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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 25, 2009

    Dude – had an insanely long day yesterday…happy it’s WAY over…and excited because today I’m watching the new Transformers movie!!! OH YEAH!!! 昨天的日子太长了。。。很开心昨天已经完了。。。今天我跟我办好朋友将会看最新transformers!!! 太期待了!!!

    So for the past 2 weeks I’ve been running everynight and it is GRUELING! It has been insanely grueling because I keep trying to push myself and run a bit more and pick up mypace. These past 3 days I’ve been doing almost 50 minutes at a good pace so I’m VERY proud of myself! :-) 这两个礼拜我每晚出去跑步。真的很辛苦。。。我每晚就推动我自己跑的再长一个路,然后我慢慢加速度。。。这三天我终于开始跑了差不多五十分钟。三天前我跑了一个小时!

    可是我最开心是我跑的路:Actually, the proudest part is the running route that I have:

    1. Start under my house on Ashley Road 在我家下开始 (亞士厘道)
    2. Run to the Star Ferry (TST of course) 尖沙咀天星码头的方向跑
    3. Run along the harbor passed everything…然后全尖沙咀的海边跑 (我们这里有一条路 - 包括这个挺无聊的“星光大道” - 十分无聊的达到)
    4. Run up the pedestrian walkway that takes you to Hung Hom 然后跑上一个行人天桥向紅磡的方向)
    5. Run along the inner road of the harbor towards the Hung Hom Ferry Pier 在紅磡的海边跑到紅磡码头的方向
    6. Run to the Hung Hom Ferry Pier and then turn around 到了紅磡码头然后转回去尖沙咀天星码头。。。
    7. Do the same route but backwards all the way back to Star Ferry Pier…到了天星码头的便利店买一个挺大瓶水!!!哈哈哈哈。。。。

    I do this all in about 45 minutes!!! Pretty excited about that…even more exciting – I bumped into our old awesome drummer Kevin last night and he has lost CRAZY weight!!! And he said he’s been running along the TST harbor too! hahahahaha…great minds think alike! :-)  我这个路大概四十五分钟左右可以做得到。真的很兴奋!!!昨天晚上我跟alison逛逛的时候撞到我们以前非常厉害的鼓手kevin.我一见到知道他也有减肥!然后他说因为他每晚有跑步!他跑的路跟我差不多!哈哈哈哈。。。可是他跑的时间比我晚很多!大概晚上的三点钟!哈哈哈哈哈。。。

    Yesterday – I fell in love with the Hatebreed album “Rise of Brutality” again…I forgot how good this album was…Great album – awesome simple as fuck lyrics..their lyrics have spoken to me especially this year..我昨天做gym的时候再爱上了hatebreed的舊唱片叫rise of brutality。。。太牛逼了。。。歌词有简单 - 也代表的我的心。especially今年。。。

    So Brian called me yesterday in the afternoon and I could tell he was very excited about something! Hahahahahaha…he started by saying 昨天brian有打电话给我。我一听到他的声音知道很兴奋!:

    “Hey you know a famous Taiwanese singer named 范曉萱。你认识这个台湾的歌手吗 范曉萱?”
    I said, “Nope…never heard of him” 我回答,“没有”
    He then said, “Well he’s a HUGE singer and basically every single HK person knows who he is…” 然后他说,“反正在香港差不多每个人一定听过这个歌手!他是非常出名的。”
    I replied, “Okay” 我说,“哦”
    He then said, “Well the reason I’m telling you about him is that he’s in Hong Kong for some show and he was just doing an interview on the radio. The DJ asked him if he knows any Hong Kong bands. The first band he said was Beyond, then the second band he said was King Ly Chee!!!” 然后他说,“我提他的原因是他现在是在香港宣传的演出。他刚才是电台做个访问。这个电台的主持人有问他 ‘你认识什么香港的乐队?’。然后他有说”我认识beyond………….还有king ly chee”!!!!
    I replied “WHAT?!?!??! That’s pretty cool!!!”我回答,“真的吗?!?!??!?!非常酷!!!”

