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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 19, 2008

    Woah…what a great weekend I’ve had!!! But that’s nothing compared to the weekend that we’re going to have THIS weekend with our show!!! Can’t wait to play this weekend!!! It’ll be the first time that we’re going to play our EP so hopefully you’ll all be there to support us!!! Can’t wait!!! SEEYA!!!

    OH WAIT!!! Go to our video section! We’ve uploaded the GREATEST music video EVER!!! :-)

    FEBRUARY 16, 2008: INFORMATION MARCH 21 SHOW FEATURING HORSE THE BAND (USA) 關於三月二十一號 Horse the Band的演出!!

    Hello all! I finally was able to confirm all the opening bands for the Horse the Band show that we are organizing (again, together with our SFS family) for March 21 at Pier Pressure (the same place as our show next week)! The opening bands are now going to be: King Ly Chee, Hermetic Silence, Mensheng, Ignite the Hope!!! We’re so excited that all these bands have joined us to play this show!!! If you haven’t heard Horse the Band then go to our label’s website and check out a video of theres…pretty damn funny guys it seems! hahahahaha…click here

    Also, if you want more information about this show please click on this link click here Here you will find all the information about this show. This will be the first time that we’re going to try “presale” tickets. All the information is on that link so please check and make your calls!

    Some of our supporters from Brunei emailed me yesterday to ask about Hermetic Silence! If you go to the link above about the show you can find a direct link to Hermetic Silence’s myspace! THAT IS SO AWESOME THAT PEOPLE IN BRUNEI ARE INTERESTED IN OUR METAL SCENE HERE!!! THANK YOU!!!

    我終於可以confirm三月二十一號所有的開場的樂隊!! 他們是: King Ly Chee, Hermetic Silence, Ignite the Hope, 和 Mensheng!!! 非常開心這幾個樂隊會跟我們來玩這個演出!!! Horse the Band是來自美國的樂隊…玩的音樂是很有意思, 是metalcore可是加了”keyboard”然後再加了游戲機的聲音…hahahahaha…可以上我們唱片公司的網站聽聽: click here

    還有, 關於這場演出的事情你可以上這個網站看看: click here 這場演出是我們第一次會有”預訂”的門票…如果你有興趣買票請上那個網站看怎麼可以跟我們聯係!!!

    還有一個禮拜然後到了我們唱片公司今年的第一場演出!!! 到時見!!!

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