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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 29, 2008

    That was SUPER fun last night! Jimmy Degrasso is a legendary “metal” drummer…quite funny because he doesn’t consider himself a “metal” drummer like he said last night because he grew up listening and playing jazz. It was funny that he was talking about Davide Lee Roth, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, like they were some local musicians! hahahahahaha…it was great though – he had a lot of good things to say that I think A LOT of HK drummers needed to hear. He talked about how drum solos and going crazy on the drums is NOTHING – the most important part is to make the other musicians sound good. That is what he said is the main job of a drummer. How amazing is that! He also talked about how sometimes certain styles of music really need you to bang hard, and other styles of music don’t need it, but the key he said is never to be tensed up. Your arms and your person should always be relaxed when playing drums…

    Good speaker…he was funny too which was good… :-)

    昨天晚上我去了看这个美国鼓手的表演和教鼓的课。。。特好听。。。他还有很多好东西说。。。很多东西好像是给香港的鼓手听! 哈哈哈哈。。。他说一个鼓手的责任就是让到其他音乐人好听。。。就是说做很厉害的鼓SOLO是没有意思的东西。。。他还有说一个鼓手最需要是很放松自己才可以打的很好。。。


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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 28, 2008

    Today’s a very special day for Hindus all over the world! Happy Diwali everyone…enjoy this wonderful day of lights…if you live in Hong Kong and near any Hindu families then look around their doorsteps today! You will see beautiful Diyas (candles) lit outside of their homes…今天对印度教人是一个很大的日子!如果你住在印度教的人附近那你需要留意他们门口外面很漂亮的蜡烛!!!特漂亮。。。

    Also…tonight i’m going with Mike to watch the insane drummer Jimmy Degrasso rip it up in Hong Kong!!! Can’t wait to see this drum clinic man!!! He’s amazing…watch the video below!!! 今天晚上我跟我好朋友MIKE将会看一个特厉害鼓手的表演。。。这个鼓手是叫JIMMY DEGRASSO。。。他以前有帮MEGADETH和SUICIDAL TENDENCIES打鼓!!! 特厉害。。。很期待看他怎么样教人打鼓。。

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 27, 2008

    YO – if any of you live in Australia (Sydney to be precise) then please email Brian about where to watch hardcore shows!!! There HAS to be some hardcore shows going on in that part of Australia this week! By the time you read this he should’ve arrived so please go ahead and email him: [email protected] 我们的BRIAN昨天去了澳洲!他是在SYDNEY!如果你们也是在SYDNEY请快点EMAIL他!!!他想知道这个礼拜有没有HARDCORE SHOWS!我觉得应该有可是我也不太清楚。。。跟澳洲的SCENE我真的不太清楚。。。好像是最厉害的SCENE是在PERTH。。。你可以在这个地址发给他一个EMAIL:[email protected]

    Do’nt know if you’ve heard the new Guns N’ Roses song yet but it’s available…I have started it and surprisingly it STILL sounds like Guns N’ Roses…but the song keeps stopping in middle so I can’t give you a full review…you can check it out on this link: 你们听了GUNS N’ ROSES 的新歌吗?你可以在这个网站听听。。。我只可以听到几秒。。。我不知道每次听的时候首歌中间会停。。。特讨厌。。。反正你可以在这个网站听听:

    Remember this? Those were the good ol’ days in Hong Kong…记得这个吗? 以前香港机场。。。

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 25, 2008

    Yeah what?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Slayer is already recording a NEW ALBUM!!! GREATEST NEWS!!! Check out this video of them in the studio (the new song sounds AMAZING!!! Fuck Metallica – Slayer will ALWAYS keep it real!)…真的特高兴!!!SLAYER已经开始录新唱片!!! WOOHOO! (FUCK

    That’s all you need to know!!! 这个只需要看这个稍息哈哈哈哈。。。

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  • WEEK’S OVER!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 24, 2008

