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  • NOVEMBER 29, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 29, 2006

    goddam…moving the 2 huge gigantic pieces of glass that is going to be our window separating the practice/studio with the office was hell last night…but me and chai got it done in a professional manner i have to add…we were so professional – totally yelling profanity at the top of our lungs while moving that crap from our old crap room to our new looking better everyday room…

    short message…sorry…too tired to type more. the awesome Texas is the Reason reunion show that took place in NYC last weekend has a couple videos up on youtube…i linked them on to our forum…check it out and enjoy one of the pioneers of this emo/punk thing who made it something special and beautiful before it got ruined by bands like my chemical garbage…

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  • NOVEMBER 28, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 28, 2006

    check out this link CLICK HERE!!! to find out more information about our upcoming return to the wonderful world of Bangkok!!! we can’t wait to be back there…especially to be there with man and g…it’s going to be rad…if chai could come too it’d be perfect but the dude’s gotta work hard…he’s traveling to the UK in the next few days so that’s going to be awesome!!! anyway…we can’t wait to see all our Thai friends again!!! the festival we’re playing has something like 30 local Thai bands playing so it’s going to be INSANE!!!

    i’ve uploaded some photos from our last show (the HKU show last weekend) so check out those photos when you have the time! click HERE!!!

    this discussion about the lack of concrete measures to tackle pollution that is coming into hong kong from factories over the border is really quite funny…our chief executive is just too much of a pussy to do anything about it. he’s too scared to challenge beijing and china about anything regarding the well-being of HK citizens. but more and more powerful business leaders in HK are beginning to push the government to do more. will they do more? who knows. HK’s governments main concern is money – so if the business leaders are beginning to complain – that maybe the government will finally listen. it doesn’t matter that a huge majority of the HK public are complaining…the most important group of people in HK are the business leaders.

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  • NOVEMBER 27, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 27, 2006

    our new room is almost done!!! man – i’m so excited…its been a LONG time since we’ve been working on not jus THIS room but the other room that got flooded too…we have to move out of our flooded room by this thursday so we have SO MUCH to do before then. once the bandroom part is ready this week we can at least start moving all the equipment in. but the studio/office part probably won’t be ready for a bit longer because Chai is a genius and he’s going to be adding some cool stuff in there. he’s already done ALL the lighting over again in the entire room!??!?! WHAT?!?! that’s right…he took the old lights out and put new one’s in…he’s a genius.

    okay – i promised my band members that i was going to put this link up now…some of you might remember one of our bestfriends in Hong Kong’s band scene used to be this band called Lam Kei…one of my dear friends Sammy used to be pretty much the main guy in this band and he was someone that i met 7 years ago at a show at the Warehouse. Lam Kei was already playing before we started playing but soon after we started Lam Kei and King Ly Chee were ALWAYS playing together…it went on like that for a few years. and then sadly, they broke up for various reasons. Sammy and Zhu Chai went on form a brand new and kick-ass local pop-rock band called Kolor. but the one person that has been missing in action for the past few years was one of the singers of Lam Kei – our other old friend Jazz. but guess what ladies and gentlemen! our pal Nic found Jazz online! and guess what he’s doing now? better yet – guess who he’s become now!!! you have to check out this URL to believe it:

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  • NOVEMBER 26, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 26, 2006

    dude! last night was such a fun night for a show! the crowd was very small – i think about a 100-something which isn’t bad for a rainy saturday night at a show that could’ve promoted a lot more! but the bands last night were so awesome…DSC – dude…i totally feel like those guys are role models…they’ve been playing heavy music in HK for so many years and are STILL playing! that’s amazing…so amazing…and they’re so damn good and such nice guys…Elf Fatima was amazing too last night – i bought their CD right away…can’t wait to download it on to my ipod later on…false alarm were fun too – it was weird that no one really moved around for them. i think they’re an awesome local band that for some reason people don’t get into too much at shows…which is weird…Luke Chow was on last night too – great vocals…our pals in spermatic chord were cool too – i didn’t know Dying Process was over!!! man – now THAT was a good band!

