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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 25, 2010

    Very excited…today is the day that I go pick up my future bride…then we get on a nice and long 9 hour flight to Karachi! We arrive at 11:20pm tonight and my mom has already told me that TONS of people are going to come to the airport to pick us up because it’s been so long since I’ve come and because I’m coming with my future bride!!! 很興奮!今天我要去接新良!然後我們要坐九個小時的飛機去巴基斯坦的城市(就是我出生的城市)叫喀拉蚩!!!我們大概今天晚上十一點半到喀拉蚩。。。我媽說我們那邊會有很多人來機場接我們因為我太久沒有來過巴基斯坦。。。還有因為我跟新良來所以更加多人想來接我們哈哈哈哈。。。太興奮!!!

    We’ll be there until Jul 6th…our actual wedding date is on Jul 2nd! 我們結婚的日子就是七月二號,然後我們七月六號回來香港。。。

    We’ll be back Jul 6…

    I will update photos on these pages so please check there for the next week!!! 我這幾個禮拜將會在這幾個網站上載我在巴基斯坦的照片:

    and和 (內地的朋友沒加我。。。快加我了!哈哈哈)

    PEACE – I WILL BE BACK A MARRIED MAN!!! YES!!!!! 我七月六號回來就是變了一位結婚了的男人!!!十分酷!!! :-)

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  • 八十年代的“thrash/metal”四個最出名的樂隊又一起了!THE BIG 4 TOGETHER AGAIN!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 24, 2010

    Dude how amazing is it that thrash metal’s BIG 4 are back together touring!!! I hope this tour comes to Asia soon!!! For those people who don’t know (you BETTER go get your research and history done RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!) in the 80′s the biggest thrash metal bands that took metal to the masses where these bands: Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax! These bands took thrash metal to a whole new level and were called the “Big 4″ in the 80′s. 太興奮了!!!八十年代的最大的metal樂隊又是一起了。。。又是一起巡演!!!我真希望他們會來亞洲巡演!來的話肯定太瘋狂了!如果你們不知道我是說誰請你好好的看重型音樂的歷史!!!八十年代的最大的thrash metal樂隊就是這四個樂隊:Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, 和 Slayer!!!

    These past few weeks they’ve finally toured AGAIN together!!! Sooooo amazing!!!

    Check out this video with all four of them playing the Metallica coversong “Am I Evil” originally by Diamond Head! THIS IS SO AMAZING!!! Remember that the singer of Megadeth (Dave Mustaine) was originally in Metallica and they kicked him out. He has NEVER been able to forgive them for that – but look at this, and listen to what James Hetfield says in the beginning in the video: “we’re moving forward – in the name of metal”. Everyone forgives and moves forward in order for something bigger and more powerful…在這個影片你們可以看到這個四個樂隊一起來玩一首歌!就是Diamond Head的歌叫“Am I Evil” – 這個版本就是在Metallica的第一個唱片叫Kill em All出現的!!!你看這個影片的時候你還要記者。。。Megadeth的主唱以前是Metallica的吉他手然後他們有踢他走。。。那時候之後他跟 metallica的關係是十分差。。。差的很過分。。。但是你可以看到他們終於可以一起向前走。在這個影片的一開始你可以聽到Metallica主唱 James也說“今天就是metal的非常難忘的一個晚上!我們為了重型音樂就是今天開始往前走”。。。大家都可以原諒以前的事情 – 如果你見到大家的目標就是一樣, 那大家肯定可以找到力量原諒以前的事情。。。為了我們大家的更美麗的將來。。。

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  • THE COVE 海豚湾…今天是Kent的生日!!!and it’s Kent’s birthday today!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 22, 2010

