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录好一首歌的鼓FINISHED DRUMS FOR ONE SONG! | King Ly Chee 荔枝王


Yo – so our drummer boy Egas finished recording drums for This is Our New Beginning Saturday night. So congratulations to him for getting the recording rolling FINALLY!!! He started We Will Find a Way but will go back and do it again next weekend…Unfortunately our bro Egas doesn’t actually live in Hong Kong – if he lived here we would definitely be able to finish our album SUPER fast…but he lives in Macau so the only time he can record is when he comes here on the weekends. 前晚我们的鼓手egas录好了我们新唱片的第一首歌:this is our new beginning!!! 恭喜他!!!我们终于开始了我们录音的journey…可惜他不是在香港住。。。他是住在澳门。。。如果他住在香港我们肯定很快会录好我们新唱片。现在我们没办法就等到每个周末才可以录鼓。。。

We’re supposed to be playing a show in Macau on Nov 12 – but the venue that we’re playing at supposedly uses electric drums! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA – electric drums? NO THANK YOU. So we’re trying to find out what the situation is at this bar…if they’ll actually have regular drums and decent guitar amps then we’ll definitely be playing in Macau. Can’t wait to FINALLY be playing in Macau again! We haven’t played since that Hush show in 2006!!! Holy shit…that was a long LONG time ago…我们好像会在十一月十二号将会在澳门演出!!!可是这个产地好像只有电鼓!!!哈哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。我们怎么可能用电鼓演出?!?!?!真奇怪。。。从来没听过这个情况。所以我们还不知道我们是不是真的演出。还等着他们的回答。。。可是,我们很期待终于可以再来澳门演出!上次就是零七年的 hush音乐节。。。已经过了两年没有在澳门演出。。。

Our December China tour is coming soon…we are just waiting to confirm all the dates and then we’ll announce it on our website…我们十二月内地演出的资料很快会通知大家。。。日子和场地还没确定所以需要等多几天。。。

WE CANNOT WAIT TO TOUR CHINA!!!! All our CNHC brothers and sisters please get ready for us!!! We cannot wait to see you all climbing on the stage with us!! 真等不了去内地巡演!!!我自己好像等了太久!!!我们CNHC的兄弟姐妹我们很期待看你们的反应!!!我们想看你们怎么样会爬上台跟我们一起唱,stagedive, mosh, 等等。。。太期待了!!!

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