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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 30, 2010

    As all of you living in Hong Kong have probably heard…an old building suddenly collapsed yesterday. That’s crazy news…people were trapped and unfortunately some deaths occurred…

    Of course, the conversation going around the internet world is that this might give the stupid HK government a green light to go ahead and start demolishing all of these old buildings around the city. For those who don’t know – for one of the world’s biggest and most famous cities, we have the stupidest government in place. Why do we have such a stupid government? Because the leaders of our government aren’t selected by the people. They are hand-selected by the powers that be way up in Beijing. What Beijing wants is a government leader who will listen to what they say and do as they say – regardless that HK’s culture and city is very unique to this city. Of course, Beijing is also one of the most paranoid governments…they fear their own people…that’s why internet is blocked, websites are deleted, certain books aren’t printed, certain TV/movies aren’t allowed to be shown in the country. It must be so tiring to be so fearful of your own people. As far as I know – I have yet to meet a Chinese person who doesn’t love their country and their people. Every single Chinese person I have ever met in my life LOVES their country and LOVES their race…as they should be, every one on this planet should love their country and their people. But that doesn’t mean they should be BLIND to problems that exist in their country. Just like we can always improve ourselves and learn to become better people, so can countries and governments.

    Anyway…I’m bored as hell…SOOOOOOOOOOOO bored…fuck…I need to get a life…no shows, no band practice, no tours, for me equals painful boredom of nothing to do. It is sooooo painful…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 28, 2010

    so bored…

    i need shows, band practice, finish our fucking album, touring…

    none of it is happening right now and i’m going crazy!!!! bored out of my MIND!!!

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  • HAITI…海地

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 25, 2010

    It’s unbelievable…over 100,000 people are confirmed dead…families, grandparents, children, wives, husbands, brothers, and sisters, gone…真不相信。。。那么短时间里面已经超过十万人死忙。。。一家人,爷爷,婆婆,兄弟,姐妹,孩子,家长。。。什么都没有了。。。

    I can’t imagine the pain and suffering…we’re so safe so far away from them…but we’re all human beings part of this one race – the human race. 他们的痛苦我不敢想。。。我们从那边住那么远的人。。。我们怎么可以明白他们每一天他们怎么过?

    The only thing I can do is donate money…yesterday I was walking in Causeway Bay and I saw a donation box, without thinking I took my wallet out and put all the money I had directly into the donation box. 我只可以捐钱给他们。。。我昨天在铜锣湾经了一个慈善的地方,我马上拿了我的银包出来捐了我所有银包里的钱。。。

    It’s still not enough…there should be so much more that we can all do. But please at least donate money – whatever little amount it is…donate…当然我捐钱都不够。。。我们大家可能都有这样的很绝望的感觉 – 不过我希望大家都会继续捐钱 – 什么钱都行。。。一块都什么什么。。。

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  • SONGS FOR DOWNLOAD – 这里免费下载荔枝王的歌FREE!!!!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 21, 2010

    Okay – we’ve uploaded the following songs on to Mediafire so you can download them all and enjoy the music…我们昨天晚上放了我们几首新歌在一个网站 – 你们可以过去下面的地址免费下载我们的歌!

    Songs include在下面的地址你们可以下载这些歌:

    1. CNHC (China Hardcore) – in Chinese
    2. This is Our New Beginning (这是我新的开始 – 的英文版本)
    3. We Will Find a Way
    4. 这是我新的开始(Chinese version of: This is Our New Beginning)
    5. Unite Asia (亚洲起义 – 的英文版本)
    6. 亚洲起义 (Chinese version of Unite Asia)
    7. Promise (誓言 – 的英文版本)
    8. 誓言 (Chinese version of Promise)

    请发这个地址给你们所有朋友!!! :-) 希望大家可以享受这些歌然后下次演出的时候可以跟着我们一起唱!!1

    DOWNLOAD HERE在这里可以下载!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 20, 2010

    Okay…we have been stalling for a LONG LONG time on our album. It’s really quite ridiculous…

