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  • DECEMBER 31, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 31, 2006

    hey…hung out with my sister who is visiting from London all day yesterday…walking around mong kok etc…then got the second season of desperate housewives on DVD finally and started watching that with my girlfriend…MSN was back on so i was enjoying access to that damn thing again yesterday…

    i managed to upload photos from the 张家界 part of the trip yesterday…CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS!!! i didn’t have time to add any comments to each one of the individual photos…but you can read through my journal entries on our forum to find out about the trip…crazy that’s all i have to say…Hunan is a crazy crazy place…

    today’s the last day of 2006…it has been one insane year for all of us in King Ly Chee…started off the year with the release of Under One Flag and playing some amazing shows…then touring parts of Europe…then opening for The Bouncing Souls…then having two members leave…then have two members join…then writing new songs…starting Start From Scratch Records…moving into a new bandroom…have it flood…move into another bandroom…play shows in Macau – play 2 songs and then forced to stop…then play a few more shows and the first show back in HK with the new KLC lineup in Oct at City U…playing old songs like Lik Kit again…played our first ever acoustic show at the Star Ferry…went back to Thailand and played in front of over 1,000 punk/hardcore/metal kids at YOS Fest…and now we’re back in HK and finishing off the year.

    if 2006 has been one crazy year for all of us in this band…2007 is going to be even crazier with all the things that are going on in King Ly Chee land. trust me – to all our supporters WORLDWIDE – 2007 is going to be an amazing year for you guys and girls who have joined the King Ly Chee army to help us and Asian hardcore…we’re starting off with an amazing April tour which i’m confirming now – but that tour includes playing in Beijing again!!! we haven’t played there since 2000 so that’s a big deal for us…Man wants to make sure we have a new album out in 2007 so that’s another part of our plans :-) so that means more new songs, more tours, more work for King Ly Chee to go through…

    can’t wait to see what happens in 2007 for us…

    thank you for being with us for the past 7 years…thanks for your support and love if you have just joined King Ly Chee recently and thanks for sticking around through all the up’s and down’s of this band’s life. through struggles we build character and learn through our mistakes to become better people and are grateful for people’s forgiveness and true friendship and love.

    2007 – BRING IT ON! :-)

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  • DECEMBER 30, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 30, 2006

    YO! i’m back in hong kong! actually – i got in yesterday but we had such a crazy trip that i needed the day to rest yesterday. Hunan province is CRAZY…totally backwards…people spit all over the place, there’s trash everywhere…i’ve written about it on our forum so go to this link to read the journals that i wrote about the trip: CLICK HERE! i’ve got photos from the whole trip but i can’t upload anything right now. i don’t even have access to hotmail or MSN right now so that sucks even more. i’ve talked to my friends and people who DON’T use netvigator have all their access to websites back to normal…it seems all netvigator users don’t have full access to things yet. THAT SUCKS!!! i called netvigator last night and they said it should be back to normal by today…but its 9am right now and its still not back to normal.

    anyway – our last day in hunan was crazy…we took an overnight train that was supposed to only take 9 hours. so we took a 9pm train. it was supposed to arrive in Changsha at 6am so that we could go to the airport and take our 10:40am plane back to hong kong. instead – the train arrived somewhere near Changsha at 7:45am and then it just stayed there!! it stayed there without giving us any annoucements about what was going on or what we were waiting for. and we stayed there until 9am! we had to check in at the airport at 9:10!!! so we were late for sure…people started getting really angry and yelling at the train staff. one person had a 9:30 plane and he was about to punch them! hahaha…it was crazy. then some passengers were able to convince the train staff to open the door so they can get off and someone was going to pick them up. of course, a bunch of other passengers followed them off the train. i jumped off too and the train staff started begging me for getting back on. they kept saying that the train was leaving soon and that i should get back on the train. alison was still on the train so i had to come back but i kept telling her to come off. the train staff held her back and then asked her to calm me down and ask me to get back on the train. instead she started yelling at them and telling them that we have a plane to catch and that they haven’t given us any information on what was going on and when we were going to move.

    finally i got back on…the train left like 10 minutes later and we didn’t get into Changsha train station until like 9:30…then we had to get a taxi from the train station to the airport which was 30 minutes away. the taxi stand at the train station was of course crazy…there was no line – people just jumped in whenever and wherever they wanted. people were fighting to get a taxi…it was so stupid.

    finally we got to the airport and landed in HK…i have NEVER been so happy to be back in hong kong where things work, where people know what “service” means, where the air is so much better then many many parts of china, where trash is in the trashcan, where people don’t spit on the streets, where people don’t smoke on buses with the windows closed…oh man – can’t believe how much i missed Hong Kong on this trip!!!