    Dude…hellish feeling week!!! This student teaching stuff is awesome…just solidifies in my heart that I made the right career decision years ago when I accidentally came back to work in my school (god – to think that was 6 years ago is crazy!!!). Anyway…it’s great…when I’m done I’m excited to start applying to schools all over Hong Kong. But the most exciting part will be when I walk into my OWN classroom and see the name Mr. Farooqi up on the board or the walls. I can’t wait for my kids to be referred to “Oh, those are Mr. Farooqi’s kids!” Can’t wait…


    I don’t know if you guys watched that stupid shit that happened in Taiwan with that poor official from China. That type of bullshit makes my blood boil. Forget the fact that the official is from Mainland China, the guy is 60 something years old! That poor man is probably a grandfather, has children, has grand kids, and may have other health-related issues. How good could you feel about yourself yelling abuses at this man? How good could you feel about yourself when you pushed this man to the floor! Are you crazy!? What happened to human decency! Ridiculous…so disgusted by that situation when I watched it on TV.

    Guns N’ Roses new song is online…check it out

    Unearth’s latest album debuted at #45 on the billboard charts. Yes – it’s proof that metal is back in the US for sure…

    Reports are saying that AC/DC’s new album sold 800,000 copies in it’s first week!!! Holy crap!!! :-) It’s a great record…go get it…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 22, 2008

    Yeah…so what I’ve been listening to these past few days 这几天我有听这几个乐队和歌手的音乐:

    1. Comeback Kid…CD/DVD is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s much better then the recent Hatebreed DVD…so if you want to choose then DEFINITELY choose the Comeback Kid dvd….他们最新的DVD特好看。。。我觉得是比HATEBREED的新DVD好很多。。。

    2. AC/DC…it’s amazing…great to hear some straight rock n’ roll…guitar tones are incredible…vocals are always amazing. I’m surprised that the bass is so low in the mix…but great album…特好听!!! 有时候听这样的TRADITIONAL rock N roll真的非常好。。。吉他录音真的很厉害。。。主唱也是(六十一岁的!!!)。。。BASS是最奇怪因为他的声音不够大声所以有时候真的听不到。。。

    3. 方大同 Khalil Fong…this dude RIPS it up!!! I even played this record as I went to sleep last night…great music…great vocalist…这个主唱特厉害!!! 他唱歌特好听。。。音乐特好听。。。我昨天晚上是听他的音乐睡觉!!! 哈哈哈。。。

    Okay…I’m out…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 20, 2008

    Yo…today’s a big day for many reasons…here are some reasons why YOU should be excited today…今天是一个非常兴奋的日子。。。有几个原因:

    1. AC/DC’s brand new album is coming out today!!! OH MY GOD!! I am so excited to buy this album…it’s going to be amazing. There was an article in the English newspaper that says that Brian Johnson is 61 years old!!! WHAT?!?>!?! And he’s still rocking in AC/DC!!! That’s some CRAZY inspiration right there…今天AC/DC会出他们最新的唱片!!! 非常期待下班马上出去买这张CD!!!他们的主唱今年是六十一岁!!! 很厉害!!! 六十一岁还有摇滚的心!!!:-)

    2. Comeback Kid’s DVD THROUGH THE NOISE is coming out today as well!!! This DVD has footage of their touring all over the world these past few years (hopefully it has some HK footage – but I don’t know) and has some sort of documentary, and a LIVE Cd as well…CANNOT WAIT!!! 今天终于可以买他们的DVD!这个DVD是包括他们这几年巡演的短片。。。可能有香港的短片可是我真的不知道有没有。。。很兴奋买这个。。。

    3. It’s my good friend Glenn Bogadorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’s birthday today! He’s getting closer and closer to the big 3-0 hehehehehe…happy birthday bitch! 今天是我好朋友GLENN的生日!越来越老了! 哈哈哈哈。。。

    This is why HK sucks…Motley Crue played in Singapore and didn’t even entertain coming to Hong Kong!!! :-( I mean seriously, if they came here how many people would’ve gone? 这个短片是一个很大的证明香港真的是一个很无聊的地方。。。MOTLEY CRUE去过星加坡演出可是没有来香港!!! 当然不来香港了。。。如果他们来这里可能有多少人去看?在星加坡差不多有一万人去看他们表演。。。如果不是星期四我真的会想一想下去星加坡看!!!