    我们这几天决定了玩完Glassjaw的演出之后 – 在香港我们不会再演出。原因是很简单。。。我们每次开始录音,我们突然需要听一听因为我们再有个演出要准备。每次准备演出的时候我们不会有时间再录音。所以我们决定了 – 二月十七号之后我们终于可以focus在我们下大碟的录音。。。


    反正 – 如果你们是本地的支持者。。。请过来看这个演出!十七号之后我们不清楚下次在香港演出是什么时候。。。

    But we made a decision that the upcoming Glassjaw show will be our last HK show until the album comes out. We will still be playing some shows outside of HK because we confirmed then a long time ago and we ALWAYS honor our commitments. But after Feb 17, I have no idea when we’re going to be playing in Hong Kong again…

    So – if you are a local supporter of KLC then we really you guys will come in full force at the Glassjaw show!!! :-) There is only one local support band at this show and we really want to thank the organizers People’s Party for choosing us to open this show. Should be exciting!!! Ho and Egas love Glassjaw so those dudes are CRAZY excited to play this show!!! hehehehe…

    So tired…it’s been a busy couple months for us and this band…time to get some MUCH needed sleep. I can’t believe the next 3 weekends I finally have NO KLC related stuff to do!!! COOL!!! hahahahahaha…我真累。。。刚过这几个月我们真忙。。。可是我们终于有几个周末我们没有什么荔枝王的东西有做!!!:-) 挺开心!!!哈哈哈哈。。。

    Okay…bed time…

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  • 回来了WE’RE BACK!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 19, 2010

    Oh my god…what a crazy weekend we had!!! Playing with First Blood on Friday and making some new amazing lifelong friends…then flying early in the morning to one of the best countries on this fucking planet to play in one of the hardcore capitals of Asia – Cebu, Philippines – was amazing…刚果的周末真疯了。。。哈哈哈。。。上个礼拜五跟First Blood演出然后星期六早上八点钟坐飞机去菲律宾演出。在哪儿演?我心里觉得在这个亚洲其中一个硬核首都的城市 – Cebu, 菲律宾!!!

    We flew out of HK at 8am and only arrived in Cebu at 3:30pm…that’s almost 7 hours of flying and waiting and flying again. The only reason it made it tough was because the night before I was taking care of First Blood’s flights etc…me no sleep one minute Friday night…我们八点钟坐飞机,不过三点半才到Cebu。。。差不多七个小时之后才到。。。通常这样的trip不是太辛苦。。。就是因为我们前晚大家都没有睡觉。我前晚演了出之后跟First Blood安排他们之后站的机票。。。这样搞到差不多四点钟!!!然后五点钟出发去机场。。。一份中都不可以睡觉。。。

    But when we arrived at the show – the place went crazy. We sold ALL our shirts and CD’s in like 20 minutes…it was madness!!! To me, I’m always grateful that people will pay money to come watch us play, but of course I’m even MORE grateful when people pay to come watch us play, and then pay money to support us by buying shirts and merch!!! That’s just awesome…at the Cebu airport a few of us realized we didn’t have money to pay for the airport tax!!! Thank god that because the Cebu kids bought so much stuff, we were able to use some of that money to pay for the airport tax so we could go home. Once again – thank you Cebu!!! 但是,去Cebu挺直的。。。我们一到场地 – 他们马上疯了。。。我们二十分钟之内买完我们所有t-shirt和CD!!! 全部卖完!!!对我来说,人给钱入场看我们演出我已经挺感激他们,但是人给钱入场然后还给多点钱买我们的t-shirt和CD – 我更加感激!!!我们第二天离开机场的时候我们几个成员突然发现我们自己不够钱给机场费!!!然后我们拿了买衣服的钱出来付机场费!!!希望大家可以明白这样的事情。。。就是因为这样的情况常会出现所以需要支持者支持乐队们 – 买衣服,CD,等等。。。

    The show was incredible…it was a 15 year anniversary for the wonderful organization called SRA…one of the main dudes of SRA Charles came and picked us up at the airport and he was telling us about SRA and what it’s all about. Great guy…great people…awesome organization…这场演出真感动。。。是一般组织叫SRA的十五周年的演出!!!十五年宣传硬核!!!挺好!他们组织的领导人有过去机场接我们。。。挺好人。。。然后跟我们说他们组织的事情。。。怎么开始,有什么道德, 等等。。。挺好人。。。挺开放思想的人。。。