    I could tell Brian was very proud about this! We were named AFTER Beyond?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! That’s crazy!!! It’s awesome that people outside of Hong Kong know who we are! We haven’t heard our name mentioned on the radio in a very LONG time so that was very nice of this person to name us…我感觉到brian对这件事挺proud. 这代表荔枝王就在他的心里有一个很深的位子。:-) 这个歌手放了我们的名字在beyond之后?!??!!真的很酷!!

    If you read this website (yeah right – hahahahaha), we’re still here after 10 years!!! The players may have changed a million times, but the heart’s the same and like I’ve written in many songs these past 10 years, there’s NO GIVING UP FOR ME NO MATTER WHAT. 范曉萱 – 如果你有看我们这个网站(我知道不可能哈哈哈)那我想告诉你 – 我们还在!!!十年后我们还在!当然成员变了很多次 – 可是这个乐队的态度和目标还没变!!!在我们很多歌词里你可以看我们的最重要一个态度 – 无论如何我们永远不会放弃!


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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 23, 2009

    Yo…13 of us are going to be watching the new and definitely awesome Transformers on Thursday at 9:45pm!!! It is GOING to be awesome for sure!!! FOR SURE!!! To all those of you who don’t see or understand the beauty of Transformers – I only have 2 words for you: YOU SUCK!!! hahahahahahahahaha…just kidding…no really, you suck…just kidding…no, really…You have to all go check out this amazing website .太兴奋了!!!我们十三个兄弟这个礼拜四将会过去看最新的Transformers!!!我真的很期待这部电影!!如果你是一位不觉得transformers的电影有什么特别 – 那我只有一个句子给你们听 – 你是一个笨蛋!!!哈哈哈哈哈。。。就是开玩笑。。。可是我真的觉得你是一位笨蛋。。。哈哈哈。。。再说笑。。。真的。。。笨蛋。。。呵呵呵!

    Here’s an awesome interview with Slayer’s legendary drummer Dave Lombardo…great interview 这里有个非常好看的访问。是跟slayer的鼓手: AWESOME INTERVIEW!!!

    I have been subscribing to news magazines like Time for many many years…I think any singer of a heavy band (especially hardcore) that doesn’t read news-related media (whether that be magazines, newspapers, websites, etc) is SOOOOO weird. What the hell do you write about when you don’t read? How can you present an educated argument when you don’t do any homework to prepare support and evidence for your songs? 好的 – 到了我今天最想说的题目。我真的不知道我怎么可以用中文代表我所想说的事情。。。可是我会尽量试一试。。。

    我这几年订閱本杂志叫Time。。。大家一定听过了这本杂志呢。(可是真的说,我不明白一般在玩重音乐的注音不喜欢看关于世界新闻的书或者网站或者杂志。。。如果你是在一个硬核乐队唱歌你还不看这样的东西?挺奇怪。。。那你的歌通常是关于什么?如果是关于社会的问题那你为什么不会看多点书,等等,拿到多点资料可以支持你的歌的立场?你说话的时或者唱歌的时最重要是有证明支持你所说和唱的东西。。。这样你才有力量改变你想改变的事情。对不起 – 这就是我的看法。你不喜欢我这样说 – 那对不起了。

    反正 – 我为什么提了这件事是因为这期的time杂志是我最喜欢的。。。真的。我从来没有看过一期time比这个好。

    这期他们的重点是在1989年所发生的事。当然 – 一说1989那我们在中国里住的人一定会一定想起一件事。可是,当年还有挺多东西发生!!!全地球真的有非常重要的东西发生!!!

    这期他们有提当年的每一件发生的事!!!真的我看完每一个文章我觉得我的人聪明了一点点!!!:-) 写文章的记者全部是当年还在每个地方的人。。。挺好看。。。他们说见过的东西 -挺有意思。。。

    1989 – 20 Years Ago, The World Changed

    Anyway, this latest issue of Time magazine is the best issue I have read EVER. The entire issue is about all the events that took place in 1989. Of course when we all think about 1989 the main incident that comes to mind is what happened in Beijing. But, we all forget the many MANY other things that happened all over the world that same year!!! And this issue of Time talks about every single incident that took place all over the world and the articles are written by people who were actually THERE!!!

