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  • 巡演的头三场已经完了!3 DATES DONE

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 22, 2009

    Yo…we’re back from finishing our first 3 dates on the tour!!! Thank you to everyone in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Zhuhai that came to support us!!! you gus have given us even more confidence that this tour is going to be AMAZING!!! 刚刚回来香港了!头三场太牛逼了!!!你们的热情非常非常牛逼!谢谢所有深圳,香港和珠海的支持者来支持我们的乐队!!!你们已经给了我们多很多力量和信心!!!看了你们的反应之后我们知道这个巡演肯定会非常好玩!!! :-)

    We would like to thank our new friend Laofeye’s bass player Yan for his support! I love meeting people like him wo are just fans of music and are ready to do whatever to help the touring band. Thank you bro!!! can’t wait to see you on Friday in Guangzhou! We also want to thakn the rest of the Laofeye band members for their support! It was so nice of you guys to bring all your equipment to the venue for us to use!! 我们想谢谢我们新朋友珠海乐队laofeye的bass手Yan!!! 我最喜欢是认识这个样的人 – 就是一个很简单音乐的歌迷!他对我们非常热情和非常好!谢谢你Yan!!!星期五在广州见!我们也想谢谢其他laofeye的成员!!!谢谢你们搬自己的乐器去场地为了我们用!!!你们太好了!

    Shenzhen – of course we want to thank ALL the people who came to see the show and our friend Max for organizing it! One supporter (To Pao) traveled over 10 hours to come see this show!!! YOU’RE AMAZING!!! 深圳 – 当然谢谢所有深圳的支持者!!!特别想谢谢我们的兄弟max搞这场十分厉害的show!!! 我也想非常谢谢一位支持者做了超过十几个小时特意来看我们!!!我就知道他的网上的花名是“土炮”!!!谢谢“土炮”!!!在我们的豆瓣的网页你可以见到这位非常热情的支持者的照片!!!

    Hong Kong – we want to thank all of you for coming to support…too many great memories from this night with all our good friends present for hugs and words of encouragement…thank you to Chris B and Greg for setting up the show and letting Chris use this amazing venue!!! PLEASE SUPPORT ROCK SCHOOL!!! AND UNDERGROUND HK!!! Both are incredible things!!! 香港 – 我们还可以说什么?就是我家。。。就是我们乐队的家。。。看到那么多以前的朋友来支持我们和鼓励我们挺好了。。。谢谢搞这场演出的人Chris B和酒吧的老板Greg!!!他们两个肯定值得支持!!!希望大家会好好的支持他们。。。

    I’ve uploaded photos from the first 3 to our Douban page…go to our Douban page在我们的豆瓣网页我上载了这三场演出的照片:

    Our next show on this tour is the city that we most enjoy playing in on this planet!!! GUANGZHOU!!! WE LOVE GUANGZHOU!!! I LOVE GUANGZHOU!!! We cannot WAIT to see you guys on Friday!!! Just want you to know – we have organized 4 video camers to record this show!!! Don’t hold back – go fucking CRAZY on Friday!!! We want it all on film!!! If it comes out great I think we might need to put the whole performance on our new album!!! :-) 我们巡演的下一站就是我们在这个地球上最爱演出的城市 – 广州!!!!广州广州广州广州!!!我们挺爱广州!!!我们已经全年等了这个机会再来你们那边演出!!!我只想通知你们 – 我们已经准备好了四个摄影机!!!我们全表演会拍好!!!所以你们别控制你们自己!!!就跟我们一起来疯了!!!!!!我们这个表演拍好之后可能想一想放在我们下大碟上!!! :-)

    广州的兄弟姐妹我们再来了!!!CANNOT WAIT!!! (还有 – 我们为了你们,准备了一个很好笑的东西。。。哈哈哈哈。。。到时间!!!你们肯定不会失望!呵呵。。。)

    Here’s a video of us in Shenzhen 我们第一站的影片你可以在这个网址看看:


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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 20, 2009

    Yo everyone!! It’s Sunday morning the day after playing the Hong Kong stop on our CNHC 10 Year Anniversary tour!!! 大家好! 现在是星期日早上十点钟左右!我们已经玩完了这个十周年巡演的头两场演出!!

