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  • 牛街和颐和园…九门小吃…Niujie, Summer Palace, Beijing food

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 30, 2008

    The countdown has begun…these are my last few days in this amazing city of Beijing…people told me that yesterday they started the mandatory bag checks on the subway system here…so I’m not looking forward to getting on the train and doing that…I already HATE that I live on the 13 line and to get into the main part of the city I have to go Xizhimen to switch to the 2 line and I seriously have to walk for about 15 minutes before I finally get to the 2 line!! DAMN!!! It’s SOOOOOOOOO annoying…that interchange part is badly constructed if you ask me…这个礼拜是我在北京的最后几天. 有人跟我说在地铁站里面公安开始检查所有人的书包, 等等…当然是非常麻烦可是他们是为奥运做这样的活动. 我住在北京地铁的十三号线…如果我想去城里那我需要在西直门转线转二号线…可是在西直门我需要走差不多十五分钟才到二号线!!! 特麻烦…

    These past few days have been awesome…we went to this part of Beijing called 前门…which I visited with Alison almost 4 years ago and I loved it then. It’s a really old part of Beijing and the streets were full of shops, old shops, and a really bustling part of Beijing. This time however, I get to 前门 and the WHOLE place is under construction!!! WHAT?!??!! THE WHOLE THING! Imagine if all of 广东道 Canton Road in TST was under construction…that’s what it’s like here. It was crazy…so we had to take these back ally roads that were full of dirt, mud and more construction and there were actually shops here! WHAT?! People were actually selling food amongst all this disgusting dirt…weird weird…anyway…we made it through that warzone alive and then we went to this AWESOME part of Beijing called 牛街…this is a very special place for me because it is surrounded by a beautiful mosque, a Muslim food supermarket, a Muslim food court, and lots of Islamic related places so it was great. We visited the mosque first and from the outside it looks like a traditional Chinese courtyard! But in the middle there is this beautifully built mosque with Chinese elements…I was taken aback that I went in and actually prayed because we came right at prayer time. 这几天玩的特开心…我最近去了一个很特别的地方叫牛街…这里对我来说很有意思…在这儿有个清真寺, 还有清真超市, 还有清真小吃的地方…我们先去了清真寺…我真的想不到这个寺会有那么多中国文化的元素!!! 是一个非常漂亮的寺…这个地方还有很多中国式的感觉可是中间有一个很漂亮的prayer hall…我在这儿突然想祈祷…所以我进去了祈祷…里面是特好看, 特有感觉…

    Then the next day we spent the whole day at the Summer Palace…what an awe-inspiring this place is…it’s like when you see 故宫 for the first time or 天坛 for the first time…when we arrived at the Summer Palace I was like WHAT THE HELL!??!?! This WHOLE place was constructed for the emperors and emperesses? Crazy…然后我们去了颐和园…如果你去过天坛, 故宫, 等等, 你一定会有一样的感觉…是特大…想不到我们人可以创造这个地方…好像是从天国下来的! 里面的苏州街很有意思…我们在这一个地方过了很长时间…

    然后昨天去了找一个地方叫九门小吃…是一个胡同里面的地方…可能我们是错方向开始找这个地方所以是非常难找到…可是这个地方里面有很多非常好吃的东西还有很有感觉…吃完了我们出去了逛逛…外面是后海…在后海我们找到了一个很有意思的东西…在水上面他们建立了一个鸭岛!!! 你们可以看我的照片看看这个鸭岛是怎们样的…

    PHOTOS OF 牛街, 前门, 颐和园: click here

    PHOTOS OF 颐和园: Part 2 click here, Part 3 click here
    PHOTOS OF 九门小吃 and 后海: click here