    Watched another great documentary yesterday…this time it was called The Cove…it’s about the cruel killing and slaughter of thousands of dolphins in the city of Taiji in Japan. The cruel form of killing, the government cover-up, the lies, and distortion of the truth…once again ALL reminds me of what hardcore should be about. Not blindly following what people tell you or listening to the gossip and lies that people spread. Find your OWN truth!!! That’s the beauty and power of hardcore…YOU find your OWN truth. Don’t be a lazy piece of shit that just listens to whatever people say. If you’re a lazy piece of shit and don’t want to use the energy to power your own brain – then you have NOTHING to do with hardcore. You’re just as bad as all those idiots who blindly follow whatever the popstars tell them, whatever the government tells them, and what the bullshit fucking gossip bastards spread. 昨天晚上看了多一个非常有意义的纪录片叫“
    海豚湾”!十分有意思的电影。。。值得看!这个真故事就是关于很冷血的方法杀海豚。。。就在日本里面一个小城市。。。这部电影你们可以看那边的人怎么样杀这些非常和平的动物。。。非常辛苦看这个位子。。。然後這部電影裡面你們可以看到那裡的魚人的做法。。。十分冷血也十分誇張。。。你們也可以看到那邊的政府怎麼樣想封這件事不想給全地球看那邊市民的壞行動。。。他們怎麼樣騙他們的市民,也騙全國家,你可以看他們怎麼樣說閒話然後拿事實的東西變得全部是廢話。我看這部電影的時候馬上想起硬核文化的最基本的信念。就是你肯定不會當一個盲人一樣聽報紙說什麼,或者信電視說的什麼,或者信政府說的什麼,或者明星說什麼。。。還有你肯定不能信一般完全廢人說的謊話。你需要自己出一點力找真理是什麼!這就是硬核文化的最基本的性格。如果你是一位十分懶的人 – 就是他人說什麼你就信,那我很肯定可以說你是一位永遠不會明白硬核文化的人。我覺得“懶”就是硬核文化的相反!

    God has given us all a brain – it’s okay to use this brain once in awhile. 我們大家的頭里面有個很重要的東西 – 這個東西就是叫“腦”。大家應該有時候試一試用這個東西好嗎?你肯定用了之後會想謝謝我。隨時可以謝謝我. :-)

    The Cove is a GREAT documentary…if you haven’t seen it here’s a direct link to a China site where you can watch the whole thing…反正 – 如果你還沒有看這個紀錄片你可以上這個網站看全電影!!!:

    Also – it is our dear sweet brother Kent’s birthday today!!! Happy birthday my brother…it is such an honor to have you in King Ly Chee!!! :-) For those of you around the world who haven’t had the pleasure meeting our guitar player Kent – I can’t wait for you guys to all meet him at our shows. He is the nicest, kindest person you’ll ever meet. He has a great big heart that is ready to help people at a second’s notice…genuine people like him are hard to find. 好的 – 到了開心的東西!今天是我們吉他手Kent的生日!!!生日快樂兄弟!!!我真覺得我們這個樂隊很幸運找你那樣的朋友!!!THANK YOU!!!如果你們還沒有機會認識這位人我只想介紹他。。。


    Because of this, it makes me really upset that there are people in the city that he’s from who gossip and bullshit about him. These immature people need to grow up, and place their energy and heart into things that have more meaning! Stop wasting your time and life on these petty childish bullshit! Use your energy and passion and do something positive with your life and time. 因為我很了解他的性格。。。我覺得很可惜因為我知道在他的城市裡面有一般人不喜歡他。我覺得大家都需要成熟一點。我不明白為什麼有些人真的會浪費他們的活力和熱情放在恨一個人?你們快點找一個有意義的目標然後花你們的時間,熱情和活力得到你這個目標好嗎?那麼簡單的想法 – 我真的要跟大家說嗎?不會嗎?


    Anyway…HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENT!!! 反正 – 生日快樂兄弟!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 20, 2010

    So last night my good friends Glenn, Richie, Terence, Brian, Egas, Kent, Mike, Joe, and many others came together to organize a CRAZY bachelor party for me last night! They had been planning this for awhile and for a few days any time I saw these guys around HK they would just start laughing. Hahahahaha…the funniest was hanging out with Richie a week ago and he would just start laughing like a little girl every time I asked him what they had planned. He just kept saying “Don’t worry – you’re just going to be SO embarrassed!” So funny…As soon as I got to our bar last night (the bar that we hang out in HK is called Swindler’s) all the staff inside started laughing once they saw me! hahahah…bastards!昨天晚上我的非常好朋友安排了一个单身汉舞会给我!是一个非常疯狂的舞会哈哈哈哈。。。他们很久以前已经开始安排这个晚上。我每次在香港逛逛的时候如果碰到他们,他们马上会开始笑!哈哈哈哈。。。昨天晚上一进去我们最喜欢去的酒吧叫“Swindler’s”在湾仔区,里面的所有工作人员开始笑!哈哈哈哈FUCK!我上个礼拜跟我好朋友Richie逛逛的时候我也问他,他们安排了什么 – 他就是说不了就跟一个小女孩儿一样笑得很疯狂。。。哈哈哈哈。。。然后他说 “我就知道你肯定会很尴尬!”哈哈哈。。。

