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APRIL 25, 2007

holy crap…what an incredible trip…we’ll never forget this…this was by far the best tour we’ve ever done in the 7 years we’ve been in this band and the most memorable…playing in front of 7,000 people in Jakarta, finally enjoying the hectic traffic-congested life of Manila, hanging out with the
most passionate asian punk/hardcore kids throughout asia…this is something i’ll never forget…going to each stop to be met with people who were so happy that we came…hanging out in bali and playing a last minute show at the hard rock cafe and totally destroying the place!!! :-)

it was an unbelievable trip…so many memories…lots and lots of good times with these people that i play in a band with…lots of relying on each other, believing in each other, lots of discussions of our future in HK and what lies for us elsewhere…lots of learning new words in different languages!!! so many damn languages its crazy…

i’m too sleepy to write more…i’ll write a tour journal

soon so that you can read about everything we went through and experienced…

special thanks to NOFX for taking us on this tour…for allowing us to dream. dream about playing in a band full-time touring the world…this will probably never happen again for us ever again but it was nice to be allowed to dream for a brief few weeks. to be able to watch the great NOFX every night from backstage and hang out with all of them and talk about whatever, experiencing the craziness of Asian shows, the mess organizing, the great organizing, etc…

an EXTRA special thanks to everyone we met over this trip…especially in places that we’ve never played like Manila, Jakarta and Bali…for us to be openly embraced by all of you guys/girls is one of the greatest things that could happen for us. we all hope to be able to come back soon – but this time we’ll be back with a brand new album featuring the current line-up. this tour has lit a fire under our assess to get started on writing new songs, recording it and releasing something hopefully by the end of the year!!!

thank you for your friendship, thank you for re-energizing our hearts for all of this…we’ll see you all soon!!!

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APRIL 17, 2007

okay…off to Manila today!!! it’s going to be our first time in the beautiful Philippines and we can’t wait to be there! our dear sweet brothers in STW have been telling us about this wonderful country for years now…Glenn is a die-hard Pilipina and even cries when he watches anything about his homeland on tv here.

this is about building bridges…with our brothers and sisters in the Philippines and with Hong Kong/China…we can’t wait to land in your welcoming country, your warm smiles and embrace…we hope we are able to be accepted by you all…

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APRIL 16, 2007

still in HK while the rest of my lovely band is in taiwan hanging out having a good time!!! hahaha…

i’m feeling much better today and ready to kick some ass in the philippines on wednesday…

here’s a quick blog by someone who saw us in beijing…check it out:

again, can’t begin to tell you how INCREDIBLE beijing was…我們所有內地的朋友們 – 我們全樂隊要感謝你們!!! 你們這樣歡迎我們, 這樣接受我們的音樂, 還有我們的人…是一個很大的鼓勵…我們一定不會忘記你們的熱情
…非常非常希望快一點有機會再看你們!!! 我們已經很miss你們大家!!! 希望馬上有機會再見!!! HARDCORE IN CHINA IS COMING!!! 團結起來 …一定做得到!!!

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APRIL 15, 2007

i’m back in in hong kong…we’re supposed to be playing in taipei tonight…

i got to the airport after an early morning flight from beijing to HK…at the airport they said even though you have an HKSAR passport (who have visa-free access to Taiwan) because i don’t have chinese “blood” i will not get a visa when i arrive in taiwan. they said i should’ve gotten the visa before…

the question is:

my nationality is Chinese now. i gave up my Pakistani citizenship 2 years ago. that means i’m technically Chinese. that means i have been “naturalized” as a Chinese. so why can’t i get into taiwan? why do i have to get some other type of treatment because i was born in Pakistan? the airport told me that if my “place of birth” on my passport didn’t say “Pakistan” then i would’ve been fine.

why does this always happen to me?

i’m so sorry to anyone who wanted to see us play in Taiwan…we haven’t played in Taiwan since 2004 and were looking forward to coming back to see how things have changed!!! the rest of KLC are going ahead to taipei and will be there until tuesday. they had no choice because all our connecting flights are from the last stop…

i will meet up with them in Manila on Tuesday…i just had to buy a brand new plane ticket…

after such a GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT time in beijing – this is a terrible way to end such an amazing weekend in Beijing…


i’m sad…so sad…

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APRIL 13, 2007

the day has finally arrived!!!



as you read this we’re either flying to beijing or have already arrived there…the next few days is going to be some of the most memorable times in the lives of the people in this band…i know for me – all the work that we’ve done…all the work that we’ve tried to do with this band, with trying to build something special in HK even though it seems we’ve failed over and over, all the work we do to try and help other bands in hong kong and around asia, i feel this is just another chapter of that “hard worK” that we always find ourselves doing…it just never ends. but these next days will hopefully show us that all this hard work has been worth it. we know that there are actually people who are traveling from far away in china to come to beijing especially to see us. that is such a crazy feeling for us. we’re just a small hardcore band from hong kong…hopefully we won’t disappoint them but at this stage – the people that i play in a band with are amazing people who for right now are jaded about things going on and know that is only up to US to create something…to turn and spin things in a positive direction no matter what the world slings at us! :-) sounds like a damn hardcore song! hahahaha…

thanks to all of those HK people who have sent us wonderful messages of support and encouragement…it was nice to receive messages from a handful of people who are proud and happy for us that we have this opportunity to represent HK outside…to represent Asia on this trip..

now – to ALL THE NEW FRIENDS who we are going to meet and get to know over the next few weeks: WE CAN”T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL!!! all the bands that we’ll be playing with: Recycle, Sko, Brain Failure, Unregenerate Blood, Consider the Meek, Fastpitch, Urbandub, The Ambassadors, Plain Sunset, Y2K!!! can’t wait to see all these bands and establish some new friendships…can’t wait to see all our old friends in Beijing, Taiwan and especially KL!!!! KUALA LUMPUR!!!! we’re coming for you – tell Abu to make me some “Teh Tarik” hahahaha…

see you all soon…

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