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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 31, 2009

    Yes, all my friends know that I am not a big fan of Hong Kong anymore. Especially not like I used to be…我们最近的朋友知道我最近对香港没有什么好的感觉。我以前对香港的爱情差不多没有了。。。今年是更加幸苦的一年。。。

    This week – I have especially NOT been a fan of this city. I really truly believe that 2009 is the year where all of Hong Kong’s crazy, lunatic, mentally unbalanced, psychiatric patients, are coming out in full force. 这个礼拜的很恐怖的事情让我更加觉得香港真的有病。有一个很深的病。。。我觉得不能治到。。。今年所有精神病的人出来了。。。大家小心一点儿。。。

    You should all have heard about the horrible tragic incident that happened 3 days ago. This incident involved a 3 year old boy being chopped to death by an insane man who got into an argument with this little poor innocent boy’s father. The fact that this cold-blooded killer was recently released from psychiatric care and living in Hong Kong free – drives me CRAZY!!! Where are the regular checkups on these people? What is the government doing to make sure these people are still getting some sort of help?!?!?! 你们应该已经听过了几天前的挺恐怕的新闻。。。有个三岁的小孩给一个精神病的打死。。。不是打死 – 这个精神病的人用了挺大的刀捣碎这个小孩。。。真的很恐怕。。。这个杀手是最近是精神病医院出来的。。。我想知道他出来之后政府安排的什么东西检查他的进步? 这个精神病的人有收到怎么样的服务?

    My heart goes out to this poor little boy…may his soul rest in peace in heaven. 希望願这个小孩安息。。。

    This is the year that we should all be careful…all the mentally unstable people are out amongst us…we’ve got one idiot on a radio station, we’ve got cold blooded killers, we’ve got people throwing acid off of the top of buildings in mong kok…we live in a crazy city that seems to breed crazies. 我觉得今年大家需要小心一点。。。在香港里面好像很多精神病的人突然出来了。。。我们已经有一个挺精神病的人在香港那么小的地下音乐圈里面破坏这个社会,我们有这样的冷血的杀手,从高大厦有人丢了酸在下面的很忙的街头。。。我们的城市今年好像疯了。。。

    God help us all…

    The only thing I’m going to do today is finally that book by Zhao Zi Yang…I cannot WAIT to read this book. 今天我只有一个事情我要做。。。出去买赵紫阳的书。。。我挺期待看着本书。。。最近已经出了中文本版。。。。

    See you all on Thursday at Victoria Park…VIIV。。。星期四晚上在铜锣湾见大家! 毋忘VIIV!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 27, 2009

    Dude…this past week I have written 3 songs and I’m going crazy listening to these damn things…one of the songs the rest of the guys weren’t very impressed so they gave me a huge challenge to fix that damn thing – and last night I was finally able to fix it and it sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! I literally JUST sent it to those guys to see what they think!!!

    When this album finally comes out you guys will be so excited to hear it! (those of you in HK probably don’t care if it comes out or not so my last sentence wasn’t intended for you)…To me it just seem like we’re taking the song writing back to actual SONGS…not just a million parts put together with no flow etc…to me a true song can stand the test of time…and I think that’s the direction we’re heading in…

    Can’t wait to get in the studio and recording all this shit!!! To hear Egas beat the shit out of the drums on these songs is going to be amazing!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 25, 2009

    These past few weeks after coming back from performing in the Philippines and Guangzhou – I have been feeling insanely bored!!! I miss playing man – I miss being on stage! (I do not however miss playing in places that don’t give a shit about us.) These past few days all I do is wonder when our next shows in Guangzhou and the Philippines are going to be!!! 我这几个礼拜每天会想一想我们什么时候再有机会演出!!!什么时候再有机会去广州和菲律宾演出。。。我真的很想演出。。。

    Then this weekend we had a good time hanging out with Egas and friends again…I haven’t seen my band members in like 2 weeks so it was AWESOME to finally see them all again! Kent didn’t come though so Kent if you’re reading this – I’m going to kick your ass for not coming!!! :-) We all miss you dude! 这个周末我终于有见荔枝王的成员。。。我们差不多两个礼拜没有见面!!!挺想他们!就是kent哥没有来 – 快点儿过来了kent哥!! 哈哈哈哈。。。

    I can’t wait to watch that new movie about an area in HK called Tin Shui Wai. Sounds horrific…a very sad story – the movie is based on a true story…我很期待去看新电影关于香港一个地方叫“天水围”。。。这个电影是关于一个很恐怕的真故事。。。

    No – I’m not going to bitch about the rain…we all need rain every now and then…suck it up我知道很多人有投诉下雨。。。可是我不会。。。我们大家需要一点点雨。。。.

    I love all these discussions about 46 going on throughout Hong Kong. And only with these constant conversations and discussions, will this incident NEVER be forgotten..。每天看报纸和新闻知道很多人有说46的题目!!!我每次看到这个我会很兴奋因为我觉得每次有这样的对话才可以永远记住这个event…今年是二十周年。。。

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 21, 2009

    It’s our lovely little bro Egas’ birthday today!!! Happy birthday homie!!! Hope you have an awesome day and an awesome year – of course you will since you’re playing with KLC now! hahahahaha…

    See you Saturday bro!!! It’s going to rain so I think we’ll need a change of plans!!!