    Here’s a photo of the outfit the bastards made me wear all night 我一到那家酒吧我的笨蛋朋友叫我穿这个女孩儿的衣服和带这个假发!哈哈哈哈。。。

    There were a total of 6 things that made me do…6 SUPER funny things!!! I think they took videos of it or something like that and so the videos will be posted online soon…tons of photos too I think. I had to eat a fucking Balut!!! I HATE BALUTS!!!! A “Balut” is a Filipino egg…the egg is almost to the point where a chick has been formed – it’s SOOOO disgusting. And I have refused to eat this thing! All my Filipino friends in Hong Kong AND in the Philippines have tried to make me eat this thing for years now. Finally – last night I had NO choice. It was truly disgusting!!! hahahahahaha…穿了这个垃圾东西之后他们有六个东西我要做。六个非常好笑的东西!!!他们好像有拍影片和拍很多照片。。。他们应该尽快会放在网上。。。其中一个东西他要我做就是终于吃一个菲律宾的鸡蛋搅“Balut”。。。我已经坚持了很多年不吃这个东西!是非常非常可憎的东西!!!哈哈哈哈。。。就是一个鸡蛋,但是鸡蛋里面已经见到一个小鸡!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! 很可憎的!!!我本地的菲律宾朋友要求我吃了很多年,然后我菲律宾里的朋友一样很想我试一试。。。但是对两班人我一样一直就说了不要了谢谢。哈哈哈哈。。。但是昨天晚上 – 我要吃。FUCK。。。很难吃。。。我一吃我马上再呕吐出来了!fuck…

    It was just an awesome night of my friends celebrating and being happy for me that I’m about to embark on a new wonderful journey. A journey with my best friend in the world Alison…we leave for Pakistan this Friday and I cannot wait to experience all the craziness of Pakistan and a Pakistani wedding together with her…反正。。。昨天晚上真是一个非常难忘的一晚。。。见到我那么多好朋友来安排一个这样的活动给我,我真高兴。。。他们有来支持我这个新开始的生活。。。就是跟我全地球的最好朋友结婚然后一起开始我们的新生活。。。我跟Alison就是这个礼拜五将会飞过去巴基斯坦!!!我很期待跟她一起去巴基斯坦看看那边的生活是怎么样!!!我什么都不记得!哈哈哈。。。

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  • MORE THAN A GAME (王者之路:纪录片电影MOVIE)

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 18, 2010

    Watched another great documentary yesterday…this one is called More Than a Game and focuses on basketball…it discusses the true story of the rise of 4 little boys through the game of basketball, one of whom is Lebron James! The legendary basketball player…what a GREAT GREAT movie this was about 4 poor as hell children with many social and emotional issues, and how they all came together and supported each other through their love and passion and GIFT for playing basketball…昨天又看了一个非常牛别的纪录片电影!这次是关于篮球。。。是叫“More Than a Game王者之路”!!!这个是一个真故事的纪录片关于四位小孩子。。。他们本来是从很穷的环境出生的还有很穷的情况长大的。。。但是因为他们四个只有一个共鸣的事情 – 篮球 – 所以他们过得生活过得很开心。。。他们四个有篮球天赋所以他们打篮球的时候只会望着篮球的情况不会里他们生活里的问题。他们有支持互相。。。他们有爱互相。。。他们有当大家都是四位兄弟。。。因为他们有篮球天赋所以他们很快有进步赢了十分多篮球比赛。。。他们其中成员就是Lebron James (勒布朗·詹姆斯)!