    There were over 400 hardcore kids at that show…to be able to play to a room FULL of hardcore kids is so inspirational…我们就是超过四百硬核人面前演出!!!挺好的感觉 – 在那么多认识硬核文化的人一起来演出。。。

    The best part about touring is meeting new and old faces…we saw our Pinoy brothers in Piledriver again…and we made lots of new friends! Sean, Kenji, Charles, Gardo boys, all the people at the show who talked to us…and the most amazing to me was that at this show I saw SO MANY girls involved in the scene!!! Not just girls who stand in the back and watch the show, but girls who were involved with taking photos of the bands performing, putting shows on, getting in the front and moshing/dancing/2-stepping, and then meeting them all outside to talk about hardcore and the band!!! Fucking AWESOME!!! The reason I’m mentioning this is that hardcore always has this feeling that it’s a “boys club” – but it’s not, and I will never support that type of attitude. So to see all these girls that are involved in their scene, and a scene that supports all of this – that’s the type of hardcore scene I am proud of getting to know!!! 我觉得巡演最好的东西就是有个很好机会建立新朋友还有可以见舊朋友。。。在这个演出我们认识了挺多新的朋友们!!!在这个演出我也有留意有很多女孩在场地。他们不是就是站后面看演出 – 她们就是演出里面行动 – mosh, 2 step, 拍照,帮人安排这个演出。我觉得挺开心见到那么多女孩真投入他们这个地下文化 – 不是就是看的,就是里面做很多东西为了他们的硬核社会。。。

    WE LOVE CEBU!!! We’ll be back soon!!!

    Next show – opening for Glassjaw in Hong Kong on Feb 17…info on the right…we’ll update posters etc soon.我们下场演出是在香港做Glassjaw的开场乐队。。。

    Our most important thing to start doing now though – is to finish our fucking album!!! ARGH!!! GET IT DONE!!! 我们要开始录音!!!fuck !!!

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  • 菲律宾我们又来了!!!PHILIPPINES WE’RE COMING!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 12, 2010

    Just 4 short days and we’re off to the Philippines!!! :-) All my pares and mares – can’t wait to see you guys and girls!!! Cebu – have heard so much great stuff about the scene!!! Can’t wait to see and experience it with my very own eyes! :-) 只要过这四天然后我们要上飞机去菲律宾演出!!!那个国家的气氛真棒。。。说不了 – 所有乐队们我真想鼓励你们全部找办法过去那边演出!!!通常他们真没有钱付你们的机票。。。我们过去了那么多次都是自己付机票。。。就是因为他们已经是一个非常穷的国家 – 可是他们对乐队的热情全地球不可比较。。。音乐就是他们血里。。。这次我们去的城市叫Cebu – 我们从来没去过那边演出。。。可是我听了已经几年了 – 我听他们那边的硬核社会挺大!!!不是一两百人。。。听人说超过一千人!!!WHAT?!??! 太期待在一千多硬核歌迷面前演出!!!那么有共鸣的气氛应该太厉害。。。

    Yes, I’ve been back in HK for a week now and I’m already bored out of my mind… :-( This past weekend was brutal man…it went by so slowly…I did nothing all weekend and was excited to do anything…this is the HUGE low after a 2 week high of touring…One day we’ll be on a tour that will last a couple months! That’s going to be amazing…好了。。。我已经回来了香港多个一个礼拜。我可以跟大家说 – 这一个礼拜过了太慢还是太无聊。。。每天起来去工作。。。然后回家吃些东西。。。然后睡觉。。。然后第二天repeat。。。我的感觉就是同一个机器没分别。。。巡演的时候就感觉到我真的是一个人 – 有血,有汗,有东西想。。。


    More CNHC China tour photos are up now全新巡演照片现已上载了:

    We are already up to 847 people who have joined that page!!! That’s amazing!!! I wonder how soon it’ll be before we pass 1,000! :-) I love Douban page – I have never felt closer to all our friends and supporters in China…THANK YOU!!! Yes, yes, yes I know that I’m the only one that posts anything on all our website/internet stuff whether it’s King Ly Chee’s facebook, myspace, main website, and even Douban now…It’s probably just cause they’re busy. For example, Ho and Egas both work and then have classes at night so they’re busy as FUCK! If they have time to get online it’s for like a few minutes just to check personal stuff.

