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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 21, 2009

    Hahahahaha…this has what’s been playing in my Ipod this past week这个礼拜我ipod就播放这些乐队的音乐 :

    Wu Tang Clan
    Chui Ball Tong
    Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
    Taking Back Sunday (the song “Sink into Me” is a SUPER WELL WRITTEN SONG!! 这是他们最新的唱片。。。他们其中一首歌叫”sink into me”是一个非常好听的歌!做的非常好!)

    But I’m especially high on having Wu Tang Clan serenading me when I go on my daily jogs…hehehehehe…”if you want beef then bring the raucus – Wutang Clan Ain’t Nothing to Fuck Wit”…SOOOOO good hehehehe…可是我最开心听是wu tang clan!!! 哈哈哈哈。。。很久没听过他们的音乐。。。我不知道我为什么突然很想听他们的音乐。。。因为我真的很久没有听。。。可是我这个礼拜跑步的时候最舒服是听他们的音乐跑步。。。

    Last night we celebrated our guitar player Kent’s birthday in Hong Kong!!! Great great night…HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! 前天我们有庆祝我们吉他手kent的生日!!!生日快乐兄弟!!!

    This coming week – new Killswitch Engage, new Set Your Goals, and the best – TRANSFORMERS 2!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! 这个礼拜有新唱片 – killswitch engage, set your goals, 可是最期待是transformers 2!!!!

    And then Alison and I leave HK (THANK GOD!!!) on Friday night for the beautiful world of the Philippines – Cebu and Bohol!!! Can’t wait…a week with Alison anywhere in the world is the best thing in the world..然后这个礼拜五我跟alison会去菲律宾旅游!!!可以再离开香港是一个非常兴奋的事情。。。可是跟alison去什么地方都可以 – 最重要是跟她一起…

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