    The tour started Friday night in Shenzhen!!! That show was in-fucking-sane!!! The audience DESTROYED the venue!!! Things were broken, people kept ripping my shirt, dudes were flying everywhere, girls were moshing like crazy, we played 10 fucking songs NON-STOP without any break in between!!! It was incredible!!! The passion in the air and the support for our band was incredible!!! It was a great way to start our tour playing a city that we haven’t played in a long time and have SO MANY people come to support a heavy band like us. 这个巡演是前天(星期五)在深圳开始!我们差不多八点钟才可以离开香港我们需要等我们乐队兄弟下班然后一起开车去落马洲。。。在落马洲可以见到深圳的福田区!我一看到福田区马上开始兴奋!我很想马上跑过去深圳的酒吧看有多少人特意出来代表深圳的地下重型音乐的社会!一到酒吧外面就知道有很多挺热情的支持者已经等着我们上台了!我就是台旁边放低东西已经开始有人叫我们乐队的名字!!!挺感动!!!你们太厉害了!!这样的支持对我们来说是十分大的鼓励!我们一个那么吵的乐队,那么不商业的乐队,我们一个永远不能在香港发展的乐队,上到去深圳见到你们完全不理这个东西 – 就明白我们的乐队的信念,我们所有做个的东西和行动,尊重我们乐队的历史。。。我们真开心。。。深圳十八号真的是一个很难忘的一晚上。。。



    SHENZHEN – THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH!!! We hope to see you again really fucking soon!!!

    Then saturday morning we came back home to Hong Kong and went straight back to our bandroom to practice a few songs for this tour. Yes, we are a hard-working band and all the 5 guys of this band work their ASSES off to support this band treat this band with respect and integrity! When we learn our songs – we learn them fully throwing ourselves into these songs…然后星期六下午我们回来了香港。一到香港去了我们band房放低东西。然后我跟egas, kent去了tom lee买些东西。然后六点钟左右回去了band房排练!因为我们两个成员不住在香港所以我们很少有机会练歌。。。我们只有这一个机会。所以我们用了这个最后一次练几首歌。。。

    (在这里我很想说 – 我们明白很多人都想听他们最喜欢的荔枝王歌。。。可是我们希望你们会明白我们乐队的特别情况 – 两个人是从澳门来的/三个是从香港来的 – 所以我们这一年每次排练就是练和做新歌为了我们新专辑。我们很少有机会和时间练 所有荔枝王的舊歌!!!希望你们会原谅我们。。。我们这次有准备这些舊歌:



    然后。。。因为这是我们CNHC十周年巡演。。。我们当然会演挺多新歌。。。给你们机会听听我们新专辑的风格! :-) 希望你们会接受我们这个想法。。。

    When Will We Learn
    We Will Find a Way
    This Song is Our Weapon
    No Second Chances (这首歌有个花名: rock this shit)
    Crush All Fakes (第一次演这首歌应该是在广州!!!我们从来没有演过这首!!!)


    We headed over to Rock School and ended up playing a super memorable show with new friends, old friends, lots of great bands…and we played some old songs that we haven’t played in many many years. It was the first time that we played Stand Strong and Sickened Eyes again! It was my first time singing both these songs from start to finish – all the English parts and all the Chinese parts. I worked my ass off these past few weeks learning the Chinese words properly and practicing them. If I fucked up I’m sorry everyone! But I LOVED every second of singing these old songs again!! 然后我们到酒吧就玩了一个非常难忘的一场香港演出。。。有很多以前朋友在,很多新的朋友在,很多很厉害本地的乐队一起玩。。。昨天晚上的气氛真美。。。

    我昨天晚上是第一次唱全首企硬和所见所闻的歌!我以前就是负责英文的歌词。。。昨天晚上就是我第一次演全首个的中文和英文的歌词!我已经自己练了几个礼拜。。。为了这个巡演可以玩代表我们乐队历史和信念的歌!如果我有唱错了 – 我非常对不起!!!可是希望你们明白。。。玩这两首歌我们全队挺投入 – 这两首歌对每个成员很有意义。。。