    More info on this amazing movie here你们可以上这个网站看多点资料:

    I don’t know about other people in HK but I am REALLY annoyed that the World Cup is not being shown on regular TV. I think it’s SO stupid and unfair. I have not seen a single game yet because I don’t have the cable that carries the World Cup. The only way I could see it is if I go to a restaurant or bar to watch it. I’m not going to a bar at 2:30 in the fucking morning to watch a game! But I remember waking up at 2:30am and watching the game with my dad in our living room. 我不知道其他本地人对世界杯有什么感觉但是我觉得很烦恼。因为世界杯不是在本地免费电视台播的 – 他们就是在另外一个电视台播的!我和很多其他人没有这个电视台所以我们大家不能享受今年的世界杯。我到现在还没有看一个比赛!FUCK! 我只能出去在什么什么饭馆看或者酒吧看。我晚上两点半肯定不会去酒吧看吧!


    Stupid business moves…生意人真fucking笨。

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  • MOVIE – CAPITALISM 資本主義:一個 愛情故事

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 16, 2010

    I just finished watching an awesome movie called Capitalism – A Love Story by the awesome Michael Moore. The whole movie discusses the evils of capitalism especially with all the banks and gigantic corporations that hoard all their greed regardless what happens to the common man…the movie is a documentary about all the poor and all the people that constantly get ripped off by banks, and the US government in the US…我刚看完这部电影《資本主義:一個愛情故事》。这个导演就是很出名做纪录片的人叫Michael Moore。这次他部电影的目标就是说基本注意的事实。。。事实就是基本注意是一个很冷血的注意。基本注意对谁有好处呢?就是这个地球的银行和很大公司。。。就是他们当工作人就是没有什么价值所以如果给大公司解雇这些工作人完全没有问题。他们这个样决定就是为了他们可以有获利,所以他们(大公司的老板)觉得这样做肯定会有全市民的支持 – 这就是美国。但是在这部电影这位导演很聪明去了问很多普通市民事实是怎么样。。。问了他们为什么他们现在的家都给银行拿了。。。问了为什么一些飞行员不够钱买吃的东西!有些飞行员要排队拿政府排的免费东西吃!(看这个位子真可怕。。。)

    Watching this movie reminds me of the beginnings of punk rock and hardcore. Watching this movie reminds me that one of the beauties of hardcore is to use that mind of yours to find out what the truth is and to always question what you see on TV or in the magazines. You can never believe what you see or hear. Big money – corporations – have their dirty evil hands in everything so you never know if what you hear on TV is actually the truth or has the truth been distorted to favor these big corporations. 我看着部电影的时候马上开始再想过我刚刚进入硬核和朋克的社会的时候我为什么那么投入。我刚开始听朋克完全不是因为我有听比较流行的朋克乐队。对我来说这些流行的朋克乐队完全代表不到我的心还有完全代表不到我最爱的朋克和硬核的态度。“流行”朋克?这是什么意思 – 我还不知道。我刚开始听硬核和朋克我最爱的态度就是你看和听什么的时候你需要准备你自己。准备什么?准备了解有些东西虽然是在一个报纸出现或者很出名的杂志或者在电视上出现 – 全部不代表是真理。你听到什么什么最重要是再问清楚。大公司是一家很冷血的东西。。。他们就是为获利决定很多东西 – 他们不是为了人类决定东西。。。所以如果你死的时候他们可以获利,那他们肯定喜欢你尽快死。

    This is a great movie…if you have access to it then watch it immediately. You don’t have to believe everything that goes in the movie – but at least it gets you to start wondering what the truth is. 我觉得这个是一部值得看的电影。我肯定不是信这个导演说的每一句话,但是我也不觉得他是想你信他所说的。我就是看这部电影之后更加要小心所有东西。这个世界有太多邪恶的人。。。大家都需要小心。

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  • OUTBREAK – 美国硬核乐队US hardcore band…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 14, 2010

    Yo…yesterday I hung out with a friend named Brian. He used to play in a US hardcore band called Grave Maker but for the past few years he has been playing in another US hardcore band called Outbreak. You can check out this band here:

    Outbreak is more traditional punk/hardcore sounding so I told him it will probably be kinda hard for people to be into his band…but they’re awesome! And he’s awesome too…我昨天跟我很舊的朋友叫Brian在香港有逛逛。。。他现在住在美国 – 他在美国也是玩硬核乐队的。。。他以前的乐队是Grave Maker (就是刚才给了Victory Records签的新乐队) 然后他这几年是在Outbreak玩吉他。你们可以在这个网站享受Outbreak的音乐: (虽然我觉得他们的乐队非常厉害 – 我跟他很坦白说因为他们的音乐是非常传统硬核 – 比较朋克那种 – 他们在这里应该卖的不太好 :-( 他的人很好 – 他就回答我 “没事!”。。。)

