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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 29, 2007

    yo th eweather in HK is soooooo awesome!!! it’s nice and cool and it’s such an amazing time here right now…humidity is low so all the ladies look lovely because their hair isn’t fro-ing out…hahahha…

    then only thing that i hate about winter is that i start getting all emo during this weather. this weather always makes me think too much…not good thoughts usually…i always end up becoming a lot more sensitive about things…maybe its cause there’s so much more darkness during the winter…my girlfriend REALLY loves it when i’m in this mood – NOT…alison totally hates it…she’s always like “YOU’RE SO SENSITIVE!!!” and then she strangles me..hahhahaha..

    all the violence that took place at the forum last sunday for the election candidates was so ridiculous. i’m happy that people are coming out and saying that this is HOng KOng and HK is known for calm and rational people…not violent and overly emotional people…stay calm…that’s what we need…beijing is watching us…if we can’t stay calm about these elections how are we going to be able to stay calm the day that we are going to be voting for our chief exectutive?
    NOVEMBER 27, 2007:
    yo…it’s all about Piledriver for me…hahahaha…last night i was listening to them thinking about just how amazing this band must be live!!! we never got to play with them because when went to manila in april we just played with NOFx and a bunch of more emo-rock type of bands. but the nice dudes in piledriver came out and showed some asian hardcore love…i hope someday when we get to go back to the philippines we get to play with these dudes and other filipino hardcore bands!!昨天我有聽菲律賓的hardcore樂隊叫Piledriver…我們上次去菲律賓演出沒有機會跟他們演出…希望下次有機會再做一個亞洲tour可以跟他們玩機場!

    如果你想聽他們的音樂你可以上我們的myspace去到他們的…他們的CD在records rendezvous買的到…  .

    if you want to hear their tunes then go to our myspace to check out their link…also, their CD is available at Records Rendezvous in Tsim Sha Tsui…

    going to bed……

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 26, 2007

    yo…thanks for all the kind messages on our myspace! it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten messages after our shows!!! back when we first started playing we used to always be able to come back from a show and read amazing messages of support and encouragement on our messageboard, or forum or myspace…so its’ nice that some of you came back and did that for us!!! thanks!!! :-) please keep that up!!! hahaha…we always like to hear comments (whether good or bad) from people who support us…it’s nice to know that we still seem to matter! :-) 在我們的myspace很開心看到那麼多鼓勵我們的message…我們幾年前一玩完演出我可以回家上網看到很多這樣的message! 所以現在看到你們的所寫的想說謝謝! :-) 請繼續寫了好不好? hahahaha…

    “please go now”…those bastards in Ignite the Hope have written one of the catchiest lines that i’ve been singing like everyday this past week! if you haven’t heard them then check them out: ! 請大家過去聽我們兄弟Ignite the Hope的音樂在他們的myspace: hahahaha…

    還有快一點去我們廣州metal的兄弟的網站!!! 他們是我最喜歡中國來的metal樂隊!!! 非常好聽…他們的主唱一定是one of the best!!!while you’re adding people then please add our friends in Guangzhou band Horror of Pestilence!!! DUDE!!! they’re SOOOO good!!! one of my favorite metal bands from China!!! proud to know these guys!!!

    okay…介紹了兩個很牛B的樂隊到時間介紹我現在最喜歡的美國pop的主唱 ———-> Alicia Keys!!! oh my god…she is SOOOO hot!!! HOT!!! oh – and she can actually sing, play the piano, and writes her own music…but she’ so HOT!!! her new song “no one” is so good…great song…

    “no one no one no one…” so good…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 25, 2007

    4:30am sitting at home bored out of my mind watching some stupid history channel right now…TV is so boring in HK…even if you have NOW Broadband have you ever noticed how crap the channels are? you will be flipping through it for hours and there’s nothing to watch. it’s so stupid…what’s the point of having so many choices when all the choices are garbage. makes no sense…

    at last night’s show i got to meet a lot of kids from shatin college…it’s so cool that all these schools in HK are really into supporting this little scene. i think they said that the second biggest contingent at the show last night was from KGV or something like that…pretty cool…

    i love ignite the hope…

    going to bed…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 22, 2007

    can’t wait until the show on saturday!!! damn damn!!! i am so excited it’s crazy…i have no idea exactly why i’m so excited but i just am…it could be because you guys have been great to us these past few shows so we are so excited to see you all again on saturday!!! plus we’re playing with all our friends bands so its going to be awesome…yes – we’ll be doing a little fun music thing again like we did the last time! hahahaha…just check it on saturday…

