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  • 厦门演出!!!XIAMEN SHOW

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 28, 2009

    Next show – Xiamen China!!! We can’t wait to get there!!! See you soon in Xiamen!!! 我们下场演出就在厦门!!!真的太期待去一个新地方表演!!!

    Terror show was OFF THE HOOK!!! Hahahahahahahhaha…17 songs from Terror OH MY GOD!!! I was in heaven…driving those guys around all day and hanging out with Terror was so cool…really weird to have these guys in a car with me…but definitely awesome. 刚才Terror的演出太厉害了。。。时期首歌?!?!?我不是骗你们!!!他们的主唱是三十六岁!!!还可以唱时期首歌?!?!?真厉害!!! 他上台两个钟前他离开了场地去了跑步!?!??!?!真的!!! 很厉害。。。

    当天跟他们开车去看山顶然后在车里聊天儿真好。。。有点奇怪因为他们是一个那么大的乐队可是他们跟我们一样就是很爱硬核音乐和文化也很爱音乐。。。在我车里我们一起有听hip-hop, jazz ,hatebreed新cd,等等。。。

    Thank you for coming to the show…we lost a lot of money at this show…but I think everyone in KLC, STW and SFS don’t care!!! It was such a great show with so many great bands that we don’t care we lost money! We had the pleasure of watching a crazy huge hardcore band like Terror!!! 谢谢大家过来支持这场演出。。。我们lost很多钱可是对我们荔枝王,shepherds the weak,和由零开始的人来说,这场演出的loss完全值得的!!!那么厉害的乐队来香港演出真幸运!!! :-)

    I think it is important to mention that we hope everyone heard what Scott from Terror said: “Support your own bands! Support your scene!” We hope lots of people will think clearly about this…we need people to start coming back to King Ly Chee and our other HK bands. We need you to forget about the past and whatever rumors and bullshit people say about King Ly Chee. We need you to remember that at the end of the day, everything this band does is to help and continue to help the future of Hong Kong’s bands. We hope you can remember that, respect that and support us…we have some shows coming up in Hong Kong and we would love to see you all come back for us. It would be incredibly special to us all that something during Terror’s show was able to find that fire back in your hearts that you all once had for King Ly Chee. Come back and support us so we can continue to support others..我觉得一件事真有说。。。Terror的主唱上台的时候说过了“你们全部真需要支持你们自己的乐队,和你们自己的地下社会”。我觉得他这个时候说这个东西是非常有意思。我觉得到时间你们回来支持我们这个乐队。。。你们以前有支持我们,现在我觉得大家需要再主动一下回来支持。我也都觉得现在到时间开始忘记以前的事情,开始看我们一起怎么样可以再团结一下帮我们大家香港地下音乐人的将来。我们真希望你们会用Terror演出的日子给大家和你们自己一个新的开始。

    我们需要团结一下 – 不是就是说“团结” – 是真的主动做出来给大家看。我们将会有一场演出 – 是为尼泊尔的超穹的小孩子。。。希望大家可以过来支持一下。。。

    谢谢你们。。。没有放弃我们香港兄弟姐妹 – 你们真厉害。。。厉害过我们。。。

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  • Terror!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 26, 2009

    With the legends Terror!

    OCT 10 – CWS Rockraiser (INFO:


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  • CHARITY SHOW 十月十号慈善摇滚音乐节(香港)OCT 10

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 23, 2009

    On Oct 10 we have been invited to play an amazing charity show in Hong Kong. We also know that our good friends in HKEMO (Hong Kong Extreme Metal Organization). But we definitely think you guys can come to both shows…Our show for the charity is during the day time from 2pm to 7pm. Then after the show we will also of course attend our friends’ show at HKEMO so you guys can come with us and also go over to watch the metal show. 在十月十号我们很高兴确定了一个非常有意义的音乐节目。在十月十号有个组织叫Child Welfare Scheme安排了一个摇滚音乐的音乐节。。。邀请了几队香港来的乐队还有几队内地来的乐队。他们所挣的钱会给尼泊尔的没享受适当权益的小孩子。。。真感动。。。如果你想看他们的网站了解他们组织的目的请上他们这个网站

    我们也知道我们很喜欢的兄弟 – 另外香港的组织叫HKEMO – 也安排了一个非常厉害的演出。。。也是同一个日子!!!可是我觉得两个演出你们一定可以支持。慈善摇滚音乐节是两点钟开始。我们表演的时间就是六点钟到六点四十五分钟。。。然后你们可以跟我们一起过去参与HKEMO的演出!!!


