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  • AUGUST 19, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 19, 2006

    yo…burger king at the peak rocks da’ house yo! i was SOOOO psyched…its expensive 40 bucks for a meal…but worth it man! they even have veggie burgers for all our vegetarian friends!!! :-) the view from up there is crazy…having burger king while staring out over the HK harbor is quite insane i tell you…the new peak tower is almost finished and it looks so damn nice…taking the peak tram up is always nice – i love being mixed up in between all these tourists who are looking at HK for the first time and they get so excited about EVERYTHING. hahahaha…its nice though cause i always look at HK through their eyes and i always feel proud of this city…the view, the hills, the water, the facilities, the service…its amazing…

    going to bed…yo – if anyone from burger king is reading this then please sponsor us! hahahaha…i’ll eat your stuff everyday and wear a burger king t-shirt at every show! i swear! (just kidding…)
    AUGUST 18, 2006:
    man…yesterday was the first day with our new kids…it was such a tiring but interesting day. its so funny to deal with VERY spoiled kids who get everything they want at home, but when they’re at school and start having an attitude, we put them in their place right away. and its so funny to watch them completely confused when we tell them that “no – you cannot just leave the class whenever you want”. they’re thinking “no one has ever said NO to me!”. and they just stand there completely confused.

    but of course their are the beautiful kids who are around helping other children all the time…those are the very special ones because in this world of greed and the “me first” attitude…its so special to meet kids who think about other people first, those are the one’s who see another child sad because they don’t have a block or toy to play with and the kid gives his/her own toy or block to play with…

    kids rule…i wonder how many times in the past 4 years i’ve said that? hahahaha…

    my only plan for this weekend? to go to Burger King!!! that’s the ONLY thing i want to do this weekend…hahahahaha…sorry to all my vegetarian friends – but i have to do this!

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  • AUGUST 17, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 17, 2006

    HO YEH!!! all my kids were back in school yesterday! oh man! it was SOOOO great to see them all yesterday! i want to say that they’ve grown up a lot over the sumer – but truth be told, they haven’t! hahahaha…they’re still cute as hell and just as wonderful, positive, huggable, as they were before they left!!! the sad thing of course is that they are not longer in our class. :-( they’ve all moved up to the next grade and will not longer be with us through out the day. one super cool kid that i got very close to last year, justin, came in and gave me a HUGE hug! he must’ve been in total denial and then he realized that he won’t see me during the day anymore. but he asked “will i still see you at playground?” it was so sad but i had to tell…”no justin, i won’t be able to see you anymore during the day time”. he kind of just stood quiet then i told him “hey – at least now that you’re in Grade One you can join my after school soccer!!!” that put a smile on his face…

    always a mourning period the first few days…then today – all the new kids are coming! exciting because we don’t know these kids at all – and its the beginning of the long path to get to know each other…

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  • AUGUST 16, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 16, 2006

    the kids are SOOOOOOOOO cute…it was awesome meeting all these kids and their parents…its always nice to meet parents who are super supportive of their teachers and school…

    i’ve only been back at work for 1 week and i’m already dying…so tired…sleepy as hell…i’m out dude…

    HEY – yesterday i added comments section to the songs on our myspace: so go their and post some messages under out songs to tell us what you think! :-)

    hey please check out this website to find out more information about a protest AGAINST the destruction of the clock tower in Central:

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  • AUGUST 15, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 15, 2006

    okay…some news bits that i quickly read yesterday…

    the poor journalist from hong kong who was taken away by mainland police in china last year FINALLY will go to trial some time this week. he has been held by the chinese government for more than one year! can you believe that? i know i would’ve gone crazy by now…also – people are saying that when he goes to trial this week he will be jailed for 8-10 years. oh my god…that’s just so scary…that’s his life gone just because he was reporting about sensitive issues about china.

    next – there’s another protest this sunday at 3pm from Wan Chai southern playground to CEntral govt. offices to protest against the STUPID GST taxes that the crazy HK government wants to impose on HK people. even though we have a SURPLUS of money in the HK treasury – they still feel that it is justified to tax HK people MORE money. so the poor will get poorer, and the underprivileged will lead even tougher lives. WOOHOO!!! our govt. rules!

    today is when the kids are going to come visit the teachers at school!!! woohoo!!! can’t wait to see how much they’ve all grown up over the summer! some of them get SO MUCH taller over the weekend. its crazy…school doesn’t officially start until thursday – we’ve been spending the past week preparing the classrooms…can’t wait can’t wait to see them all and get to hear all their wonderful stories and get those awesome hugs!!! :-)

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  • AUGUST 14, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 14, 2006

    whats up everyone…hope you all had a good weekend! :-) it was fun for me…but went by too fast as always…not enough days in a weekend if you ask me. actually, my weekend wasn’t really the eventful, nor was it really that relaxing so that kinda sucked i guess. i had lots of homework to do for my damn master’s program so that sucked too…can’t wait until all that’s over.

    so there’s finally a call for a stop to all that fighting in Lebanon…starts monday morning our time…but as i type this, israel is still marching right up into Beirut the capital of lebanon…so how is this ceasefire going to work if Israeli troops are still in lebanon? i don’t get it – i don’t get politics especially when people’s lives are at stake.

    had a fun meeting last night which was good…its good that we’re all on the right path heading to something pretty cool! :-) we’ll see what happens…

    i updated information about our upcoming show – which will be Man’s first show with us…go to our forum to check out the message. click here: KING LY CHEE’s NEXT SHOW!!!   i can’t believe we’re finally playing shows again!!! about time – it feels like the last time we played a show was like 10 years ago…