    為這個禮拜六的演出我非常興奮!!! 你不問我為什麼因為我自己也不太清楚! hahahaha…我就知道最近機場演出你們對我們非常熱情所以我們很興奮再有機會看你們. 而且這個禮拜我們會跟我們好朋友一起演出…所以更加開心…


    remember these words:

    remember them…come to the front…stand in the front…and sing, scream them as loud as you can…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 21, 2007

    thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday!!! :-) can’t believe i’m frickin’ 31 already man…oh my god…what craziness…i don’t feel old at all…but i’m sure i look old…i don’t feel like anything older then 23 man!!! seriously…i still feel like a kid…still have the energy of a school kid…at least the kids in my school keep saying “but you are still a teenager right Mr. Farooqi?” hahahahaha…then i tell them that i’m actually 31 today…and they’re like “WOAH!!!” hahahahha…

    i am a bit worried that i’ll never grow up though…but the thing is – i don’t want to grow up…i’m fine the way i am right now…i have some knowledge of how life works now, i have some knowledge of myself and what it is that i like and dislike in myself, in people i know, in types of music that i can listen to or not, things that i am able to do with my life and things that i will never be able to do…but in general, i am still learning about myself…i am still constantly making mistakes and i hope i never stop making mistakes…my whole life i’ve learned things the hard way (like when i broke my ankle skateboarding in 9th grade when i 13 years old…i learned the hard way that riding crappy old skateboards with no grip left on the grip tape is NOT a good idea…)…but the day i stop learning things the hard way means that i’ve stopped learning…i need to constantly be learning…that’s just the way i am…i love learning about myself, love learning about this world we live in…i am constantly reading Time magazine and other magazines that discuss current events in the world…to see what is going on in this crazy little world…

    it’s 9:30pm…i’m sleepy…going to bed…thanks again everyone…

    after the show on saturday i’m going to meet some friends at the cavern in Lan Kwai Fong…if you have time then please come down and say hello! :-) it would be nice to seem some old faces…better yet…come to the show too! :-)
    NOVEMBER 19, 2007:
    awesome photos up on our forum from the show on saturday…check them out! thanks joe!!!

    felt good for me to fulfill my duty as a proud citizen of hong kong last night by voting…i hope all of you had time to do that yesterday!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 18, 2007

    dude i knew the show last night was going to be great…but i had no idea JUST HOW great it was going to be!!! it was almost a whole bar full of people who had never seen us before it was great to play an audience who had no idea what we were about etc…of course, there were lots of friends and family in the audience to show us the love and suppo0rt we’ve been longing for…this new venue has tons of potential so we’re hoping good things happen!!! hopefully all of you will keep supporting this place so that they can slowly start upgrading their equipment…last night unfortunately one of the mic’s blew so i couldn’t sing etc…G reminded me after the show that this is the third show in a row that mic has either disappeared, gotten broken, or otherwise screwed up…you guys are crazy in the audience! hahahaha…just the way we like it! :-)

    these past few shows have been great it feels like we’re coming back…some people, glenn, will know what i mean when i say that…it’s good to know that we still matter…new songs have been going down SO WELL!!! we couldn’t ask for more!!!

    all i have to say – i saw Luke Chow moshing for us…that bastard doesn’t believe me that i’ve actually been typing on this news page about him and his record! he said he was going to go home to read this…yeah right – if you’re reading this – post a message in our forum homie! :-)

    another dude named joe took some crazy good photos – while moshing in the audience at the same time…that’s dedication man! hahahaha…anyway – can’t wait to upload these photos to show you fools what a KLC show is like in true DIY style! :-)

    we definitely have to say that for the past few shows we’ve had the honor to share the stage with Hungry Ghosts and Ignite the Hope and it has been great getting to play with both these bands every show! we’ve got one last show of November and we’re so lucky that we get to play with Ignite the Hope one more time!!! pong LOVES these guys…great band…nice guys……

    can’t say enough about last night’s show…great show…great turnout…lots of passionate love and support shown by people in the audience…organized by our awesome pal Ross of Star Crossed Tattoo…thank you so much EVERYONE…thank you so much…a little hardcore band like us couldn’t have asked for anything more passionate…

    like we’ve mentioned above…we have one last show this month and it has been a busy month for us…the show is at the Warehouse on Nov 24th…see you all there…

    NOW – if you’re an HK resident – go out and vote today!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 16, 2007

    woohoo…one more day until the show! i think we should play in Lak Kwai Fong a lot more often…this is the first show where i even have colleagues from my school who want to come watch! hahahaha…usually they don’t want to come because they feel too old to watch shows at the warehouse or any other place in HK. when they watch a show in LKF they feel more comfortable. so i am expecting quite a lot of NEW people there who have no idea what’s going to happen when we get on stage!!! hahahaha…i don’t think they’ve ever seen a “mosh” before! and i’m sure they haven’t ever seen a HONG KONG MOSH before!!! BRING IT ON EVERYONE!!! :-)

    多一天!!! 明天就是我們下一場演出的日子!!! 我發覺因為明天的演出不是在通常一個年輕人的地點-突然很多不同的人開始跟我說他會過來看我們表演. 這是第一次我學校的同事說了他會過來看! hahahahaha…那明天晚上他們一定會非常surprised…因為他們可能從來沒看過一個”mosh” – 他們一定沒看過一個香港的mosh! hahahaha…所以大家需要演的很好!!! :-)