    we played 6 song and had such a good time playing…it felt like the early days last night…like the first year that KLC was around – not that many people knew us then, but everyone that was watching us back then were at least having a fun time laughing! so we have a temporary name for our new song called “Luke Chow”! :-) hahahahha…you gotta ask Luke why it’s called that…all i know is that Luke started the circle pit for our band new song! that was the FIRST time i’ve ever seen him mosh, move or run around for us…i was scared that he was going to get killed! hahahahha…thanks Luke for showing some love!!!

    anyway – thanks everyone for last night…it was another fun show for us…keep thinking how lucky we are that shows have consistently been fun since we’ve gotten back even the macau fiasco! hahahaha…next stop – Bangkok!!!

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  • NOVEMBER 25, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 25, 2006

    dude…spent the whole day in our new bandroom yesterday on working on the damn wall that’s going to separate the practice room part from the main office/studio area. i can’t believe how long it’s taking to put this thing up…but if we didn’t have Chai i think we would’ve killed ourselves by now. actually – if we didn’t have Chai then the wall would NEVER have gone up because he’s the only one that goes up on a daily basis and stays there overnight and works and works. right now its 12:40am on late friday night/early Saturday morning and he’s STILL there working on the damn wall. he has already been there since thursday and hasn’t slept SINCE then. he’s probably going to stay at the room all night tonight and work on it until tomorrow morning…

    i was just there for 12 hours today working on the wall and i feel dead…i don’t know how he does it. i know that i had to buy him 4 cans of red bull which he drank within the first couple hours i was up there so maybe that’s what helps! hahahaha…the really cool thing about this dude is that even though he hasn’t slept since wednesday night, he still works with such a positive attitude. i was messing around with him all day yesterday! we even filmed some funny crap…hahahaha…i’ll put it up somewhere eventually…

    see you at the Warehouse at 8:30pm!!!

    anyway – the crazy thing was that we were listening to the radio all day yesterday…every radio station continuously was talking about Ching Cheong’s sad case…his appeal resulted in that he still has to do 5 years in jail. what a test to this guys’ passion/love and patriotism of his country. the same country that’s jailing him. but the saddest part is the fact that our government here in HK is so damn useless. there’s nothing they can do or WILL do to protect their citizens of this city. their excuse is of course that the Central government is the one who makes the final decisions…so there’s nothing they can do. as an HK citizen that scares me…what if i wrongfully get thrown in jail up in china? who am i going to call to help fight for me? it’s crazy…

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  • NOVEMBER 24, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 24, 2006

    yo yo yo…tomorrow’s the show! can’t wait to play our new song tomorrow! we still don’t’ have a name for this song – we haven’t even talked about it yet really hahahaha…but we’ll be playing it as a name-less song for now i guess…

    today ching cheong finds out what the Beijing court is going to say about his case…do you think he’s going to be released? who knows…it’s a sensitive issue…i can’t wait until china’s whole legal situation improves and people have a fair chance in it’s courts…it’s going to happen some time in the future – but i hope it happens sooner then later…

    MTR station in ocean park? what do you think about that? i think that sounds pretty damn cool just beacuse that means you can get to that part of Hong Kong Island without having to take a bus from central and then get stuck in traffic etc…but with an MTR stop there i think that means more people are probably going to live in the Wong Chuk Hang/Aberdeen areas…it’s already so damn over-populated…do any of you remember what aberdeen used to look like over 10 years ago? it used to be more of a fishing village – not the little city that it’s turned into now…

    i’m SOOOOOOOO hungry…need to eat. adios…

    oh – i don’t know if i linked this band’s myspace to the news page yet or not…but on our forum i linked this band called The Black Atlantic’s myspace: to me it’s one of the best things i’ve heard in a long time!!! it features ex-vocalist of Shai Hulud and is TOTALLY different from that band…this is just melodic, beautiful, pop-filled rock…check it out and enjoy! i can’t wait to hear what their full-legnth is going to sound like…

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  • NOVEMBER 23, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 23, 2006

    word – have you guys been to ocean center recently? they have that huge christmas dispaly up there…it’s like a whole new world – you go over there and you don’t realize you’re in HK for a few seconds. it’s quite cool…it’d be be cooler if it actually snowed here to make all this christmas stuff come to life!

    okay – off to work…adios!

