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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 30, 2009

    LIVE VIDEO: Apr 30, 2009
    BY: Shun

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 29, 2009

    For all those who live in the Philippines – here’s ALL the information you need for our upcoming Philippines tour!!! CLICK HERE!!!

    It is quite insane just how many people have come together to help us organize this tour…UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thank you so much to all of these people…it’s so crazy to think that all these people in a different country will come together to help a small band from China!!! That truly is such a special community you guys have in the Philippines…we used to have that once upon a time in Hong Kong – but that vibe is dead and buried. (Good job assholes! You know who you are.)

    Unfortunately, we come back to HK on Sunday. But only to get the fuck out of here on Saturday May 9th to play the most passionate South China city – GUANGZHOU!!! SEE YOU SOON TOO!!!

    Okay…I almost was going to say to our HK friends “See you soon” – but we don’t have any HK friends. The only HK friends we have are pretty much ALL coming with us on this tour! hahahahaha…Shepherds the Weak is coming with us and are going to be our roadies! hahahaha…funny shit man!!!

    Guangzhou, Olongapo, Cavite, Manila – SEE YOU ALL IN A FEW HOURS!!!

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  • WE LEAVE TOMORROW!!! 就是明天出发!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 28, 2009

    God…all I want to do is be on tour NOW!!! Urgh…天啊!!我只想巡演啊!!!为什么我还在香港呢?!??!!

    Watching the new As I Lay Dying DVD…honestly, it’s frickin’ awesome. It’s 3 discs and the first one is a HUGE extensive look at their history. As I Lay Dying is one metal band that has gone through 100 members changes JUST LIKE KING LY CHEE!!! HAHAHAHAHA…so I have a new found respect for As I Lay Dying! They’ve persevered through millions of changes because they believe in their band. Of course selling over 1,000,000 millions albums helps keep your belief alive! hahahaha…我昨天看了as i  lay dying的新dvd. 真的不错 – 比hatebreed的dvd好看很多!!!我看as i lay dying的dvd的时候最开心的事情是看到这个metal乐队欢乐挺多成员!跟我们一样!!!哈哈哈哈哈。。。挺好笑!!!起码看到坚持真有用。。。可是当然他们的分别是 卖了超过1,000,000cd 可以鼓励他们继续他们的乐队!哈哈哈。。。


    Philippines…we’re only playing these OLD songs so learn them and go fucking CRAZY: Unite Asia….and at the smaller shows we’re playing Promise. THAT’S IT!!! When we get there and let you hear and feel our new shit – you’ll understand why we have NO interest in playing the old stuff! :-)

    So I checked Records Rendezvous to see how many tickets we’ve sold for our upcoming Have Heart/King Ly Chee show in Hong Kong. Keeping in mind that we haven’t played back in our so-called “hometown” since April 08 – I didn’t think that ticket sales were going to be this funny! :-) We have sold a grand total of 3 tickets so far! Hehehehehe…the funniest part is that we’re going to Manila in 2 days to perform in front of 24,000 people, and then one week later we’re coming back to Hong Kong to play in front of maybe 10 people! :-) A show’s a show! 我昨天打电话给了一个cd店。我有问他们我们将会在香港演出的票卖了怎么样?因为我们从上年的四月没有在香港演出所以我自己以为可能起码有几十个人来看吧。可是我打电话问问他的时候他很紧张跟我说 “对不起riz – 就卖了三张”。。。。哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。我觉得挺好笑! :-) 最好笑是我们后天是去菲律宾在二万多人面前演出然后下个礼拜回来我们的“家”可能就是十个人面前演出!真好笑!:-) 可是演出就是演出 – 对我来说,一个人在或者一万人在没有什么分别 – 都是一个机会玩我们想玩的音乐!:-) 我真的很想知道这三个人是谁 – 很想打电话给他们感谢他们的支持。虽然可能是他们就是想看have heart! 哈哈哈哈。。。可是都要说谢谢。

    Good times baby…good times!

    PHILIPPINES and GUANGZHOU!!! 菲律宾和广州的兄弟姐妹很快再见到你们!!!SEE YOU SOON!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 27, 2009

    Oh my god…SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! We leave to tour the Philippines in 3 days!!! I don’t need to tell you I’m sure but we’re SOOOOOOOOO crazy excited to be leaving HK to be playing 3 shows in the Philippines!!!