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 28, 2008

    Yo…just got back from judging at the Metal Battle band competition hosted by Painkiller Magazine and held at 13 Club! A lot of fun and it was great to see so many incredible Beijing bands at one show! There was a band called 641 that sounded exactly like Hatebreed! Then another band played earlier that sounded like a mix of Terror, Figure Four and Hatebreed…of course these were the 2 bands out of all the bands that played that got me the most excited :-) hehehehehehe…but there was one band called “Ling Yi” or something like that – and they were AWESOME! I don’t know if I’d buy their album – but their live performance was incredible…they mix a lot of traditional Chinese music and elements into the music including Chinese rhythms, China’s many ethnic minority singing styles, etc…very VERY unique band and music…

    But I haven’t been in a bar or closed room with so much smoke in a long time!!! MY EYES ARE KILLING ME NOW!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy that most places in HK are SMOKE-FREE!!! THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!

    刚才看完了北京metal乐队的比赛…这个比赛是painkiller杂志做赞助然后在北京的13 Club做比赛! 非常好看的一晚…他们有请我做评判所以我有一个很好机会看在一晚上看到那么多北京heavy音乐的乐队…有两个乐队很有hardcore感觉…一个是差不多hatebreed 哪个风格…还有一个乐队有些Terror, Figure Four和hatebreed的风格!

    可是有一个乐队叫零壹是特别好看…他们加了很多中国音乐的元素在他们的音乐到…很多中国rhythm和中国少数民族的唱法! 非常特别的音乐…表演真的很厉害…

    可是看完这个演出我非常珍惜香港…因为在香港差不多没一个餐馆和酒吧不准抽烟!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…在北京很多演出地方你还可以抽烟所以现在我的眼睛特疼! 超幸苦!!!

    我要睡觉了…只有一个礼拜在北京…怎么办 :-(

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 26, 2008

    OH MY GOD!!! Had such a good time yesterday snowboarding in Beijing!!! Technically I don’t think we were actually in Beijing…we had to drive over an hour to get to this place that is an indoor snow mountain. There are two parts – one is for beginners and one for the more advanced. The beginners one was just a slope…the more advanced one had jumps, a grind box, ramps etc!!! DUDE SO MUCH FUN!!! I have posted some photos from it on my facebook page so go check that out…I’ll upload a video that Alison shot of me on the slopes…click here

    Last night I got a call from our good friends at China’s biggest metal magazine called Painkiller and they want me to be a judge at their “Metal Battle” Contest that they’re having on Friday night!!! That’s SO nice of them to invite me to be judge for this!!! Can’t wait!!!


    昨天晚上去了滑雪!!! 玩的特开心…这个地方是一个室内的滑雪山…有两个山一个是为刚刚开始滑的人另外一个是给玩的非常好的人玩…我们玩四个小时!!! 玩的非常…我已经离开北京之前啊再来一次!!! 我已经上载了几个照片…我这几天应该会上载一个短片在我滑雪的时候!!! :-) 一定看到我非常开心!!! hahahahahahaha…click here

    然后昨天晚上收到电话…是我们最喜欢内地的杂志的朋友们Painkiller Magazine…他们这个礼拜五赞助了一个metal乐队的比赛然后他们请我做评判!!! 那我非常想感谢他们这样请我做评判!!! :-)


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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 25, 2008

    Dude…watched another good DVD yesterday before I went to meet my old friend Jessica who just got up here to Beijing. I watched a documentary on Iraq called “My Country, My Country”. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen this or heard about it but I found it in one of the DVD stores here in Beijing…it’s SO good! The movie follows a doctor in Iraq during the ongoing war there and this doctor provides free medical service to Iraqis. The movie follows him right before the first ever free elections that took place there (I think in 2004)…and he actually becomes a candidate running for a seat. It follows him talking to Iraqi prisoners at the infamous Abu Gharib prison, talking to regular people on the street, and you can hear the REAL sentiments of Iraqi people from this movie (not from what you see on CNN or the news). Highly recommend this movie for anyone that is not afraid to hear about the sadness and tragedy of real life…昨天也看了一个很有意思的DVD…这个DVD是一个纪录影片关于伊拉克…这部电影有跟着一位伊拉克的医生. 这位医生的服务是免费的然后他这样可以见面很多普通的市民. 这样你可以听到市民的真正的感觉关于美国和这个战争. 这位导演有跟着这位医生去访问很多拘留者在伊拉克的最出名的监狱叫Abu Gharib…然后这位医生成为了一位挑选人…可是后来他的党输了…非常感动的一部电影…如果你想看和感觉到伊拉克的真话那你可以试这部电影…