    I on the other hand am just mentally deranged. I live, eat, shit, dream, and drink King Ly Chee 24 hours a day…so that’s why every second of the day I’m checking out all our websites. I think in my head I still just don’t believe that there are that many people all over the world who care about this band – so I keep checking the pages to see if it’s really true! hehehehe…在我们豆瓣页我们已经有超过八百人参加我们的网页。。。真感动。。。我不敢想我们一天真会超过一两千人! :-) 但是真的说 – 我挺爱豆瓣这个网页。。。现在因为豆瓣我们跟我们所有内地的朋友和支持者感觉就是挺近。。。谢谢大家的留意!!!对对对 – 我知道有人投诉为什么我们所有网上的网页就是我一个人写东西和上载东西。可能是很简单的原因 – 就是因为他们挺忙 – 你们不需要想的那么复杂。。。比方说 – 我们的豪和egas有工作然后晚上有上学。。。所以他们没办法 – 一上网只有几分钟的时间做自己的东西。


    Anyway…our next HK show is this Friday at the Warehouse…should be fun I think! I just want to play…Oh Brian found a friend who is going to help us play bass at the First Blood show on Friday! Psyched! His name is Marcus and the dude already picked up like 6 songs! Thanks for your help man! 好的。。。我们下个演出就是这个礼拜五在香港的Warehouse!!! 就是跟美国硬核乐队叫First Blood (挺硬核音乐的人肯定听过!)…我自己就是想演出 – 什么地方都行。。。Brian找到个朋友帮我们弹bass! 他几天里已经学了六首歌所以我们这个礼拜五的show都会有个低音声!谢谢你的帮助marcus!

    CEBU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 然后星期六早上坐飞机去菲律宾!!!

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  • 有病了SICK AGAIN!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 7, 2010

    I feel like I’ve been sick everyday these past 2 weeks!!! This week I went to work one day and got sick…I have bronchitis now which fucking sucks…I feel totally fine but my chest hurts from coughing so much. 我觉得我已经两个礼拜还没有一天我不并。每天都有一点不舒服的感觉。。。这个礼拜我有病了 – 是支气管炎。。。挺麻烦的感觉因为我的身是没事的。。。就是呼吸的时候很不舒服。。。

    I just don’t want to be sick anymore! 我不想再并!!!

    Anyway…the best video version of CNHC is definitely the time we played it in Beijing!!! Check out the video in yesterday’s post to check it out (yes – I put the incorrect version up yesterday…but I fixed it!!!) 我觉得这一年玩了那么多CNHC这首歌 – 最好的反应就在北京站!!!我在昨天的网站地址上可以享受北京人对这首歌的反应!!!(我知道我昨天的地址是错的。。。可是我已经解决了 – 谢谢我Return to the Truth北京硬核乐队朋友!!!)。请过去昨天的地址看看!!!

    On our douban page I’ve also uploaded photos from Brian and my camera from our Wuhan stop…All I have to say about Wuhan is that because I traveled there when I was a young 23 year old 10 years ago, Wuhan will always have a very special place in my heart. All my old friends there are still there and it was so great to see them at the show…在豆瓣我昨天晚上上载了brian和我拍的照片。这些照片是我们在武汉逛逛和演出的。。。在我心里武汉是在一个很高的位子因为我第一次去武汉演出我就是一个二十三岁的年轻人。我这次去是三十三岁!!!真变了很多 – 可是见到那么多武汉的人特意出来支持我们真感动。。。我真想哭。。。见到十年前的朋友我也真感动。。。SMZB的兄弟姐妹,SHITDOG的兄弟。。。等等。。。武汉 – 我是挺爱你们。。。