    Honestly, with every article I read in this issue, I felt myself get that much more smarter, and definitely more cultured and educated…it’s a great feeling. If you have a chance – then go get this issue…the issue is called – 1989 – 20 Years Ago, The World Changed.

    Damn – now I have to translate all that…shit.

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 21, 2009

    Hahahahaha…this has what’s been playing in my Ipod this past week这个礼拜我ipod就播放这些乐队的音乐 :

    Wu Tang Clan
    Chui Ball Tong
    Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
    Taking Back Sunday (the song “Sink into Me” is a SUPER WELL WRITTEN SONG!! 这是他们最新的唱片。。。他们其中一首歌叫”sink into me”是一个非常好听的歌!做的非常好!)

    But I’m especially high on having Wu Tang Clan serenading me when I go on my daily jogs…hehehehehe…”if you want beef then bring the raucus – Wutang Clan Ain’t Nothing to Fuck Wit”…SOOOOO good hehehehe…可是我最开心听是wu tang clan!!! 哈哈哈哈。。。很久没听过他们的音乐。。。我不知道我为什么突然很想听他们的音乐。。。因为我真的很久没有听。。。可是我这个礼拜跑步的时候最舒服是听他们的音乐跑步。。。

    Last night we celebrated our guitar player Kent’s birthday in Hong Kong!!! Great great night…HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER! 前天我们有庆祝我们吉他手kent的生日!!!生日快乐兄弟!!!

    This coming week – new Killswitch Engage, new Set Your Goals, and the best – TRANSFORMERS 2!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! 这个礼拜有新唱片 – killswitch engage, set your goals, 可是最期待是transformers 2!!!!

    And then Alison and I leave HK (THANK GOD!!!) on Friday night for the beautiful world of the Philippines – Cebu and Bohol!!! Can’t wait…a week with Alison anywhere in the world is the best thing in the world..然后这个礼拜五我跟alison会去菲律宾旅游!!!可以再离开香港是一个非常兴奋的事情。。。可是跟alison去什么地方都可以 – 最重要是跟她一起…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 19, 2009

    OH MY GOD!!! If you are a TRUE fan of metal then you HAVE to watch this DVD!!! This is a DVD following Iron Maiden when they want their HUGE world tour where the singer actually flew the plane that took them from stop to stop!!! (Hence the name Flight 666)…大家爱金属音乐的兄弟姐妹需要马上去看Iron Maiden的最新DVD!!! 这DVD是关于他们最新全地球的巡演!!!他们巡演的时候是他们的注音Bruce Dickinson开飞机!!!从一个占到第二个站都是开飞机!!!

    I just can’t believe how HUGE this band is…of course I knew they were huge…when I first got into them I was a 12 year old little kid and just wanted to listen to some good metal…and they were the best at the time to me. Now I listen back to all their stuff and I can’t believe just HOW GOOD THEY WERE!!! There’s still no metal/melodic band that is better then Iron Maiden in my eyes…我真的不相信这个乐队是那么大!!!当然我十二岁的时候第一次听他们的唱片我已经知道他们是金属音乐里面其中一个最厉害的乐队。可是你看这个dvd的时候你真的不相信他们有那么多人也支持他们!!!你还有记得他们从来没有一个主流电台节目支持他们的音乐和乐队。。。所以他们有那么多歌迷是因为这般支持者是真的支持这个乐队的音乐!!!非常好的感觉 因为我也是其中一个Iron Maiden的支持者!!! UP THE IRONS!!!

    To think that that this band got so big without ever being played on mainstream radio or TV is just unbelievable…

    You all HAVE to watch this DVD ASAP!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 18, 2009

    So I finally watched this movie…我昨天终于看了这部电影。。。

    I had to brace myself before I watched it. I actually had to sit down and be mentally prepared for all the things that I was about to see. I read “The Rape of Nanjing” many many years ago and in that book I had to put it down MANY times because of all the horrible things that happened to the poor Chinese people of this city…The book was written in such graphic detail that it scared me from continuing to read the book. But to better understand history, we can’t run away from what happened so I built up the courage and continued to read the book. 看这部电影之前我用了一点儿时间准备我自己。我有准备我自己的心态因为我已经听了不少人说这部电影的镜头是非常非常清楚。。。我几年前有看了一本书叫 “The Rape Of Nanjing”。。。这本书是非常非常恐怖。我看这本书的时候差不多有嘔几次。。。这个那么恐怖的事情怎么可以发生?!?!有时候我真的不想继续看这本书。。。可是如果我们要学东西,学怎么做好人,那我们不可以隐瞒很敏感的事情。。。所以我有force自己继续看。

