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  • AUGUST 29, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 29, 2007

    dude…i LOVE Time magazine (except for all the millions of articles on the US that keep filling up the pages of the issues that i get…)…recently they’ve focused a few issues on the recent 60 year anniversary of India and Pakistan’s independence from British rule…of course, since I’m Pakistani reading through these articles have been super emotional for me and even more so because these articles also focus on the history behind all the things that happened. the best part is learning about things that you never knew…for example, even though Pakistan became an independent country in 1947 giving a home to the millions of Muslims that lived in british-ruled India – the IDEA of a separate “state” or country for the Muslims was first thought of in the 1930′s by a poet named Muhammad Iqbal. it was him with his incredible foresight and observant eye that saw what was going on to the poor Jews during the World Wars and how as European countries opened their borders to the minority Jews, the Jews began to slowly lose their united spirit and culture. he was scared that once the British left India, the Muslim minority of the country might lose their power and place in society as it gets absorbed by the majority Hindus of India. (also, did you know that India was once dominated by Muslims!!! i didn’t know that!) so he realized that what was really needed for the Muslims of India is an independent country…and he decided that a name for that country or state should be a mix of letters formed by the provinces of India at the time…P for Punjab, A for Afganiyat, K for Kashmir, S for Sindh and ending with “tan” from the province Baluchistan…and that’s where the name “Pakistan” came from! how cool!!!


    比如, 原來巴基斯坦的英文名字”Pakistan”是一個詩人給得…英國離開印度之前印度也有很多回教人(現在還有)…這個詩人也是回教人…他一九三零年已經覺得印度應該有一個獨立的地方為了印度的回教人…因為他怕英國離開印度之後回教人會慢慢沒有自己的文化 – 慢慢他們會採納印度徒的文化…所以他的意見是給一個獨立的地方印度的回教徒的人…他說這個地方應該叫”PAKISTAN”因為當時印度有很多省…這詩人說:


    可能對你們沒有什麼意思! hahahaha…對我很有意思!!!

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  • AUGUST 28, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 28, 2007

    這幾天Star World電視台會播Channel V樂隊比賽的廣告…不知道大家看過了沒有可是這個廣告有我們份還有有我們兩首歌的開頭(是力竭 還有皇后碼頭)…我房間的電視是我後面…後面的意思是我通常會家的時候是電腦上作工作…所以我看不到電視可是我喜歡開電視然後在電腦作工…然後一播這個廣告我次次會很吃驚…在電視上可以聽到我們的歌是非常非常奇怪! hahahaha…




    慢慢享受! hahahaha…

    我們新CDep的封面我覺得是非常好看!!! 很期待給大家看!!!

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  • AUGUST 27, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 27, 2007

    現在在新聞每天看到中國的製造業受到美國政府的抨擊…我每次看這個新聞我直刻想這一定是一個美國的陰謀! 當然中國的製造業製造的時候需要多一點小心因為別人的安全是非常非常重要! 可是一本美國的雜誌已經說了美國的政府現在會想一想放一個貼誌在中國做的產品上…貼誌會寫”China Free”! 的意思”不是中國做的產品”! so stupid…他們的意思是不是中國全部做的產品是不安全嗎? 他們的意思是不是其他地方作得產品一定是安全? 我覺得他們這樣做有第二的意思是因為他們知道中國越來越有力量…當然我的意思是經濟上…所以我的感覺是美國政府是想影響中國經濟的力量…我明白如果產品是不安全那是製造業的責任歸還全部產品, 而且學這個教訓因為他們應該希望下次不再經這個事情…

    so annoying…

    i don’t know what you all think about this daily attack on China made products that the US government has been on a huge kick on lately. of course, we ALL agree that products should be made with safe materials that don’t harm humans or the environment. but this all could’ve been handled in a much better way. it seems to me that it’s almost a conspiracy of sorts to try and destroy China’s rising power in economics and trade…

    the reason that i’m most annoyed is that in Time magazine they recently printed that the US government is actually considering putting a sticker on products that say “China Free”! WHAT THE HELL!??!?! that’s just plain stupid. not ALL products made in China are harmful to people! and does that mean products made elsewhere are all safe too? give me a break…