    VOX by far is the BEST venue we have ever played in…we have played A LOT of shows all over Asia these past 10 years, but by far hands down, VOX is the best. It is such an amazing place and I can’t explain why – you have to go there just to understand…武汉有个场地叫VOX。。。我们这十年演了挺多不同的地方和国家和城市。。。我们什么场地都演过了。我现在可以说 – 暂时我们那么多场地演了之后我很肯定可以说在我心目中 – VOX是这个亚洲的最棒的场地!是我自己最喜欢的地方,最想马上回去演出!!!我不知道怎么样跟你们说 – 他们就是一个非常摇滚态度的场地 – 可是也不是fuck you的态度那种 – 他们就是很了解巡演中的乐队需要什么东西。。。我觉得所有乐队马上需要过去VOX享受一个那么有支持感的地方。。。很少场地会祝乐队演出成功!!!so great…

    OKAY – going back to sleep…so sick of being SICK. 好的。。。要吃药然后再睡觉。。。

    Next week we’re playing with First Blood in Hong Kong!!! Holy fuck!!! Unfortunately, Ho is at school that night so he can’t play with us. We will be playing the show without a bass player so please forgive us if we don’t sound full enough!!! But we will still perform 200% without being a full band!!! 我们下个礼拜五就是在FIRST BLOOD演出!!!真期待跟他们聊聊。。。可惜的事情是我们的bass手豪当晚需要上学所以他演不到!所以那晚上我们只是没有bass的音在 – 可是我们都会200%尽量给你们一个很精彩的表演!!!就是先说对不起如果你们觉得我们的音是不够full – 是因为我们当晚没有bass手。。。

    The morning after First Blood we’re flying to the Philippines to play a fucking amazing hardcore show in Cebu City!!! Our good friends at Struggle for Radical Action are celebrating their 15th year anniversary and invited us to play!!! WE LOVE YOU DUDES!!! Can’t wait to play in what people are calling one of the best hardcore scenes in Asia!!! CEBU!!! LETS SEE WHAT YOU GOT!!! :-) First Blood之后的早上就要上飞机去菲律宾演出!!!我们是菲律宾的其中最厉害的hardcore城市演出!!!城市是叫宿务。。。我们所有菲律宾的朋友有跟我们说过 – “你们想看菲律宾硬核历练只要去宿务演出!!!”


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  • 我们内地的支持者!!!你们现已在网上买到我们的shirts和十周年特别版的CD!!!MERCH ON SALE FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN READ CHINESE!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 6, 2010

    Okay – so our tour shirts and CD’s are on sale at this website right now! 你们只有上这个网站然后order!!!

    I think that you live in China then THIS is the website to use for sure!!! Very excited that all our supporters in China have a chance to get these specials shirts…our tour shirts are shirts that I’m going to keep forever!!! :-) 我们真兴奋我们那么快可以安排这个网站为了你们!!!我自己知道我永远都会穿我们这巡演的t-shirt…我每次看都有个非常好的回忆。。。跟你们玩的太开心! :-)

    Our friends from all over China keep sending us more and more videos and photos of our various shows on this tour!!! 我们全国的支持者还每天都会发很多影片和照片的网站地址给我!!!下里有几个影片:

    Here are 4 songs from our Beijing show这里有在北京演出的四首歌:





    In Xi’An playing在西安有我们玩拒绝的影片:

    In Shanghai 在上海:”这是我新的开始”,”when will we learn” , “CNHC” , “亚洲起义”

    Here’s a link to over 100 photos from various shows on this tour然后在这个地址你们可以看超过一百张在不同城市演出的照片!!!:

    Can’t believe it’s over…怎么可能那么快完了这个巡演??!现在每天上班真辛苦。。。going to work has been hard…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 5, 2010

