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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 31, 2008

    man…太興奮了!!! 我們四月一個週末裡可以有那麼多非常”牛B”和”正”的演出!!! 真的想不到…OH MY GOD!!! can’t wait…can’t wait…很期待!!!

    今天終於可以再看到我們的小朋友!!! woohoo!!! 很想他們!!! :-) today all the kids are going to be back at school!!! WOOHOO!!! Can’t wait to see them all…we’ve been missing them so much!

    內地的朋友們!!! 我們好朋友Paul跟我們說了…這期Rock Music雜誌有一個免費的CD!!! 在這個CD裡的第一首歌是我們的歌”誓言”!!! 快出去買吧!!! :-) 謝謝你們的支持!!! :-)

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 30, 2008

    Comeback Kid在香港演出的information現在上載了!!! 大家可以上這兩個網站看看!!!
    GENERAL INFO click here
    AND FACEBOOK PAGE click here
    還不相信他們會來香港演出!!! OH MY GOD!!!

    Okay – information for the Comeback Kid show in HK can be found at these two links:
    GENERAL INFO click here
    AND FACEBOOK PAGE click here

    GET PSYCHED!!! hahahaha…dreaming man – that’s all I’ve been doing for the past few days! For us, that weekend is going to be the best ever…On the 26th we’re playing in one of our favorite countries in Asia – PHILIPPINES!!! And then we come back the next morning to continue setting up for one of our all-time favorite hardcore bands: Comeback Kid. What the hell!?!??! Craziness…

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  • facebook page updates!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 29, 2008

    Dude…Brian rules…he’s totally taken over a bunch of responsibilities for this band and I love him for it! Go over to KLC’s facebook page to see a bunch of stuff that he’s uploaded and all the discussions he’s started…awesome dude! :-)

    I set up the Comeback Kid show facebook event page yesterday!!! I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALL CONFIRMED!!! OH MY GOD!!! COMEBACK KID IN HONG KONG!!!

    I’ve said it a bunch of times…none of you have seen me the way I’m going to be at this show…trust me…you’ll be surprised…it might be shocking to some of you, but I feel like I’ve waited 9 years for this type of opportunity, and I will go crazy…you’ve been warned…hehehehehehe…

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  • 廣州演出的VIDEOS!!! Videos from Guangzhou!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 27, 2008

    CHECK IT OUT!!! Brian has opened a topic on our forum that lists a bunch of videos from our show in Guangzhou last weekend!! Watching back these videos really puts a huge smile on my face! After everything we’ve been through, to know that so many people in GZ are with us and helping us, it’s amazing!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE THERE!!! WE HOPE WE CAN COME BACK UP SOON!!! click here

    這裡click here你可以看到上個禮拜六在廣州的演出的錄影!!! 剛剛看完了…真的是很開心的回憶…我們最近經了很多東西, 所以知道我們還有很多廣州的朋友和支持者還在我們身邊, 是非常開心的事…謝謝大家!!! 希望很快可以再上來!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 26, 2008

    我昨天收到了一個很有趣的DVD…這個DVD是關於New York Hardcore九四至九五年的時代. 有很多很大New York Hardcore樂隊的訪問和當時的觀眾. 他們有訪問Madball, Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law, 25 Ta Life, District, 等等…他們全部有說在New York生活怎麼樣. 如果你想知道new york hardcore真正的精神那一定要看這個DVD. 這個DVD是差不多九八年發出的, 這個DVD是再出的版本. 他們還有這幾年再訪問這幾個樂隊問他們這十年過了怎麼樣…really cool…

    Yesterday I received my copy of the New York Hardcore DVD that came out in the late 90′s. It’s been re-released recently and I got it yesterday. It’s an AWESOME DVD to watch about this hardcore scene. It talks specifically about the era of 94-95 around then. It interviews bands like Madball, 25 ta Life, Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law, etc. Then at the end it has an extras section where they interview these bands again 10 years later like a few years ago. All the bands talk about what they’ve all been through and what they’re up to now. It’s an awesome little DVD that talks about he life and struggles of being a band from New York.