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  • AUGUST 26, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 26, 2007

    went to the independent film festival called Sonatrope last night…it was a good time…couldn’t find anyone to go with me so i went by myself but still had a good time watching some awesome independent movies about music scenes around the world.

    the first movie was about the Korean punk rock scene – and it centered around a placed called Drug that we played at! :-) we actually played 3 shows there back to back way back in 2000…we met some of our greatest friends in korea through that show and that time at Drug (our good pals in the Korean hardcore band Johnny Royal)…they also interviewed an AWESOME korean punk rock band that we also played with back then Crying Nut…seriously – Crying Nut is probably one of the best Asian punk rock bands…in my eyes at least…so good…

    the next movie was a movie about the old culture of “Riot Grrls” that was HUGE in the US in the early 90′s. this was a good movie to watch because even when i went to college back in 94-98 i had always heard about “riot grrls” and saw a lot of girls claiming to be “riot grrls” but by the time i was in the US the whole culture of “riot grrls” already carried quite a negative feeling to it.

    then i went down to get some food with our pal Deb and met her boyfriend simon and then went back to watch a supposed “hip-hop” movie about a minority group in southern Taiwan that uses the traditional sounds of their people and mix it with modern music to keep their culture and traditions alive. good movie! really really funny i thought…

    then it was an awesome movie about South African hip-hop totally focused around women involved with hip-hop in South Africa!!! it was SOOOO good!!! talked about really important things about the difference that African culture had on the type of hip-hop that is created in Africa and the lyrical content…

    dude – it was a great night…i feel like my mind was pried open and filled with more knowledge of underground music communities from all over the world!!! hip-hop in Taiwan – hip hop in South Africa, punk rock in Korea – riot grrls in the US…great night…

    昨天晚上我去了看一個獨立的電影節! 昨天晚上的電影全部是關於這個地球不同的地下音樂社會…

    第一個電影是關於韓國的punk rock. 這部電影是關於一個地方叫Drug…我們七年前在這裡演了出! hahahaha…訪問人也訪問一個非常好聽的韓國punkrock樂隊叫Crying Nut!!! 我自己覺得我那麼多年聽亞洲punk的樂隊他們是最正的punk樂隊!!!! sooooooo good…

    這部電影之後到了一個關於Riot Grrls的電影. Riot Grrls是九十年代美國punk其中一個元素…是關於女人在punk/hardcore社會的革命. 我在美國讀大學的時候也記得看了這個東西…當時有很多不同的punk社會. 當然有pop-punk, oldschool, crust-punk, 等等…還有一個是關於女的社會叫”riot grrls”…如果你聽過美國全女仔樂隊Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinney, Heaven’s Betsy, 等等那你已經認識這個punk社會的風格. 看了這部電影現明白riot grrls 怎麼開始, 而且怎麼完…還有為什麼完了怎麼不好…非常有趣!!!

    然後到了一部電影關於南台灣的小數民族. 是說台灣其中一個小數民族怎麼樣可以保護他們的音樂! 他們有兩百年的歷史然後現在的年輕人怎麼樣同化了現代音樂放在他們自己的音樂到.

    然後到了給我最大的影響…是關於南非洲的hiphop文化!!! 可是不是全部南非洲的hiphop…是說南非洲hip-hop的女人!!! 因為我對南非洲不太清楚我完全沒有什麼idea…我不知道他們在那裡有很多女人是MC, DJ, 等等…看完了之後我對南非洲hiphop 很有興趣!!!

    我自己一個人去了看因為我找不到人陪我看…可是完全值得…我現在覺得有人打開了我的心放進去很多知識!!! 我現在覺得我的心是更加開放…hiphop不是就是一個美國的文化, 現在全地球知道hiphop這個文化然後全地球的人會慢慢加了他們自己國家的文化改了這個文化…

    great night…

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  • AUGUST 25, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 25, 2007

    last night’s show was fun!!! it was crazy because we all had to work all day and then go to our bandroom after work to pack and get stuff ready…our drummer boy Man works in advertising so his hours are INSANE…he works like 12-15 hours a day…last night he worked until 10pm then i think he took a taxi and came to the show, played the show, then went back to his office to keep working. that SUCKS!!! repeat that after me – S U C K S for him! it’s 1:35am and he’s still in the office now…crazy…

    anyway – BIG thank you to the organizers for inviting us to play this show…BIG thank you to all the bands who were nice enough to say hello etc…big thank you to Maniac for letting us borrown their drum gear because our genius singer G left all of Man’s stuff in the bandroom…hahahaha…he didn’t even have drum sticks last night!

