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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 30, 2008

    Oh my god…thank GOD this week is over!!! This week has been dragging…I think I just had such a great time with my friends in Malaysia that coming back to HK really really sucks… :-( We just don’t hang out the same way they hang out there…they see each other like everyday doing shit out on the streets. In HK we only see each other like once a week and it’s always in the bandroom. So it sucks…

    At least we’re back and we’ll get back to work on writing songs. I’ll be working with Man all day Sunday so I can’t wait to get going…

    Pong is in Japan right now hanging out! He called me a couple times yesterday!!! :-) I love this dude…he got me a SICK new baseball hat with a huge X on it! Hehehehe…I love my straight edge…he also might be getting a tattoo while he’s there!!!

    Anyway – Hardcore News:

    A New Fall – Malaysian metalcore young blood rock out with brand new songs on their myspace! For fans of As I Lay Dying…click here

    Kids on the Move – our fellow Asian brothers from Malaysia have released their AMAZING split CD!!! For fans of Champion, Have Heart!!! click here

    H2O has a cool interview here: click here

    Terror has released a couple new songs from their upcoming CRAZY record: click here

    Set Your Goals has released some new songs: click here

    I’m sure there’s more awesome stuff out there…but that’s all I know…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 29, 2008

    Got the new Shai Hulud yesterday…first song on it is AMAZING…totally reminds me of the first record-era of Shai Hulud…get it if you’re into insanely technical metal…

    Really excited to get the new H2O album…melodic hardcore fans will love this record…should be awesome…

    My beautiful girlfriend is up in Beijing for 5 long weeks… :-( I’m not going to see her for a few weeks so that SUCKS ass…I’ll see her soon right as soon as my school is finished mid-June. Until then I hope our song writing for our new album nears it’s end…it’s been a long time since we started the process and I don’t really feel like we’ve gotten ahead. We need to get our asses going man!!! Hahahahaha…

    Still haven’t seen any photos or videos of our show in Malaysia!!! I’m dying to see what it was like to have me singing without my guitar!!! I had a GREAT time on stage without my guitar so it actually felt good and made me totally forget that I’m used to have a guitar in my hand…can’t wait until the rest of you in the Philippines get to see us!!! :-)

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 28, 2008

    Yes…as I’m sure you guessed…we had another insane time in KL – well at least I did! hahahaha…I have no idea whether or not Brian, Pong and Man had a good time. I went there early to hang out with all my Malaysian brothers and stayed later to be with them some more! I love all the friends that I have there and feel VERY honored that these guys all treat me like I’m one of them and part of their scene. It is a special scene that they have down in KL and things just seem to get bigger and better…not just bigger – but HUGE…

    As you know…the Sick of it All show got cancelled because of permit-issues. Either way, it was a huge disappointment for me…needless to say. We did end up playing another show with amazing Malaysian indie rock bands like Bittersweet which was great. That was the first time that we got to play a more mixed show in Malaysia so it was nice to be able to do that. We definitely owe Vain Music a lot for helping us out on that…

    The best part was definitely hanging out…drinking too much Teh Tarik for me to be healthy at all right now! Hahahaha…food in Malaysia is CRAZY!!! CRAZY GOOD!!! I’ve been on a diet these past few weeks and I could not keep it during my stay there. Our brothers in Malaysia really know how to take care of us…

    I’ve uploaded photos from the trip so click on the PHOTOS button above and enjoy. I’ve added captions for all the photos so read and enjoy…

    There really are WAY too many people to thank for taking care of us in Malaysia…here’s just a small list of people:

    Jana – dude was pretty much our manager during our time there!!! My brother did not let me down…as expected…the best dude in hardcore today, yesterday and tomorrow…
    Ann – thanks for getting us the shows
    Ming and Kong – thank you for being such nice down to earth guys and hanging out with us, driving us around, coming to watch us play even after you guys had your OWN show to play!!!
    Apeq – my brother thanks for all the good times man!!! Let’s not wait 3 years to see each other again!!! Good luck with Salsa! hahahahaha
    Vain Music – for allowing us to play last minute!
    Aby – for designing new shirts and getting them printed so fast!!!
    Ein – for coming out to support your fellow straight edge brother!!! :-)
    All the new friends I met this time around: Nizam, Fahmie, Ohm (dude I’ll check out your CD as soon as possible!!!), Kids on the Move brothers, Yose (Singapore), Arthur, Ijam, the list goes on and on and on…