    還有…我終於收到Reflector的新唱片! 非常好聽…他們長大了!!! hahahahahaha…他們每首歌真的寫的非常好…沒有什麼punk rock的感覺, 有真音樂人的感覺! 是一個很great的rock樂隊. 如果你還沒聽過那你等什麼?! IT’S GREAT!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 24, 2008

    One of the best weekends of my life I’d have to say…two GREAT GREAT shows back to back always makes me feel good and rejuvenates my joy in still continuing this band! :-)

    As was expected…the Guangzhou show was CRAZY AWESOME!!! The audience in GZ knew all the lyrics to all our new songs and were singing them along…it was just the way it should be…they proved once again that they indeed are with us forever and supporting us no matter what happens. They sang the lyrics better then I did! hahahahaha…

    We played with great bands as always including our brothers in Uni-K – and these guys ALWAYS destroy the audience in the mosh pit when we play. You should’ve seen the end of Skinless – these kids know how to mosh and make Macau proud…

    Okay – so now I’m back in HK and am going to start working my ass off of on the upcoming Comeback Kid show…and we have to prepare ourselves for Summer Slam in the Philippines! Lots to do!!! To all our Filipino brothers and siters: we’re actually going to print our Unite Asia EP on to CD especially for this show at Summer Slam!!! And guess what? We’re going to hand them out for free TO ALL OF YOU!!! So after we’re done playing, come find our booth and pick up a FREE copy of the Unite Asia EP!!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 22, 2008

    多謝大家!!! 昨天晚上的演出非常非常感動!!! 昨天晚上是我第一次唱所見所聞!!! 我想不到我一天可以唱全首歌!!! 昨天終於到我唱全部中文詞!!! 全部觀眾對昨天晚上全show的感覺非常好…全部人有做氣氛做的非常好!!! 謝謝你們對每一個樂隊的熱情…AMAZING! AMAZING!!!

    昨天就唱三首歌…希望下次再見可以再唱多幾首歌!!! 我會很努力學我們中文歌詞!!!

    今天我們會上去廣州演出…好累了!!! 自己做show然後玩然後pack up然後今天還有離開香港演出, 真的非常辛苦!!! hahahahaha…可是我們今天去的城市演出是我們其中最愛得地方!!! 廣州的同胞我們來了!!!

    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR LAST NIGHT! IT WAS AN AMAZING NIGHT!! we’re off to Guangzhou today to play a show and we’re going to be TIRED AS HELL!!! Not because we’re playing two shows back to back – of course not, this band is not made up of pussies (well maybe Brian is – we’re still trying to find out! hahahahahaha)! We’re just exhausted because we had to take care of a lot of stuff yesterday as anyone who has organized shows can tell you, and now we have to go play a show in Guangzhou! hahahaha…the good thing is that Guangzhou is one of our FAVORITE places to play in China so we can’t wait! Even if we’re tired as hell when we arrive, once we get to the venue and we see all of our Guangzhou friends and supporters, it’s going to be GREAT!!! SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!

    Thank you again for the amazing show last night and for the support and passion you all showed for all the bands and the show itself…it was great!

    3 quotes from Horse the Band that sums up their experience here and how much they LOVE Hong Kong:

    “We have a song called New York City, but New York City is not nearly as cool as Hong Kong!”
    After walking around in Hong Kong for like an hour and being overwhelmed with all the buildings, the guitar player David said “You know what? I feel like I just need to see a tree”! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
    Screaming to the audience: “You guys have made this the best show on the tour so far!!!!”

    Off to Guangzhou! PEACE!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 20, 2008

    WE’RE COMING BACK PHILIPPINES!!! to all our friends and supporters out there we’re coming back Apr 26!! WE CANNOT WAIT TO COME BACK!!! We are so excited about this. I feel like all of this has come out of the blue because we didn’t actually know that we were confirmed. But I saw the posters yesterday and our name is on the poster! We have TO TOTALLY thank our old HK brother Jun who plays drums for the amazing Kjwan!! YOU HOOKED IT BROTHA!! WE OWE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I don’t think we could ever pay you back enough for doing this for your old pals…

    See you all in the Philippines soon!! Cannot believe we’re finally going back!!! Woohoo!!! Our brothers in Shepherds the Weak have been trying to get us back, but the timing was never right because they go during mid-summer when there are just no holidays in HK. So this Summer Slam is actually a Saturday show and guess how we’re doing it…because we have to work the Friday before and the Monday after, we’re flying out Saturday morning to arrive in Manila Saturday afternoon. Then play the show, then fly back at 8 in the morning on Sunday in order to set up for the Comeback Kid show in HK!!! HOLY CRAP!!! NOW THAT’S DEDICATION!!! hahahahaha…

    WE WILL RISE…as long as you’re by my side! WE WILL RISE…no longer pushed aside…UNITE ASIA!!!

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  • 很緊張!!!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 18, 2008

    dude…i started learning the chinese part for 所見所聞 last night and i’m SOOOOOOO nervous!!! i haven’t been this nervous in a LONG time…i know that if i forget the words then i’m just going to scream some stupid shit on stage. but I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!!! we’re a hardcore band – lyrics are one of the biggest parts of this band, screaming crap ain’t part of King Ly Chee. SO I’M WORKING MY ASS OFF TO LEARN THESE WORDS BY FRIDAY!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! 好煩AH!!!

