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  • 有病了SICK AGAIN!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 7, 2010

    I feel like I’ve been sick everyday these past 2 weeks!!! This week I went to work one day and got sick…I have bronchitis now which fucking sucks…I feel totally fine but my chest hurts from coughing so much. 我觉得我已经两个礼拜还没有一天我不并。每天都有一点不舒服的感觉。。。这个礼拜我有病了 – 是支气管炎。。。挺麻烦的感觉因为我的身是没事的。。。就是呼吸的时候很不舒服。。。

    I just don’t want to be sick anymore! 我不想再并!!!

    Anyway…the best video version of CNHC is definitely the time we played it in Beijing!!! Check out the video in yesterday’s post to check it out (yes – I put the incorrect version up yesterday…but I fixed it!!!) 我觉得这一年玩了那么多CNHC这首歌 – 最好的反应就在北京站!!!我在昨天的网站地址上可以享受北京人对这首歌的反应!!!(我知道我昨天的地址是错的。。。可是我已经解决了 – 谢谢我Return to the Truth北京硬核乐队朋友!!!)。请过去昨天的地址看看!!!

    On our douban page I’ve also uploaded photos from Brian and my camera from our Wuhan stop…All I have to say about Wuhan is that because I traveled there when I was a young 23 year old 10 years ago, Wuhan will always have a very special place in my heart. All my old friends there are still there and it was so great to see them at the show…在豆瓣我昨天晚上上载了brian和我拍的照片。这些照片是我们在武汉逛逛和演出的。。。在我心里武汉是在一个很高的位子因为我第一次去武汉演出我就是一个二十三岁的年轻人。我这次去是三十三岁!!!真变了很多 – 可是见到那么多武汉的人特意出来支持我们真感动。。。我真想哭。。。见到十年前的朋友我也真感动。。。SMZB的兄弟姐妹,SHITDOG的兄弟。。。等等。。。武汉 – 我是挺爱你们。。。

    VOX by far is the BEST venue we have ever played in…we have played A LOT of shows all over Asia these past 10 years, but by far hands down, VOX is the best. It is such an amazing place and I can’t explain why – you have to go there just to understand…武汉有个场地叫VOX。。。我们这十年演了挺多不同的地方和国家和城市。。。我们什么场地都演过了。我现在可以说 – 暂时我们那么多场地演了之后我很肯定可以说在我心目中 – VOX是这个亚洲的最棒的场地!是我自己最喜欢的地方,最想马上回去演出!!!我不知道怎么样跟你们说 – 他们就是一个非常摇滚态度的场地 – 可是也不是fuck you的态度那种 – 他们就是很了解巡演中的乐队需要什么东西。。。我觉得所有乐队马上需要过去VOX享受一个那么有支持感的地方。。。很少场地会祝乐队演出成功!!!so great…

    OKAY – going back to sleep…so sick of being SICK. 好的。。。要吃药然后再睡觉。。。

    Next week we’re playing with First Blood in Hong Kong!!! Holy fuck!!! Unfortunately, Ho is at school that night so he can’t play with us. We will be playing the show without a bass player so please forgive us if we don’t sound full enough!!! But we will still perform 200% without being a full band!!! 我们下个礼拜五就是在FIRST BLOOD演出!!!真期待跟他们聊聊。。。可惜的事情是我们的bass手豪当晚需要上学所以他演不到!所以那晚上我们只是没有bass的音在 – 可是我们都会200%尽量给你们一个很精彩的表演!!!就是先说对不起如果你们觉得我们的音是不够full – 是因为我们当晚没有bass手。。。

    The morning after First Blood we’re flying to the Philippines to play a fucking amazing hardcore show in Cebu City!!! Our good friends at Struggle for Radical Action are celebrating their 15th year anniversary and invited us to play!!! WE LOVE YOU DUDES!!! Can’t wait to play in what people are calling one of the best hardcore scenes in Asia!!! CEBU!!! LETS SEE WHAT YOU GOT!!! :-) First Blood之后的早上就要上飞机去菲律宾演出!!!我们是菲律宾的其中最厉害的hardcore城市演出!!!城市是叫宿务。。。我们所有菲律宾的朋友有跟我们说过 – “你们想看菲律宾硬核历练只要去宿务演出!!!”


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