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  • 我们内地的支持者!!!你们现已在网上买到我们的shirts和十周年特别版的CD!!!MERCH ON SALE FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN READ CHINESE!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 6, 2010

    Okay – so our tour shirts and CD’s are on sale at this website right now! 你们只有上这个网站然后order!!!

    I think that you live in China then THIS is the website to use for sure!!! Very excited that all our supporters in China have a chance to get these specials shirts…our tour shirts are shirts that I’m going to keep forever!!! :-) 我们真兴奋我们那么快可以安排这个网站为了你们!!!我自己知道我永远都会穿我们这巡演的t-shirt…我每次看都有个非常好的回忆。。。跟你们玩的太开心! :-)

    Our friends from all over China keep sending us more and more videos and photos of our various shows on this tour!!! 我们全国的支持者还每天都会发很多影片和照片的网站地址给我!!!下里有几个影片:

    Here are 4 songs from our Beijing show这里有在北京演出的四首歌:





    In Xi’An playing在西安有我们玩拒绝的影片:

    In Shanghai 在上海:”这是我新的开始”,”when will we learn” , “CNHC” , “亚洲起义”

    Here’s a link to over 100 photos from various shows on this tour然后在这个地址你们可以看超过一百张在不同城市演出的照片!!!:

    Can’t believe it’s over…怎么可能那么快完了这个巡演??!现在每天上班真辛苦。。。going to work has been hard…

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