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  • OCTOBER 30

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 30, 2007

    first video from our show in Guangzhou over the summer is up now! it’s for the song called “Queen’s Pier”. check it out in our VIDEO page…

    已經上載了廣州的第一個影片…是”皇后碼頭” 的影片…請回去我們VIDEO page…

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  • OCTOBER 29

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 29, 2007

    dude – interesting weekend to say the least…the most exciting part of the weekend turned out to be friday night. hahahaha…usually friday night is my most boring night…but this friday night i went out until late and it turned out to be okay. the rest of the weekend was just spent doing homework…pretty crap weekend if you ask me. i think i enjoy it when we have shows to get excited about on weekends. anyway – Brian said he’s edited some LIVE videos from our Guangzhou shows so hopefully he’ll start uploading those soon…

    look out for those…

    oh – remember those 6 songs that we were going to release on a CD in China? well – we might be doing something a little more exciting with them…we’ll let you know once we confirm everything…

    brian已經剪好了我們在廣州演出的video!!!! 希望馬上可以上載然後給大家看!!! 還有大家記得我們幾個月前說了我們馬上會發出一張新六首歌的唱片? 我們會給大家一個很好的稍息…hahaha…給我們多一點時間安排好這件事… :-)

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  • OCTOBER 27

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 27, 2007

    had an awesome night last night hanging out with my homie glenn, terence and franco…my lovely girlfirend alison showed up later on so it was nice to see her…3am gotta go to sleep!


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  • OCTOBER 26

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 26, 2007

    all i have to say is thank god for friday…but i can’t stand waking up at frickin’ 6am everyday to get ready for work. it really is quite a pain in the ass dude…
    我非常開心因為是是星期五!!! thank god…我每天六點鐘起來準備上班…太累了.

    anyway – i dropped off The Geeks CD’s at Records Rendezvous last night so please go down and check tha tout of i you have time. great great Korean youth crew hardcore…like the old days of Gorilla Buscuits an dother positive hardcore fun…it’s an awesome CD…
    昨天我放了The Geeks的CD在Records Rendezvous! 如果你有時間的話請下去買…The Geeks是一個非常old school youth crew的硬核的樂隊…好像八十年代的hardcore (比如- Gorilla Biscuits, etc…)…這張CD非常好聽. 還有這張CD是一個美國的hardcore唱片公司發出的! 在他們的myspace你可以看到他們跟誰tour了. 他們有跟Bane和Modern Life is War和Ambitions tour了!!! !

    a few days ago the Chinese channel in HK had a great program on TV about the a bunch South Asians who live in Tin Shui Wai. the program discussed what it is like for South Asians to grow up in Tin Shui Wai and all the racism they face and what some of the groups of South Asians are doing to try and help their people out. most of them are not rich so they don’t have access to things that the children need help in – especially like extra education like tutoring etc

    前天在電視看到一個很有趣的節目. 是說香港一個區的南亞人的生活.節目有說這裡的南亞人有面對什麼問題還有說他們自己安排怎麼樣的社會服務給其他南亞人…非常好看的節目我很希望很多香港人有看過…這樣的節目是一個很好的機會給人多一點知識因為大家終於可以明白其他人的文化和生活…

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  • OCTOBER 25

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 25, 2007

    other awesome bands you gotta check out: Have Heart and Crime in Stereo…two good bands that have just released some amazing hardcore…again – less metal – more original hardcore…up to you to check it out…還有兩對樂隊我想介紹: Have Heart 和 Crime in Stereo…再是原本hardcore的感覺 – 沒有metal的元素.

    hey good news – Start From Scratch Records website is finally back up!!! to find out what happened read the website: please be aware that the website address has been changed!!! update your links!! 好的稍息: 我們唱片公司的網站現在可以了!!! 請留意新網站的地址!!! !

    peace…go listen to Ambitions and be a happy man or woman…快一點聽Ambitions的hardcore :-)

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  • OCTOBER 24

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 24, 2007

    oh my god…i’m here to tell you about a brand new band’s CD that i just got last night!!! it’s called Ambitions and the new album is called “Stranger” it is amazing!!!! one of the best hardcore records i’ve gotten in a long time…and when i mean “hardcore” i mean “hardcore”…not metalcore but more the traditional style of punk rock/rock style of hardcore. it is AMAZING! great musical arrangement and vocals are off the hook (meaning they’re great!)…if you are a fan of ignite, with honor, comeback kid, killing the dream, quicksand, and DAG NASTY!!! (dude!!! come on – if you’re a fan of DAG NASTY then you will DEFINITELY be psyched about this band!!!)…it’s so damn good…i can’t begin to tell you…

    CLICK HERE AND SEE IF RIZ IS NOT CRAZY! click on that link to check it out…

    昨天我收到了一個新唱片…樂隊的名字是”Ambitions”, 他們的新album叫 “Strangers”…我覺得這張唱片是我今年最好買的一張hardcore唱片!!! 我說”hardcore”的意思是真的hardcore不是metalcore… 這張的音樂做的很好…主唱的聲音也是非常非常好聽…他有時候會scream可是大部份他是唱歌…所以如果你喜歡這幾個樂隊: Ignite, With Honor, Comeback Kid, Killing the Dream, Quicksand, and Dag Nasty (這個樂隊的主唱就是one of my favorites!!!) – 那你一定喜歡這個樂隊!!!

    你可以試一試: 試一試 GIVE ME SOME HARDCORE!!!.

