SICK!!! 那再來一個x從未發生x的牛逼消息!下面可以見到新t-shirt設計!!!又是我最愛用的句子: 牛FUCKING逼! :-)

    It’s Saturday and all I want to do is sleep…今天是星期六。。。我只想睡覺。。。

    Here’s some hope for all of us “older” skateboarders and musicians…this Lamb of God’s singer Randy Blythe who just learned how to do a frontside ollie on a quarter pipe! Guess how old he is in this photo? 40! AWESOME! 好的。。。最後消息。。。看了下面的照片之後我們大家比較大年紀的人還有希望!這是Lamb of God的主唱Randy的第一次學做個frontside ollie在個quarter pipe! 你猜一下他幾歲?四十!AWESOME!!!

    (the photo doesn’t work…fuck)

    Hardcore IS life…keep the faith everyone…continue to SUPPORT your OWN scene! 硬核就是生命。別忘記這個信念。繼續支持你自己城市的硬核世界!


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