    Happy new year everyone!!! 新年快乐大家!身体将康!龙马精神!心想事成!我们在成都过了零九年的最后一个晚上!我们就在三千多成都来的摇滚歌迷一起过了一个非常high的晚上!!!挺好玩的音乐节!十分好的气氛!!!成都我们肯定要回来!!我们玩完那场演出CCTV有做了一个很短的访问。我以为他们不会用我的访问因为他们有访问了很多其他人所以我没什么期待。就当了是一个访问。然后第二天我们到了北京有个支持者马上拿他电话出来给我看新闻播!!!他就下载了放在他的电话给我们看!!!你真关心我!!!我们看了就疯了!!!哈哈哈哈。。。我从来没有想过我一天会上到CCTV!哈哈哈。。。虽然我上了不够几秒 – 但是都是非常酷的感觉!We spent new year’s eve in Chengdu playing in front of something like 3,000 people! It was INSANE!!! After that show CCTV (China’s biggest TV channel) interviewed me and aired my interview the next day on the news! They also aired a bit of one of our songs. The video can be found at this link:

    如果你没有看过你可以上这个地址看看 – yes, it’s in Mandarin…

    What can I say about the tour…having people sit on a train for 28 hours from An Hui come to Chengdu especially to see us, people traveling from Inner Mongolia to Beijing to see us, people who came from Zhuhai-Guangzhou-Shenzhen who went up to Beijing to see us, people from Guanxi who traveled 10+ hours to get to Shenzhen to see us, people who showed up at our shows with all our CD’s for us to sign, people who yelled “encore” after every show on this tour, having over 340 people show up at our last show in Beijing to make it the best END of a tour we could’ve EVER imagined, meeting people with the biggest hearts at EVERY city we played in…it was unbelievable…all of it…回来了香港我真不知道怎么样用字表达我的心声。。。十二场演出我们有几万多的回忆。。。见到几个支持者从安徽坐了二十八个小时特意去成都看我们表演 – 真厉害,然后在深圳场有个支持者特意从广西坐了十几个小时看我们,在长沙也有!,然后在北京场见到有些广东上来的支持者,真的真的真的不相信。。。我们最后站在北京太太厉害!!!超过340个人来看我们表演!??!是不是真的吗?!?!我还不相信。。。我兄弟北京硬核乐队 “不复之血”的李游就跟我说了“你没办法 – 你只有相信因为是真的!340个人特意来看你们!”。。。对不起李游我还不能相信哈哈哈。。。我们每个站有大声叫我们encore。。。真厉害。。。我们每场演了不少个五十分钟!!!北京站演了差不多一个小时!!!但是你们那么厉害 – 我们演了差不多一个小时都是不够!!!你们还可以玩的更疯狂!!!下次我们会准备多很多歌!!!我们已经每个晚上玩了十二至十三首歌 – 还是不够!下次我们要准备二十多首歌!哈哈哈哈。。。为了你们,我们肯定做得到!

    我们从广州坐了七个半小时的火车去长沙!一到我们冷死了!哈哈哈哈。。。挺冷!可是我们以进去酒吧我们见到几个支持者是我们一样坐了几个小时的车来看我们!然后我们第二天很早很早起来了(“六点钟起来 – 六点半走!” – 这是我们经历火锅的Paul 黄Jia Si最喜欢说的一句子!哈哈哈哈。。。可是他还有很多!:-)马上要坐火车去武汉。。。那么早我们见到雪!!!可是我们没有时间享受因为我们很着急要跑过去火车站。我们坐了火车之后Kent有跟我说 “刚才是我第一次见到雪”!



    在这个旅程我们拍了在火车上,在路上,在搬着行李和乐器的时候,在逛逛的时候,在我们自己疯了的时候(在我们最无聊的时候,等等),在每场演出,在吃饭的时候,在玩雪的时候,在北京机场等了十几小时的,等等。。。一共是几个磁带!!!我们全部磁带给了我们好朋友以前Recycle的鼓手Liu Zhong(他现在Larry’s Pizza的鼓手!)!!!他会剪全部VIDEO然后做了一个Tour Video!!!我们还有在北京站用了四个摄影机拍我们和你们的表演!!!我们也用了电脑录了那场的音乐 – 这个音乐是我们recycle的兄弟帮我们录!!!然后我们也会有一个LIVE IN BEIJING的DVD!!!