    I needed to do the same thing as I watched this movie. Every few minutes I would look at the clock hoping that that movie was almost over…but it kept going…我看这部电影跟我那本书一样需要force自己继续看。没几分钟我会看着我的钟希望这部电影只有多几分钟然后完了。。。可是没有。。。过了一个很恐怖的镜头又到另外一个恐怖的镜头。。。

    I think just like all the movies made about the holocaust, this is another movie that everyone SHOULD watch to better understand the evil that transpired in Nanjing. 我觉得跟“大屠杀”的电影一样 – 全世界有看“南京南京”。。。全世界有看这个时候在这个城市发生了什么恐怖的东西。。。

    The evil that is inherent in all human beings is really scary….这个地球的涉恶的人真的太多了。。。很恐怕现代应该还有很多一样那么涉恶的人。。。这样的事会不会再发生呢?可是已经有了 – 近几年前在非洲的国家叫盧安達…

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  • GUANGZHOU, NEXT STOP CEBU and BOHOL!!! 玩完广州!下一站菲律宾的海滩城市:宿霧和保和島!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 17, 2009

    Alison and I had a GREAT time in Guangzhou this past weekend…we went there especially to go shopping in Guangzhou’s wholesalers market where things are cheap AS HELL and they have million and millions of things out there. She managed to walk away with quite a few jems so that was great. Other then that, of course we had to go up to EAT!!! And eat what you might ask? Xin Jiang Cai!! We ate there the first night with our bro He Hee and his girlfriend. That was awesome…good food good company…我跟我女朋友上个周末去了广州玩几天。。。我们的目的就是去广州的批发市场!!!挺大!!!比北京的大很多!!!他们这边的东西挺多。。。价钱挺低。。。她买了很多衣服所以这个经验对她来说真的不错!!!我们的兄弟hee hee有带我们去批发市场。去广州当然需要吃东西了!!吃什么东西?你认识的活你知道 – 一定是吃新疆菜!!!我们第一个晚上去了吃新疆菜。。。挺好。。。挺饱!!!哈哈哈哈。。。吃完了我们去了荔湾区的沙面。。。dude…这里是十分好看也很舒服。。。这边的建筑全部很舊的。我很喜欢的建筑所以见到全一区都是这样 – 我是挺开心。。。

    Next week – Alison and I are going back to the Philippines and hanging out in Cebu and Bohol!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! I just hope it’s not raining the whole time we’re there…but we’re on the beach so even if it rains it’ll still be fine…我很期待下个礼拜!!!我跟alison会去菲律宾的两个海滩城市:宿霧和保和島。我已经上了很多网站看这两个地方有什么好玩。。。太多了!!!很多水上玩的东西。。。

    Hong Kong news – we’re finally practicing this weekend!!! Not just one or two of us – but the WHOLE BAND!!! Woohoo!!! Got Egas’ MSN message yesterday very simply written like this “THIS WEEKEND!” hahahahahahaha…can’t wait to see everyone again! :-) 香港新闻:我们这个周末终于会排练!!!我们去菲律宾巡演之后没有排练过!!!很期待再看到荔枝王的成员。。。

    Now – I have been following this Mui Wo rehab school issue for the past week and I have very mixed feelings about it. My first reaction is that the people of Mui Wo who are complaining about this school being moved there as being very unsupportive, uncaring, unkind, to these poor kids who are hooked on drugs and NEED a place where they can rehabilitate themselves and then one day enter society again. But these poor kids are probably listening to all these Mui Wo residents complaining and wondering if society hates them. 我这几天有跟着这个在梅窩开一个吸毒人員康復中心。这边的市民是非常反对开这个中心。。。他们的道理是他们自己的学校已经太多小朋友了 – 他们这边需要多一点普通的学校。可是昨天的新闻说其实这边的本地的学生真的不是很多。政府那么少数量的学生不值得开一个普通学校为了那么少的学生。

    The news has mentioned that the residents’ main complaint is that their schools are already overcrowded and they want the government to open a school for the RESIDENTS first before they open this school to rehabilitate drug addicts. But then yesterday’s newspaper says that the actual number of people who attend schools in Mui Wo is such a small number that it doesn’t make sense to open a school for them.

