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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 29, 2008

    I think the show that we (Start From Scratch Records) helped organize (just making it clear that we weren’t the organizers – it was organized by the Warehouse we just helped find the bands) was probably one of the best shows we’ve ever helped in terms of quality of bands. We had altogether 4 bands/artists perform: Justice League (hip-hop), Attention to Piss, Audio Traffic, and Hardpack helped us out by getting on stage without even practicing to be the 4th band to play because one of the 4 bands we confirmed canceled last minute.

    Right from Justice League – we could tell that the quality and standard of tonight’s musicians was going to be amazing. Justice League is an amazing local group of hip-hop dudes who are AMAZING…if you haven’t heard them then go to their myspace to check it out: Masta Mic got on freestyle rapped and he was INSANE!!! So good…he just asked for people to give him any prop and he started rapping about that prop! CHI SIN!!! Masta Mic was such a nice dude…I kept apologizing about the turnout (there was seriously only like 40 people) but he kept saying not to worry! He got on stage and KILLED it…

    Attention to Piss came on and once again proved to the world that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing music, sometimes people who are good songwriters just ARE good songwriters regardless of how long they’ve been playing. They played only new songs last night and they’re incredible…better then all their old stuff combined! They were so good…

    While Attention to Piss was playing all of a sudden Kevin of Hardpack asked if it was okay for them to get on stage since all of Hardpack’s members were here anyway! So I asked Warehouse’s Cathy and she said sure! So Hardpack got on stage and played 4 songs!!! Without any practice or discussion…that was amazing!!!

    Then came the kings of the night Audio Traffic…they really showed what a “professional” band should be like. They were tight, incredibly well rehearsed, super nice, and had a good time even though they were tired as hell and even though there was only like 40 people in the audience. Their drummer Ferdie even had to miss out his daughter’s birthday to play this show! NOW THAT’S CALLED DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT.

    It was a great night of bands…too bad the show wasn’t promoted well because it would’ve been a great show for the general public to attend to see just how great HK bands can be.

    After a terrible week last week where I realized a lot of things, it was nice to end the week with a good show watching REAL bands with REAL musicians who love and commit their lives and hearts to the music/band they play in.

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 25, 2008



    写这个稍息的时候真的很难受因为我自己等了很多年终于有这个机会上去内地巡演…我们八月底确定了这个巡演之后我每天真的特兴奋…我每天跟我们内地的经理 (Paul) 开始了很多计划…特开心的计划…突然什么都没有了…全部计划要取消…

    这几年我们从很多内地的城市收到不少的email. 他们很希望一天可以看到我们的表演…我真的以为终于有机会可以见面然后谈谈中国hardcore的发展. 反正现在希望你们会继续支持我们…我也很希望一天我们真的可以上去做一个特大的巡演…


    最辛苦是我觉得我浪费了我们的特好兄弟Paul的时间, 热情和努力…对不起my brother…

    I’m in an embarrassing position to announce to everyone that we have to cancel our upcoming December tour of China. One of our band members recently accepted a new job and is so no longer able to take those days off to tour. The most humiliating part is that we’ve already been announcing the confirmed dates and we’ve been receiving emails from our supporters throughout China who are so excited that we’re finally coming up…especially since the last time we went up was 2000…Now we can’t come up…

    We confirmed that we were going to tour in August and so everyday I would come up with awesome little ideas for this tour with our brother Paul (our China manager). We would come up with this and that…and now all of a sudden all of those plans are over. Paul now has the embarrassing task to inform these venues that we can’t come up. I hope these venues aren’t going to “blacklist” us or anything like that – I do hope someday we can come up.

    The worst feeling is that I feel like I’ve wasted my brother Paul’s time, energy and passion. He’s even more passionate about King Ly Chee and King Ly Chee’s future then I am! He sees a future for us that few people see…

    Anyway…sorry Paul, and to everyone that was helping us with this tour…we hope someday we can actually do a real tour.

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  • BEIJING HARDCORE BAND: Unregenerate Blood北京硬克乐队: 不复之血

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 23, 2008

    The only piece of news that you need to know right now is that our brothers in Beijing hardcore band Unregenerate Blood has put up their first official WEBSITE!!! CHECK IT OUT:



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  • LEHMAN BROTHERS雷曼兄弟完全失败…

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 22, 2008

    I think this Lehman Brothers debacle/fiasco whatever you want to call it is a wake up call to all those people who just work, work, work, work, and do more work. These people spend hours upon hours at their office during the week, then on the weekends, all with the hopes and dreams that one day they can stop working and live off of all their hard work and retirement.