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  • DECEMBER 23, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 23, 2006

    hey – i’m leaving today for about a week so everyone have a wonderful christmas/holiday break! i don’t celebrate christmas but i do have to say that this is always a very special time of the year because everyone is in a good mood and enjoying each other’s company…the only people that i’ve noticed, however, who DON’T enjoy this part of the year are people who are single. i remember that from when i was single too – everyone always looked so nice walking around with their loved one’s snuggling up from the cold etc., and there i was the single loser dude walking around. hahahahaha…those were the times! hahahaha…i remember that i just used to skateboard as hard as i could during these days so i could myself from going nuts. ANYWAY – i’ll be back in about week to update this page…i’m going to Hu Nan province and a few of those days i’m staying in a very tiny village so i DOUBT they have internet there (but i’m sure there must be one somewhere) but i’ll check the forum/myspace while i’m there…

    today there’s another little gathering at the Star Ferry in Central (old one not new)…please check it out if you have time:

    the section after this part:
    23/12/2006 星期六 2:30pm 舊天星碼頭
    完善第一節規劃大會的討論,提出可行的「復修天星 保留皇后」人民規劃案”

    there will be several music performance and jam section at 5:00pm in Queen’s Pier, please come and support your local culture.”

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  • DECEMBER 22, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 22, 2006

    people are storing animals in a tiny apartment here…what the hell is going on? dogs and cats trapped in tiny cages in an apartment with no one taking care of them. police found a small cramped apartment with over 100 animals inside. they think that it’s probably used as a warehouse for these animals before they get taken to pet stores around HK. G has always told me how much she hates these pet stores because of all the animal cruelty that goes on…if indeed this apartment is connected to these pet stores, then her thoughts are totally correct…

    sometimes life is stranger than fiction isn’t it?

    started to write some new songs yesterday…don’t know where it’s heading but felt good to work on some new stuff…

    tomorrow i’m going to Hu Nan province in china!!! it’s going to be awesome…i’m going with my lovely girlfriend for about 10 days…it’s going to be cold but the places we’re visiting are going to be beautiful…

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  • DECEMBER 19, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 19, 2006

    oh yeah! the first batch of photos from the Bangkok trip are up now!!! check it out by following the links on our forum here: CLICK HERE FOR BANGKOK PHOTOS!!! we’ve got more coming soon! our pal simon should be sending some more photos by later today…

    to all our friends from Bangkok who have been adding us on myspace like crazy – THANK YOU FOR COMING TO OUR WEBSITE!!! welcome here and please take your time reading stuff! :-) i update this crazy thing everyday (usually) so please come back often…soon we’ll be uploading videos from the weekend. not necessarily show videos – but us just being stupid in bangkok! hahahaha…come back for that!!!

    also – i accidentally deleted the media player from our website…sorry about that – so if Bob is reading this…can you please send me the HTML code again? please! hahahaha…for now all of you are going to have to go to these sites to check out our songs:

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  • DECEMBER 18, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 18, 2006

    you like those funny ass photos i’ve put up on the front pages? our pal karen came on this trip with us to bangkok and she challenged me to put up that 80′s metal photo of me! hahahaha…i’m so into jean jackets and i’ve been telling everyone that i want to bring the 80′s metal style back to the HK scene! :-) so i was living my dream at the Bangkok airport because we were SOOOOO bored. so i wore my jacket, borrowed Man’s glasses, borrowed G’s bandana and sang some good ol’ 80′s metal to everyone in the airport! you’ll see the video soon!’s FUNNY…

    photos from the Bangkok show coming soon…our other pal Simon came with us and he’s going to be sending those photos to me soon…

    going to bed…have slept like 10 hours all weekend i think :-) it’s the life isn’t it?!?!? peace! :-)

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  • DECEMBER 17, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 17, 2006

    what’s up everyone! we’re back from one of the best weekends we’ve ever had in king ly chee as far back as i can remember…i don’t think i’ve laughed as much and had as much fun on a tour ever! hahahaha…