    I just love Kuala Lumpur…to me it will always be one of the most special places on this planet…thank you all for supporting me and King Ly Chee with all your hearts guys…

    I hope we’ll be back soon again…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 24, 2008

    Dear all,

    This is crazy…

    Anyone that has been in a band knows that being in a band is full of ups and downs…constant ups and downs. Last month I announced probably one of the greatest things to happen to this band since it started in 1999 – that we were going to share a stage with my all-time heroes. I’ve been on a constant high since then and have been working my ass off to get my vocals ready for the show because as you know, I have become the full-time singer for the band. Excitment doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings I’ve had these past few weeks thinking about how I was going to finally have my chance to meet Lou, Pete, Armand, and Craig face to face. For them to maybe have a chance to actually say my name or the words “King Ly Chee” would’ve been a huge vindication of all the things that I have gone through for King Ly Chee. The sacrifices I’ve made, the shit I’ve had to deal with, the loss of so-called “friends”, my stubborness of not kissing ass to get ahead and allowing the music to speak for itself instead (as if that works anymore in this world – it’s all about kissing ass…the more you know how to do it, the further ahead in life you get…), all of that didn’t matter because I was finally going to get on stage with King Ly Chee to open for the legends, heroes and the kings of hardcore – Sick of it All.

    But as that was my “up”…of course there has to be a “down”…

    And the “down” is:

    The Sick of it All show has been cancelled last minute. The reason that was given to us was that approval wasn’t given for the permits for this show to go ahead.

    This sucks…

    We have managed to find another show though…so that is good news I guess! We are still playing in Kuala Lumpur. This is the information for the show:

    May, 25 2008
    Vain’s Hot Stage!
    MCPA Hall, Maharajalela, KUALA LUMPUR, 53000
    Cost : RM20

    We would really like to thank: Ann (Dyslexia Records), Jana (Intrude Records), and the organizers of this show (Vain Music) for allowing us to play this show last minute! That means a lot to us and we appreciate you all accomodating us so last minute!!!

    We would also like to announce that we have arranged with Malaysia’s Red Cross (Red Crescent) to have a donation box on our merch table (where we will be selling our shirts). The donation is to raise money for the victims of the China earthquake and the Myanmar cyclone tragedies. The shirt design that we’ll be selling is below and it will be available in black and green thanks to our brothers Feroze and Aby at Suicidal Clothing.

    Once again, we are surprised shocked…but for me more importantly, I’m quite depressed about how things turned out. I am still excited that we are STILL getting a chance to play a show in Kuala Lumpur one of my favorite places to play! So hopefully we’ll still see all of our brothers and sisters at the show…we would love to see you all come out to support us if that’s possible…

    Thank you for reading…


    PS: To my heroes…I still hope that one day we’ll be able to meet you guys and share a stage. That is still a dream that will come true one day I hope!!!

    SHIRT DESIGN HERE: click here

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  • 61 year old woman found!!! 找到一位六十一歲的女人!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 20, 2008

    Wow! The news just reported that rescuers were able to find and free a 61 year old woman!!! She’s been trapped under all those buildings for over a week!!! 新聞剛剛說他們找到了一位六十一歲的女人!!! 她在倒塌的建築下面活了一個禮拜!!! Incredible!!!

    After all this news, I feel bad about saying anyting exciting about on this website regarding King Ly Chee…it’s just weird for me to mention good things or upcoming excitement, when there are thousands and thousands of people buried under tons and tons of rubble… :-(

    I feel guilty to mention that I am still very excited to meet my heroes this Sunday…I’m going a day early and I’m going to watch another show in Kuala Lumpur that features Choke Cocoi from the Philippines and some of my favorite Malaysian hardcore bands like Second Combat…and I’m going to see my boys again! Jana I’m coming for you! :-)

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  • Great weekend!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 19, 2008