    我昨天晚上開始學所見所聞的中文歌詞!!! 非常難唱因為我中文不是那麼好!!! 我現在開始很緊張!!! 很久沒試過那麼緊張的感覺!!! 我知道如果我一開始唱錯了, 我會喊bullshit…可是對我們來說歌詞是hardcore文化的最大元素! 所以我一定不會喊bullshit…所以我這幾天會很努力練習這首歌的中文詞!!! 但是還是很緊張的情況…可是我知道我一定做得到!!! I WILL DO IT!

    可是你們可以幫我!!! 請跟我一起唱…一到所見所聞的中文位子請幫我們唱!!! 如果你們比我大聲那就好了… :-)

    OKAY – 現在可以通知大家!!! 這個地球其中最大的hardcore樂隊COMEBACK KID將會來香港演出!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! 我九年裡安排很多show…可是這是我最開心安排的!!! I LOVE COMEBACK KID!!! 我想不到他們會來香港!!! 然後是我們安排的show?!?!?!? GREAT!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! 所以大家記住這個日子: APRIL 27!!! 內地的朋友如果你們有興趣下來看請想一想我怎麼可以幫你們!!! :-) HARDCORE IS ALIVE IN 2008!!!

    OKAY – the message above is the GRAND announcement: COMEBACK KID IS COMING TO HONG KONG ON APR 27!!!

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! Out of the 9 years that I’ve been organizing shows THIS is the one that I’m the MOST excited about!!! IT’S COMEBACK KID DUDE!!! OH MY GOD!!! I cannot believe they’re coming to our lovely shores!!! “can’t live in yesterday…can’t live…can’t live…in yesterday…on with my life! on with my life!”…”how did we lose control, we thought it’d last forever…”…”we said we said we said…this time it’s gonna be different…WAKE UP THE DEAD!!!”…all i have to say is, at this show – LOOK OUT! hahahahahaha…i WILL go crazy…

    我想謝謝廣州的疾風琴行Cool Rhythm支持這個禮拜六的演出!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 17, 2008


    這個禮拜我們儘量會自己唱這幾首歌: “土炮”, “所見所聞”, My Family, “奮身見證”…可是我很想跟大家說…我學唱廣東話的歌詞是非常非常辛苦!!! :-( 因為我以為我廣東話不是那麼差…可是我看廣東話歌詞的時候發現了很多字我不認識! damn…然後要問我女朋友解釋才明白歌詞…還有問她每一個字的聲調…damn…然後需要記歌詞…然後要練一路彈吉他一路唱歌…DAMN!!! 非常辛苦…可是我喜歡這樣的挑戰…非常喜歡…This weekend we’ll be singing a few songs on our own and will help from some close friends on other songs. I just want everyone to know – singing Cantonese lyrics for me is a total BITCH! hahahaha…it’s crazy that after living in HK for so many years, there are still millions of words that I have no idea. So i have to ask my girlfriend, then she has to explain it to me, then I have to practice the tones, then I have to memorize it, then I have to practice singing these words AND playing guitar at the same time!!! IT’S CRAZY!!! I wish I had more time…but I’m already practicing on my own everyday and it’s crazy…but I love these types of challenges…hopefully you guys will be patient with me this weekend!!! :-) If I had more time I’d be better…but I’ll be trying the best that I can in such short notice…

    就想跟大家說: 這個禮拜應該是我第一次唱那麼多廣東話歌詞…希望大家對我唱中文歌詞可以有點耐性…沒有那麼多時間練習…已經是儘量每天練…


    星期五的演出我們好朋友: Tai (embryo的注唱) 和 Terence (STW的注唱) 會幫我們唱幾首歌…THANK YOU SO MUCH BROTHERS!!! 他們也沒有那麼多時間學歌詞, 所以我們更加感激他們的幫助!!! :-)

    星期六的演出我們好朋友: Benny (門生的注唱) 會幫我們唱新EP的每一首!!! HOLY SHIT!!! CRAZY!!! THANK YOU BENNY!!!

    It’s so nice to have friends who will do anything for us…means so much especially in our current situation!!!

    We’ve been talking about continuing as just a 4-piece. 我們這幾天有談過只有四個人繼續玩荔枝王…還沒有決定…可是應該會試一試…

    你們聽過新Anti-Flag的歌沒呢? 我非常期待這張CD!!! 一定非常好聽…你們可以這裡聽一聽: click here. SO DAMN GOOD!!!

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