    okay going to bed…too tired…

    昨天晚上的演出非常好玩! 我們之前所有的樂隊(可是幾個樂隊我們miss了 :-( 我很想看我們朋友的樂隊Protoss!!!!) 全部是非常正!!! 非常開心可以跟那麼多新香港的樂隊一起來玩!!! 我們需要非常謝謝Maniac因為昨天晚上我們忘記了帶Man所有鼓的東西!!! hahahaha…他drumsticks 都沒有!!

    okay 現在累到pok kai…所以我現在睡覺了…byebye!!

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  • AUGUST 24, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 24, 2007

    yo yo yo yo…check out this KICK ASS photo of brian from our last show!!! 大家看一下brian這張照片!!!! so awesome!!!

    brian has been so busy mixing all our songs for the CDep that last night was the first time that had time to practice with us on the new skinless and the new song “work” …這幾天brian是忙mix我們EP的六首歌所以昨天晚上是他第一次跟我們練新”skinless” 和朝九晚十…


    we’re playing last tonight so see you then…(new Madball kicks ASS!!! 新Madball非常非常正!!!
    AUGUST 23, 2007:
    前日是我們bass手Pong的生日!! 生日快樂! :-) 多一年荔枝王終於會有多一個三十歲的成員! :-)

    明天我們有演出! 大家有空的話請過來支持這場show!

    星期六廣州會有一個很awesome的演出! :-) 我們五個香港兄弟的樂隊會上去廣州跟我們廣州兄弟的樂隊一起演出!!! have fun!!! :-) 在那裡你可以感覺到廣州人非常熱情的反應!!!

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  • AUGUST 22, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 22, 2007

    我英國的好朋友David在英國幫我買一對Iron Maiden的Vans!!! 昨天收到了!!! hahahahaha…looks soooo cooL!!

    hey – 昨天shepherds the weak在他們的myspace上載了一個很好笑得message. 有個人發了一個很好笑的message給他們. 然後STW有回答. 最好笑是在我們的myspace也收到一樣的message!!! hahahahaha…

    反正, 在STW的回答你可以看這一句: “THIS GOES OUT TO THE LOCAL KIDS TOO. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO US OR OUR BRO BANDS LIKE KLC YOU FUCKING SAY IT TO OUR FACES DON’T BE A FUCKING PUSSY.” 再看到他們怎麼樣支持我們是很感動…可是他們這樣post有沒有用? 大家當然不知道…人想說什麼, 沒有人想控制…STW也不想控制別人的意見…就希望別人說話之前可以想一想他們說的話會怎麼樣影響其他人…(我也學過這個教訓!!!)…應該只需要記得大家都是人…做錯, 說錯, 全部是正常…再者, 我們是人所以在我們聽到別人怎麼樣說我們的時候當然會收到一個很心疼的感覺…我覺得, soon別人會明白怎麼樣尊重他人. 因為大家張大的時候會開始明白恨人真的是浪費自己的時間和精力.(特別是恨你不認識的人或者樂隊。) 當然小的時候大家一定不會這樣想!!! hahahaha…小的時候是很正常說”我不喜歡他/他們”, “聽說, 這個人是這樣, 那樣, 所以我也不喜歡他/他們”. 小的時候是很易斷絕友誼…可能是因為小的時候人通常有很多朋友, 認識很多多人. 然後你慢慢長大的時候會發現真的朋友是很少. 再者, 發現朋友的圈子越來越小…所以你自己會開始珍惜身邊的朋友…

    life is too short to waste time to hate…work on yourself自我提昇/自我改進…做一個好人需要一生的改進! 對不對? work on improving yourself…

    (大家可能不明白我的那麼差的中文, 可是我希望你們可以明白我的意思. 對不起! 一天我希望真的可以用中文表達我的心聲)

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  • AUGUST 21, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 21, 2007

