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  • APRIL 11, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 11, 2007

    last night i did a LIVE interview on Indonesian radio! that was so much fun! they were so excited to talk to me and they’re so excited to see us play in Indonesia!!! i love it…can’t wait to start playing down there more often!!! they were already talking about getting us back down there in june!!! that’ll be rad if it happens…

    this is the radio i was on:

    we got all the shirts, hats, CD’s/DVD’s worked out and now we have to find ways of carrying ALL this crap on the tour!!! hahahaha…seriously – our luggage is going to be purely merchandise…maybe a little corner for our own clothes…it’s going to suck carrying this stuff around…but oh well…

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  • APRIL 10, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 10, 2007

    last 4 days!!! :-)

    beijing – we’re coming!!!

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  • APRIL 9, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 9, 2007

    THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!! our BIG asian tour with NOFX starts this friday!!! this has been something that we’ve been planning for a LONG LONG TIME!!! and it’s finally here…the time is finally coming closer…

    i haven’t seen the shirts or hats yet…i think we’ll get to see them today…our friends in Malaysia are making more shirts for us and making some cool pins! :-) so all our friends in malaysia, singapore and new friends in indonesia will be able to buy those when we’re down there…

    don’t know what else to tell you right now man…we’re almost there!!

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  • APRIL 7, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 7, 2007

    oi…check out this amazing link to something our pal Terence made regarding HK’s music scene!!! it talks about the difference about the Mainstream HK music scene and the underground music scene. he worked hard on it and even added subtitles to it so its easier for people to follow: CLICK HERE!!! also, i don’t know if you watched the TVB documentary on music that featured a few of HK’s bands – but Man told me that they didn’t say our name King Ly Chee but instead said “riz’s band”. this is not “my” band. this band belongs to the individuals who are in this band…this band belongs to G, Man, Pong, Riz and even belongs to all the previous band members who gave their hearts and time to this band Kevin, Ming, Alex, Fei Hin, Ah Fun, Andy…so no – this is not “riz’s band”…this is King Ly Chee.

    anyway – Sick of it All tribute album has some more sample songs up online!!! next week they’re going to have Napalm Death, Sepultura and other great bands covering one of the greatest hardcore bands in the world!!! this CD will be out April 24!!!

    hey – if any of you have this Facebook thing then add me on it…its a personal thing so only add me if you want to talk to me. its not a king ly chee thing – G is also on it…

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  • APRIL 6, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 6, 2007

    what’s up!!! dude – last night Man and i watched this German movie as part of the International Film Festival…it is a CRAZY movie – a huge mix of emotions as you watch this long movie that discusses psychological problems amongst humans…oh man – VERY heavy movie. can you believe what our other choice was? watch the latest Mr. Bean movie! hahahaha…instead we watched a movie that discussed a sick man’s mental disorder that made him attack and rape women. then another woman who fell in love with this man but because she has her own mental disorders, she tries to heal this man…oh man – such an intense over 2 hour long movie…

    NEXT FRIDAY IS OUR FIRST SHOW IN BEIJING SINCE 2000!!! 下個禮拜我們會在北京表演!!! 非常期待這幾場演出!!! 我們從二零零零年沒有上去北京表演!!! 再有這個機會, 對我們說是一個很興奮的感覺!!! can’t wait!!!

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  • APRIL 4, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 4, 2007

    hey – Man saw our new hats yesterday and he says they look good!!! he is a VERY critical person so when HE says something looks good that means they must REALLY look good! :-) …so all our friends in Beijing are going to be the first to buy our new hats and shirts…can’t wait to see what the shirts look like! i love the design i made for the white shirt…hopefully it came out looking good!!! again – all the people on this tour are going to be the first to buy these things…

    hey – check out this link on our forum for some of the funniest music videos! hahaha…check out the Throwdown one! its hilarious:

    these past few days i’ve been listening to old Hot Water Music records…god – those were some emotional albums. i still remember the feelings i had and the experiences i was having when i first listened to these records when i was still studying in USA. i still remember driving 2 hours to go watch Hot Water Music open up for Grade and then our car breaking down an hour outside of the venue. then we waited by the roadside and for some strange reason, the car started working again and we drove as fast as we could to get to the show on time. and we got there just in time to watch Hot Water Music unleash their emotional rock/hardcore and change my life…but all their later albums lost that initial feeling for me. their earlier stuff still sounded raw – like they were about to fall apart any time. their new stuff just sounded like regular college radio rock (a US term – i don’t think we have an equivalent term for this in HK – especially since you think about how often we hear “rock” on our radios in HK? NEVER!)…anyway – they were always one of my favorite bands…

    also got the new Jesu album…great late night mood music…when i first got it i listened to it in the day time – and that’s when i have the most energy so it wasn’t very good then. but last night i listened to it again as i was tired out of my mind and it was GREAT…nice long 6 – 8 minute songs…very repetitive…nice vocals…nice simple stuff…mood music…

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  • APRIL 3, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 3, 2007

    oi oi oi…so yes yes yes, i had my little annual April Fool’s Day prank on the good ol’ King Ly Chee website! :-) i can’t believe some of you guys actually called Pong to ask him if he’s getting married! hahahaha…poor Pong – this is the second time that i played a prank on him! last year it was his leg was broken! hahaha…remember that? our poor friend Kevin actually called him to see if he was okay!!! :-) yesterday, our pal brian called Pong to congratulate him! hahaha…then pong told him that every year i do this. so i came home last night and i got an MSN from Brian and the msn was “hey you piece of shit! i actually called pong to congratulate him!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i was laughing so hard!!!

    anyway…last night was the RTHK documentary on local music…did you guys/girls have a chance to watch? what did you think? i didn’t see it – i actually hate watching myself on TV and hate hearing my voice…as soon as i see my face or hear my voice i turn the TV off…i hate it. but G said it was pretty good…she said we got our points across. so that’s good…

    last night i hung out with my filipino pals in STW at their bandroom…haven’t been in this room in a long time. we used to be a part of this room and then we moved out middle of last year. it was weird being back there but still pretty cool…i love these guys. after they jammed we watched this baskebtall thing called “And 1″ which is SOOOOOOO cool!!! super cool! it’s like 411 skateboarding video but for basketball…you’ll have to see to understand what i mean…

    ALSO – our 3 song CD is available in China right now!!! for all our friends and supporters in China – if you buy a ticket for the NOFX?King Ly Chee show then you get a free 3 song King Ly Chee CD!!! go get it now and let us know what you think!!! :-) 我們內地的朋友們!!! 我們新三首歌的唱片在北京已經發行了!!! 在北京如果你買nofx/king ly chee 的票你可以拿這一張cd!!! 這CD有我們最新兩首歌: 亞洲起義 和 My Family (第三首是亞洲起義的英文版叫Unite Asia)..聽了之後回來我們這個網頁給我們看你們的意見!!! :-)

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  • APRIL 1, 2007

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 1, 2007

    hey! congratulations to our dear brother Pong! he told G and i that he’s getting married in 2 months!!! congratulations man!!! everyone please call him and say congratulations!!! :-)

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