    我们参加这个慈善的演出因为我觉得这样的行动是最代表硬核的态度。。。用音乐支持一个很有意义的东西。。。我觉得最有力量的音乐就是这样 – 音乐和意义两个一起来给他人享受。。。。

    To me personally, playing charity shows like this where the money goes to benefit the poor underprivileged children of Nepal is the WHOLE reason I got into hardcore in the first place. The connection between music and a great cause…that’s the most important type of music to me…

    So please make that TWO shows that we really need you guys to come support us at所以我们现在有两个演出我们挺需要你们过来支持!!! :-)

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 21, 2009

    Congrats to our brothers in Mensheng for a successful CD release show!!! Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of this special night!!! It was an honor to open for you guys!!! :-) 非常恭喜我们兄弟门生!!!他们前晚cd演出非常顺利!!!真好看也很好玩!!!谢谢他们的邀请让我们做他们开场其中一个乐队!!!跟他们一起来庆祝一个那么有意思的晚上真开心!

    I can’t believe Terror is only 6 days away!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!! 我真不相信。。。只有六天然后到Terror在香港演出!!!

    We are truly expecting all our supporters to come and support in FULLL force at this show! It has been 10 years of hard work, sweat, tears and energy, that we have spent building hardcore in Hong Kong! For me, it feels like it all comes down to this one amazing show this Saturday!!! 现在到时间需要跟大家荔枝王的支持者说一说。。。我们真希望在这一晚上你们全部会过来支持我们荔枝王!!!我们在香港已经花了十年的时间建立 hardcore的文化。。。用了很多心,精力,热情全部放在这个乐队和硬核文化里。。。希望你们全部会过来跟我们一起代表“香港 HARDCORE”!!!支持


    We are playing the following songs我们将会玩这些歌:

    This is Our New Beginning
    土炮 I Belong
    This Song is Our Weapon (新歌New Song)
    Time Will Prove (新歌New Song)

    We need you guys to be there energized, proud and ready to represent hardcore with us!我们需要你们的精力,热情,正面态度。。。一起来唱吧!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 17, 2009

    Yo…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! Next week is Terror…go listen to the song Overcome as soon as possible!!! Memorize the words and get ready to destroy the pit with me and everyone else!!! Lyrics more then sum up any feeling i have…

    My brothers in Beijing Hardcore band Unregenerate Blood has finally uploaded songs from their upcoming CD!!! Go to their website and check them out!!! Show your support!!!


    “Over – overcome
    Every time you spit in my face

    Over – overcome
    Add more weight, I won’t break

    Over – overcome
    Won’t allow myself to be beat

    Overcome, overcome,
    rise back up”

    Sept 26 – Terror LIVE in Hong Kong!!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 14, 2009

    We’re confirmed to be playing at Xiamen Music Festival on Oct 3!!! VERY VERY excited to be going back to Mainland China to be playing a show!!! It’s the week after the Terror show so we are quite a busy band these next few weeks…我们很高兴可以通知大家我们确定了玩厦门的音乐节!!!我们将会在十月三号晚上第一次在厦门演出!!! 这个音乐节是我们跟terror演出之后的礼拜!!!这几个礼拜真忙!:-)

    SAT SEPT 19 – 九月十九号-星期六
    This Sat Oct 19 we’re the support band for our incredibly good friends in Mensheng who are celebrating their CD release this week at Hang Out!!! 这个礼拜六我们是我们兄弟门生的开场乐队!!!他们这个礼拜六会庆祝他们第一张唱片!!!这个演出将会在香港的Hang Out场。。。请上这个网站看多点资料!!!More info about this show for our bros can be found here:

    SAT SEPT 26 – 九月二十六号-星期六
    OPENING FOR TERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 做Terror的开场乐队!!!真开心!!!Holy fucking SHIT…”I am alone…no regret…no shame…so stay the fuck away from me…PUSH IT AWAY!!!” CANNOT WAIT挺期待这场演出!!!Have you bought your tickets yet? 你们买了票没有?!?!… 请上这个网站看多点资料!!!More info here:

    SAT OCT 3 – 十月三号-星期六
    Xiamen Music Festival!!! “海峡音乐节” 厦门音乐节!!!We’re playing an awesome music festival in Xiamen on Oct 3rd and are SUPER SUPER excited to be playing this show with some great other bands. Plus – I love playing shows where the organizers have been super kind and helpful. The organizers of this festival have been so supportive and understanding of us…can’t wait to meet them face to face!!! 不要说了 – 真开心有机会再上内地演出!!!这次是我们第一次去厦门演出!!!没有去过 – 旅游都没有!!!当然有几个原因让我们很期待这场演出!!!可是其中一个原因就是这个音乐节的搞手真有专业感!!!我们这几天跟他们聊天儿真的感觉到他们很支持我们也很尊重我们这个乐队!真想感谢他们的支持。。。很期待见面你们!!!请上这个网站看多点资料!!!More info here:

    So this is our lives for the next few weeks at least…we hope to see you at all of these shows!!!  很期待这几个礼拜的安排。。。希望每场演出都可以看到你们!!! :-)