    我就是觉得我们这个”公众”和“社会”的意思没有了。。。这边的市民应该有想一想这个中心是服务谁?这个中心是服务香港的年轻人。。。这般年轻人开始吸毒然后不会放弃这个毒品 - 他们最需要是我们大家的支持帮他们找办法放弃这样的生活。所以他们需要一个这样的地方。。。他们可以在这里过几年然后一天可以再返回社会!这样的事情是一个非常有意义的事情。。。大家应该有欣然接受这个机会帮他人 - 帮下一时代的年轻人。。。这般年轻人可能已经经历过很多不好的事情为了他们这个吸毒的问题。。。可能他们的家人已经放弃了他们或者社会里的人也已经放弃了他们。。。如果他们没有什么希望 - 我怕他们会怎么样再或者?没有一个东西推动他们继续生活。。。

    这就是我的想法。。。如果你们不同意,当然没有问题。。。我们这里有言论自由 - 你们想说什么就说。。。当然最好听的意见通常是成熟的意见 - 有看过新闻,有看过其他网站,有读过书,才建立你自己的意见。因为这样才是一个成熟人的方法想一想东西。。。
    The point is that this whole feeling of “community” seems lost in today’s society. We no longer think of our neighbors or other citizens as part of a “community” that we should be ready to help and look out for. These poor children who are addicted to drugs need our help…they’ve probably been shunned from their families, have been looked down at by society, and we need to do all we can to help them through this turbulent time, provide them with the skills they need in order to be able to rejoin society later on…

    Those are my thoughts….

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 12, 2009

    So suddenly schools closed yesterday so we had to quickly say goodbye to the children…Wasn’t a very sad day because I’ve got a very exciting 2 years coming up at HKIS so I’m excited about all of that…I’ll see most of these kids next year anyway since I’m also moving up to the first grade…昨天突然我们全港的幼儿园停了因为这个猪病毒。。。今天应该是我们跟小朋友的最后一天。。。但是我不是不开心 -因为我明学年有个很兴奋新的位子。。。很多今年的小朋友我明年都会见到。。。

    Tomorrow my girlfriend and I are going up to Guangzhou!!! Can’t wait to spend a few days there and eat Xinjiang cai!!! :-) See you in GZ my friends!!! 明天我跟alison会上去广州玩几天!!!很兴奋再可以上去。。。希望我会见到我的广州的兄弟!!!

    If you’re into good legendary punk/hardcore then check out the player below…it’s a bunch of bands covering a legendary punk/hardcore band called Kid Dynamite…they were such an awesome band!如果你想听一对很有历史的punk/hardcore乐队你们马上听下面的link…就是一对叫Kid Dynamite…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 10, 2009

    Overthrown is a KICK ASS Singaporean hardcore band that plays hardcore in the vein of Strife. Strife to me is one of the best 90′s era hardcore bands and to know there’s a band in Asia that is greatly influenced by them is AWESOME! hehehehe…Overthrown是一对非常牛b的硬核乐队。。。他们是从星加坡来的 – 我们好像在2004年左右有跟他们演过出。。。如果你们喜欢九十年代Victory Records那些硬核 – 你们一定会挺喜欢这个乐队!!! (他们很像Strife!!! 我挺喜欢Strife!!!)