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  • NOVEMBER 22, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 22, 2006

    now i know everyone probably thinks that rain is such a pain in the ass…especially when all you want to do after you get off work is get home as soon as possible and relax…and for those of us who work with children, rain is ESPECIALLY annoying when there’s no where to take the kids when it’s raining so they’re stuck inside ALL day…that can drive even the most sane person absolutely insane! hahahaha…but seriously, i’m sure no one can disagree with the fact that HK REALLY needs rain right now!!! it hasn’t rained like this since september…since then we’ve witnessed some of the worst pollution ever!!! and the pollution just gets worse and worse…and what’s with 28 degree weather in november?!?!?! so NOW that it has finally rained…and is supposed to rain tomorrow as well – the air will be cleaner and hopefully the temperature will drop to where it’s supposed to be in november….

    so i say rain baby…keep it coming! :-) just make sure you dry up by saturday so you don’t interrupt our show! hahahaha…uploaded a short interview with one of our favorite bands on this planet – Envy (of japan)…check it out on our forum:

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  • NOVEMBER 21, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 21, 2006

    man…i know that i just turned 30 and i was pretty unhappy about it…but yesterday and this birthday in general has to be one of the BEST ones i’ve ever had! last night all my close friends were with me laughing our asses off at the FLying Pan…when we first got there there were a couple other people eating…and we stayed for almost 3 hours and when we left we had taken over the whole damn restaurant! hahaha…it was a great great night…it was just what i needed after everything that i’ve been through in 2006…

    so to all my dear sweet friends and my brothers and sisters in KLC and my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend…thank you so much for taking the time to spend a night with me and with each other laughing and enjoying each other’s company…thank you so much for supporting me through everything that has been going on and helping me look forward to the future with all the promises that i hope it holds for all of us…

    thanks again for last night and i hope we can do it again soon! :-)

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  • NOVEMBER 20, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 20, 2006

    yo…what an amazing weekend i had! my lovely girlfriend surprised me like a million times this weekend…and it was a memorable one…one that included me, Mr. Farooqi, receiving a brand new kick-ass laptop! :-) today i turn 30…the big scary and dreaded 3-0…for those who don’t know – our singer is exactly 12 years younger then me! hahahaha…so when SHE turns 30 me and Chai will be 40-frickin’-2…oh my god…anyway, i’m going to be celebrating in style with close friends later tonight…can’t wait to see all of them there! :-)

    thanks David for sending me that DVD bro! it came in just in time! :-)

    over the weekend i also bumped into my old friend brian of a shop called 8five2…he told me that he made a bracelet that’s named after me! it’s pretty funny…it’s a huge punk rock bracelet and i’ll take a photo of it and put it up here…but if you know where 8five2 shop is then go up and check out the Riz bracelet! hahaha…it’s awesome!

    KLC’s next show this weekend at the Warehouse!!! we’re playing a brand new song so don’t miss it!!! see you there!
    NOVEMBER 17, 2006:
    dude…thank god it’s friday…that’s all i have to say…i feel like this has been a long long long ass week…and now that it’s almost over…i’m happy as hell…

    last night man and i finally went back to our new room to help Chai/Pong out with everything they’ve been doing there…it’s crazy how much they’ve done for that room already! it looks AMAZING and it’s only going to be even unbelievable when it’s all done…weekend is almost here everyone – thank god…goodbye…

    oh our good pals in Embryo have uploaded a brand new song on the Start From Scratch Records myspace page!!! check it out!!!

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