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  • AUGUST 12, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 12, 2006

    whats up everyone…

    first of all i have to say a huge SORRY to the person that i stepped on last night at the show. i am SOOOOO sorry for doing that! when i sing for Shepherds the Weak i’m just out having fun and i go crazy and don’t really know what i do sometimes. sorry about that! hope your eye feels better…

    dude…Innisfallen were frickin’ UNBELIEVABLE last night…they were soo good…such an emotional band…their drummer is easily one of my favorite drummers in HK!!! he’s so good…it was so rad to watch him play…plus the guitar players in this band are also so great to watch because they get SO into the music and start throwing their guitars around…songwriting in this band is amazing dude…very nice song structures from start to finish in each song…of course, i love the songs that sound a lot like Coldplay! :-)

    awesome band if you haven’t heard it!!! STW rocked the house last night as always…our pal Benson also did a good job with his acoustic stuff – good tunes…

    okay…going to bed…

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  • AUGUST 11, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 11, 2006

    YO! new band photo is up now :-) you have to go to our myspace page to check it out: leave a comment and tell us what you think! our good friend nic from the great great HK band called The Lovesong took this photo for us…he also took photos for something else that we will be announcing soon (it has to do with what STW talked about in the second part of their interview)…

    but for now go to our myspace check out the new band photo and post your thoughts! you can say “hello” to our new drummer boy on our myspace page too!!!

    DUDE – i don’t know if you read our forum…but i posted yesterday that Slayer’s new album is going to be in the Billboard’s Top 10!!! WHAT THE HELL!??! metal there?!?!?! crazy…

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  • AUGUST 10, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 10, 2006

    ooooooooooooohhhh…first day back at school yesterday…the first day is always just setting up classrooms etc…you know – the boring stuff…the whole time you just can’t wait until the new kids come in to the classroom. they’ll be here next week for a quick hello…then school officially starts for the kids next thursday!!! can’t wait!!! :-)

    after i’ve gotten used to sleeping at like 2 or 3am these past 2 months (damn the World Cup!!!), i tried to go to sleep last night at 10pm but that was impossible…getting up at 6am was actually not that hard – but going to sleep early was impossible…

    alright – going to try to go to bed early tonight…like that’s going to work…

    click on this link for awesome new music – including a new Misery Signals video: CLICK HERE!!!

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  • AUGUST 9, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 9, 2006

    how many of you turned your lights off last night? man – it must be hard to do this if you’re still stuck in the office working at 8pm at night! i still can’t believe our stupid chief executive’s reason for not turning his lights off…he said that we would be sending a mixed signal to the rest of the world by turning our lights off because it could mean that we’re not a modern city. WHAT?! what a RANDOM and TWISTED thing to think…how are those two related? developed countries to do so MANY things to help protect their environment and clean up their air – what are we doing in HK? nothing! he keeps saying he’s going to do something – but nothing. dress down in the legco office? so what?! do more to enforce it on a citywide level!



    so our new drummer boy says he wants me to announce his arrival to the KLC camp! :-) so ladies and gentleman…we are proud to announce that our new drummer is…………………………………….Man! most of you may recognize him because he used to play in a band that we ALL loved called Departing Cross! they broke up a year ago and we’re trying to steal their songs! hahahaha…he’s a metal genius but the funny thing is, he listens to EVERYTHING…the other day when we were all taking over Central, he was singing Taiwanese pop songs! hahaha…i got it on video but he won’t let me put it up! hahahaha…i’m going to do it someday dude!

    SO there you go everyone…our drummer situation is cleared up and now he’s in the process of learning our songs to play his first show with us on September 30th!!! its going to be awesome…its funny that his first show is going to be at a music festival in Macau! hahahaha…baptism by fire baby!

    okay – late update…here’s Man’s email address…if you guys/girls have time please email him some encouraging words! :-) he would LOVE to hear from you to show him what KLC supporters are like: [email protected]

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  • AUGUST 8, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 8, 2006

    DUDE!!! we had such a fun night last night! hahahahaha…25+ people taking over places in Central for photos, for crazy middle of the road mosh’s, photographer climbing on top of the tram station to take photos, G climbing on everything we stand in front of – this girl’s the monkey of the group! hahahaha…, hanging out friends and our new family for a good few hours, photographer (our good pal Nic of thelovesong)getting conned into taking band photos as well as the big group photo, people staring at us thinking “are these people crazy”? hahahaha, super hot weather so half of us were sweating no matter where we were standing, getting to meet people that we have never met before (like embryo’s new guitar player Mike finally…and some of the TFVSJS guys…), got to check out terence’s hugely red eye (because the poor guy got hit in the eye with something at work), got to check out richie’s famous First F*&king Blood t-shirt!, got almost run over by a million buses and trams, we blocked entire roads, the Central underpass was blocked also, walked with the whole group of people from central star ferry to queen’s pier, to HSBC, to LEGCO building, to the tram lines in between (where our photographer climbed the station), then all the way around the SUPER old school emo stairs, then walked into little tiny allies where G sat on a chair like a queen while we all stood around, then walked off and got some more band photos…we got a band photo with our new drummer boy which was nice finally to get a photo of him…

    we also took a funny as hell mosh video on the yellow cross walk in Central – that was SOOOOO funny…good times…going to bed now…peace out everyone…thanks to everyone that came out to make this night so special!!! :-) it was awesome to see everyone together and talking, laughing, and getting to know each other! our new family starts today! :-)

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