    Brian used to live in Hong Kong and watched King Ly Chee over 10 years ago! He remembers King Ly Chee so well that even though he’s playing in big hardcore bands, he still always checks this website he said. He said he used to come to this website to find out what was going on in Hong Kong and of course what is going on with King Ly Chee! hahahha…his bands (Even when he was in Grave Maker and now Outbreak) go on tour with other bands that have been in Hong Kong and he says all those bands say nice things about their time here! So that’s great that bands have a good time here…even though not a lot of people attend the shows – they still think it’s amazing that they had the opportunity to play their music out here. Brian是在香港长大!他十年前有看过荔枝王!他说他有试过弹我们以前的歌哈哈哈哈。。。他去了美国九年了。。。在那边开始了跟很不同硬核乐队玩。。。但是他还记得香港所以他说他没几个礼拜会回来这个网站看看我们有什么消息哈哈哈哈。。。他的乐队经常会跟Comeback Kid, Terror那些乐队一起巡演。这样的乐队来过香港演出所以他会问他们对香港的看法!他们全部说他们来香港演出很开心。。。虽然没有那么多人来看表演 – 但是他们有机会来这儿玩音乐已经很开心。。。

    I think it’s cool that someone that is half Chinese and who can speak Cantonese and Mandarin is touring all over the USA in a hardcore band and telling them all about King Ly Chee! So amazing…his left arm has a tattoo of HK’s famous buildings Bank of China, Central Plaza, Junk, and the HK flower! :-) This dude will always remember Hong Kong! Brian是混血 – 一半中国人一半美国人。。。所以我觉得是非常酷!有一位硬核音乐人可以讲普通话可以讲广东话的人经常会在美国巡演!哈哈哈哈。。。so cool! 他的左手上他也纹了香港很出名的建筑 – 比方说“中国银行”,湾仔的叫“Central Plaza”还有一个舢板和我们香港的花叫“Bauhinia”。。。他真爱香港!他说经常会想起香港。。。九年没有回来 – 他现在在香港十分开心! :-) 我明天陪他去深圳看看哈哈哈。。。

    Anyway…here’s Brian in action in Outbreak反正,在下面就是他跟Outbreak演出的照片:

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 12, 2010

    The school year ended this past week…it ended on a very rainy day and it was completely chaotic getting children on the right buses and cars and making sure they got home properly and start their wonderful summer. 几天前我们今年的学年完了。。。我们跟小朋友的最后一天有非常大雨。。。我们大家的情况很乱因为有大雨然后我们还需要带我们小朋友找他们的车或者学校车。他们的夏天就开始了!

    But the saddest part was the actual act of saying goodbye…knowing that this group of children will never be together again because as they move to the next grade level they will be split up in groups. So we sit and discuss things that we remember about the year…the way that we took care of each other…the way we supported each other as we tried our best to learn and tried our best to be our best…但是最难的情况就是说“再见”的时候。我们老师们就知道这班小朋友以后不会再一起。。。他们明年肯定有几个朋友一起去他们下年级的教室但是肯定不是全部小朋友一起去一个教室。。。所以我们最后几天有很多对话。。。说一说我们大家最难忘的事情。。。我们每个小朋友有谢谢其他小朋友跟他们说“谢谢你来支持我!谢谢你今年的支持!”。。。他们就知道我们全部人都是来这里支持他们的learning。。。

    It was hard to say goodbye to the one child in my class who was leaving HK forever. She was a beautiful little girl with a heart of gold. She got very attached to me by the end of the year and it was literally heart-wrenching to say goodbye to her. To the point that after I had my tearful goodbye, I had to go find a quiet place somewhere in the building to be by myself and calm myself down. Tears flowed down my face and I kept praying to God that he will take care of her and her family and that she will have a wonderful life down the road…最难说再见就是跟那些小朋友将会永远离开香港。我这个学年有一个非常漂亮,很可爱的一个小女孩子。我们俩说再见的时候哭的很厉害。。。我跟他说再见之后我马上需要一个很安静的地方来想一想。。。真感动。。。我肯定会很想她。我真希望神会好好照顾这个小孩和他全家人。我很希望她到高中学毕业的时候我会飞过去她那边恭喜她!