    We filmed a LIVE DVD of the show in Beijing with 4 different camera angles. The audio was recorded right off of the mixing board and Paul has heard it – he says it sounds awesome…

    Nothing like traveling 7 and a half hours on a train to get to a show where you meet people who also sat on a train for a long time just to come see us…

    This tour really reaffirmed my faith in King Ly Chee and that 10 years ago I made the right choice by diving deep into this band…I don’t do anything half-ass, either I’m in it 150% or it’s not worth it. 我觉得在这个巡演到我真的拿到断言我没有浪费过我这十年所有的活力,所有做过的行动,所有热情,所有失望,所有希望,为了我坚持这个乐队的活力,等等。。。你们真的给了我们一个挺深的希望。。。我真的可以再相信我们。。。

    We ended the tour trapped at the Beijing airport because of the snow storm…we slept on the floor…woke up…argued some more…slept some more…and then got into a fight…all in the day of the life of King Ly Chee…hahahaha…I wrote about the whole airport situation at my Douban page – if you can read Chinese then enjoy it: 我们的巡演的最后演出是十分完美的。。。跟三百四十多人一起庆祝新年和荔枝王的十周年在一个非常热情十分high的气氛里面真的就是最感动的。。。还有在场的有那么多不同风格的乐队一起来支持我们也是非常感动!!!请记住 – 我们永远是一个开放思想的硬核乐队。我们不理你们是玩什么音乐 – 最重要是你们乐队的态度和心态。。。hip hop, jazz, metalcore, emo, screamo, pop我们什么都尊重和支持!我们不会歧视音乐 (除非是一个垃圾的歌手 – 怎么样形容垃圾?我觉得垃圾是那些歌手不是自己写的歌,不是自己写歌词,也本身没有做过关于音乐的任何东西。。。在香港我们有太多这样的人。什么是真音乐人什么是假的,太明显了。我们永远会尊重真正的音乐人 – 无论他们玩那种音乐!)

    反正 – 一个那么完美的结束,我们猜不到第二天在北京机场我们会要经什么事。。。你可以过去我的个人豆瓣看看什么东西发生了:


    CUA – BEIJING – CHANGSHA – WUHAN – SHANGHAI – NANJING – CHONGQING – GUANGZHOU – SHENZHEN – ZHUHAI – HONG KONG – CHENGDU – XI AN – 所有支持者 – 所有搞手 – 所有同台的乐队们 – 所有帮我们搬东西 的人- 所有拍照的人,所有拍影片的人,所有找我们一起来拍照的支持者,所有找我们签名东西的支持者,所有跟我说他们听我们音乐和乐队的感觉(我最喜欢是听到人说 “我第一次听你们的音乐我就是十三岁!!!”哈哈哈 – 我真老了!!!),所有坐几个小时车的支持者,所有买我们的CD和风衣和T shirt!!!!!(就是你们这样做我们乐队们才可以继续再来巡演然后再来然后再来!!!我们坐车要钱,我们吃饭要钱,我们巡演中突然病了要钱买药,希望下次大家支持者可以考虑巡演乐队们的事实和明白巡演的生活。。。是几辛苦 – 有些人的性格是适合这个生活法式,有些人不适合。。。我就是完全没问题巡演 – 但是如果我可以真话,巡演中突然生病了是非常辛苦!!!不是就是突然身体好像不够力,是因为那个晚上我们可能不能玩的挺投入然后给不到你们一个非常精彩的表演看!!!这个是最辛苦的东西。。。我永远不想让任何人失望。。。可是有些事情我们不会控制 – 一病就没办法。。。只可以希望你们会明白。。。) 。。。

    然后 – 我们需要非常谢谢我们的兄弟, 我们的家人,我们的第六个成员,我们的巡演经历,我们的内地经历,我们的老朋友,我们的普通话老师,我们其中一个最大的支持者。。。这位先生就是我们的Huang Jia Si…

    找不到方法感谢你我兄弟!!!就是你一直支持了我们这个乐队。。。你看!我们终于巡演了!!! :-) All because of you my brother!!!

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