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  • CNHC 中国硬核

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 12, 2009

    我们的歌叫“CNHC”的MV终于上载了!!!我们兴奋想给大家看看!!!请过去我们的VIDEOS页看看!!!!Our video for the song CNHC is finally up now!! We are so excited for you all to check out the song! Go to our videos page to check it out!!!CLICK HERE

    希望大家可以明白我们这首歌的意思。。。这一首歌的感觉真的是像硬核刚刚开始的味道。。。大家都知道硬核文化就是朋克文化生出来的。。。就是一般人对朋克的非建设的态度不满所以他们开始了另外一种音乐风格叫硬核。。。所以初初硬核乐队都是像一个比较重点朋克。。。可是很明显跟朋克真不同。。。慢慢硬核音乐会变了更加 金属一点。。。可是大家需要明白和接受硬核的历史。。。如果你想了解硬核文化那一定需要明白这个文化的历史。。。We hope everyone understands the point and feel of this song. For a lot of you you won’t be able to follow the lyrics because it’s in Mandarin…but the song is called CNHC for a reason…and the feel of this song is trying to bring back the original feeling of hardcore from when it first began in the 80′s…everyone knows that hardcore was born out of punk rock by a bunch of people who were sick of the destructive attitudes of punk rock…So because we love and are passionate about hardcore, we thought it was about time to write a song that brought back the feeling of those days…Yes, this song sounds a lot more punk/hardcore and that was done on purpose. This is how it all began…and we will always respect the forefathers of this culture that we love!




    CNHC 的歌词就在stage-tube的网站看到了!!!希望大家可以帮我们发给全国家看看!我上面所写的应该都需要给大家看看。。。因为我们很明白有些内地的朋友一听到我们这样的歌会觉得这首歌太朋克。。。哈哈哈哈。。。所以他们需要明白我们只想给多点人了解硬核文化的历史。。。尊重历史。。。尊重自己。。。

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  • MEMBER LEAVING 又有成员决定了离队

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 7, 2009

    So we have some sad news…our bro Ho who joined King Ly Chee around September last year has decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. It comes as a HUGE shock to all of us and we’re all quite confused and sad by his departure. 我们今天有个不开心的消息给大家。。。。我们上年九月份进入乐队的兄弟Ho上个礼拜决定了离队。。。我们全队真很surprise因为没有一个人觉得他会离开这个乐队。。。真的很突然所以我们很confused。 可是他还是我们兄弟所以我们需要尊重他这个决定。他将会做的东西我们全队祝他good luck…

    We wish him well and the best of luck in all his future adventures…

    So now we’re back to where we always are…in limbo. We have 18 songs and Egas wrote a new one that we jammed on last week but now we have no bass player and have no idea what we’re going to do. This whole thing unfortunately pushes the recording of our album back even more which sucks…so now we have to stop and look for a new bass player, and let them learn all the new songs, and let them change what they want to change, we have to get to know this band member, the list goes on…哪我们又到了这个情况 – 又有个成员离队。。。每年都有经历这个东西。。。真奇怪。。。可是没办法。。。我们还没达到我们的目标所以没办法就继续前走。。。哪我们所有的计划要改变了。。。我们以为这两个月里可以开始录音 – 可是现在一定不可能。我们要开始找人,然后给他听我们所有新歌(超过十八首歌),给他机会改歌,习惯这个新人的想法和性格,等等。。。太多东西有准备再做了。。。

    Needless to say, the band will of course continue. Like our friends in Shepherds the Weak said to me when I told them that another band member has decided to quit “You’ll be fine…you guys have been through SO MANY times now. We know you’ll be fine…” 当然我觉得不要再说了 – 我们不会放弃了。。。但是我们真的以为已经找到了荔枝王的最后一个line-up,所以需要几天的时间再想一想发生了什么事。。。可是有些东西不可以“肯定” – 这就是生命。。。

    这时候Terror的歌突然更加有意思The song Always the Hard Way by terror speaks to me even more now。。。

    SONG: Always the Hard Way

    Self raised, self made
    Nothing was ever handed to me
    I tasted pain, the gutter hugged me
    Till I stood up and embraced the flames

    Always pushing, always searching
    Always crossing the line
    Try to hold me back
    I swing the hammer of inner strength

    Always the hard way
    Nothing was never handed to me
    Always the hard way
    You taught me truth, you gave me strength
    I learned everything the hard way

    Helpless and crisis
    Without them you never know better days
    Unsound, self bound
    Cause you never had to fight for anything

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 5, 2009

    LIVE VIDEO: Sept 2009
    BY: Stage Tube

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  • CNHC 中国硬核

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 5, 2009

    LIVE VIDEO: Sept 2009
    BY: Stage Tube

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