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  • OCTOBER 23

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 23, 2007

    man we have gotten so many nice comments about our new song “Fen Shen Jian Zheng”!!! all our friends and supporters in China really seem to love this song…we got a really nice message from the singer of one of our favorite Guangzhou bands called “Dai Wah Mui” yesterday…he said he LOVES this song…G and our friend Maggie who helped sell stuff at the show last saturday said that you guys bought a lot of the CD from China!!! thanks for buying that and supporting ALL those great bands from China!!! there are over 24 bands on that CD and is SOOOOO good!

    yes – i’m sorry we haven’t made this song downloadable yet…but that’s because we really want to encourage people to go and buy this CD and support our brothers all over China…buy the CD, learn the words, and sing it with us in two weeks when we’re playing again!

    這幾天收到很多message關於我們的新歌 “奮身見證”!!! 昨天收到我們好朋友廣州的樂隊 “大話梅” 的email…他們的主唱跟我說他特別喜歡我們的歌…對我來說看他所寫的領到我非常開心因為這全CD我最喜歡的歌也是他們的!!! hahahaha….

    我現在要說對不起因為我們應該不會給大家機會下載這首歌. 可是我們的原因是因為我們想鼓勵大家出去買這張CD. 我們希望大家會自己想支持我們中國同胞的樂隊!!! 這張CD有超過二十四全中國來的樂隊!!!

    快一點出去買然後學我們的歌詞然後在我們下一場演出一起來唱!!! :-) 到時見!!!

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  • OCTOBER 22

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 22, 2007

    我 – 係 – 土 – 炮
    it’s been a long time since’ we’ve heard those words!!! :-)   great to hear you guys sing that part last night…we REALLY didn’t know what to expect because we haven’t played that song in MANY MANY years…we didn’t know if people remembered that song! hahahaha…but you guys surprised us again as always…好久沒聽過這幾個字! 聽到你們唱這四個字對我來說很有意思因為這首歌是關於本地人怎麼樣接受我們香港出生, 香港長大的少數民族…很多次我會跟本地的人說我自己是”香港人”可是他們會說”你一定不是香港人因為你不是中國人”. 可是我心裡就是香港…我從來沒有住過巴基斯坦. 那, 那一個地方是我真的家呢? 對我來說就是香港. 跟我一起唱這四個字會給我一個很大的鼓勵的感覺…謝謝大家! 感覺是新一代的香港人知道現在有很多不同國籍的當香港也是他們的家!!

    然後聽你們跟我們一起唱我們新歌人(比如,亞洲起義和”my family”) 也有很感動的感覺…謝謝大家! 如果你不認識這兩首歌你可以上我們的myspace下載! !

    現在想通知大家我們十一月分將會有四場演出!!!! 在這幾場我們希望可以玩我們的新歌: 奮身見證, 朝九晚十, 還有Skinless的新版!!! 我們昨天晚上已經玩了skinless的新版…有的場地是非常小!!! 非常期待在這樣的場地再演出!!! 在這樣的演出你們的聲音可能是比我們大聲!!! hahahahaha…can’t wait to see you al at our 4 shows in November!! we haven’t had a busy schedule like that in HK in  LONG time!!! so we’re excited to be able to do this and we know that we’ll be playing a bunch of new songs so we’re excited about that!!! a few of the places that we’re playing are REALLY tingy a\bars so we’re SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!!! we haven’t played small tiny places in long time and we’re totally looking forward to that…YOUR voices are probably going to be louder then ours at these places!!! it’s going to be great to see you all there…

    anyway…thanks for last night!!! thanks for buying the King Size CD too!!! we sold so many last night!!!

    remember that it’s also available at RR in Tsim Sha Tsui!

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  • OCTOBER 18

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 18, 2007

    this tragedy has really had quite an impact on me. i just think about those children. how would the children let their mom tie their hands and feet up? i think that the mom must’ve done EITHER of the following things:

    1. tied them up while her children were asleep
    2. drugged them and then tied them up
    or worse
    3. convinced the children that this was a good idea. being children, they will believe whatever their mom or dad tell them. the mom probably said “this world isn’t good enough for us. we need to find another world to live in where we can get whatever we want, have all the money in the world, live the life we want. in this other life your dad wouldn’t be sick, ..etc”. and the children could’ve felt that what their mom was saying was right. of course, the mom is not mentally stable – but the children don’t know. one of the children was only 9 years old! so the children probably somehow believe what their mom was saying and decided to join her in this terrible act of insanity.

    i just can’t imagine what were the last thoughts of these poor children. what could they be thinking? why is my mother doing this? i wonder if that was something that they thought about.

    what a horrible horrible tragedy…

    i hope to the god up above that at least these children have found a place in heaven and are sitting by god/buddha/Allah’s side (or whatever you believe in) living a happy life smiling. i hope that they are getting anything they want up above…because their life down here ended so horribly…

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  • OCTOBER 16

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 16, 2007

    yesterday’s news about the lady who threw her children out the window and then jumped out herself was crazy…that is some of the most shocking news i’ve heard…she actually tied her children’s hands and tied her children’s feet…her children were 12 years old and 9 years old…how can you throw your children out the window? the newspaper said that this woman was mentally unstable…but how come she wasn’t receiving any help? it’s so hard to say all this stuff now…no one knows what human beings are capable of doing…but it is true that humans are capable of doing the most horrible things…any time you think you live in a civilized society, you have to realize that you’re not. we never will be a “civilized” rac3…

    i can’t believe it.

    昨天的新聞關於一個母親開窗口然後丟了她兩個小孩子出去…是一個非常難接受的新聞…這事情怎麼可以發生呢? 真的不明白…報紙說她是一個心裡病的人…她丟她的小孩之前把了她小孩子的手和腳捆了…然後丟了他們…然後她自己也有跳出去自殺了…聽了這個新聞很devastating。。。中文不知道怎麼說…

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