    Now that a few days have passed I can at least tell myself that I am incredibly thankful and happy that I have such a deeply rewarding job. It’s not rewarding in terms of money, home and car – I never cared about these shallow things. I don’t care about salary, or the size of my home or the car I drive. All I wanted in my life is to devote my life to something meaningful. That’s why I play in a band like King Ly Chee, that’s why I believe in hardcore, and that’s i tried for many years to find a job that gave me a deeply profound feeling that I was doing something that was going to help the world. I worked in different offices and businesses before and I hated all of them. All of them were merely about the profit and about the dollar. All things that I don’t care about so how can I put my heart and soul into these types of jobs? 已经过了几天。。。我只能说我很开心我终于找到一份十分有意义的工作。我真高兴我可以放我全心在我工作上。。。我的工作是十分值得的。。。不是钱,和家,和车。。。是值得因为我知道我每天上班的时候我就是做一个很有意义的工作。我就是教小朋友怎么样做一个好人,怎么样读书,怎么样写东西,怎么样做一个好朋友,等等。。。我大学毕业之后我就是想找一个有意义的工作。我经过很多不同的事业 – 酒店,办公室,等等。。。但是这些工作全部是为钱工作。我不担心这样的东西。当然钱是很重要,但是我不需要十分多钱。。。我只需要知道我所做的东西是有意思的。所以我坚持了荔枝王那么多年,所以我十分爱硬核文化,所以我十分爱我现在的工作。

    Falling into teaching was a complete accident…a wonderful most amazing accident. One that I believe higher powers had to be at play…I love children and I love teaching children. For those people who are teachers, they know that there are MANY MANY others things that teachers are “required” to do for the school that are completely ANNOYING!!! But when you’re back in your room surrounded by the beautiful faces of children who are ready to learn and help each other become better people…there’s not better feeling…我找个事业完全是一个意外。。。但是是一个很开心很高兴很满意的意外。。。我非常爱小朋友也很爱教小朋友。大家老师们可以跟你们说,除非教书我们还需要做很多很麻烦很讨厌的东西。。。但是我们以回去我们的教室我们大家十分开心。一开门见到我们所有小朋友很想我们很想给我们看他们的努力 – 就是一个十分开心的事情。。。

    I will miss all my children greatly…they left a huge impact on me and I can never forget them…我肯定会很想我所有小朋友。。。他们对我的影响很大。。。
    这就是我全教室的小朋友 :-) 这是我女朋友来见我的小朋友的一天…他们终于有机会见到她,他们十分开心!This is a photo of all my kids…the same day that Alison came to meet them all…they were so happy to meet her!

    其中一位最爱我的小朋友。。。This is a photo of kids as they were saying hello to Alison…

    这个女孩儿就是将会永远离开香港的。。。他们就是十分可爱。我们去沙滩的时候我有跟他们说“你们要站我后面,不能我前面游泳” 所以他们站了在我下面 :-) This is the little girl that is leaving HK…this photo is when we went to the beach and I told them they couldn’t go in front of me into the water. So they stood right under me :-)

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 2, 2010

    I hope this latest ridiculous action by the Israeli government makes the whole world rise up and say enough is enough. The Israeli government attacked 6 ships that were carrying aid to the country called Palestine. This country has been blocked by Israel for many years now. Blocked. What country in this world would allow itself to be “blocked” by another country?!?!? But it is a reality – Israel blocks anything that goes in and out of Palestine. Palestinians don’t have enough supplies for general life to sustain life for their entire nation. Why? Because Israel controls what comes in. Things like goats, cattle are blocked from entering Palestine! 我真希望看了以色列最近的非行动终于全地球会站起来帮巴勒斯坦的市民。大家都觉得以色列对巴勒斯坦的行动太极端。。。现在他们最近这个行动完全是证明他们就是太过分。以色列的政府攻击了六个船。这六个船就是带很多人道主义的用品给这个超级穷的国家 – 巴勒斯坦。巴勒斯坦的出入地方全部是给另外一个国家(以色列)封了。你自己想一想在这个时代有什么国家可以给另外一个国家封他们的边界呢?就是巴勒斯坦。。。他们没有權用他们自己的边界,就是全部是以色列控制的。就是以色列决定什么用品可以进去巴勒斯坦 – 比方说,羊和牛不能进去巴勒斯坦!!!!什么!??!?!这样的动物不能进去?!?!?他妈的!你们生病了吗?!你们干吗控制另外一个国家?!你们是谁!