    But just like that, all these people who have worked thousands of hours at their meaningless jobs selling/buying meaningless things at banks like Lehman Brothers, etc., have had all their money, savings and retirements disappear just like that.

    For those of you who live your life solely around your job, office, and work…I hope this Lehman Brothers fiasco is a WAKE UP CALL for all of you! WAKE UP – life is not about making money, it should never be solely about making money. In the end of the day, all that money is going to disappear. And what memory will you have? Your only memory is that you stayed in your office for thousands of hours upon hours upon hours. While the rest of us have toured all over Asia playing music, meeting friends all over the world…


    我觉得这个雷曼兄弟完全失败的情况应该可以wake up 很多人!!! 看到这个那么舊和大的银行公司可以这样失败还有突然所有钱都没有了应该可以让大家明白钱和追钱是完全没有意义的事情. 你看在这样的公司工作的人每天可以二十四小时工作. 为了什么 ?为了钱 ?为了一天可以退休? 可是如果突然你没有钱你会不会那么努力工作呢? 你那么努力在工作为了老的时候可以退休有什么意思呢 ?你老的时候真的可以做什么? 你还有能力出巡演吗 ?可是如果你们是跟这间公司的人一样突然什么钱都没有了 – 你会不会有后悔吗? 如果你这样每天工作做到天光然后突然什么都没有了, 你会有什么回忆? 可能只有一个回忆 – 每天在办公室睡觉, 工作, 做到笨蛋一样…

    我很希望这个情况可以让多人想一想对他们的生活什么东西是最重要的。 花多时间跟你们家人一起和你的爱人一起应该是更重要…如果多人反而会花时间追他们的梦想这个世界会不会再开心一点儿的地方吗 ?追钱真的有意思…一点点都没有.


    There’s an interesting little video about Straight Edge up here…actually, it’s kinda lame but at least for those of you who don’t know anything about Straight Edge can get some sort of idea about it…在网站我看到一个关于Straight Edge的短片…我自己觉得是一个很无聊的短片…可是如果你关于straight edge什么都不知道那你看这个短片有点儿意思…

    Yesterday I saw a link to a punk/hardcore band called The Departed that features members of Fall Out Boy and Misery Signals. Interesting right? The vocals suck a big fat ASS!!! 昨天我看听到一个新乐队有Fall Out boy和Misery Signals 的成员. 我觉得特有意思…你可以听听 。。。主唱的声音特难听…

    Rise Against has uploaded a new song from their upcoming new album Rise Against上载了新歌…这是他们将会出新唱片的第一首歌:

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  • WAKING UP AT 3:30pm

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 20, 2008

    Dude…waking up at 3:30pm must be a sign of just how tired I get from work and all the extra stuff I do after school to make some more money to stay alive. It sucks…I slept the entire day away today…

    I’m fasting today so that’s another reason why I just want to stay in bed…

    Anyway…our old friend Hala (ex-Qiu Hong guitar player) now lives in Beijing and she emailed me yesterday to ask if her husband’s band The Falling can play with us when we arrive in Beijing on our tour! That’s so cool that bands want to play with us on this tour!!! Hala is also very interesting because I’ve actually been friends with her WAY BEFORE Qiu Hong started…I remember her old band called Bra which I interviewed a long time ago fo rmy old zine etc…cool girl and I’m happy she’s found happiness up in a great city like Beijing…我很舊的朋友Hala (以前是秋红的吉他手)昨天有email我问我他老公的乐队可不可以在我们巡演join我们北京站! 真的很幸福有这样的乐队那么有兴趣跟我们一起玩!

    Here are some cool links to new stuff:

    1. Comeback Kid DVD trailer!!!他们将会出的dvd!!!
    2. AC/DC new video for new song!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! 他们的新歌!!! 特好听…新唱片将会十月出的!!! Their new album is coming out in October!!!
    3. Envy – my favorite Japanese hardcore band…is releasing a split CD with Thursday and at this link you can hear one of the songs from it 我最喜欢的日本hardcore乐队将会跟Thursday出一张两个乐队的CD…这是他们其中一首歌:
    4. The Geeks – new song up from Korean hardcore legends!!! 他们有出一首新歌好像是一首Sex Pistols的cover歌!