    I’d like to know SERIOUSLY – what the hell happened to the band Bury Your Dead? After releasing such a good album called Cover Your Tracks – everything else they’ve released after fucking SUCKS!!! They just released a new song from their upcoming new album and it’s HORRIBLE!!!

    I don’t understand this whole discussion about the new road that’s going to be constructed in Central on the reclaimed land. What is the point of this road when in a few years this road will ALSO become congested? The point shouldn’t be to allow for more cars to be comfortable – but to encourage LESS cars to be on the road. The goal should be the environment and building a system that allows for less cars to come in during peak hours and build up infrastructure so efficient and convenient that people realize that they don’t need to drive in HK at all – our MTR, bus system is one of the best in the world! You can practically go door to door without ever needing a car.

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 20, 2009

    This is a pretty amazing video…this is one of the reasons I fell in love with punk and hardcore many many years ago – because each song was expressing an important message that would make you THINK. Punk/hardcore to me was NEVER about TELLING people what to think – but presenting information in music or lyrics that would allow the listener to make some opinions of their own. Rise Against刚才出了新的MV. 我看这个MV知道会记得我那么多年前为什么爱上了punk/hardcore这个文化。在punk/hardcore文化里面每首歌有个意义想告诉大家。每首歌的意思不是影响你们应该怎么想 – 一定不是。。。每首歌的音乐和歌词的题目就是给你们机会自己想一想。。。然后建设你自己的意见。

    Good song…please read the explanation of what this song is about – try to follow the lyrics…very well written song…这首歌很有意思。。。你看他们的MV留意下他们的歌词。。。写的非常好:

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  • NEW VIDEO!!! 新短片!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 18, 2009

    Just uploaded a new video from our show in Guangzhou!!! This is for the Chinese version of the song called “Unite Asia”! Check it out here or go to our VIDEOS page。。。我刚才上载了我们另外一个在广州演出的短片。。。这次是我们的个亚洲起义的短片。。。希望大家可以帮我们发给全地球支持中国硬核的朋友们!:

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 15, 2009

    Here are some great photos of some of our most recent shows 我们最近很厉害的演出当然是在菲律宾和我们最爱的城市 – 广州。我们这里有上载了几个照片。广州的照片需要谢谢一个人叫”yellow”!谢谢你那么快发这些照片给我们:

    Cavite, Philippines菲律宾: WE LOVE THE PHILIPPINES!
    Guangzhou, China广州,中国: WE LOVE GUANGZHOU!!!

    I bought the new Earth Crisis and Hatebreed’s cover album For the Lions yesterday. 我昨天买了earth crisis和hatebreed的新全cover的CD. 两个是非常牛b! BOTH are awesome!!! Earth Crisis的第一手歌就是一首straight edge歌!!! :-) 当然我挺开心了。。。 Earth Crisis comes off on the first album with the first song being a fiery straight edge song! Hell yeah!!! :-) Good shit…Here’s an interview with Earth Crisis’ guitar player这里有个访问。这个访问是跟earth crisis的吉他手: GIVE ME EARTH CRISIS

    Speaking of straight edge – so we found out from Have Heart when they were in GZ and HK last week that after this whole big world tour they were actually going to break up. But I didn’t want to say anything on our website. But they have finally announced it on websites all over the world so I can say it now. Their last show is October this year…如果我们说straight edge – 这几年只有不多的乐队宣传这个生活法式 – 最大的乐队应该是Champion和Have Heart. 上个礼拜我们跟Have Heart巡演的时候他们有通知他们玩完这个全球的巡演他们的乐队就完了。可是当时他们还没有通知全球所以我也不放这个消息在我们的网站。可是昨天很多其他website开始通知这个消息了 – 所以我现在可以说咯哦。他们今年的十月会玩他们最后一场演出。


    Nice guys…I’m sure most of them will turn up in brand new bands soon…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 14, 2009

    Brian found a link to an interview that King Ly Chee did in the Philippines by our good friend Keith (Thought Market)! I forgot about this interview and I actually don’t remember the interview being that long! I kind of remember it now – but I had taken so much medicine earlier that day that I had no idea what I was saying and if I was even making sense. Thank god watching this interview back now – it seems that I was making some sense! :-) Keith did a great job editing the interview!!! Really quite touching watching it back…I just wish he was on the road with us to the other shows!!! That would’ve been AWESOME!!! 昨天Brian找到了我们在菲律宾做的访问。我忘了我们有做过这个访问。可能是因为我当天下午突然生病了所以我吃了很多药因为我想马上可以好。。。做访问的时候我还有很病的感觉。反正菲律宾那边他们已经上载了这个访问。 我看完真的觉得很感动。。。他们剪得短片剪得挺好。。。


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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 13, 2009

    Damn man – I’m missing the KLC dudes already! hahahaha…these past two weeks has been on crazy long time of getting to know each other and just realizing that these members can actually work and get along! FINALLY – nothing like being in a band with people that you actually LIKE and enjoy being around.

    Photos of the HK show are up here: CLICK HERE!

    But I want to see photos from the Guangzhou show!!! 如果人拍我们在广州演出的照片请发给我们看看!!!我很想看广州演出的照片。。。当晚真的太难忘。。。.

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 12, 2009

    I’ve uploaded a video of one of our songs that we played at the unbelievable guangzhou show. The song is the Chinese version of “Promise”. Watching this video over and over again moved me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined…thank you Guangzhou…THANK YOU!!!



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