    DUDE!!! new Madball record is SOOOOOOOOOOO good…昨天買了Madball的新唱片!!! 好聽到pok kai! hahahahaha…如果你喜歡New York hardcore的風格那你一定要聽一聽Madball的album! :-) 歌詞也是很street-style所以是非常易聽得懂…some classic new york hardcore…lyrics are amazing too – real street style lyrics that they’re known for…昨天我跟glenn (STW的bass手) 在尖沙咀一起去了我全港最喜歡的CD點(是Records Rendezvous) 。在那裡glenn看到一張很久的emo/punk的唱片…是The Get Up Kids的第一張album叫”4 Minute Mile”!!! 很久沒有聽這張可是CD點就有一張所以我買不到! 這張我沒有CD就有vinyl (vinyl的中文我不會說對不起)…可是因為我也住在尖沙咀我有說服glenn上來我家給我機會下載在我的ipod到! hahahaha…他也買了Opeth的”deliverance”所以我也下載了這張! hahahaha…然後加了madball的新CD…我們兩個人喜歡的音樂真的是很奇怪! hahahaha…有emo/punk, 還有metal, 還有hardcore… :-) glenn (STW) and i hung out in TST yesterday and he ended up buying a bunch of records from our favorite record store in HK records rendezvous and he even beat me to getting the old old old The Get Up Kids “4 Minute Mile” ! god remember that record? i only have that on vinyl and i’ve been dying to get it on CD…because my record player doesn’t work. anyway – i made glenn come up to my house so i could put it on my Ipod! hahahaha…he also got the old Opeth album “deliverance” and i stole that from him too! hahahaha…he’s so funny – he has the exact same taste as me. think about it: we both went nuts on The Get Up Kids, then Opeth, then Madball! what an odd range of music…hahahaha…but it seems to work for us…

    glenn was also the first person to hear the rough mix of our newest song 朝九晚十! he loved it…so that’s a good sign! :-)

    昨天是學校的第一天所以是我們老師的第一機會見到新版學生…每年我會不記得這個時候的新版幼兒園的學生是怎麼小!!! hahahahaha…非常可愛! :-)

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  • AUGUST 20, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 20, 2007

    yo yo yo…昨天晚上我跟G去了茶餐廳吃點東西在哪兒見到我一個朋友他跟我說”你們這個禮拜五有演出嗎?” 然後我問他會不會來看我們? 然後他說他的樂隊有份玩!!! 原來他是Protoss的成員! woohoo! cool…那晚還有其他朋友的樂隊一起玩: maniac and zoundz還有機會認識新樂隊做朋友! can’t wait!

    昨天晚上我們有錄一個電台廣告關於Nine Inch Nails的演出. 在這個廣告底我有說”請不遲到因為第一個樂隊是香港樂隊The Lovesong!” 對我說最開心是那晚可以看到一個香港樂隊在那麼大的台上代表香港!!!

    星期五在我們的演出見大家!!! 我知道星期五不是一個太方便的日子看show可是那晚有很多非常好聽好看的樂隊跟我們一起演出…我們也會玩新歌叫”朝九晚十” (以前這首歌叫”work”)!


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  • AUGUST 18, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 18, 2007

    對不起大家!!! 這幾天上不到我們的網站因為我們以前的網站公司失敗了所以我們突然沒有我們的網站. 可是昨天我們的好朋友Dan (bereavement的bass手)幫我們找新的公司…找到新的網站公司之後我發現我們的”domain name”的password我沒有了!!! hahahaha…然後我好緊張因為我已經給了錢可是如果沒有password那我不可以上載久的files放在新的server到. 然後我要找八年前幫我們登記我們的網站名字kinglychee.com的朋友tim…找到他之後他說”我也沒有你的口令”! OH SHIT!!! hahahaha…然後他說他會很努力找下口令…

    今天早上起來Dan說”恭喜你!!! 你的網站現在沒問題”! 所以我一定要說謝謝Dan和Tim幫我們這個樂隊再開始我們的網站!!! THANK YOU TIM AND DAN!!!

    好了 – 我們回來了! 哈哈哈…現在可以給你們一個很快的信息…我們終於錄好了我們的CDep現在到brian開始mix!!! thank god!!! hahahaha…


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