    Motley Crue live in Singapore在星加坡演出的短片!!! 很厉害!!!

    Killswitch Engage has also uploaded a new video…nothing really special about the video…but listening to all their clean chorus reminds me how much I love this band..。他们上载了新VIDEO。。。没有什么特别可是听这首歌的时候我会记得我为什么特喜欢他们。。。他们每个chorus真的特好听。。。CLICK HERE!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 17, 2008

    All you need to do today is watch this video by our brothers in Beijing hardcore band: Unregenerate Blood…你们今天只需要做一件事。。。看下面这短片。。。是我们中国hardcore同胞不复之血的LIVE:

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 16, 2008

    Holy shit…I don’t know if you guys have read all over the internet…but the new Guns N’ Roses album is finally going to be released on Nov 25! What?!??!?! This thing has been in the recording stages for over 10 years…I can’t believe it’s finally actually going to be released (Of course, I’m sure something’s going to happen and it won’t come out on time…). I do want to hear a few songs off of this to hear what direction Axl has taken his cover band…interesting…你们有没有看新稍息吗?很多网站现在开始说了GUNS N ROSES的新唱片终于会在十一月二十五号发出!真的吗? 还觉得又是废话。。。可是很多网站是说一定会在美国发出。。。我真的想听现在的假的GUNS N ROSES 是怎么样? 真的说这个不是GUNSNROSES。。。你们没有SLASH你怎么可以叫你自己是?

    This is kind of funny or stupid…whatever you think…the positive hardcore band called Good Clean Fun has released a preview of their upcoming movie…it’s about a college girl who falls in love in college, has a job, and tries to get the world’s biggest band The Goodcleanfuns to play at her college! hahahahaha…kinda stupid but check it out: 有一个正面HARDCORE乐队叫GOODCLEANFUN将会出一部电影。。。很好笑可是也是一点儿笨笨的。。。这部电影是关于一个大学生在大学读书的时候要工作,爱上了人, 还有安排一个很大的演唱会。。。他请了这个地球最大的乐队叫THE GOODCLEANFUNS 哈哈哈哈哈。。。真的有点儿stupid的感觉是吗?

    INTOLERANT – Filipino metal – is releasing their new album Nov 15 in the Philippines!!! They’ve already uploaded a SECOND song to their myspace so go check it out (this song is with the cool bass guitar solo in the middle!)!!! We will DEFINITELY be getting these CD’s into sell in Hong Kong through Start From Scratch Records!!! okay最重要的稍息:菲律宾的最大的metal乐队intolerant十一月十五号在菲律宾将会发出他们第一张album!!! 太兴奋了!!!在他们的MYSPACE他们已经上载了第二首歌!!! 快过去听听! 我们一定会帮他们在香港卖他们的album!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 15, 2008

    I love these shorter days that we’re having…sunrise is much later and sunset is much earlier…the reason why I love it is because I know that winter is around the corner – and winter in Hong Kong is the best! It gets cold here but not too cold…

    Since we’re not touring this winter I don’t have any plans for the Christmas break…maybe go back up to Beijing and hang out with friends…no idea yet…I also don’t have any money because of my 3 month student-teaching practicum so I probably should just stay in HK – but that would be SOOOOOOO boring…

    Gotta think about it…


    我们这个冬天没有巡演所以圣诞节的时候我没有事做。。。可能再 上去北京看我的好朋友。。。可是我实习没有钱收所以我这三个月特穷哈哈哈哈。。。所以冬天的时候应该留在香港最好。。。可是留在香港太无聊!!!

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