    To all our brothers out there – we’ll see you soon!!! Piledriver, Intolerant, Typecast, Sin, Kjwan – can’t wait to see you all AGAIN!!!

    I’m going to keep this short because I really need to TRY to sleep…it’s going to be impossible to go to sleep because I am too excited…it’s crazy…CRAZY!!!

    Actually – I wish all I had to do with my life was tour. Playing shows every night – playing your music that you believe in…I wish I could just do that…

    APR 24, 2009: TOUR TOUR TOUR TOUR巡演巡演巡演!!!

    This time next week we’ll be on tour in the Philippines!!! Philippines has quickly become one of my favorite places to perform in Asia!!! The support we get there is incredible and of course we’re so grateful, especially me because it’s such an awesome feeling to know that after we’ve been doing this for so long – there STILL are places in the world who really appreciate us. Our shirts SHOULD be ready before we leave – we’re just checking up on them now. 下个礼拜就是我们菲律宾的巡演!!!挺期待再有这个就会去菲律宾巡演。。。他们那边的摇滚音乐的情况和环境是挺理想的。。。我们所有香港乐队应该过去那边看看和感觉到他们的环境 – 他们怎么样接受摇滚音乐的文化。。。是因为他们的对摇滚音乐很热情所以他们每一个菲律宾人玩音乐的时候是挺好。。。真的他们很厉害。。。

    Here is the T-Shrit design and we’ll be selling it for 200 PESOS only!!! (That is COST price – we are not making a dollar from any of these shirts!!!) There are 4 colors of this design – blue/yellow, black/white, maroon/yellow, army green/yellow!!!菲律宾的朋友们!!!这个是我们新印的t-shirt!!! 我们出卖的价钱就是我们成本的价钱 – 我们一块钱都不会挣!!!SEE YOU SOON!!!:

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 22, 2009

    So finally – I understand why most people in HK can’t stand Jackie Chan. For years I had no idea why so many of my local HK friends didn’t like him – even Alison can’t STAND him (she actually refuses to watch any movies that he stars in). 我终于明白了为什么我很多本地香港的朋友恨成龙。我很久已经不明白他们这个感觉 (我女朋友从来没有陪我看他的电影 – 她拒绝看成龙的电影)。

    This past week he has been in the news everyday because of the stupidest thing I think anyone could ever say about Chinese people. He has told the world that he thinks Chinese people “need” to be controlled – and he said “I don’t know whether it is better to have freedom or to have no freedom”. Only an idiot who has NEVER EVER lived in a world where all his freedoms are restricted – his freedom of speech is restricted, where websites are restricted, where people are terrified to speak against the government, where people who have differing views of the government are taken away in the middle of the night, where when any “sensitive dates” come – then certain people in the country’s houses are guarded so these people can’t come outside…成龙几天说的东西对我来说是挺失望!他怎么可能说那么无知的东西?中国人不想要自由?中国人需要给政府控制?你说什么!!!你住在这个地球其中最有自由的城市 (在这个城市你可以反对政府,你可以出去叫人“下台”,什么自由都有) – 你有经验说那么笨蛋的东西吗?你当然没试过住在一个很没有自由的地方 – 一个地方给政府block什么什么网站,一个地方你不能批评政府,一个地方你不能出去抗议社会的问题和政府所做错的事情,一到很敏感的日子给政府和秘密警察限制什么什么人的运动。

    You live in one of the freest cities in the world! In Hong Knog we are free to do anything we want! We are free to make the comments we want, criticize the government, protest on the streets, without the fear of being jailed!

    You know nothing. Shame on you for making such stupid comments. Who do you think you are that you think YOU represent an ENTIRE race of people? CHI SIN! 我真的不明白他所说的。。。他还说大家误会了他的意思。可以吗?我也想知道你的意思是什么。

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 21, 2009

    So our little friend named Peggy was at our little secret show and she filmed only one song…Out of all the songs we played, she conveniently filmed Unite Asia! :-) So here’s the clip of it…yes ladies and gentlemen – this show took place in our little bandroom…and we had a GREAT time…what else do you need in life besides music and good friends? The only thing I was missing was my beautiful significant other who was busy getting drunk at someone’s wedding! hahahaha…I forgive you of course! hehehehe…我们的好朋友peggy昨天已经上载了他拍的短片!就是一首歌 – 亚洲起义的英文版。。。你见到我们band房!!!什么可以比跟好朋友和音乐过一个晚上?哈哈哈。。。

    I also posted lyrics to the new songs that we’ll be playing in the Philippines and in Hong Kong when we get back. Yes unfortunately, I only have the English lyrics ready. It’ll take months before I can get the Chinese ones written up…我也上载了我们几首新歌的歌词。。。现在就是英文的歌词。我应该有很久才可以写到中文词 – 中文不是我的母语所以我应该需要很多人的帮助才可以写到中文词。

    So go to our myspace to check out the lyrics过去这个网站看看新歌的歌词: CLICK HERE!