    真可惜。。。巴勒斯坦的市民要这样生存。。。还有很少地球的国家会出来支持他们或者为了他们挑战以色列的政府问问他们或者要求他们马上开所有巴勒斯坦的边界。It’s horrible what has happened and continues to happen to Palestine because of the Israeli government. It’s ridiculous that so few countries have come out and demanded Israel to lift the blockade on this poor country…

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  • EDGE THE MOVIE 关于straight edge的电影

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 1, 2010

    Sitting at home watching the amazing EDGE (Perspectives on drug free culture) DVD…it’s amazing to hear all these bands and influential people talk about Straight Edge and how they got into it, and in turn talking about how they got into hardcore and the ideals of hardcore: DIY, gender equality, anti-racism, anti-consumerism, youth-crew culture, and so many other things…我现在在家里看着一个非常有灵感的DVD叫“EDGE THE MOVIE”。。。DVD就是两个欧洲人开始做的。。。他们就是想知道这个“straight edge”运动是什么东西?是怎么样开始的?还有最重要这个运动后面的信念是什么东西。
    他们这个目的有带他们进入全硬核文化的世界。。。里面他们才可以开始了解硬核文化信念的意思: DIY, 性别平等,种族歧视,反对消费主义,反对评价他人的文化。。。在这个DVD里面他们有访问很多很有影响力的人和乐队。。。认识硬核的人肯定会认识这些乐队:Minor Threat, Earth Crisis, RAMBO, Youth of Today, 还有这些人: Ian Mackaye, Ray Cappo, 等等。。。
    我看着这个DVD的时候我马上会想起我自己开始了解这个运动的时候。我当时就是认识一两个乐队。我看他们的歌词的时候我就知道我有有很强的共鸣。我马上就是想知道他们乐队的信念。慢慢我开始在研究他们,然后他们访问里面会介绍其他乐队和其他运动里面的其他运动比方说straight edge, 反对种族歧视,vegan,等等。。。我看这个DVD马上想起我对刚刚开始听硬核的热情。。。我只想多多了解所以我会拿什么机会来看和听和说关于这个文化的东西。我会看很多地下的杂志,看很多乐队的访问,看很多乐队的歌词,等等。。。因为当时,香港那里有硬核乐队可以看!我就是十七岁的时候去美国读大学才能看到真硬核乐队的表演。。。

    The main idea is of these two German guys (I think) who are trying to learn about straight edge and how it started…and through it they learn so much about hardcore and everything behind this positive movement. It reminds me of how I got into hardcore and how once I got into it and learned a little bit, all I wanted to do was learn more, so I’d check out more bands, read more interviews, read for more underground zines, and the best part was the more I learned about it the more I found that there are more people in this world that think like me and have their own minds and don’t follow any gossip and bullshit that shallow people spew out and also believe in.
    So whether or not you’re straight edge…if you just want to learn about hardcore THIS is the DVD to watch…what a GREAT one-stop DVD to learn about hardcore and the message behind it…所以我觉得如果你是straight edge或者不是straight edge完全没事!!!你想了解硬核文化我建议你们看看这个DVD。。。他们说的方法很好也真可以代表硬核文化的信念和力量。。。
    我最喜欢有几位有影响力的人都不停说 “如果你以前是straight edge但是你现在不是 – 关我什么事?!” 我觉得这个是一非常重要的重点。。。我自己很小的时候的是后已经选择了不喝酒,不吸烟,不吸毒的生活方式因为这个生活是最适合我和我的性格。就是那么简单。我永远没有用这个东西来评价他人!我是straight edge但是如果你不是这个完全不是一个问题!Straight Edge就是为我自己。那么简单。。。
    I love hardcore. 那么多地下文化运动,这个是其中一个最正面的。Hardcore不是就是关于你乐队的mosh和breakdown。。。这个音乐的意思就是有意思。最重要是有意思。。。
    More info here:

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