    YOS fest was unbelievable…i cannot believe that our good friend YOS who is known for organizing shows like Bangkok’s version of warehouse shows and then for him to be able to single-handedly put on a CONCERT that has san miguel, MTV, and millions of other sponsors and have over 1,000 people come to watch…it’s just amazing!!!

    when we got to the venue it was just crazy…completely crazy…i don’t mean chaos and everything was a mess…NO – this is not what i mean…what i mean is that it was just so cool to see SO MANY people come to support metal/hardcore bands! i mean we’re NOT used to having that many people come to anything in HK that just has metal or hardcore bands!!! and the size of the place is like one room in Hitec so it was HUGE!!! it was crazy…

    i’m too sleepy to type more…let you know tomorrow…peace!!

    THANK YOU EVERYONE IN BANGKOK FOR GOING NUTS!!! we cannot wait to be back there in April 2007!!! SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!!!

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  • DECEMBER 15, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 15, 2006

    oh yeah…today’s the day we’re flying out to bangkok…we’re flying tonight at like 10:30pm so that kind of sucks because that means we get in bangkok around midnight…but oh well. tomorrow is the big YOS Festival…we’ve been looking forward to playing this for almost 6 months now!!! it’s going to be great to finally be back in thailand playing in front of all these awesome and passionate Thai metal and hardcore kids… see you all soon!!! just a few hours! :-)

    my master’s degree has started again…i forgot how tired it gets me and how easily pissed off i get…just too much work in too little time…i already have too much to do. sucks…

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  • DECEMBER 14, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 14, 2006

    oi…the organizer of the festival this saturday in bangkok, Yos, has estimated that around 1200 people are going to be at the festival! HOLY CRAP!!! now – this is NOT just a music festival…it’s specifically a hardcore/metal festival! so 1,200 fans of hardcore and metal at one music festival is going to be a HUGE and VERY special treat for us! it’s going to be amazing to be able to play in front of so many fans of hardcore and metal!!! all there in bangkok…playing in front of the awesome awesome Thai people is just an added bonus!! :-) if you want to see passion – then you don’t want to miss this festival in bangkok…having Thai kids mosh, dance, stagedive, their assess off for us is always an AWESOME AWESOME thing to watch from the stage…i can’t wait to film all thi stuff…and hopefully i’ll upload it to our website when we get back on sunday night…

    sorry – i can’t think of anything else to talk about for the time being! hahahaha…all i care about is going to bangkok seeing my pal yos, and our good friends from KL who are coming up to this music festival with our good friends in Second Combat!!! :-) i have a feeling this is going to be an amazing weekend…

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  • DECEMBER 13, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 13, 2006

    woah!!! Alan Leong got enough votes that he will actually be able to run against our current Chief Executive next year! that’s AMAZING for hong kong…even though everyone knows that Alan is probably going to lose against the China backed current HK Chief Executive – that’s besides the point. the point is that HK people WANT to see more democracy in HK. HK people want to see possible candidates have to fight for the top position of HK. candidates should have to clearly tell the public what it is they believe in, what they will stand for, what they will do when they become Chief Exec. if the top job is always 100% chosen by a small group of people, and china, then these winners will have nothing to be accountable for. they were chosen without having to fight for so what do they care?

    anyway…also…this Yumiko crap is so stupid. why is there so much fuss about this thing? why don’t people realize that OF COURSE she planned it. it HAD to be planned because she obviously needs the media exposure. she can’t sell records, no one cares about her movies, what else does she have to sell? anyone here remember that Janet Jackson thing a few years ago!??!?! come on! Yumiko stole her little stunt straight from that Janet Jackson incident (where she was dancing Justin Timberlake and he pulled something off her top and it exposed her breast…remember that?)…anyway…stupid stuff happening in HK as usual if you ask me…and of course, this boring stuff is what is all over the local media, not the fact that 2 bombs went off in Iraq yesterday that kills ten’s of people…innocent people who aren’t part of any of the sectarian violence in that country. it’s sad how the world works…it’s sad that i always have to remind myself that we don’t live in a fair society. pointless and stupid news about Yumiko is what interests the public, and not the pointless deaths of complete poor innocent people all over the world…

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