    Lastly – check out this awesome TV special about metal in the Middle East!!! Two parts to it so you have to watch both parts…最后有个新短片关于中东里面的金属社会!!! 挺好看!!!

    PART 1

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  • KLC SHOW LAST NIGHT 昨天晚上荔枝王演出:-)

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 20, 2009

    Last night was probably one of the best nights I’ve EVER had in my life…I’m lucky that I’ve had a lot of good nights in my life – but last night was easily one of the BEST if not THE best!!! :-) 昨天晚上可能是我最近的最正的一晚。。。

    In preparation for our upcoming Philippines tour and two dates with Have Heart, we decided it was important to try out a show for the new guys to get used to. So we decided why not just call our closest friends up to our bandroom and play a show for them!! So that’s what we did and we had so many friends come up and spend the night with us! Last night we played our entire Philippines tour set to our friends and watched them enjoy it and get into the music…为了将会出的菲律宾巡演 – 我们决定了搞一个很小的演出在我们自己的band房里面!就是请了我们最身边的朋友上来支持和给他们听和看我们荔枝王的六首新歌!!! 他们有上来站在我们的很小的band房看和听我们全部新歌。。。可是还有几首新歌我们没玩因为还没有准备好!哈哈哈哈。。。

    Then after the REAL party got started and there were free jam sessions going on everywhere! :-) Musicians were unleashed in the KLC bandroom last night…SUCH A GREAT NIGHT!!! 我们玩完之后真的party开始了!!!挺多朋友拿了不同的乐器开始弹和打!!!挺开心。。。看到我们全部音乐人之需要音乐就开心了。。。 :-)

    Thank you to everyone who came…for us, this year so far has been a lot of trouble with stuff going on in Hong Kong. But last night no one had any negative thoughts! While you guys were all there, all we could feel was genuine love, respect, support, and friendship!! 谢谢我们所有上来的朋友!!!这年已经感到很辛苦的感觉 – 可是昨天晚上一点负面的感觉都没有了!!!全部人给我们看到他们的爱,友情,尊重,和支持!!!非常谢谢你们!!!


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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 16, 2009

    These past few days this is what I’ve been listening to 这几天我是听这些音乐:

    1. Thick as Blood – new album新唱片 “embrace” –

    2. No Trigger – new album新唱片 “canyoneer” –

    3. Transit – new album新唱片 “stay home” –

    4. Hatebreed – 将会出的cover歌的唱片叫 “for the lions” upcoming album full of songs they cover from their favorite bands – this album will be called “for the lions” – (on this album they will cover songs from these bands在这个唱片他们cover这些乐队的歌: Slayer, Misfits, Sick of it All, Madball, Obituary, Metallica, Sepultura, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, and others……God – I hope that if you listen to punk, hardcore or metal then you know who all these bands are!!! Know your history!!! RESPECT HISTORY!!! 我很希望如果你们听punk, hardcore, metal音乐的人,哪你应该听过这些乐队!希望你们知道这些音乐风格的历史和文化!才可以明白怎么样尊重这些音乐风格!)

    5. Misfits – EVERYTHING 他们所有歌 – legends of the punk/hardcore world这个乐队是朋克文化其中一个最传奇的乐队…

    On Sunday – all of King Ly Chee will be doing something very special with our closest friends in Hong Kong. We don’t have that many friends in Hong Kong – so it is quite special that the closest friends will be with us for something special…这个礼拜天我们荔枝王全队会跟我们香港的最身边的朋友做一个活动。。。我们在香港没有什么朋友所以我们很期待这些朋友会跟我们做一点东西。。。:-)

    Lastly – check out this crazy OLD flyer 你看这个很舊演出的宣传 – 你看很久以前谁有做过sick of it all的开场乐队?对 – 就是korn。。。…look at who opened for Sick of it All a LONG long time ago…yes, that’s Korn.:

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 14, 2009

    Oh my god…I don’t think you have ANY idea how happy this makes me!!! Yesterday I saw an article posted on CNN about a battle of the bands competition in Pakistan!!! And the article also included a video of some of these bands performing! Everything is very ghetto but come on – there’s metal in Pakistan!!! Check out the video here and get inspired!! Especially read the article if you can and check out what an organizer of shows discusses about what she’s most worried about with putting on shows! 我真的不相信!!!我刚才看完。。。他们有个文章是关于巴基斯坦里的metal乐队!!!记者写的是关于一个乐队比赛。。。在这个文章里可以看到一个很短的短片!!!oh my god…太兴奋了!!!我很希望你们会用一点儿时间看全部文章 – 如果你英文不够好没问题!!!他们写的不太深的 – 一定会明白! 最重要是看最后写的。他们有访问一个在巴基斯坦安排演出的人 – 他有说他最怕的什么 – 他不是怕别人会说什么“是非”或者什么谎话,或者的小人会写一首歌关于什么什么人,或者一个笨蛋会站在他们的演出外面鼓励人不进去。。。他们安排演出的时候最怕给恐怖分子攻击他们的show. OH MY GOD!!!挺可怕。。。

    在香港你们还在搞那么多负面的事情吗?Read the article here在这里可以看全文章:

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 11, 2009

    Hahhaahhaa…so I spent the past few days at Disneyland with Alison and her younger sister. We took her there to celebrate her birthday! That was very exciting because she had never been…she definitely had a great time and enjoyed herself which is important!

    Last night I came home late and had a conversation with a member of an HK band about some very important stuff regarding his very own band members. While I was having this conversation I kept asking myself, “Are you sure you want to be having this conversation? Do you really trust this person to be having this type of conversation?” And I seriously don’t know if I should’ve had this conversation but his band member was the one who approached Ho and told him not to join KLC in October of 2008. At the end of the day – the reason I had this conversation was because it is hard for this underground community in HK to truly be “united” or “positive” until people have these types of conversations with their own band members. What does “unity” mean? Does “unity” mean getting on stage and singing about it and talking about it in interviews, but at the same time your own band members are going around behind each band and talking shit? Give me a break! How does that TRULY build unity? No fucking way. 昨天晚上我回家之后在msn跟另外一队香港乐队的成员有个对话。这个对话是关于他其中一个成员(这个成员上年底有联络Ho – 鼓励他不加入我们荔枝王)。我跟这个人讲话的时候我有问我自己 “你现在说什么!你为什么问他这个东西?!你可以相信他吗?!?!” 可是我现在,在这个那么黑暗的时候,我真的没有其他办法。真的要问。因为我在这几个月有开始想 – 香港地下音乐社会可以有真正的 “团结”吗?或者,我们真的可以有个 “正面” 的环境吗?对你们自己的乐队来说 “团结”是什么意思或者是什么样子呢?“团结”是不是就是上台唱和说得东西呢 – 是不是下台之后不要理你自己乐队的成员喜欢说“是非”或者你自己乐队的成员会联络另外一个乐队的成员鼓励他放弃那个乐队?这个代表团结吗?对不起 – 对我和其他荔枝王的成员和Shepherds the Weak的兄弟来说 – 这样的行为不可能代表“团结”。

    True unity is when people use their hearts and minds in a mature way and realize that the only to truly have “unity” is to communicate more and learn about each other more, and then try to figure out how to work TOGETHER for the good of the community. That is not easy to do – but I don’t think that’s hard to do either! 我觉得真正“团结”是人用心和他们的能力做出的很正面的行动。真的相信“团结”的人会用一个很成熟的方法表达他自己 – 还会明白如果想这个圈子有团结那我们很需要用多点时间去联络别的乐队,用多点时间了解他人。我们有什么物会 – 我们为什么不用时间和其他联络的方法了解?

    I think all bands right now should have these types of conversations with their band members. Is it time to change right now? Are you willing to change so that HK’s underground scene can become healthy again? 我自己觉得每个乐队需要跟他们自己的成员有这个对话。一个有团结香港地下社会对你来说重不重要呢?如果是重要 – 哪是不是到时间改变自己?为了我们明天正面和健康的地下社会 – 你行不行改变呢?

    If you are willing to change – then maybe we can talk about “unity” again. 如果你行改变 – 才可以说香港的将来会有团结。。。才有希望.

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