    Also, last night besides hanging out with Jessica, I also went to go watch my friend’s band SKO play! That was fun and I finally got to check out the venue D22 which is right next door to 13 Club! Hahahahha…I didn’t know that! So while I was there of course I went over to talk to the owner of 13 Club who is a big fan of King Ly Chee so it was great to talk to him about life and politics and of course Dimebag Darrell! :-) 我昨天跟我非常好朋友Jessica逛逛了. 她刚才到北京所以我们去了很多地方逛. 然后我去了看SKO 演出在D22. 我不知道D22是在13Club旁边…我们非常喜欢13 Club所以我进去了看13 Club的老板叫 “Liu li xin”。。。非常好人也是荔枝王的支持者! :-) 跟他聊了很久关于很多东西 (其中一个题目当然是Dimebag Darrell! :-) 他是Dimebag Darrell的最大的歌迷! :-)

    You won’t believe what I’m doing today…I’m going snowboarding!!!! WHAT?!??!?!?!?! CAN’T WAIT!!! 你们一定不相信我今天有什么计划!?!??!! 我会去滑雪!!! SNOWBOARDING!!! 非常期待这个机会去滑雪!!! 可能明天有很多照片给你们看!!!

    Okay 2 things: 最后两件事情

    1. Our bastard of a guitar player Brian turns out to be a riff machine! After almost a year and a half in the band, he finally just sent us an old demo of a song he wrote! And this thing has KILLER riffs in it!!! The dude has to start sharing more!!! :-) 我们的吉他手Brian跟我们完了已经一年半…他今天才给我们听他自己做了一首歌!!! 是非常好听也有很多RIFF!!! (RIFF我不知道怎么说…) :-)

    2. Just read a great interview with the singer of H2O (arguably the best melodic hardcore band on this damn planet…) so if you have time please check it out – it’s VERY long: click here 刚才看完了一个个很长的访问. 这个访问时跟一个很有名的melodic hardcore乐队叫H2O. 如果你们有时间话请过去看看! click here

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  • DVDs

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 24, 2008

    I have officially gone DVD crazy…I’m announcing my sickness today so the world can be wary of me when I return to Hong Kong bringing back this new disease! hahahahahaha…I have bought so many goddam DVD’s that I think I should be worried about crossing the border when I return in just over a week’s time…

    Yesterday I watched the Beijing based movie called Lost in Beijing苹果…The movie is so good and I think the original uncut version is banned in China because it documents the infamous “massage parlors” in Beijing which only front as massage parlors but actually provide other “services”. People who live in Hong Kong or in China what this is all about. Anyway, the movie totally turned out to be something that I wasn’t expecting and was a great great movie…all the actors in this thing were incredible. Wong Ka Fai is already one of my favorite HK actors, and for him to take on this role just sets him in mind up there with Johnny Depp! And dude, Johnny Depp is the BOMB!!! Anyway…great movie…

    Then it rained here like torrential rain…my girlfriend got stuck outside in the rain on her way home…after that we went to celebrate our good friend SKO’s bassist’s birthday…that was a FUN night!!! Photos from it are all up on my facebook page again in part 2 and 3 of my Beijing trip albums: PART 2click here

    PART 3 click here
    Tonight I’m going to be watching SKO play…should be fun!