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  • LONG WEEK!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 19, 2008

    Oh my god…what an insanely long week! My work day starts at 7:15am every morning…and everyday this week I have had to do tutoring and teaching guitar after school. Then on Thursday (last night) we had the “back to school” night at our school so we were in school until 8:15pm…oh my god…I am frickin’ exhausted right now dude…这个礼拜太累了…我每天七点十五分钟上班 。。。然后这个礼拜每天下班之后还有做辅导然后教吉他…昨天晚上我们还有这个很特别的节目在我们的学校…所以我们上班上到八点十五分钟…SUCKS…

    Anyway…I officially start my student teaching tomorrow. I’m excited about it but I’m also insanely tired right now so I just want to sleep. 今天我正式开始我的实际…我是很兴奋可是现在打这个稍息的时候累死了…

    My student teaching starts tomorrow which officially means starting tomorrow Sept 19 to Dec 19 I will not be getting a salary. :-( That’s 3 months without money man…not excited about that…今天开始实际的意思也是我从今天开始到十二月十九号我没有薪水…这几个月一定非常幸苦了…香港没有钱的话一定可以死了….

    Okay…I HAVE to get to sleep…tomorrow’s ANOTHER long night…we have a school party right after school gets out. I have a feeling I’m going to just want to go home…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 17, 2008

    Is it just me or are you also proud of all our Paralympic athletes!!! Our able-bodied HK athletes weren’t able to win any gold medals – but our paralympic HK athletes have been winning gold medals left and right!!! How incredible is that!??!?! It’s amazing…as a Hong Kong-er I am SUPER proud every time I see more results of them winning…

    I just hope when they return to HK that the government takes care of their needs by sponsoring training, maybe building more facilities for them for training and so they can focus on their obvious gift!!!

    我不知道你们有什么感觉…可是我每天看到香港的运动员在傷殘奧運再赢了金牌我真的对他们非常proud!!! 我就希望他们回来 的时候我们这边的政府会开始支持他们的training…可以帮他们建造多好的运动场为他们的好好的training…真的太明显他们这个能力是天生的!!! :-)


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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 16, 2008

    Within 24 hours of posting the message about us not having a bass player – we were able to get one phone call from someone who is interested in trying out to be our bass player AND Brian was able to find a friend who can at least help us play the China tour! WHAT THE HELL!??!?! Yes, there are times where there really is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. 没过二十四小时我们已经收到了一个人有兴趣做我们新bass手的电话…还有Brian找到了一位好朋友会帮我们巡演!!! 真的有时候我们是几幸运的人…

    Pretty cool if you ask me! :-)

    Last night we went out to Ned Kelly’s (that live jazz bar in Tsim Sha Tsui) and were able to relax to some awesome music…great musicians and they had a female jazz singer that was awesome too…the fat white guy wasn’t there though! :-( He is the FUNNIEST dude!!! Great singer, great stage presence etc…昨天晚上我, Brian, 和阿文去了Ned Kelly’s酒吧听他们jazz乐队…这个酒吧是在尖沙咀…当然对我来说是很方便因为我也住在尖沙咀! hahahahaha…可是他们这里的音乐非常好听…我各人很喜欢听jazz而且他们的音乐人真的很厉害!

    Yesterday I also found out that our Wuhan show is going to be organized by my OLD friend Wu Wei (singer of one of China’s other great punk bands SMZB!!!). I haven’t seen this guy in 5 or 6 years man!!! I can’t wait to see him again! The last time we played in Wuhan he came to the airport to pick us up, and we stayed at his house for like 4 days! :-) Good old days…昨天才知道我们武汉的演出是我老友Wu Wei (生命之饼的主唱)安排的!!! oh my god…特久没见过他!!! 上次见过他应该是我们上次去武汉演出的时候 – 是在2000年!!! 我还记得我们上次的时候他有来机场接我们然后带我们去他家. 我们在家过了四天!!! :-) 真的对我们很热情也很好…很期待在见到我的老朋友!!! :-)

    Please check out his band SMZB’s music! It’s incredible!!! If you’re a fan of Dropkick Murphy’s style of punk rock then you will LOVE these guys!!! 请马上过去他乐队的网站!!! 如果你们喜欢Dropkick Murphy’s那种的punkrock那你们一定会爱上他们的音乐!!!

    Also – check out this AMAZING LIVE video of Have Heart (Yes I know I’ve been posting way too many videos of this band…but they’re really that damn good…)…还有我再有几个Have Heart的演出的短片给大家看!!! CLICK HERE: HARDCORE!!!