    請記住這個演出應該會準時開始…九點鐘…如果你迷路你可以打電話給我: 9528-5433…

    可是明天早上我還有一個考試!!! DAMN!!!! 差不多六個鐘頭的exam… :-(

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 15, 2007

    2 more days until our next show!!! can’t wait!!! being able to play more than 3 shows is going to be fun! hahahahah…can’t wait to see you ALL there!!!
    NOVEMBER 14, 2007:
    上個禮拜在warehouse演出的照片已經上載了!!! 請去我們myspace看看: Our pal Karen has uploaded photos from our show at the warehouse last week…please check it out on our myspace: !!!

    this stuff going on in pakistan is so depressing…while India keeps rising financially and economically on the world’s stage…pakistan – it’s frickin’ neighbor – keeps slipping worse and worse further down. have the elections – let the power go back to the people…of course, the danger is that the “people” could essentially vote in an extremist Muslim as leader of Pakistan…which would mean another Iran-like situation…which wouldn’t help anything in pakistan…it’s like an endless cycle of hell that we seem to be stuck in…

    巴基斯坦的情況真的很難受…因為大家應該知道我是一個巴基斯坦人…雖然我從來沒有住過那邊, 可是我心裡還是一個巴基斯坦人…一個巴基斯坦來的香港人(因為我心裡除非巴基斯坦還是覺得我是一位香港人)…巴基斯坦的鄰邦印度是越來越棒… 越來越有錢…在這個地球跟中國一樣越來越有力的國家…可是我們巴基斯坦那麼多年還沒改過…國家裡還有自己的人每天攻擊自己的人…感覺是永遠不會進步…我們現在這個假的總統不是市民選的…他要離開…快一點離開這個位子…就是這樣可能看到一個美的將來…

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 13, 2007

    so here’s some promotion of our friend Luke Chow’s solo CD that he put out a few months ago…it’s pretty damn good! his voice sounds awesome on this thing…check it: we’ll be playing with his OTHER band called Hungry Ghosts who i think are awesome and feature our good friend Nicky of another great HK band called Ignite the Hope (who are also playing that night)…this is the show this saturday at LKF…it’s going to be a GOOD time trust me!!! it’s going to be tiring because we’ll be bringing all our amps again…but it’ll be worth it for all the bands to rock out with this stuff…just 4 bands at this show!!! thank GOD!!! that’s the type of shows i like playing and like watching…that means each bands gets to play more songs, the audience doesn’t get tired, my ears aren’t killing me at the end of the show…hahahaha….

    今天我想宣傳我們好朋友Luke Chow獨立作品 (…我昨天已經說過上個週末我買了他的CD…那昨天上班的時候真的有聽然後再聽然後再聽!!! hahahaha…真的不錯…我們這個禮拜六在蘭桂坊會跟他新的樂隊(Hungry Ghosts)一起演出…這個樂隊也有另外一個好朋友ignite the hope的鼓手NIcky打鼓…Ignite the HOpe也有分玩!!! 一定是一個非常興奮的一晚…當日我們會再帶我們全部amp頭借全部樂隊用所以聲音應該會不錯…很期待這個演出…你們學了”奮身見證” 嗎? ! hahahaha…就有四個樂隊!!! GREAT!!! 少樂隊的意思通常是每個樂隊可以玩多點歌!!! 而且對觀眾來說這個演出應該是一個比較舒服看得演出..(我自己最喜歡看是少樂隊的演出)…到時見!!!

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    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 12, 2007

    downloading our pal Luke Chow’s CD to my ipod as i type this!!! can’t wait to play this first thing in the morning when i’m on my way to work…i don’t know about you guys but on my way to work lately i’ve been listening to either The Get Up Kids, U2, Ignite or Ambitions…i just need some melodic stuff…

    我打這個message的時候我是上載一個本地音樂人叫Luke Chow的新唱片…非常期待明天早上去上班的時候聽他的音樂…我不知道你們怎麼樣上班 – 我去公司的時候通常聽: The Get Up Kids, U2, Ignite, 或者Ambitions…一定需要聽有melody的音樂…Luke Chow是一個本地的pop/rock/indie rock/emo的音樂人…CD是很好聽而且錄音也是不錯!!!

    also – because of the bastard glenn i’ve been singing the old rancid song Roots Radical…such a damn good song…i remember when i saw them ’95 and i screamed this song way in the back of the HUGE hall that they played in Boston…it was crazy to see them LIVE finally – mainly because there on stage were two members of Operation Ivy!!! hahahaha…in ’95 i didn’t know rancid that much – but Operation Ivy was a HUGE band for me…

    “give ‘em the boots the boots the radical, give ‘em the boots, you know i’m a radical…” so good…

    oh by the way – here’s a video of what glenn, terence and i do on friday nights…如果你有興趣看我跟glenn和terence每個禮拜五晚上什麼什麼請看這個影片!!! hahahahaha…

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