    我今天可以通告你们…我生病了…我的病是买DVD! hahahhaahaha…在北京太便宜了!!! 我已经买了很多!!! 我有点儿怕过关的时候会不会有点儿麻烦…算了下个礼拜先想…我昨天看了一个内地拍电影叫苹果…非常好看!!! 我几个礼拜前在香港在报纸看了一个review…我马上想买可是在香港我找不到..然后前天在李游家附近有个DVD店在哪儿我找到了…这部电影是关于中国的按摩地方…什么人都知道有些按摩地方不是就给按摩的服务…所以这部电影是说这个事情…部电影的故事非常感动…感动我想一想按摩里的人有什么样的生活…可能很多也有很幸苦的生活…如果你们有时间看可以看吧…很有意思…

    然后昨天晚上庆祝了我朋友SKO的Li Yo的生日! 你上载了照片可以上这两个link看看: PART 2click here

    PART 3 click here

    今天晚上我过去看SKO演出! should be fun!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 23, 2008

    **LATE ADDITION**: 我刚才上载了我在北京的第一短片!!! 你可以上这个网站看看click here Just uploaded my first short video of being in Beijing…click on this link to check it out: click here

    …eating a chicken wing! Dude…I’m not even joking or exaggerating hehehehehehe…Li Yo invited Alison and I over to his house for dinner today. He lives in the southern part of Beijing which he’s really proud to mention is where in the olden days is where people were buried…and ever since we arrived in Beijing he’s been telling us about this little restaurant under his house that serves the best chicken wings! So both Alison and I have been super excited to finally have some time to hang out with Li Yo and his wife, check out his house, and enjoy some of those chicken wings…

    When we arrived we first went up to his house to check out his pets – one is a dog whose name is MOSH hehehehehe…then he took us down to the chicken wing joint under his house…I started eating and thought I was all brave “The spiciest in the restaurant? Sure! I’ll eat it with you!” His wife was like “I’m not eating that!” hehehehehe…but dude…once it arrived and I took one small bite, I swear I almost died! It was and still is the spiciest thing that has EVER entered my mouth!!! I just had 2 bites from this thing and I was done…tears were coming out of me like a little baby…I had to stand up and walk around because I couldn’t calm my damn mouth down…then when the food went down into my tummy, I swear it was on fire and there was World War III taking place in there!!! IT WAS HELL!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…I’ll upload photos tomorrow…

    The night ended with us buying a HUGE amount of cheap DVD’s so it turned out great! :-) Thanks Li Yo and Li Tai for inviting us over!!! It was a GREAT night!!!

    昨天晚上我吃了最辣的鸡wing (我忘了怎么说对不起)!!! 我从来没试过吃那么辣的东西!!! 辣到POK KAI AHHHHHHHHHH!!! 我们是上个礼拜到北京…一到李游有说他一定有带我们去看他的家还有去他家下面吃鸡wings…他说是他最喜欢吃的东西! 所以我们全礼拜很兴奋去过试试…我们先去了他家看他跟他的老婆的动物…他们有一个狗叫MOSH! hahahahahahaha…然后下去了吃鸡wings…我们已经很饿了所以点了很多不同的鸡wings…其中是叫”BT辣鸡 wings”…BT的意思变态!!! hahahahahahahaha…可是我以为我一定吃的了因为我真的可以吃的辣…可是我一放在我嘴巴里我开始哭!!! 我真的不知道怎么说我的感觉…我嘴巴马上有火的感觉…然后再我的肚子里好像是打挣!!! 我不会坐下…马上起来走走…走哪儿我不知道就知道我刚刚吃的东西是辣到POK KAI!!! oh my god…特辣!!! 然后去了买很多特便宜的DVD所以昨天真的是一个很好玩的一晚!!! 感谢李游和李太请我们上来看他们的家然后带我们去吃饭!!! :-) 明天上载照片和录影…

    在北京我已经过了一个礼拜…玩的那么开心怎么可以回香港… :-(

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 22, 2008

    刚才看完了北京metal乐队”窒息”…非常好看的表演…开场演出是 AK-47…不错…今天晚上演出是在MAO Livehouse…我们去年的四月份也在这里演过出…非常好的场地…今天的声音也不错…窒息非常牛b! :-)