    Then our old bro Kevin – the guy who wrote the song Refuse with me – got on stage and played the drums to his own song!!! It was like old times looking back and seeing him on the kit. Our bro Egas was very gracious and supportive of having Kevin play refuse for this special 10 year anniversary show. When I asked Egas if this was okay he said “Of course!!!” 然后一到我们“拒绝”那首歌我们邀请了我们以前的成员kevin上台跟我们再玩他跟我几年前做的歌!!!非常舒服的感觉 :-) 我也想谢谢我们Egas 因为他一看到Kevin就给了鼓的位子他上来打这首歌。我几天前有问了Egas他会不会介意给kevin打这首歌 – egas马上说,“当然不会介意!!!是应该的!为了这个十周年的晚上应该是他打这首!!!” i love egas…

    Okay…right now I’m trying to get some rest before we get on the ferry to go to Zhuhai!!! 好的。。。现在有准备我们第三站珠海!!!珠海的支持者我们来了!!!深圳和香港的兄弟姐妹已经玩的非常疯狂!!!你们会怎么样呢!!! 很快就知道了!!!

    Zhuhai – we’re coming for you! :-)

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  • 今天开始巡演!!!TOUR STARTS TODAY!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 18, 2009

    The day that we’ve been waiting for over 6 months starts today!!! We actualy were supposed to tour China last year in 2008 but we had to cancel because some of us could not get the holidays to go on tour. This time around though there are 5 people in the band who don’t care whether or not they can get holidays – they JUST want to tour!!! hahahaha…就到了!!!我们等了很久!这个巡演就是超过半年前开始安排。。。终于到巡演的第一天! (可是,这个巡演我们上年已经安排好了 – 但是那时候我们的成员突然拿不到假期所以不能巡演。。。香港的公司真傻逼!)

    Shenzhen friends we hope you guys will come tonight and show your full support!!! We actually tried very hard to find a show in Shenzhen and many times people told us to give up finding a show in Shenzhen. But we kept fighting and said there must be SOMEWHERE that we can play. It seems many things have changed with the venues in Shenzhen. But our friend Max in Shenzhen was successful but he also had to go through some crap to be able to organize this show. But we’re happy for his support and the support of Base Bar in Shenzhen!!! 深圳的朋友和支持者就是你们会看到我们巡演的第一天!!!希望我们今天晚上可以看到你们的热情和力量!你们对重型音乐的感觉我们今天晚上想感觉到!!!希望你们明白我们为了你们已经溝通几个礼拜才找到一个人能帮我们安排一场演出。我们几次觉得我们可能搞不到一场演出 – 可是我不是一个很容易放弃的人。。。所以我有坚持找一个人可以安排。。。终于找到Max这个兄弟!!!就是因为他所以我们今天晚上能在深圳演出!!!非常感谢Max哥!:-)

    See you tonight!!! 今天晚上见!!!

    Our HK and Zhuhai friends and supporters – you guys are tomorrow and Sunday!!! Can’t wait…香港和珠海的支持者明天和后天就到你们!!!

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  • TOUR TRAILER UP NOW!!! 巡演预告现已上载了!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 15, 2009

    请过去看看我们的兄弟Max帮我们安排的预告!!!非常感激他热情的支持!!!Thank you so much Max!!!! Our good friend Max has uploaded an awesome King LY Chee 10 Year Anniversary tour video!!! It looks amazing!!! Please check out the video below!!!

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  • OUR STARTS FRIDAY!!! 巡演终于这个礼拜五在深圳开始!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 14, 2009

    Our tour starts Friday!!! GOD We are SOOO excited for it!!! Playing in Shenzhen first and then on Friday we are playing our hometown – Hong Kong – the city where this band was born 10 years ago and the city that we still call home! 终于到了!!!你们肯定不相信我们全队为这个巡演已经疯狂了。。。我们第一站就是在深圳!很久没有在深圳演过出所以当然很期待那场演出 – 是我们巡演的第一站所以我们深圳的支持者你们真的需要好好的准备!!哈哈哈哈。。。

    然后我们巡演的第二天就是在我们出生的城市,就在我们最关心的地方,就在我们心里方的最高的城市。。。我们的家 – 香港! 就是在香港我们十年前开始了我们这个乐队。。。已经过了十年!!!