    Man – I had a great weekend…all my close friends know why…just good times all weekend…hanging out Friday night with my girlfriend, then all my good friends Friday night…plus I got a new camera so I’ve been taking crazy photos every other second…Saturday I went to the Sichuan show benefit at the Warehouse which was fun. I was able to make the biggest donation I’ve ever made later on Saturday through my HSBC account. So that felt good…I wish I could do more…I really hope EVERYONE has donated something to China…they need us as much as possible…

    Practice for Sick of it All show has been going well…Can’t wait to finally be singing only!!! SUPER excited about it!!! :-) Share my joy my brothers and sisters in Malaysia!!! :-)

    I added a “photos” page to our website (yes I know – finally)…So please check out the page on the link up on top…I’ve put up a LOT of photos and will slowly keep adding more and more when I have the time to do it…


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  • Charity Show

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 17, 2008

    Today there’s a charity show at the Warehouse to donate money to Sichuan earthquake disaster. If you have time please come out to support…the show starts at 3pm. We are not playing unfortunately because Brian is not in Hong Kong. I will still go to the show to support…see you there…

    If you can donate money to help the people in this devastated area then please donate money to the Red Cross at these accounts:

    HSBC : (004)-567-650155-016 Hang Seng Bank: (024)-267-175123-001
    Bank of China: (012)-806-0-000161-7 Bank of East Asia: (015)-514-40-39966-3

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  • 五萬人死亡

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 16, 2008

    新聞報道是可能有五萬人死亡… :-( 昨天再找到幾個人在collapsed的建築下面…看到幾個救了小朋友在醫院裡可是他們現在沒有了手和arms (為了救他們的生命醫生切斷了他們的手)…現在也知道有點人現在很生氣…他們想知道那麼多建築怎麼可以那麼容易倒塌. 然後發現了很多建築沒有用鋼鐵做的. 很多柱子裡看得到有什麼東西建這個建築…

    中國政府打發了差不多十萬軍隊去四川幫手…that’s amazing…amazing那麼快可以打發那麼多軍隊…

    The latest news is that it’s possible up to 50,000 people have died…there are still stories of people coming out alive from being buried under tons and tons of rubble of the collapsed buildings. Yesterday the news should images of children who have survived but had to have their arms or legs amputated in order to stay alive. :-(

    There are lots of grieving parents who are so angry about the buildings that fell down. They’re wondering how these buildings could all collapse so easily and they can now see what materials are actually used inside these buildings like in the pillars and the walls. They say that they’re seeing things that shouldn’t be used. They’re saying that the safety standards were not abided by…

    The amazing thing is that the Chinese government has been able to dispatch 100,000 troops in just like 4 days…that’s incredible…all of these people are being sent only to help these poor people who have had their entire lives destroyed…

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  • craziness

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 14, 2008

    The news about China just gets worse and worse…but I have to say that I think Chin’a premier Wen Jia Bao always proves to me that he is a great man with a huge heart. Which leaders of countries will actually go to the disaster zone, get on their hands and knees, get a megaphone and speak to the hundreds of people who are trapped under all the rubble? Only a person with a kind heart…”one minute, one second could be a child’s life”…that’s what he said…

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  • 這個地球! Our world!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 13, 2008

    Oh my god…the biggest earthquake to hit China in 30 years just hit Sichuan province! They’re saying over 10,000 people have died and there’ll be many thousands more people who are hurt, injured or missing!!! They say there are still 900 children trapped in a building! On my MSN there’s a KLC supporter who lives near the area and he said he had to sleep outside in the public square because he wasn’t allowed back into his building! He said that it was so cold outside that he decided to find some place else to stay so he went to a nearby internet cafe which is on the first floor so that he can run out in case there’s another aftershock.

    Last week, 10,000 people died in Burma with the horrible flooding and cyclone that hit that poor country. There are still dead bodies everywhere…now this in China.

    This is a sad sad day…it’s been a sad couple of weeks…

    昨天在四川有中國最大的地震! 新聞報道說可能有一萬已經過了身!!! 可能還有幾千人受傷了和有幾千人失蹤了!!! 在我的MSN到也有一位荔枝王的支持者住這裡附近他也說他昨天晚上不可以回家! 他說他一定要站在外面因為全部建築給地震使牆向左傾斜. 他說外面很冷…crazy!!! :-( 新聞報道也有說還有九百小朋友是在一個倒塌的學校裡面!!!



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