    Just got back from watching the Beijing metal band Suffocated rip a new asshole at MAO Livehouse in Beijing! Awesome band…tight as hell…aggressive and in your face…the singer is AMAZING…great crowd control…

    我们很舊的朋友 “面包” 这几个月是在的网站不停宣传我们! 她刚才发了email跟我说他放了我们 “亚洲起义” video在独立音乐页的第一版! 所以所有人一去看这里一定会看到我们的video!!! 非常感谢您面包!!! 知道这几年还有你的支持是非常开心的事! :-) 大家如果有空的话请过去他们网站看看吧! click here 请记住按 “独立” 音乐哪页…

    Our pal from YEARS ago Bread has really been working hard to promote us on the website!!! It’s nice to have that type of support from such a HUGE website!!! Thanks Bread for sticking by us for so many years! She put our video up on the main indie band page so when you click there you’ll automatically be hit with our video “Unite Asia”! :-) PRETTY DAMN COOL!!! To check it out please: click here

    DUDE! 到时间介绍一个hardcore乐队…这个乐队叫Verse…可能喜欢hardcore的朋友已经听过了.可是如果没有那请记住这个报告!!! hahahahaha…Check out this awesome hardcore band called Verse who’re about to release their newest album entitled “Aggression”! I CAN’T WAIT!!! The whole album is currently available for streaming at the following link. 大家可以上这个网站听他们将会出的新作品叫”Aggression”: click here Great hardcore band, great lyrics, great music…特好hardcore乐队, 特好音乐, 特好歌词…

    Time to go to sleep…tomorrow we’re going to Li Yo’s house for dinner! :-) 到睡觉的时间…明天去李游的家吃晚饭!! :-) 他跟我女朋友说他家附近有很多古惑仔! hahahahahaha…OH! 在北京我见过什么人他马上会问我 “香港真的有古惑仔吗?” hahahahaha…可能这图电影在北京有很大的影响! hahahahaha…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 21, 2008

    I just uploaded a short Beijing video up on my facebook page…if you have time go over and check it out…really short…nothing to be too excited about but shows just how much fun I’ve been having here in Beijing. Am I dreading going back to HK in 2 weeks? Hell yeah…all good things have to come to an end at some point dude…我刚才上载了一个短片在我的facebook页到…如果你有时间的话可以看看…昨天我去了一个地方叫动物园…可是不是去看动物…我就是去动物园对面一个特大的商场…好像罗湖城一样可是还比那个商场大很多!!! 我们进去因为听人说里面的东西是很便宜因为是批发的东西…可是我们四点钟左右到店已经开始关门儿了…然后去这个三里屯喝点东西…在这儿还有很多地方还在建造所以特别髒…特多沙尘…可以说这样东西现在代表了北京的空气一样…我在北京已经过了一个礼拜可是还没习惯这里的空气…真的很悶热…有时候不会呼吸…滑板的时候更难呼吸…让我想之后有很多奥运会的运动员在北京怎么办! 然后我们跟alison的同学去了吃新疆菜…又吃新疆菜!!! hahahahaha…我特喜欢吃!!! 可是这次去的饭馆很特别!!! 一路吃饭一路有人表演!!! 如果你想看照片你可以上这个网站看看: click here

    然后Alison的同学Rose带我们去一间西式的酒吧…在这儿你可以一路喝东西一路打篮球, 打baseball!!! 非常好玩的地方!!! 如果香港这样的酒吧就好了!!!


