DECEMBER 31, 2006

hey…hung out with my sister who is visiting from London all day yesterday…walking around mong kok etc…then got the second season of desperate housewives on DVD finally and started watching that with my girlfriend…MSN was back on so i was enjoying access to that damn thing again yesterday…

i managed to upload photos from the 张家界 part of the trip yesterday…CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS!!! i didn’t have time to add any comments to each one of the individual photos…but you can read through my journal entries on our forum to find out about the trip…crazy that’s all i have to say…Hunan is a crazy crazy place…

today’s the last day of 2006…it has been one insane year for all of us in King Ly Chee…started off the year with the release of Under One Flag and playing some amazing shows…then touring parts of Europe…then opening for The Bouncing Souls…then having two members leave…then have two members join…then writing new songs…starting Start From Scratch Records…moving into a new bandroom…have it flood…move into another bandroom…play shows in Macau – play 2 songs and then forced to stop…then play a few more shows and the first show back in HK with the new KLC lineup in Oct at City U…playing old songs like Lik Kit again…played our first ever acoustic show at the Star Ferry…went back to Thailand and played in front of over 1,000 punk/hardcore/metal kids at YOS Fest…and now we’re back in HK and finishing off the year.

if 2006 has been one crazy year for all of us in this band…2007 is going to be even crazier with all the things that are going on in King Ly Chee land. trust me – to all our supporters WORLDWIDE – 2007 is going to be an amazing year for you guys and girls who have joined the King Ly Chee army to help us and Asian hardcore…we’re starting off with an amazing April tour which i’m confirming now – but that tour includes playing in Beijing again!!! we haven’t played there since 2000 so that’s a big deal for us…Man wants to make sure we have a new album out in 2007 so that’s another part of our plans :-) so that means more new songs, more tours, more work for King Ly Chee to go through…

can’t wait to see what happens in 2007 for us…

thank you for being with us for the past 7 years…thanks for your support and love if you have just joined King Ly Chee recently and thanks for sticking around through all the up’s and down’s of this band’s life. through struggles we build character and learn through our mistakes to become better people and are grateful for people’s forgiveness and true friendship and love.

2007 – BRING IT ON! :-)

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