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JAN 1 成都見

JAN 1 成都見 SEE YOU IN CHENGDU! 永遠年輕音樂節你們準備好嗎? CNHC來殺你們! 地點:寬窄 時間:四點鐘開始


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Great show last night…it’s not often that I say that about a King Ly Chee show in Hong Kong! But last night was amazing…there were so many new people there that it was amazing to look out and see people just going crazy and having a good time…Nothing should trump just having a good time sometimes! There were a bunch of hardcore kids at the show last night that I had never seen in Hong Kong! They were all expats so I’m wondering where these dudes hang out! Get involved with our little non-existent hardcore scene! Email us! 昨天晚上的演出太棒!我很少對香港演出有這樣的感覺。。。但是昨天晚上的氣氛真熱情。。。我見到很多新的hardcore的支持者!他們好像是外國人但是我很想知道他們住在哪兒!哈哈哈。。。

There were so amazing moments last night…but one of my favorites was definitely getting on facebook throughout the show to see all the messages from all over the world of people who were watching the show in the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan! SOOOOO awesome…昨天有太多特好的回憶但是我覺得最棒的事情就是沒幾分鐘我會上facebook看看他人的留言!有英國,馬來西亞,日本,印尼,菲律賓,內地,等等的人都有上網看昨天晚上的現場直播!!!

We are now SO happy to announce that we’re playing in Chengdu again!!! We are playing there annual incredible FOREVER YOUNG Music Festival!!! We had such a great time playing it last year!!! They have invited us back this year and we couldn’t be more excited to go back to that beautiful place…現在我們很高興宣布我們下場演出!我們元旦的時候將會在成都的永遠年輕音樂節演出!!!特高興!我們上年那邊玩的時候特特特開心!所以這次再有這個機會我們十分高興!!!


還有我們下場香港演出將會2011年的一月十五號 。。。我們將會做我們的朋友樂隊鐵樹懶CD show的開場樂隊 Our next show in HK will be Jan 15 2011 where we’ve been invited to be an opening band for our friends in Tie Shu Lan as they celebrate the release of their album! 

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