    So I’ve just finished uploading a video and more photos to my facebook page…go up there to check them out…the link is: click here

    When the video’s ready I’ll let you all know…we we went to this awesome Xin Jiang restaurant last night that had crazy performances with belly dancers, singers, guitar players, and even a snake!!! WHAT?!?!?! So much fun…the belly dancer with the snake even put the damn thing around my neck!!! hahahaha…then we went to this bar that was way far away in the Eastern part of Beijing. It was a bar of course with drinks and a live band, but you can also play basketball here and baseball! WHAT??!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING!!! Imagine if we had one of these places in HK dude!!! Our Friday nights would be even more fun…

    Good times man…tonight I’m going to watch Suffocate play!!! WOOHOO!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 20, 2008

    现在好像可以打中文!!! 李游昨天介绍了一个新打拼音的program叫google pinyin…刚才下载了可是好奇怪。下载了之后看不到这个software…然后上了很多其他网站找办法看这个program… 现在找到了一个方法。如果我想用这个我要开很多别的的东西在control panel里面先可以用…反正可以打中文了!!! :-) 谢谢李游! hehehehehe…我上载了我在北京的照片。 你可以上这个网站看看click here 昨天又去了滑板…滑了几个小时然后去了新街口找一个朋友的hardcore店! 很不错!! 一看他的店知道他是跟我一样对hardcore很热情! :-) 他有很多records (对不起中文不知道怎么说…是很久听歌的东西是黑色的…)!!! 比方说, Sick of it All的Call to Arms, Snapcase的第一二唱片…和其他的…然后我们去了找东西吃…吃完了以后开始累了!!! 因为我这两天滑了太疯了!!! hahahahaha…差不多半年没有滑突然这两天滑的那么多真的对我身体不太好!!! 吃完饭我真的想回家可是今天晚上我们一起会庆祝我好朋友,Reflector的Ah Ye的生日! :-) 我真的好兴奋可是累死了…我们去了鼓楼大街附近一条路…跟大家昨天说那条路…在这Ah Ye订了一个酒吧开party…在这儿看到很多久朋友! Max (BMX的), 还有TJ, Li Peng, etc…真的很开心一晚…然后回家了…现在是第二天可是我全身还疼了!!! hahhahahaha…等一下去动物园买些东西! woohoo…okay – 现在太开心了可以打中文!!! PEACE!!!

    Got some photos of these past few days of my trip in Beijing: click here

    Dude…there’s so much yet I forgot to tell you guys about!! I only remembered after uploading these photos!!! More coming soon…went skating again yesterday…I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired!!! Will write more later…need to sleep…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 19, 2008

    Yesterday I went skateboarding at Yu Yan Da Xue with my friend Rio (bass player of SKO)! It was fun skating in Beijing again! The last time I skated in Beijing was I think 4 years ago or something like that…I think Kevin was still in KLC back then!!! Long ass time ago…We skated and of course checked out all the girls that were getting out of class etc. hehehehehehehehe…Then slowly we were joined by more skaters which was cool. Two Korean skateboarders came up and we skated for awhile together until I started talking to him about Korea. I told him that my band King Ly Chee has played there and then he said “OH!!! I’ve seen your band in Seoul!” hahahahahaha!!! He said “I thought you looked familiar!!! I saw you guys play with Vassline, Johnny Royal, 13 Steps…” :-) WHAT A SMALL SMALL WORLD MAN!!! Oh my god…that was definitely a cool little day I had…

    Before skating I watched Rambo 4 finally! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! Even though Sylvester Stallone is an old bastard now…he was still awesome in this movie! Of course, I’m sure his total script was not even 2 pages in the entire movie hahahahahaha…but it was good. Definitely a lot more gory then I thought it would be – definitely would’ve worked for some death metal band’s music video. hehehehehehe…

    Dude…I’m trying to upload photos here in Beijing but it’s such a pain in the ass!!! The internet here is so slow for certain websites…some websites are super fast…others take FOREVER…I can’t wait to show you all the awesome photos I’ve been taking walking around here!!! Okay…gotta get some food…oh, also just watched National Treasure part 2…GOOD movie…

    I think I’m skating some more today…then tonight is Reflector’s drummer’s Ah Ye’s birthday party!!! Should be a good night!!! :-) I LOVE BEIJING!!! SO MUCH TO DO HERE!!!

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