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  • 菲律宾我们又来了!!!PHILIPPINES WE’RE COMING!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 12, 2010

    Just 4 short days and we’re off to the Philippines!!! :-) All my pares and mares – can’t wait to see you guys and girls!!! Cebu – have heard so much great stuff about the scene!!! Can’t wait to see and experience it with my very own eyes! :-) 只要过这四天然后我们要上飞机去菲律宾演出!!!那个国家的气氛真棒。。。说不了 – 所有乐队们我真想鼓励你们全部找办法过去那边演出!!!通常他们真没有钱付你们的机票。。。我们过去了那么多次都是自己付机票。。。就是因为他们已经是一个非常穷的国家 – 可是他们对乐队的热情全地球不可比较。。。音乐就是他们血里。。。这次我们去的城市叫Cebu – 我们从来没去过那边演出。。。可是我听了已经几年了 – 我听他们那边的硬核社会挺大!!!不是一两百人。。。听人说超过一千人!!!WHAT?!??! 太期待在一千多硬核歌迷面前演出!!!那么有共鸣的气氛应该太厉害。。。

    Yes, I’ve been back in HK for a week now and I’m already bored out of my mind… :-( This past weekend was brutal man…it went by so slowly…I did nothing all weekend and was excited to do anything…this is the HUGE low after a 2 week high of touring…One day we’ll be on a tour that will last a couple months! That’s going to be amazing…好了。。。我已经回来了香港多个一个礼拜。我可以跟大家说 – 这一个礼拜过了太慢还是太无聊。。。每天起来去工作。。。然后回家吃些东西。。。然后睡觉。。。然后第二天repeat。。。我的感觉就是同一个机器没分别。。。巡演的时候就感觉到我真的是一个人 – 有血,有汗,有东西想。。。


    More CNHC China tour photos are up now全新巡演照片现已上载了:

    We are already up to 847 people who have joined that page!!! That’s amazing!!! I wonder how soon it’ll be before we pass 1,000! :-) I love Douban page – I have never felt closer to all our friends and supporters in China…THANK YOU!!! Yes, yes, yes I know that I’m the only one that posts anything on all our website/internet stuff whether it’s King Ly Chee’s facebook, myspace, main website, and even Douban now…It’s probably just cause they’re busy. For example, Ho and Egas both work and then have classes at night so they’re busy as FUCK! If they have time to get online it’s for like a few minutes just to check personal stuff.

    I on the other hand am just mentally deranged. I live, eat, shit, dream, and drink King Ly Chee 24 hours a day…so that’s why every second of the day I’m checking out all our websites. I think in my head I still just don’t believe that there are that many people all over the world who care about this band – so I keep checking the pages to see if it’s really true! hehehehe…在我们豆瓣页我们已经有超过八百人参加我们的网页。。。真感动。。。我不敢想我们一天真会超过一两千人! :-) 但是真的说 – 我挺爱豆瓣这个网页。。。现在因为豆瓣我们跟我们所有内地的朋友和支持者感觉就是挺近。。。谢谢大家的留意!!!对对对 – 我知道有人投诉为什么我们所有网上的网页就是我一个人写东西和上载东西。可能是很简单的原因 – 就是因为他们挺忙 – 你们不需要想的那么复杂。。。比方说 – 我们的豪和egas有工作然后晚上有上学。。。所以他们没办法 – 一上网只有几分钟的时间做自己的东西。


    Anyway…our next HK show is this Friday at the Warehouse…should be fun I think! I just want to play…Oh Brian found a friend who is going to help us play bass at the First Blood show on Friday! Psyched! His name is Marcus and the dude already picked up like 6 songs! Thanks for your help man! 好的。。。我们下个演出就是这个礼拜五在香港的Warehouse!!! 就是跟美国硬核乐队叫First Blood (挺硬核音乐的人肯定听过!)…我自己就是想演出 – 什么地方都行。。。Brian找到个朋友帮我们弹bass! 他几天里已经学了六首歌所以我们这个礼拜五的show都会有个低音声!谢谢你的帮助marcus!

    CEBU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 然后星期六早上坐飞机去菲律宾!!!

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