    They’ve released an album and you can hear songs from this album on their myspace 他们刚才出了他们新唱片 – 你们可以上他们的myspace听听:

    Tonight – Bridged takes over HK at The Wanch! Come support young dudes in an awesome Hong Kong hardcore band!!! 9pm…今天晚上我们香港硬核乐队Bridge会在湾仔演出。。。酒吧叫The Wanch – 他们会在九点钟左右演。

    China will now require all computers sold inside China to come with software that will block websites… :-( That is so sad…it is so sad that a government is so scared that it’s people will find information on the internet that will influence them. Maybe info about VIIV, or other corruption, or other people in China who are also angry or upset about things. 内地的政府现在会开始要求所有内地里卖的电脑点装一个软体。。。这个软体会堵很多内地人上很多网站。。。我觉得这个是一个非常差的事情。。。我也是一听到就觉得很不开心。。。内地的政府为什么那么怕他们自己的市民?他们怕什么呢?在网页上有什么资料他们不想他们市民看呢?如果他们的市民看到 – 会有什么问题呢? 除非有些资料会代表政府的错和孵化和缺点。。。。所以不像市民看得到。

    一天内地的政府会不怕他们的市民。。。一到那天 – 全内地的同胞终于可以享受我们香港所有的自由。。。

    One day the Chinese government won’t be scared of it’s own people…that’s the day where Chinese people in China will FINALLY have all the freedoms that we enjoy in HK.

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 8, 2009

    Yes!!! This is my last week as a full-time TA!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! WOOHOO!!! Starting next school year I will be a half-time teacher and a half-time TA…needless to say I am SUPER excited about it…非常开心。。。这个礼拜是我最后做专职TA的位子。。。我明年的学年(今年的八月开始)我会开始我新的位子 – 就是一般专职老师,一般专职ta…我等了很久!!!挺开心终于到这一天。。。

    But what I’m excited about is that KLC right now has 15 new songs…oh my GOD…of course some of these songs have been sitting around for a couple years now…but since we’ve got Egas, Ho and Ken in the band – the energy to write more stuff has been coming out of nowhere…可是最开心的事是我们荔枝王已经有了十五首新歌!!!十五首!!!我们现在等我们的兄弟egas考完试然后我们可以正式开始录音!!!

    Honestly, I miss these bastards…we don’t see each other and I personally haven’t even been in the bandroom since BEFORE we went to the Philippines! Holy shit!!! That’s a LONG ASS time ago!!! But I don’t want to go up until both Egas and Ken are back and so we can finally rock out with the FULL King Ly Chee…我很想荔枝王的成员。。。我从去菲律宾之后还没上过我们的band房。。。我想等到全队可以排练才会上去。。。

    So anyway…Killswitch Engage has released a video of their newest song…this song is CRAZY POP!!! hahahaha…there’s nothing metal about it at all I think. But you know what? Who fucking cares!!! This is such a great song – and honestly, I don’t listen to Killswitch Engage for my moshing needs – I listen to Killswitch Engage for this INSANELY good choruses. And yes, this song has an AMAZING chorus…the song is called “Starting Over” (pretty damn emo…hehehehe…)…good song though!!! Killswitch Engage上载了他们新手流行歌 – 哈哈哈哈。。。不是流行歌,我就是觉得挺像一首在电台一定可以拨的一首个。。。可是虽然没有什么metal的风格 – 这首歌真的是非常好听。。。他们每次做的chorus是挺好听。。。你们可以上这个link看他们的最新MV:

    Okay – so our young little bros who are quickly becoming the next generation torch bearers of Hong Kong Hardcore hahahahaha…Bridged are playing a show this Wednesday at The Wanch!!! Seeing that they’re actually too young to be allowed into The Wanch – we all have to go there and support this young hardcore band!!! :-) See you all there on Wednesday!!!我们的兄弟香港硬核乐队Bridged这个礼拜三在一个酒吧叫wanch将会演出。虽然他们的成员还没到十八岁!哈哈哈哈哈。。。大家支持hardcore的朋友一定有过去支持下!!! :-)


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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 5, 2009

    No…not for as long as I live will I forget last night…我永远不可以忘昨天晚上的行动。。。

    I will tell my children and their children that I was there when 150,000 people took part in an emotional and memorable candlelight vigil. 我一定会跟我将来的儿女说和跟他们的儿女说 – 你的爸爸有去过参加这个那么感动和激动的一晚。。。Macau also had one!!! 澳门也有一个活动!!!挺开心看到在多一个中国里面的城市会有这样的行动。。。 There are pictures of the Macau event online as well!!! That is wonderful that Macau also had an event commemorating this incident…

    Later on that night I had a great conversation with my brother Joe in Mensheng…this event has led both of us to think of SO MANY things…


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