    For our old friends and family who live in hong Kong – this Friday’s show IS the show we hope you will all come and support King Ly Chee!!! It is the start of our 10 year anniversary China tour and Hong Kong is our home!!! We will have our shirts, jackets and special 10 year anniversary edition CD on sale at this show!!! We have one old friend come and make an appearance on one of our songs this Saturday today! He promises so YOU better not flake out on us man! hehehehe…对我们所有香港的朋友和家人,就是在这场演出(十二月十九号)我们真需要你们过来支持!!!我们知道你们很多人可能很久没有看过我们表演 – 大家很忙, 这个情况我们全队都明白 – 可是就是这场我们希望你们会给我们一点是将来鼓励我们坚持下去多十年! :-)

    See you on tour!!! 我们全国家的支持者 – 巡演见!!!

    To all our Hong Kong friends – see you on Saturday and thank you so much for the past 10 years!!!  香港的朋友,家庭,支持者 – 谢谢你们这十年的支持!十二月十九号星期六见!!!

    All info for the show on Saturday can be found at this link所有关于星期六演出的资料你们可以在这个网址看到:

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 12, 2009

    Man – that is AWESOME that we got word from our boy Paul at Hot Pot Music in China that Vans is going to endorse us on our upcoming China tour! That’s AMAZING! We have never gotten endorsed by anyone in the past 10 years and it’s nice to be endorsed by a huge company like that. In HK there is just no chance for us to get endorsed because of the type of music we play – we’re just so FAR away from being a mainstream band that no companies would find us worthwhile to endorse. 真开心。。。我们那么多年没试过有一个那么大街头文化公司的支持,不要说支持 – 对我们有兴趣都没试过!

    We just want to say a SUPER huge thank you to Vans China for helping us and supporting us!!! Means a lot!!! 我么一定用这个机会说我们感谢Vans中国的支持!!!你们太厉害!给我们一个那么大声那么吵的乐队,这样的鼓励和支持。。。amazing!!!

    We’re playing a show tomorrow night at Hang Out – see you all there!! Bring some money so you can make a donation! 明天我们在香港的场地叫Hang Out有个慈善的演出!请带订一点钱!!!我们需要你们捐钱给人。。。

    DEC 10, 2009: 巡演海报和我们巡演产品图片TOUR POSTERS and MERCH PICTURES!!!

    Woohoo!!! I can finally upload photos of our upcoming MERCH for the CNHC 10 year anniversary tour!!! SUPER EXCITED TO GET THESE THINGS TO YOU GUYS!!! Personally, I can’t wait to get these for MYSELF! hahahaha…Our bro Ah Ho did an INSANE job designing these and they look SOOOOOO good…哦也!我终于可以上载我们所有巡演里卖产品的图片!!!我们真兴奋给你们看看这些产品!!!我个人觉得这些产品就是非常好看的!!!全部设计就是我们bass手Ah Ho自己做的!

    If you haven’t seen it yet here’s a direct link to it如果你还没看这个图片,你可以去下面这个网址看:

    Also – it was his birthday 2 days ago so please say happy birthday to him!!! He loves getting emails in English and Chinese! Email him here 还有我们Ah Ho刚刚过了他生日!!!他挺喜欢受到别人的email所以如果你们有空的话请发个生日快乐email给他了吧: [email protected]

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited…对这个巡演太兴奋了!!!怎么办!!!

    I have also started uploading all the tour posters that organizers have been sending me! Please go to this page to check them out 还有我刚刚开了多一个网址为了我们巡演不同站的海报!如果你是其中一个搞手的话请email给我你的海报我马上会上载!谢谢你们所有搞手的支持!!!我们挺感谢和感激你们的帮助和时间和活力!!