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  • 对不起大家!!! SORRY EVERYONE!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 15, 2008

    I bought a brand new computer last week with my friend Chai and when I brought it home I found all my old software files EXCEPT for Frontpage! Pok Kai! I only know how to use Frontpage to update our website…I have Dreamweaver and I tried my best to learn it last week but that program is SOOOOOOOOOO damn hard! Chi sin!!! SUPER HARD!!! 我上个礼拜买了新电脑. 我回家的时候找到我所有的软体除非我Frontpage的软体!!! 我只知道怎么用Frontpage update我们这个网站所以我上个礼拜不会update这个网站!!!! Sucks!!!

    So anyway…that’s why I haven’t been able to update the website all last week…

    Anyway…we have some good news to update and some bad news to update…反正, 我们今天有几个好稍息也有一个不好的稍息…

    GOOD NEWS好稍息:

    1. Paul has confirmed our Beijing show of the December China tour!!! The show will take place at MAO and is scheduled for Dec 23rd!!! WOOHOO!!! Paul已经确定了我们北京站的演出!!! 将二十三号在MAO演出!!!
    2. We are currently talking to some people who are interested in shooting a music video for King Ly Chee!!! We really hope this is all for real…we’ll let you know more soon…我们昨天跟一般对我们有兴趣拍MV的人谈谈了…如果这个是真的话那我们更快会通知大家 !!! 当日我们需要我们所有支持者的帮助!!! :-)

    BAD NEWS不好的稍息:
    1. After 3 years of playing in King Ly Chee – Pong has decided to quit the band so he can focus on his work and stuff going on in his life. He has especially stuck with me during a very turbulent part of my life in 2006 where my true friends were weeded out. I’m going to miss this dude…but wish him the best of luck. 我们的兄弟Pong决定了不会继续跟我们玩. 他想再努力工作所以以后不会有时间给我们. 我们一定会很想他(我永远不会忘记在我人生特幸苦的时候他没有放弃我…当时才知道什么是真朋友)可是我们会尊重他这个决定.

    那我们有一个很大问题…我们十二月的巡演没有bass手…我们已经开始找几个朋友看看他们会不会帮我们玩这个巡演. 希望可以很快给大家好的稍息. 我们大家不想取消这个巡演 – 可能我自己要弹bass! hahahahaha…

    With Pong quitting that means we don’t have a bass player for the December China tour! :-( But we have asked a few people to see if they can help us…(yes, of course we asked my pal Glenn! :-) But he’s traveling to Canada during the Christmas break with his lovely girlfriend…).

    HEY – 你们买了Hatebreed的DVD没有了? 特好看!!! 我昨天跟Brian在我家里看了一半 DVD…非常好看也不太贵! 值得买…Yo – have you guys bought the new Hatebreed DVD? It’s frickin’ amazing! I watched it yesterday at my house with Brian and it was awesome…not too pricey and totally worth it!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 8, 2008

    So as you can see…I decided to put the old site back up…this site is actually a lot easier for me to update and I can have a lot more fun by actually posting photos etc directly to this news page…so I hope you guys don’t mind that I put this back up…

    Yesterday I was walking with Alison in TST and I bumped into our pal Rob from the Netherlands! I haven’t seen this guy in a LONG time and it’s so funny that we were both wearing Terror t-shirts! hahahaha…such a small little world…

    Okay – back to work today…wonderful…NOT…I hope you all voted yesterday!!!

    ALSO – just got news that we are organizing a show for my favorite China punk band Recycle in Hong Kong!!! The show will be held on Nov 1 and we’ll post up more info soon!!

    Check them out on this site:

    We’ve confirmed our first two shows of our December tour of China!!! WOOHOO!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!


    昨天我逛逛的时候撞到我们好朋友Rob! 很久没见过他! 很搞笑因为我们两个穿着Terror的t-shirt! :-) Hey…希望大家昨天去了投票!!!

    刚才收到新的稍息!!! 我最喜欢内地的punk乐队会在十一月一号在香港演出!!! 是我们安排的!!! 特开心可以在看到他们!!! :-) 关于这个演出的稍息尽快会通知大家!!!  快点过去他们的网站听听!!!

    我们已经确定了我们十二月内地巡演的第一二站!!! 特兴奋了!!! 上次去武汉演出是零零年的时候!!! :-) 长沙我们从来没去过!!! 特期待那边观众的反应!!!

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