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  • 在澳门排练了两天!BAND PRACTICE IN MACAU!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 8, 2009

    Damn…practicing in another city is amazing!!! It’s so much fun to go over there and hang out with some local awesome guys and play music…it just made me even more impatient to get going on our tour man!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Dying to tour!!! 去第二到排练真厉害!!!哈哈哈哈。。。挺好玩。。。去第二到然后跟本地的人出去玩,吃,讲话真好玩。。。做完了这两天我更加期待去巡演!!!我真没有耐性。。。哈哈哈哈。。。。

    We’re playing a very important show thi Sunday for an old supporter of KLC and the underground music scene…his name is Fung and he has been semi-paralyzed because of an accident in HK…please come down to the show! Info is on the right ————->

    Peace…if you have facebook then go to my page to check out photos of hanging out in Macau practicing! :-) 如果你们有facebook的话请上我的网页看看在澳门排练的照片。下面你可以一个很厉害的影片。。。就是看到我们是一个非常努力的乐队。。。哈哈哈哈哈。。。

    Here’s a quick video of our practice in Macau…we work SO hard…hehehehe…

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  • 新歌现已上载了!NEW SONGS UP NOW!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 5, 2009

    THE SONGS ARE UP NOW!!! 你们可以现在上我们myspace听听我们新歌!!!Go check it out at our myspace:

    If you are a member of our myspace PLEASE give us some comments! We would love to hear your comments!!! 如果你们有参加我们myspace请留言!!!我们想看你们的意见!

    I have updated the tour schedule with links to ALL the info you need for each stop!!! Check it out on the right…我有update了巡演的资料!在我们这里的右边你们可以看所有巡演的资料。就要按“MORE INFO”的英文字。

    Today Brian, Ho and I are going to Macau to jam with our brothers Kent and Egas! Pretty cool to be traveling somewhere to jam especially! :-) Macau here we come!! 今天晚上我,Brian和Ho将会去澳门为排练!!!哈哈哈哈。。。真好感觉!我们为这对乐队故意会过去第二到排练!!!我们的兄弟egas和kent今年二月到现在每个周末都会过来香港排练 – 终于到我们过去他们那边排练!!!澳门 – 我么来了!哈哈哈。。。

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  • 明天会上载四首新歌!!!4 NEW SONGS TOMORROW!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 4, 2009

    Okay – we’re finally here to announce to you my brothers and sisters that we’re officially uploading 4 new songs from our upcoming album tomorrow!!! These songs will be on the new album but they will ALSO be on a special tour edition CD called “10 Years of King Ly Chee” that we will release during our upcoming China tour!!! 好的。。。我们终于想宣布我们新唱片其中四首歌我们明天将会上载!!!这四首歌我们都会放在我们的特别版CD叫“十年” – 这个特别版CD就是我们巡演之前发出的特别版CD!!!

    It’s actually 3 songs。。。可是真的说 – 明天就是三首歌。。。:

    This is Our New Beginning
    We Will Find a Way

    but it also includes the Chinese version of This is Our New Beginning…第四首歌就是This is Our New Beginning的中文版叫“这是我新的开始”

    Ah Ho is finishing up the design of this special edition CD and it looks SOOOOOOO good!!! So proud of this guy for putting so much time and effort to release some high quality CD artwork…我们bass手最近做完了我们特别版CD“十年”的封面!挺好看!!!很期待给你们大家看看!!!

    Our friends in Hot Pot Music in China are releasing this special edition CD and they promise us that the CD’s will be available by the time our tour starts on Dec 18 in Shenzhen!! 这个特别版CD“十年”就是我们挺好朋友中国的唱片公司叫“火锅”发出的!!!他们有答应我们巡演第一站之前会受到!哈哈哈哈。。。挺期待看看“十年”这个CD!!!

    COME BACK HERE TOMORROW TO CHECK OUT THE NEW SONGS!!! (Actually, truth be told…they might be up before Saturday hahahahaha…) 好的!!!大家明天记住上来我们网站听听我们四首新歌!!!(可是,我们可能明天前已经上载了!哈哈哈哈。。。你们需要回来看看。。。)

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